The Seychelles Islands.

Visiting your fetish holiday destination usually fulfils one of your dreams. A string of islands scattered in the glistening Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from anywhere is a paradise for any traveller. Mother Nature was indeed generous to these 115 islands and has spoiled them rotten. With such a dreamlike setting, the Seychelles is, unsurprisingly, the best place to spend your holidays and relax!

How to get there?

Air Seychelles
Air Seychelles

Of course by plane! The main international airport is on Mahé where sll flights within the Seychelles arrive and depart. From different part of the world Air Seychelles flies directly to Mahé; Air France flies via Paris and Emirates flies via Dubai. From the plane, you are sure to enjoy a beautiful scenery while flying above those jewels laid onto the Indian Ocean.

When to Go?

The Seychelles are a good year-round destination. With daily temperature ranging between 27ºC and 30ºC, you will enjoy perfect holidays on these islands. Yet, December and January remains the wettest months and humidity is highest from February to May. The best months to visit are between June and September.

Accommodations in the Seychelles?

Whether you’re looking for a secluded place for you and your dear one or a luxury family getaway or simply your own spot near the beach, you will find it on the Seychelles. Some operators offers accommodation in the Seychelles to suit your needs but we have made a selection of the best hotels and Villas on these magnificent islands.

La Digue Island Lodge

The lodge is set among a peaceful and exotic garden of coconut palms and takamaka trees on Anse Reunion beach overlooking Praslin Island. Among its many assets, the lodge boasts the only swimming pool on the island and accommodation in a variety of rooms and villas.

Le Domaine de La Réserve

Le Domaine de La Réserve Hotel, is located on Praslin. Positioned in a wonderful setting at the beautiful Anse Petite Cour the private beach offers fine white sand, granite boulders at each end and views of Curieuse Island in the distance. It is the perfect spot to relax, with its beach front villas for your holiday. It also boasts one of the largest swimming pools in the Seychelles.

La Villa Seychelles

La Villa Holiday Apartment positioned on a spectacular headland surrounded by the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean offers and unparalleled view  over the island of Silhouette, North Island and l’ilot. The luxury establishment built in harmony with nature will help you relax and completely rejuvenate. La Villa Seychelles is THE ideal location for a quiet, relaxed and exciting holiday.

How to move around in the Seychelles?

To fully enjoy your holidays in the Seychelles, on Mahé or Praslin you can rent a car at one of the operators on the island so that you can unveil the hidden gems of these islands at your own pace. If your will be spending some time on La Digue, you will have only the Ox Cart and the bicycle as modes of transport. You will definitely enjoy this short time you will go back in time on this beautiful old fashioned style island of the Seychelles.

Why the Seychelles?


The ocean is as blue as ever!

On a clear day, you can see at least four shades of blue in the water, and when you walk closer on the soft white sand, you can see the base of the sea. Snorkeling those water is a pure bliss!

The locals are really friendly.

If you spend a day on the island of La Digue, along the narrow residential by-lanes where locals lounged around on their hammocks and balconies, you will notice the difference! The locals are extremely friendly and the cherry on top of the cake- they speak perfect English.

Creole food is sooo Delicious!

Créole cuisine includes plenty of fish and rice. Among the seafood on offer are barracuda, kingfish, octopus, squid and shark. The Créoles are also big on soups – be sure to try the tec-tec. In Seychelles most of the curries you will come across will have as main ingredient sea food and coconut milk. Food is usually accompanies by pulses like lentils and loads of different types of chutneys. If you are a spicy food love, the Seychelles will definitely fulfil your taste buds desires!

It’s different from Mauritius.

At first glance, Seychelles can seem like a sibling of Mauritius, but there’s so much that sets them apart. Seychelles feels a bit more rustic, a bit more adventurous, with so many islands to hop to, the forests and birds in its interiors and the dramatic hilly backdrops that you will definitely not find in Mauritius.

Affordable Destination.

If you choose to live in a cheap accommodation and eat only at local restaurants, Seychelles is possible to do on a not-so-tight-budget. For your accommodation you can expect to spend 50-100 Euros per night and a simple meal for two at a local restaurant might cost you around 20-30 Euros. So you don’t really need explode your budget to experience this little piece of paradise!

What to do in the Seychelles?

