Although Mauritius is known for its pleasant temperatures throughout the year, it is still a tropical destination with its transient rainfall. You might think “Why me?” but it can be really fun to deal with rainy weather in Mauritius? We have gathered some ideas and here are 10 to exploit.

1. Indulge in hotel activities


Each hotel has an entertainment team that adapts its program of activities according to the weather. For example, you might come across handicrafts courses Mauritius, Creole and cooking lessons in the shelter of the hotel, but also sports sessions or indoor games – pool and other board games. Your children will not even realize the bad weather with all those things they will be able to enjoy indoors.

2. Discover the great journey of sugar

L’Aventure du Sucre, in Pamplemousses in the north of the island, is a museum located in a former sugar factory. It tells the fabulous saga of how sugar industry has evolved through the year, and through it, the history of Mauritius, on an interactive course of 5000 m2. It is a veritable mine of information for anyone willing to go deeper in the history of this paradisiacal island. The site also offers a restaurant and a very well stocked shop.

3. Visit the house of illusion


The Curious Corner of Chamarel: adults and children alike are allowed to take to the game of this strange place where everything is only optical illusion. As you stroll through this house, you will be invited to explore the different rooms, to observe, to touch to discern the real from the illusion. The various scenery will allow you to take confusing photos. Enjoy being around to visit the magnificent rhumery of Chamarel, taste its exceptional rum and have a lunch break.

4. Take a tour of the Port Louis market


The covered market of Port Louis, these stalls of fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs, sugars and spices, will make you travel. You can take beautiful photos, soak up the atmosphere of the place, passers-by, warm welcome, colors and smells and end your visit with a small stopover “Alouda”, a refreshing drink adored by the Mauritians. Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and its market was the center of the local economy in the Victorian era.

5. Participate in a fast-paced role-playing game

Imagine yourself unjustly condemned and imprisoned in a prison with a mystery to be solved to be able to escape … Or in great exploration to find a unique spice that will help Pierre Poivre to create his historical plantation … Or, as a judge on the track of the last dodo to be able to save him from the hands of a crazy hunter … The Dodo Quest in Moka offers several role playing games toenjoy with your friends or family.

6. Pamper yourself at the hotel’s spa

Most hotels in Mauritius are equipped with their own spa. On a rainy afternoon, isn’t it a great opportunity to pamper yourself with an aromatherapy massage, music, candle or semi-precious stones. You can also opt for a foot bath, exfoliation, body mask and capillary. You will definitely have a wide choice of pampering to choose from.

7. Collecting souvenirs to take back home

At the Craft Market of the Caudan Waterfront you will find multiple souvenirs to bring back home: colored pareo, embroidered linen, spices, recycled objects, wooden sculpture, semi-precious stone, coconut souvenir, wood or glass, as well as handicrafts From Mauritius, Rodrigues and Madagascar. The Grand-Baie Bazaar is also covered and offers souvenirs from Mauritius and elsewhere to bring back in its suitcase. And if you want a broader choice, why not visit the center of the island where you will have the chance to get miniature boat replicas and other sorts of jewelries or Cashmere.

8. Take a Closer Look at History

Also at the Caudan Waterfront, the Blue Penny Museum houses prestigious collections. Some of them open your eyes to the world of navigation, others to the colonial history of the country or to Port Louis from the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum also features a room that tells the story of the postal service in Mauritius and that of Paul and Virginie, characters of a masterpiece of French literature.

9. Touring art galleries

If you are an art lover, you can visit several galleries in the north of the island. At Pointe aux Canonniers you will find Seebaluck Gallery, the largest on the island; The Raphael Gallery, which exhibits high-end boat models; Imaaya, which is both an art gallery and a boutique that supports contemporary Mauritian artists; And the Galerie Hélène de Senneville, very reputed in that corner.

On the Péreybère side, the Galerie du Moulin Cassé is one of the most famous on the island, with the paintings of Malcolm de Chazal and the photographs of Diane Henry in permanent exhibition.

10. Immerse yourself in another era

A visit of Chateau de Labourdonnais proposes a journey back in time during a visit to its colonial house where you can admire old furniture of that time. You can then taste the family cuisine of the restaurant while enjoying a Creole dish on the terrace, and why not, before or after the meal, stroll to the waterfall, if a thinning presents itself. In the north of the island, you can visit the beautiful Chateau de Labourdonnais and taste the rum and the fruit-based specialties produced on site.

We hope this helps you enjoy your holidays, even though you are not getting the sun you came here for 😉 No worries it shall be back soon enough.