Located south of Mauritius Rochester Falls rushes wilderness more than 10 meters high. Famous for its rectangular rocks, the waterfall is also and above all a peaceful and quiet place, accessible through the sugar cane fields: an extraordinary experience!

Located just 4 kilometers from the village of Souillac, famous for its stunning cliffs, Rochester Falls is lost in the countryside. If you hear his roar for kilometers around, the waterfall is accessible only through the plantations. The one discovers a magnificent gorge with lush vegetation where the waterfall about ten meters high flows. The water ends up in a nice pool, some will jump from the top of the falls, others less adventurous, come here to bathe in a pleasant environment.

If Rochester Falls is one of the best places to tour in Mauritius, it is not so much for its beautiful landscape for the intimacy of the place. Unspoilt by mass tourism, it is the privileged place for travelers wishing to explore the amazing sites without being jostled by the crowd. If a jump of 10 meters above the waterfall does not tempt you, seduced by a soft, clear water, perfect for cooling off admiring the work of centuries of erosion: a carved basalt wall long pipes.

rochester falls

Visit Rochester Falls

Why miss a visit when it is free? Rochester Falls visit either alone or with a guide. You can expect around 2 hours visiting with refreshing swim and jump of 10 meters. Leaving Souillac Surinam, we follow the path that leads to the sugar cane plantations.

It will then cross the fields during a kilometer and the route can only be done on foot at the time of the cut. One then arrives at a track where the last step in the cascade are accompanied by the muffled sound of water is shining on the rock wall. You probably will encounter some fruit sellers on the way, what recuperate before bathing!

The tour of the 7 waterfalls can claim to be one of the prettiest walks to realize the island. Curiously, it is hardly described in specialist guides and almost never offered by the towers Operatori.

Indeed, this site is public, free access and therefore generates no financial income. Located near Vacoas, Tamarin Falls of their baptismal name will give you a wonderful show, and allow you to enjoy a wonderful day in the wild scent of the exuberant Mauritian fauna.

This ride lasts three hours because the duration of your stay in Mauritius unfortunately doesn’t allow too spend more time there unless you opt for an all day because you want to see everything, swim in the refreshing water cascades, lunch in the shade of a tree of the traveler and make the most of the magnificent scenery and beautiful scenery offered by a rich and flamboyant nature the countless shades of green and blue.

Important recommendations:

Do not do this tour if it rains, even if the rain does not bother you, you will have too many obstacles on your way to overcome, and the risk of slipping is too high.

Strap yourself well for a ride, no flip-flops, at least put sneakers.

Take a guide with you, it will cost 400 rupees per person (10 euros). A guide will show you the best path, the easiest and help you through the difficult passages. The guide is indispensable. Trust him.

Warning; the guide will never refuse to make you leave if you are in flip-flops or if it rains, your ride will quickly turn into the Cross and hassle.

Do not forget:

To eat and drink, you will not find anything, so plan accordingly, especially if you stop for an hour for a picnic.

Indispensable, the repellent since the proximity of water favors their development and depending on the season, you can be bothered.

The swimsuit with all these opportunities to swim, it would be a crime to forget.