Anse Source D'Argent - La Digue
Anse Source D’Argent – La Digue

Hit Seychelles beaches

Seychelles has some of the finest beaches in the world. Palm tree sway in the breeze and white sands lead to a turquoise ocean. Yet, even here, some beaches stand out. Anse Intendance and Anse Lazio are usually featured as the world’s best beaches.

Anse Intendance is located on the Southern tip of Mahe, whilst Anse Lazio is located on Praslin. Both beaches should be on the must-visit list of any beach connoisseurs, spending their holidays in the Seychelles.

We should not omit the bestest of beaches- Anse Source D’Argent on the island of La Digue. There, incredible granitic rock formations meet the sea in an inspiring display of natural art. If you’ve ever seen an advert set on a beach with beautiful rocks in the background, the chances are it would have been filmed here, since this beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world!

Explore the Vallee de Mai

Exploring the Vallee de Mai, a World Heritage Site on the island of Praslin, is an absolute must. This was thought to be the Garden of Eden when discovered by early explorers, and it’s not hard to see why. The central attraction of this spot is the endemic Coco de Mer, a giant palm tree, famed for having the largest nut in the world. The nut, which only grows on the female of the plant, has a striking resemblance to a human female pelvis. They take nine years to germinate and much more to turn into the giants which line the valley, the only place in the world where they can be found.

Seychelles Island hopping

Since the Seychelles is made up of 115 islands and most of these remain uninhabited, taking some time to visit them is really worth doing. Each island is unique in its way and will procure different feelings to you visitors. Island hopping is a usual practice in the Seychelles: you can either cruise around the Robinson Crusoe style islands or simply go there by plane or helicopter.

The smaller islands, such as Bird and Denis, are classical flat desert island, just a ring of white sandy beach, a few palm trees and some birds, where you can enjoy sipping on a cocktail. The larger islands, such as Mahe and Praslin, are granitic and possesses deep rainforest interiors for exploring and towering peaks.  Other islands offers different landscapes and enfold in themselves beauties never seen anywhere else in the world!

Visit the Capital- Victoria

If you are fed up of lying on the beach all day and you want to do something a little more active and different, a visit to the capital city of Victoria is something you will definitely like. While strolling and taking a look at the town’s central feature, a miniature clock tower built in 1903, I would recommend you to visit the Victoria market. The market remains the liveliest place of the Seychelles where a vibrantly colourful affair where local traders will happily sell you all manner of goods, from locally picked fruit to the catch of the day. You will obviously get a real flavour of the Creole foods while wandering around the tables in the market.  The fish, fresh off the boats that day, is world class and, by Western standards, remarkably cheap. The market will allow you to rediscover Seychelles’ cuisine at its best.

Try diving or snorkelling!

The clear waters of the Seychelles are perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling.  The Shark Bank is considered to be the best diving spot, with a granite plateau sheltering a dazzling array of marine life, from huge grey stingrays and gaping Napoleon fish to pulsating shoals of bright tropical fish and even the odd whale shark – the biggest fish in the sea. Indeed, all the waters surrounding the islands are perfect for snorkelling and are lively waters where you will come across lush aquatic life.

Admire a Sunset!

The reward of having staggering beaches almost to yourself as you watch the sun set through an evening cocktail is entirely worth it. You will usually enjoy the perfect sunset on the island of Praslin while looking towards Cousin, the neighbouring island. Do not miss such a magical moment while enjoying dinner or a drink on the beach!

Simply relax

Yet, the best thing to do is nothing at all – and the Seychelles have made this their speciality! Prepare a picnic and head one of the many unspoilt beaches of the islands and escape in another world where the modern world is ignored- lay back and relax.


Electricity: In the Seychelles you will come across 220-240 volts 50 Hz electrical supply. The Seychelles uses the standard three-pin rectangular UK plug of 13 amps.

Currency and Exchange: The official currency is the Seychelles Rupee (SCR 1 = approx. 0.18 Euro). Mastercards and Visa are accepted everywhere.

Language: Seychelles has three official languages: English, French and Creole.

Visas: Visas are not required for most visitors, but you will need an onward ticket, booked accommodation and sufficient funds for the whole of your stay.

Public holidays: New Year’s Day; 2 Jan; Good Friday; Holy Saturday; Liberation Day (5 June); Corpus Christi; Independence Day (29 June); Assumption; All Saints’ Day; Immaculate Conception; Christmas Day.

Have a splendid holiday in the Seychelles!