The district of Black River in the Island of Mauritius is one of the most popular with tourists. It is the third largest district of the country, with mostly rural areas. Popular places include Flic-en-Flac, Tamarin, Chamarel, la Preneuse, and le Morne Brabant. Although it is the driest region of the island, there are quite a lot of hotels and many businesses based around tourism in the area. During holidays in the island of Mauritius, it can be a very interesting place to visit or stay at, because of the range of touristic activities that can be found there. Let us see some of the most interesting things to do in the district of Black River.

Big game fishing

What to do during holidays in Mauritius - go on Big game fishing tours. Photo credit RichKnowles, on Flickr
Big game fishing is a very popular activity off the coast of Black River Photo credit RichKnowles, on Flickr

One of the sports that the district of Black River is best known for is big game fishing. In fact, most of the big game fishing charter operators of the island of Mauritius can be found there. It is a popular spot for big game fishing because of the warm waters off the coast attract a lot of prized catches such as bill-fish, tunas, sharks, and dolphin fish, among others. People wishing to charter a boat are advised to get up early as most fishing trips start at 7:00 in the morning. Boats can be chartered for half-day or full day trips.

Whale and dolphin watching

What to do during holidays in Mauritius - go watch the dolphins in the lagoon of Black River
Dolphins can often be seen hunting and playing in packs off the coast of Black river in Mauritius. Photo credit: Kh3Rv1N, on Flickr[email protected]

Whale and dolphin watching are also popular activities along the coast of the district of Black River for the same reasons above: whales and dolphins also love the warm waters and abundant supply of fish off the coast of Black River. The same boats that can be chartered for big game fishing can also be chartered for whale and dolphin watching, although other companies are only specialized in the observation of the cetaceans.

Ride a bike or rent a scooter

The district of Black River, with its vast stretches of sugar cane fields, picturesque villages and long sandy beaches is an ideal place to go on long bicycle trips with a group of friends or family. Good places to visit on bicycle are the village of Flic-en-Flac, the road along the villages of Tamarin, la Preneuse, Grande-Rivière Noire or the road along the villages of Case-Noyale and La Gaulette. The more daring bikers seeking a good challenge could also try going up the winding road leading to Chamarel, land of the seven coloured earths and even continue to Plaine-Champagne where they can pick and eat their fill of Cattley Guava (Psidium cattleianum), known locally as the Chinese Guava, if it’s in season. A few local businesses rent bicycles to tourists and those who do not wish to exert themselves too much in this dry climate can also rent scooters. Tourists must be advised though, that they should be very careful and wear bright colours if they are riding two-wheelers on Mauritian roads.

Hiking, mountain-climbing and Canyoning

Where to go in Mauritius - go hiking in the district of Black River
Hiking can be a very rewarding experience for tourists on holidays in Mauritius. Photo credit: carrotmadman6, on Flickr

Tourists seeking adventure can also go on hiking, mountain-climbing and canyoning trips in the district of Black-River. For example, the Casela Nature Park offers all three activities and will provide guides and climbing equipment for the trip. Other popular places to go hiking are the Black River Gorges, the biggest nature reserve of Mauritius and the Chamarel Adventure Park. Although not very high, the mountains of Black River offer quite a few scenic views of the coastline.

Just relax at the beach or enjoy some water sports

The district of Black River is also home to some magnificent beaches and if you’re staying in a hotel there during your holidays in Mauritius, the beach may be just a few steps away. Popular public beaches to visit in the district of Black River are Pointes-aux-Sables, Albion, Flic-en-Flac, Tamarin, La Preneuse and Le Morne.

What to do in Mauritius; enjoy water sports in Black River
Wind Surfer in Black-River Mauritius. Photo Credit; stillingen, on Flickr

At most of these beaches, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy some water sports like wind-surfing, SCUBA diving, kayak, stand-up paddling, or sea kart which is a small speed boat which is quite similar to a jet ski, among others. Most of these activities are available at the hotels along the coast of Black-River or at some third-party agencies.

Popular surf spots of the district of Black River are Tamarin, One Eye, Passe de l’Ambulante near Le Morne. Popular kite-surfing spots are again at Le Morne, Flic-en-Flac and La Preneuse. Popular scuba diving spots are are the Cathedral, Kei Sei, the Park, Saint Gabriel, Rempart Serpents, Aquarium, Flic-en-Flac and Le Morne.

Play golf

Golf is one of the most relaxing sports that can be played during holidays in Mauritius and the district of Black River has two beautiful golf courses where golfers will surely enjoy themselves. One is the Tamarina Golf Club, a beautiful estate with a challenging 18-hole golf course located near the village of Tamarin and the other is the Paradis Golf Club, also an 18-hole golf course located near Le Morne.

what to do in Mauritius - go play Golf in Black River
View from the Tamarina Golf Course, in Black River, Mauritius. Photo Credit tigergue, on Flickr[email protected]/

Ride horses around le Morne

It is also possible for tourists to go on horse-riding trips during their holidays in Mauritius. In the district of Black-River,such a service is provided by Le Haras du Morne, a company which organizes tours up to the summit of Le Morne Brabant on horseback through the private properties of the area. Depending on the tour chosen, tourists may also be able to ride their horses across the sea to a close island, Ilot Fourneau.

Photo Credit, first picture:  notcub, on Flickr