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Lost in some part of the lapis azure colored and vast Indian Ocean, lie the Seychelles Islands, the idyllic place for honeymooners, family trip or a lifetime adventure to discovering oneself. Mostly known for its beautiful beaches and welcoming lagoons and coconut, the island is a mine of undiscovered treasures. Yet, unbelievingly, there are such things that are not recommended at all.  Surely, you can go ahead and plan your voyage to this magnificent island that has won so many hearts. Just bear in mind our precautionary advice.

Don’t forget to Plan your holiday with care!

Though, the Seychellois weather is pretty good all year round, it can still hinder your vacation. If you want to enjoy a memorable stay, be sure to schedule your trip in accordance to climatic conditions and hereafter your preferences. You want to book your trip during April and November to enjoy a cozy and peaceful swim in the blue lagoon. Unless, you are a water sports freak, then the best time to visit is between May and September. Keen to visit the fauna and flora? Just don’t go in January or April. May is once again the best time to get lost in the lap of Mother Nature’s forests.

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Your security is the best policy

Seychelles is known to have excelled in its security for tourists. It probably has the lowest crime rate in the region. Nevertheless, going out brandishing your assets-money, jewellery, foreign currencies-may cost you the theft of these and even death. These can be safely locked in the locker of your hotel room or the bank. Many of us prefer to discover the nightlife of foreign countries. In Seychelles, people exploring in the dark need to be careful and if you are a lone woman you need to be extra prudent. It is more appropriate to take someone reliable with you or just stay in the guarded premises of your hotel and study its architecture and take part in the nocturne activities or even better contemplate the beach under the shadow of the moon and stars.

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Don’t get duped

Rapacious people are everywhere. Many run unlicensed hotels, lodges and guest houses. You may have a nice stay at astoundingly low prices but the operators cannot be trusted. The latter may loot you of your belongings and throw you onto the streets with nowhere to go overnight. So do not be a miser and check in a decent and licensed hotel. As a tourist, you would be obviously having unchanged currencies of your country. When in need of money, be wise enough to change the funds in banks, at hotel cashiers or at the bureau de change at the airport itself. Do not wait for the exchange market to rise or fall and throw yourself in the well laid traps of unauthorized dealers. This would bring you under the offence of illegal monetary transaction and therefore pay hefty consequences. Mind you, the law is rather harsh in Seychelles.


Careful on the tan

You may think of me as stupid to warn you on the tan. Believe me I’m not. Most of the tourists visit Seychelles for the warmth of the tropical sun and for sunbathing. The results obtained after a good long session of getting tanned is worth flaunting. However, halfheartedly you would need to limit these sunbathing sessions as the Seychelles have strongest sun emitting lights than most of the other islands. Tan is beautiful and sexy but getting roasted isn’t. The sun also influences the sudden weather changes and may bring a drastic rise in temperature.

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Don’t exploit nature

The Seychelles archipelago consists of many islands. They all are rich in natural heritage, be it the ingenious fauna and flora reserves, the protected marine parks or the coralline islands.  As a responsible human being, you need to give a helping hand in preserving these last remnants of the Almighty’s boons. For instance do not collect seashells that are homes to hermit crabs. What good snatching the shelter off a creature’s head for our own momentary pleasure. Help in keeping the environment clean and unpolluted by not littering. You may pluck some unique and mesmerizing flowers from the islands, but just be sure to register them before going home as it is illegal to take anything unregistered out of the country. Strict laws you say? It’s just an attempt to cushion the Seychellois heritage.

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Follow these simple guidelines and you are good to go in a foreign land full of beautiful surprises.