Lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the archipelago of the Seychelles is a destination that guide you to a trip in the Garden of Eden on earth, and promises romantic vacations. The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands and islets scattered over 388,500 square kilometers. Yet, the area does not exceed 444 km².

1110 km separating the far Aldabra to the south of Mahe, the main island where Victoria is located, the Seychelles’ capital. These tropical islands of granite and coral, a thousand kilometers from the African coast, continue to delight their guests from around the world for their beauty and exuberance.

They are divided into two categories: the nearby islands (Mahé, the main island) and remote islands, or the inner islands and outer islands. 33 of them are inhabited by 80,000 Seychellois who live along beaches with clear, warm waters, bathed by the equatorial sun.

There you will find secret and gorgeous beaches throughout the Seychelles, on the multitude of islands. You might as yourself why you have most often heard of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue only? … This is simply because the other islands are much more difficult to access and it is especially much more expensive to stay there when it is possible since some of them are private.

Say Yes in the Seychelles!

Seychelles Wedding

Dreaming of getting married in the Seychelles? Asking yourself why not you?

Your wedding in Seychelles can become a reality. It is indeed one of the most romantic places on the planet. Marry on a deserted white beach, bordered by a turquoise and shimmering water … You will live without a doubt the best day of your life!

The Seychelles are among the favorite destinations of honeymooners. But why wait for the honeymoon to discover the magic of the Seychelles? On the island of the Seychelles you will find numerous romantic hotels locating in a sensual atmosphere, enchanting landscape where living will be easy… In Seychelles, love is always in the air and everywhere.

Hotels for your wedding

The hotels on the island offer rates, packages and special attentions for honeymooners, and many of them have also specialized in hosting future newlyweds. They offer discounted rates, decorations in the rooms, and sometimes unbeatable “wedding packages”, including room, part of the formalities costs and organization of the ceremony. Whichever island makes your hearts beat in unison, you’ll find the perfect place to get married in this archipelago: Mahé, Praslin, La Digue … A hotel, a beach …

We can guide you through the preparation of your wedding for that day is forever unforgettable. Here are some tips for you!

Tips for your wedding in the Seychelles

Administrative formalities, hotel reservation, wedding date, photographer, stylist, wedding cake, decoration… You dream, we can help you make your dream become reality! The golden rule for getting married in the Seychelles: plan your wedding well in advance. Getting married in the Seychelles is relatively simple, however you have to book at least 6 months before.

Seychelles Wedding Formalities

The documents may vary depending on the situation of the spouses, their nationality, whether or not there is a contract of marriage, children, a previous marriage, etc. This is why it is difficult to give an exact and definitive list of documents to be produced.

However, certain documents remain similar in all cases. So you will need those for a civil marriage in the Seychelles:

  • a complete copy of your birth certificates dated under three months
  • a photocopy of the first or last 6 pages of passports of bride and groom, including the inside of the cover and the pages containing all identification data
  • proof of residence
  • a questionnaire, taking, among others, the identity of ascendants and potential witnesses

Civil marriages in Seychelles are recognized in Europe of course, provided you follow the procedures outlined above. They are somewhat different for German citizens, Swiss and Italian. As in France, the civil marriage must take place before the church wedding.

Contrary to what was customary a few years ago, couples are no longer required to take an appointment at their Embassy in Seychelles before their marriage. However, be aware that the Embassy may require the future married to present at their offices, although it is quite rare.

How much does a wedding in the Seychelles cost?

It is difficult to be precise when it comes to the organization of a wedding in Seychelles, without knowing the details and without having primarily taken into consideration all your desires. You will rarely find a “wedding package” as such, since every wedding is unique in its own way.

If some costs are fixed – such as registration fees, costs of organization, civil status officer cost, others such as islands, hotels and formulas chosen vary.

Here are the incompressible and mandatory fees, which you cannot escape:

  • Costs of ceremony and wedding coordination: € 100.00
  • Registration fees: € 220.00 during weekday or € 285.00 during weekend
  • Apostille: € 25.00
  • Copy of the marriage certificate (with the seal of the Civil State service): € 10.00
  • Copy of the marriage certificate mailed (seal of the State Civil Service + postage): 60,00 € approx.
  • Letter of authentication: € 20.00
  • All the above fees fees thus amount to an amount of € 435.00 approximately

Your wedding in a nutshell

Romance blossoms naturally in this lush sanctuary. Plan your wedding ceremony amidst cinnamon trees and frangipani, or on the peaceful powder-sand beach – considered one of the island’s best. The Seychelles is just one of those places that everyone dreams of marrying in. The jewel of the Indian Ocean as far as many are concerned. The stunning islands of the Seychelles await you and your wedding party to enjoy luxury and glamour for your wedding and honeymoon stay. Weddings in the Seychelles can take place on a number of beautiful island beaches, with a stunning backdrop of crystal clear waters. You will never forget that special day. It will be forever engraved in your memories. And after your marriage, make the most out of your honeymoon!

Happy Marriage newlyweds!