Mauritius has experienced a considerable rise in the number of tourists visiting the island throughout the years. A lot of initiatives and innovations have been put forward by the Ministry of Tourism to encourage the development of this sector. The reasons for you to visit Mauritius are numerous, so we are going to discover some great surprises that await you on this paradise island. They can help you to drop your suitcases there for your next vacations and experience or even see things that you never could imagine. So let us learn a little bit more about this special island found in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

mauritus island

The culture of Mauritius

This island named after the dutch “Prince Maurice of Nassau” hosts a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual population. It can be considered as the main feature that makes the beauty of Mauritius. Their rich cultural diversity with different religions co-existing together will not fail to amaze you. A warm welcome from the inhabitants is ensured. You will never forget the taste of their local food nor the way your body will move on their traditional music called the “sega”. Sega is a traditional dance that is originated from Africa and is performed around the island. It starts with gentle swaying to a slow and solemn tune, and gradually becomes more rythmic as the tempo increases.

sega dance

Local Cuisine of Mauritius

What is sure about Mauritius is that, whichever your preferences in food, you will have the opportunity to discover a unique culinary experience. Traditional local restaurants offer a variety of tasty food from indian courses to european courses and particularly typical Mauritian dishes. This reflects the islands’ French, Indian, African and Chinese heritage. You will be able to taste dhal puri, a traditional flatbread which you can fill with vegetables or curries. Not to forget the delicate ‘heart of palm’ salad, a little on the expensive side but it is an absolute must-eat in Mauritius. Some other food that you will be able to enjoy are briyani done traditionnally by muslims,”boulettes” and fried noodles made by the Chinese and the ”7 carry” normally cooked by hindous, accompanied with farata. The “rougaille” forms part of the culinary daily life of the inhabitants .It is prepared with tomatoes, onions, spices, and different types of chicken, meat, fish and sea food. For those that like refreshing drinks, Alouda is a sweet milky beverage with tapioca balls, flavoured with syrup and sometimes you can find ice cream in it. The best place to have it is at the Central Market in Port Louis.


Beaches in Mauritius

Mauritius is a perfect place to spend your island vacation under the sun alongside golden beaches. The tropical climate will awake your senses and put you naturally in a relaxing mood. On North Coast of Mauritius, you will have several beaches where you can get a tan while contemplating the blue turquoise ocean right in front of you. The north coast boasts the following beaches; that is; Pereybere, Mont Choisy, Point Aux Piment, Bain Boeuf, Trou aux Biches, La Cuvette, Grand Bay public beach and many more, all promising you a good time.

Discover the east coast of Mauritius

On the other side, the East Coast of Mauritius is made up of Blue Bay, Belle Mare, Roche Noir, Poste Lafayette and La Pointe d’Esny, all of these beaches will guarantee you multiple surprises.

In the south of the island, you may enjoy yourself on the Southern Coast Beaches Of Mauritius mainly on La Cambuse,Saint Felix, Pomponette, Riambel and Baie Du Cap for a picnic or to make the most of the numerous aquatic activities available there. To tour the whole of Mauritius, there is the West Coast which comprises of Albion, Flic En Flac , La Preneuse, Le Morne Brabant and Tamarin where you will be delightfully surprised by the magnificent sunset. At the same time, you will discover a wide range of beachfront hotels (Hotels Mauritius), all offering breathtaking views on the indian ocean.

pereybere beach

Luxurious Hotels and Villas: Mauritius, a honey moon destination

Well-known for its beaches, Mauritius forms part of the most ideal destination to spend your honeymoon. With its luxurious hotels (, it attracts many foreigners all seeking to have a great trip and go back to their countries with their heads full of memories. Located on the east coast of Mauritius, Le Touessrok Ressort provides to its guests the best luxurious beach resort experience, unlike any other. It reflects a sumptuous mix of contemporary and tropical styles, making it impossible to imagine a more romantic setting than that of Le Touessrok. Le Touessrok has been awarded Best Hotel in Africa, Middle East and Indian Ocean in the Condé Nast Traveller Gold List 2011 perhaps due to its friendly and impeccable service, but never intrusive.

