The honey moon is the event that all newlyweds look forward to. It is the opportunity for couples to start their married life together with happy memories. A lot of planning goes into every wedding and honeymoon and few destinations can offer the luxury, security and setting that newlyweds deserve on their honeymoon.

One holiday destination that has time and again proven that it is the perfect place for couples to go on a honeymoon is the island of Mauritius which is located in the South-west of the Indian Ocean.  In fact, the island of Mauritius has recently received an award for being the Best Wedding and Honeymoon Destination for 2013 at the World Travel Market exhibition and another award for the Indian Ocean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination at the World Travel Awards. There are multiple reasons for this success: the hotels, other available holiday accommodations, the scenery, and the people of Mauritius.

The hotels

The island of Mauritius is home to a good number of luxury hotels and resorts, most of which also have spa facilities. Newlyweds can choose from a variety of hotels all around Mauritius where they can spend their upcoming honeymoon. Most of these hotels are locates along the shore, near white sandy beaches and clear blue lagoons, making for a splendid romantic setting. Most of these hotels provide the organization of the wedding ceremony as an additional service.

Other holiday and honeymoon accommodations

Couples who do not wish to spend their honeymoon in crowded and noisy hotels in Mauritius and who wish for a more intimate setting for their wedding or honeymoon in Mauritius can also opt for a variety of private luxury villas where they can have all the advantages that luxury hotels provide in Mauritius while having an exclusive property available all to themselves. Most of these private villas in Mauritius also have their own swimming pool and large gardens. Among the facilities that can be offered at private luxury villas you will find: house staff, private chef, laundry service, concierge services, chauffeur, in-home massage, etc.   Furthermore, staying at some luxury villas in Mauritius will also give their occupants access to nearby golf courses and spas.

wedding and honeymoon destination
Mauritius voted the top wedding and honeymoon destination for 2013

The scenery

Mauritius is not only known for the beauty of its beaches but also for its landscape. All across the island you will find natural parks and reserves that nature lovers are sure to enjoy. While a good part of the island’s soil is dedicated to agriculture, especially the culture of sugarcane, there are still beautiful, dense forests in the mountainous or remote areas like the Black River Gorges, Chamarel, etc.  A lot of great activities are available at the natural parks and reserves mentioned above such as quad riding, buggy rides, horse-back excursions, hiking, photo safaris, zip-lining, etc.

The people

Mauritius is widely known as a multicultural island, meaning that there is no friction between the different communities that populate the country. This multiculturalism can be experienced in almost every aspect of a holiday in Mauritius: in the cuisine which combines tastes from European, African and Asian gastronomies, in the local language, in the names of the places that tourists may visit and in the music they will hear. Some hotels also capitalize on this multiculturalism in their architectural designs and their interior decoration, as well as in the food they serve in their restaurants, providing an almost unique experience in the world.

For all the reasons outlined above, Mauritius has been truly deserving of its international recognition of being a quality holiday and honeymoon destination over the years and is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for tourists visiting this great little island.

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