must see places mauritiusIdeally found in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is one of the three Mascarenes islands. Often the Mauritian island is called the paradise island by most people. The island is a real heaven, there are mesmerizing beaches, lush rain forest, abundant foods and activities, enough for a perfect holidays! Mauritius is an island where there is a whole mixture of culture giving a vibrant atmosphere. Whether it’s Muslim, Hindu, catholic or Chinese, they all live together in peace and help each other.

Year after year, the island of Mauritius has become a great place of interest to millions of tourist from all around the world. Thus, there is nothing surprising with the island and its thousand types of hotels (Hotels Mauritius), bungalows, luxury shops, villas and restaurants. Mauritius is kindly a welcoming place to every types of tourist, there is room to every person who set foot on its soil.

Many of the visitors stays in a hotel where they are offered with luxurious services including good food, swimming pool and luxurious product to use for themselves. However choosing a hotel might not be a super good idea. As a matter of fact Mauritius is a place where you should go on adventure, meet new people and discover amazing stuffs, it’s not all about luxury stuffs. Tourist who are knowledgeable are aware that their holidays will not be a complete one if they don’t mingle with Mauritian and discover new adventure. Let us see why the mesmerizing island is a unique and perfect place to be on holidays and why millions of tourist seek a little adventure in this place.

It’s a multicultural population

Mauritius Island TourismThey paradise island has a diverse culture! Long time ago people from different countries such as the Dutch, British and French have settled and was ruling the island. These people have brought indentured labour and slaves from countries such as Asia and Africa to work in the fields. Today all these descendants is what makes Mauritius a great and peaceful place to be or to visit as. Forget about how welcoming the Mauritian population can be, such diversity can also be felt and seen in their language as well as its culinary. Basically, Mauritian talks in creole but there are different accent, some might mix it with French or even in Indian languages.

Mine Frire MauritiusIf you ever visit the Mauritius islands, you should taste the Mauritian cuisine at any point! There are rare and delicious food that you could never imagine. Abundant of food all over the place, whether it is snacks, dish or any other thing you could imagine. The culinary is based on its culture which means you may enjoy any types of food, even Italian food. The Mauritian tradition of cooking a creole dish is very different from any other country culinary. In the morning you may get food like ‘’dhollpourri’’, ‘’gato Pima’’ and ‘’samousa’’. For lunch and dinner you might get whatever you want to, pizza, pasta, creole dish, curries, burgers, fries and any other thing.

Beautiful white beaches

Here is the very main reason why Mauritius attracts so much tourist in a year. Many tourist choose Mauritian as their holiday as the beaches feels like real heaven on earth. Its white sandy beaches are unique and some of them are considered among the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Mauritius is rich when it comes to good beaches, it actually have a good selection all along the coastal region of the island of Mauritius.

Kite Surfing Mauritius These mesmerizing pieces of heaven does not only allows you to relax but also to practice sports including kite surfing and wind surfing. Have I mentioned about its lagoon? Well, most places in Mauritius have a protected lagoon with wonderful coral reefs which means that surfing or performing any water activities beyond the lagoon is safe.

Relax and let yourself get tanned! Just lazing around there with your family, friend or your lover. One advice is to let go of all your stress and specially your smartphones. Just enjoy how beautiful the ocean is. There are usually food vendors in the parking space where you might get some snacks, drinks or even have lunch and why not dinner?

Sunset MauritiusMont choisis beach, found in the northern region of the island is the perfect place to watch the sun sets. Imagine watching the sunsets with the love of your life, your feet buried in the sand and all you are looking at is the overwhelming orange burning sun, reflecting on the ocean as well as your skin. Sip your coconut water or your beer meanwhile and forget not to take pictures as memories as you might never watch the sun sets like this again.

To practice diving on the island of Mauritius

Just Diving MauritiusIt is always a good time to perform water activities in the tropical island, of course there are exceptional day such as cyclone or heavy rainfall. In other words you may enjoy any activities including kayak, snorkelling, boat trip, Catamaran and diving at any time of the year! Divers are the luckiest, Mauritius is one of the best place on earth to dive through its underwater and meet up with all its colorful species. There are a whole lot of fishes of different colors and size, corals from lively to deadly, giant and tiny sea turtle and many other rare species for you to explore.

If you are not a diver but you always dreamt of becoming a good diver, well, there is no problem at all, you might realise your dream in the paradise island. You will be able to experience the charm of the diving in the island, there are diving levels from beginners to experienced divers. Mauritius have a diversity of diving site, you might choose your place and have the best of your holiday.

There are many organization who offer diving lesson, and don’t worry the site are safe and are closely monitored by Mauritian federation. However there are different organization depending on the region. All the diver coaches are qualified and well experience, just trust your coach and let him/her do his/her job.