Where is Mauritius?

Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius is an island nation found in the south west of the Indian Ocean about 2000 km off the eastern coast of the African continent. Mauritius is situated just below the tropic of Capricorn, lying between latitudes 19°58.8′ and 20°31.7′ south and longitudes 57°18.0′ and 57°46.5′ east. The island of Mauritius is approximately 65 km wide and 45 km long giving it a total land area of about 1864.8 square kilometers.
Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical climate meaning there are only two seasons, summer and winter.
Mauritius forms part of the archipelago known as the Mascarene Islands. The group of islands comprises of three islands namely Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion Island.
Other than the main island of Mauritius, the Republic of Mauritius also governs over the islands of Rodrigues which is about 560 kilometers to its east with a total area of about 104 square kilometers, the Agalega islands located about 1000 kilometers to the north and Saint Brandon about 430 kilometers to the northeast. The total area of Agalega and Saint Brandon is about 71.2 square kilometers.


What is the nationality of Mauritius? Population of Mauritius

According to a survey of statistics Mauritius, the total population of Rodrigues in the year 2014 was approximately equal to 41 669. An increase of 8.82% compared to the year 2011 during which the population of the island was evaluated to be about 37992 inhabitants.

As for Agalega, the population was estimated to be about 289 inhabitants in 2011.
Mauritius gained its independence in 1968 from Great Britain and became officially a republic in the year 1992.
Out of the 73.56 square kilometers of the Indian Ocean, 2.13% is covered by Mauritius’ exclusive economic zone, which makes it a total area of about 2.3 square kilometers of which four hundred thousand square kilometers is jointly managed with the Seychelles archipelago.
Geologically speaking, Mauritius Island is fairly young having being formed some eight million years ago from volcanic activity. This is the same for the Mascarene Islands which are believed to have emerged from massive volcanic eruptions which occurred to the east of the huge continental block comprising of Madagascar and Africa millions of years ago.
These volcano are now not active but the hotspot still remains under the Island of Reunion which has the only active volcano of the Mascarene Islands, “Le Piton de la Fournaise”.
Mauritius is thus of volcanic origin and the rock made up of basalt. Geologist suggested that there have not been any active volcanic activity for the past hundred thousand years. There is nevertheless a dormant volcano, “The Trou aux Cerfs” found in Curepipe.
The Port-Louis – Moka Range, the Grand-Port Range and the Black River Range are the three ranges of mountains that surrounds the island. The height of the mountains in the ranges vary between 300 and 800 meters above sea level. The highest peak is Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire also known as Piton du Milieu from the Black River Range standing at 828m.
The Central plateau is about 670 meters above sea level and is the result of a constant elevation from the coastal plains.

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