The Seychelles archipelago offers many islands with innumerable beaches and hotels. You have the choice between celebrating your wedding in a luxurious hotel, in a villa, in a guest house or simply on one of its idyllic beaches.

Nature is one key attraction of the Seychelles and its coastal scenery is wonderful. Lush forests adjoining the wild beaches with a perfect weather, whatever the season: Can you ask for more?

How to fulfill those inner dreams about the most special of days?  How to make it all perfect? How to make this moment forever engraved in our memory? Seychelles can make all these come true. Here are some information that will surely help you organize the perfect wedding.

Where to say “Yes” in Seychelles?

Kissing Under Tropical Arc

The Seychelles Archipelago consist of as much as 115 islands which offer endless opportunities to relax and to be alone in an exotic environment for the most romantic of Seychelles Weddings. Beautiful, peaceful and tranquil beach locations ensure that wherever you decide to marry yourself, you will enjoy the most romantic experience of your life – with your beloved.


Top Venues for Wedding in Seychelles

Wedding Seychelles
Promenade on the Beach

The wedding venue is definitely in the top priority list. Below is a list of ideally suitable hotels and resorts.

1. La Villa Seychelles

A dazzling brilliant display of colours as the sun kiss good bye the island of Mahe is the ideal place for saying yes. Without forgetting regular visitors of this coin, turtles and dolphins.

2.Denis Private Island

In the island’s tiny private chapel… or on one of the pristine white sand beaches, your wedding will remain unforgettable.

3. Coco de Mer Hotel & Black Parrot Suites

Either at the Sunset Pavilion at Coco de Mer or the Black Parrot Pool Terrace under a thatched gazebo enjoying an atypical environment for a unique wedding..

4.Hilton Seychelles Northolme
Tailored to suit the couple! On the deck or on the beach with the sun setting behind you, saying your vows in front of a particularly beautiful background.

5. Desroches Island
Whether on the beach or in the gorgeous tropical gardens, there are many idyllic locations! The difficulty will be chosing the best place to make the forever promise!

6.Raffles Praslin Seychelles

In the tropical gardens beside the pool, or beside giant granite boulders on the beach with the sparkling waters of the Curieuse Marine National Park behind, you will have loads of spots to choose from.

7.Kempinski Seychelles

On the breathtakingly beautiful Baie Lazare beach or in the hotel’s tropical gardens you will certainly enjoy a perfect wedding.

8.Sainte Anne Resort & Spa

A fabulous array of choices on this private island…. from beach locations to settings within the beautiful, mature tropical gardens of this 5 star resort just for you young lovers.

9.Paradise Sun Hotel Praslin Island

Beautifully decorated arch with fresh flowers and a perfect wedding location, followed by a romantic dinner and Champagne! Should we ask for more?

 10.Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove

You wedding can be celebrated either in the Bay Pavilion, the Gardens or the Upper Lounge area overlooking the Ocean where you will surely enjoy a great time.

Wedding Seychelles

Best Beaches For Wedding Venues

1. Anse Source d’Argent (La Digue)
Close your eyes. And just imagine a dazzling powdery-sand beach framed by naturally sculpted granite boulders lapped by luxuriously warm waters, white clouds billowing in a deep-blue sky, palm trees leaning over the shore… Simply the dreamed spot for your perfect wedding.

2. Petite Anse (La Digue)
This magnificent deserted beach on La Digue will perfectly suit any wedding ceremony. You will feel just like having a beach portion just for you where you will be able to enjoy a beautfil sunset and a breathtaking background while having a walk in the beautiful lapiz lazuli lagoon.

3. Anse Lazio (Praslin)
This long stretch of silvery sand framed by granite boulders and shaded by coconut palms and takamaka trees is often described as the most idyllic beach in the Seychelles. Having a wedding there will definitely get all your friends jealous of this beautiful landscape and of the unique wedding album photo you will have the opportunity to create there.

4. Anse Intendance (Mahé)
As the sun-low sky deepens to orange and is a perfect photogenic spot for the best wedding photographies. This outstanding beach on the southwestern side of Mahé just might be heaven. Anse Intendance ranks as one of the most unspoilt beaches of Mahé.

Wedding Seychelles

Legal Requirements For Marriage.

A Seychelles Wedding can be a surprisingly easy event to arrange. Couples marrying in Seychelles will need their current, valid passport and birth certificates. If either have been divorced or widowed, a change of name by deed poll or death certificate, whichever is relevant, must be provided for proof.

These documents should rather be submitted to at least 6 weeks prior to departure in order that arrangements can be made; clients getting married MUST travel with the originals. Ceremonies are conducted by the Registrar in accordance with Seychelles Law and the date selected is of course, subject to the Registrar’s availability.The ceremony can be arranged from Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.

What else could make it a Perfect Wedding?

Wedding Seychelles
Sunset Portrait

To make the stay and the wedding more than perfect, you can choose to hire a car so that you can visit the island before or after the wedding. In Seychelles you always have something to visit and to discover, and a car is indispensable.

You can also spend some days with you lover on a yacht, just the two of you, to forget all the pre-wedding stress or simply to have your honeymoon after the wedding. A complete service will be offered to you and you will surely enjoy the stay while sailing around the beautiful isles of the Seychelles.

And finally don’t forget to hire a top-notch photograph so as to have the bestest of souvenirs to bring back home with you. Don’t forget those moments should be beautifully captured… Since you will always want to look back at them and think over it again and again…