Seychelles offers beautiful beaches, crystal blue sea and a tropical climate perfect for successful holidays. The Seychelles archipelago forms a group of 115 islands, only a few are inhabited located in the Indian Ocean and are located off the east coast of Africa, northeast of Madagascar. From Praslin, you can get to the authentic island of la Digue by sea. It is probably the most peaceful island of the Seychelles archipelago. The boat trip takes just under 30 minutes. You can enjoy this short time to admire the beauty of this island from the boat before arriving at La Passe. Emerald lagoons and white sand beaches dotted with large granite rocks; background, lush vegetation await you … Without doubt this coin is the most beautiful panorama of the Seychelles!

Visit La Digue, why?

For the serenity and sweetness of life unique to the island

While most travelers are not coming to stay, attracted by the beautiful Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue yet deserves some attention on a few days to soak up the magical atmosphere that prevails … Here time stand still, and you will come across very few cars – one usually travels by bicycle or … by ox cart (yes)!

For the kindness and hospitality of Diguois

From the small town of La Passe, you can easily rent a bike and explore this little piece of sand, on the only road around half of the island! It is in La Passe that you will find most of the shops and meet most Diguois. You will be surprised by their kindness but also their nonchalance, which quickly takes on this little piece of paradise out of time and bathed in sunshine!

To live the myth, Anse Source d’Argent

Whether you are staying an afternoon or a few days on La Digue, do not leave without having a swim in the crystal waters of Anse Source d’Argent. This is THE postcard beach of Seychelles, and probably one of the most beautiful in the world! We advise you to go at sunrise or sunset, to avoid the influx of tourists and the midday heat. It is also at these moments that the sun offers a great light to the delight of photographers. The water in the lagoon is shallow and the beach and majestic granite rocks forms an incredible scenery. After the bath, enjoy delicious grilled fish on the beach and take the opportunity to visit the small park site! A pleasant stroll takes you to encounter giant tortoises. One can also observe a traditional mill and an old cemetery for the early settlers. Take your bike and continue the ride up between Anse Source d’Argent and La Passe. The west coast is full of small coves of white idyllic sand…

To enjoy grilled fish on the deserted beaches of the East

If you are rather an amateur of waves and more tonic seas, head towards the east coast. It is the perfect spot! It is much deeper and more agitated, ideal for surfing. We advise you to start with the beautiful Grand Anse beach! It is reached after crossing the reserve of the Black Widow – that name comes from the “pied flycatcher of paradise”: a small, rare bird that you will have the chance to see in this protected forest! In Grande Anse, allow yourself an afternoon of relaxation (the sea being too rough at times), after enjoying a cooked fish steamed in palm leaves.

The more adventurous will continue the tour to join the two neighboring coves: Petite Anse and Anse Cocos. But beware, you will arm yourself with courage … To reach these sublime little creeks, you will cross the forest and rocks (the roads are not marked). You will end up near two very beautiful intimate beaches where there are very few tourists since few attempt the crossing!

Hike lovers: Ascend the Eagle’s Nest

If you love hiking and especially if you are armed with strong calves, the ascent of Eagle’s Nest is simply magnificent! A long road strewn with steep slopes, reaching a peak of 330 meters. You will be awed at the view awaiting you on arrival!

To discover the villages of the North, in the heart of local life

On the North Coast, Anse Gaulettes or Anse Patate, taste the authentic charm of the Seychelles. Here, enjoy a quiet stroll along the coast in small fishing villages. The Diguois, very open, can sometimes be a little reserved. Do not however hesitate to meet them, some even invite you to share a delicious local meal with them.

Where to stay on la Digue?

At La Digue Island Lodge. provides some of Seychelles’ warmest hospitality and an unequalled approach to small island luxury. The lodge, which stands alongside the Anse Reunion beach, is situated in a peaceful and exotic tropical garden.

On the west of the island, you will find many coves ideal for swimming. It is also here that you will come across small hotels with quality services, that appeal to their authenticity, in the image of our favorite heart, The Domain Orangeraie.

1 day, 1 island, 1 surprise.

Accessible by boat, just a few kilometers, four islands north of La Digue, are perfect for day trips:

The Coco Island (7km) is the essential site for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts, with its marine park now protected. Its beaches dotted with palm trees and large granite rocks, offer a typical decor of Seychelles most heavenly facet! With all the available devices, how to resist the urge to immortalize this island out of time?

We dwell on the Sisters Islands, Little and Great especially for the beauty of their landscapes, offering a walk in the shade of coconut trees and enjoy a barbecue on the white sand!

Finally on Felicity, the aptly named, you will be struck by the unique feeling of being cut off time and the outside world …

Enjoy your trip to the Seychelles!