The Royal Palm Hotel, an exclusive retreat offering the ultimate in luxurious accommodation, is renowned for its flawless service and outstanding hospitality. A real highlight at Royal Palm is the excellent cuisine from internationally recognized chefs which have helped the hotel to earn a reputation as one of the island’s most desirable places to dine in.

Constance Le Prince Maurice is an elegant and stylish five-star hotel (hotels in Mauritius), protected from winds. This piece of land almost surrounded by water is a peaceful spot offering a real sensation of exclusivity and a unique emotion. An experience where spicy fragrance blend with the perfume of the warm ocean.

Villas in Mauritius

Another alternative for those seeking intimacy are the luxurious villas found in Mauritius. One among the most beautiful villas is the Villa Riambelle, very chic and prudently luxurious, 4 kilometers away from the Shanti Maurice (5-star hotel-spa). Not more than twelve kilometers from the 4 prestigious hotels of Bel Ombre and from the C-Beach Club. Further, 25 kilometers away, lies the Morne Brabant peninsula with its numerous hotels, the five-star 18-hole golf course of the hotel Paradis.

villa riambelle

You may opt for Villa Poseidon which is situated in Cap Malheureux in the North of Mauritius, boasting a gorgeous view of the Gunners Quoin Island in front of the villa which is one of the great characteristics that makes Villa Poseidon attractive.

The villa Blue Lagoon is a comfortable isolated property on the bay of Trou d’Eau Douce and is really wonderful. It is suitable for 10 persons, made up of of 9 rooms, 6 of them air-conditioned bedrooms. It also hosts state-of-the art kitchen, living room, dining room, six bathrooms, five toilets, and swimming pool.

Mauritius: Adventure Destination

In Mauritius, there are loads of adventurous activities that are waiting for you. From aquatic activities to quad ridings in the middle of nature, you will come across spectacular landscapes which will not fail to impress you. The prices are quite affordable and most of the time include lunch in the package. On l’ile aux cerfs, you will get the chance to do parasailing, undersea walk, scuba diving and full day catamaran trips to watch dolphins. For those who are more adventurous, you may try kitesurfing, which is generally practiced on the beach of Tamarin due to its windy atmosphere.

catamaran cruise to ile aux cerfs

For activities that are mostly practiced in family, you can visit Casela World of adventures. The family child package consists of tortoise feeding, giraffe feeding or tilapia feeding, the safari package is made up of lion interaction and big cats drive through and in the extreme package you will have canyon swing and Nepalese bridge including your lunch plus photos to take back home.

Aquatic Attractions and Hiking

Eventually for waterfall lovers, Eau Bleu waterfall is a very popular place where you can go for some relaxing time. This is a very calm, serene and peaceful spot with trees and turquoise water. The view from the top is mesmerizing. There is also the Grand Bassin sacred lake known as the Ganga Talao, a site where people go mainly to pray. However, it is a place that you must visit for it is amazing and awestruck by the gigantic statue of Lord Shiva, the Destroyer, you will certainly come across monkeys, usually there to eat bananas offered by pilgrims. It is strictly forbidden to eat meat there, as it is a sacred site.

ganga talao

For those who like hikings, Le Morne Brabant is a beautiful destination, the view is breath-taking. It shelters a very large variety of endemic and narrow-endemic species, making it one of the most preserved and wildest mountains of the island. Many more fascinating locations are to be visited for example the Lion Mountain, Piton De La Petite Rivière Noire with deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls and a singular beauty of flora and fauna in the south-western region- welcome to the Black River Gorges. Le Pouce Mountain Hike, the most popular hike liked by nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts and especially among beginners and view seekers. The Tamarind (Sept Cascades), Trois Mamelles Mountain, The Corps De Garde and many more hiking trails all very challenging but promising you to have a blast.

le morne brabant

Mauritius is truly a piece of paradise with a good tropical climate, amazing places to visit and also very welcoming inhabitants. If you are planning for holidays, looking for breath-taking discoveries but you don’t know the destination yet, Mauritius is the place to be. One thing is sure you will never want your holidays to end and when flying back home you will feel no regret for you’ll have lived a great adventure.

Wishing you to have nice holidays.