In the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar, lies an archipelago of 115 islands, the Seychelles. Once home to merchant ships and pirate ships, Seychelles is today an unparalleled tourist destination. Its beaches and lush nature make this country a place for relaxation and perfect holidays. Since each island is unique, exploring the Seychelles is synonymous with wonder at every step.

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Seychelles: The good!

The sunshine throughout the year and the warm welcome of the locals attract people in search of change of scenery to the Seychelles. To this is added an idyllic setting suitable for a family stay, celebration of a wedding or simply to spend a pleasant honeymoon. The Seychelles is also a perfect place to practice various water sports.

Seychelles: The not so good!

A stay in Seychelles is relatively expensive despite the existence of accommodation other than luxury hotels (Hotels Seychelles). The various islands that make up the archipelago are scattered and sometimes more or less difficult to access, which obliges some to visit only the most known ones such as Mahé, La Digue or Praslin.

Must Visits in the Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago is made up of over a hundred islands. Very often, there is not enough time to visit them. But a stay in the Seychelles is not complete without a visit to the three main islands. In Mahe,  Beau Vallon is a must see during your visit. It is home to the National Park of Morne Seychellois where it is possible to hike. The beaches of this part of the archipelago are also admirable. Further south of Mahé are other more discreet beaches: Anse Soleil and Petite Anse, which remains the best choice for a romantic getaway. Anse Takamaka is also worth a visit. After Mahe, exploration of the Seychelles passes through Praslin and the visit of the famous Valley of May and it’s not less famous beach of Anse Lazio. To end the stay beautifully, a passage by La Digue imposes itself, its beach of Anse Source d’Argent shows how well the Seychelles deserves its appellation of paradise.

Must Do in the Seychelles

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Between swimming and relaxing on the beach, why not indulge in various water sports such as sailing, water skiing or big game fishing. The main activity that should not be missed during a stay in the Seychelles is Snorkeling. Indeed, in this little paradise, it is enough to put the head under water to be able to admire the beauty of the seabed. Visitors can also leave the beaches and their attractions for a while to explore other sights of the islands. In the course of your visit, you will discover the museum of natural histories or the Jardin des Roi, embalmed by the sweet scent of spices grown on the island. In the capital, Victoria, the Seychellois Big Ben, which stands proudly in the center of the city, is not to be missed.

The Seychelles Gastronomy

Like its inhabitants, the Seychelloise cuisine is mixed. In each dish the Asian impregnation, the European influence and the African and Indian touch will amaze your palate. The dishes comprising of meat and fish are generally adorned with aromatic herbs and spices. They are also accompanied by vegetables and rice. Rice and fish form the basic food for Creoles. In this archipelago, seafood is served in soups or curries. The traveler can get an idea of ​​the richness of the Seychelles gastronomy by tasting the salad of the millionaire or the big eater.

Shopping in the Seychelles

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Art is an important part of the Seychellois culture. The souvenirs boutiques conceal different objects of art as beautiful as the other. Creole jewellery, very realistic models of boats or ceramic pottery and glass paintings are all artisanal Seychellois objects to discover and bring back as a souvenir for family or friends.

Places of The Seychelles


Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles. It is famous for its large white sandy beaches where it feels good to walk barefoot. For lovers of the tropical universe of the whole world, the island of Mahé has many charming sites such as the national park of Morne Seychellois. There are also many landmarks of diving like the marine park of Saint-Anne.

Anse Kerlan

L’Anse Kerlan is located north of the island of Praslin, Seychelles. The surrounding of Kerlan Cove is a real postcard decor with hills of greenery and a beach of such splendor. The waters of the lagoon, so invigorating, offer a maximum of well-being.


The private island Desroches is one of the hidden jewels of the Seychelles. Being part of the Amirante archipelago, the island is bathed in the vivifying climate of the Indian Ocean. Its beaches are obviously sumptuous. And among its principal curiosities, Desroches Island has a lighthouse that is always lit to direct travelers to it. Yes, you can go there by boat.

Denis Island

Denis Island is located in the north of the Seychelles, almost stranded in the Indian Ocean. Private island, the island of Denis is incredible with its beaches of white and fine sand. Lush greenery abounds in its surroundings with numerous sites of dives where one discovers a marine fauna that makes the uniqueness of the tropical seas.

Grand Anse Praslin

The village of Grand Anse in the south of Praslin Island, welcomes visitors in a tonic atmosphere, next to a large, picturesque beach. The lagoon is decorated with a magnificent coral bench and contains submarine curiosities to be discovered while diving. Grand Anse is a good starting point to visit the famous Valley de Mai inside the island.


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The fine sandy beaches of Praslin will not cease to amaze the insatiable tourists who return unceasingly to the Seychelles. The island also has several coves, which in turn contain fabulous sites and places ideal for diving.


Victoria stands as a queen among the sights of the great island of Mahe. Some monuments make this Capital of the Seychelles a special attraction – the Big Ben of London small replica and the cathedrals. The city of Victoria is also the main crossroads of all Seychellois products such as spices, fish and especially handicrafts.

Anse Boileau

Situated on the island of Mahe, Anse Boileau is a small corner of paradise. Between sea and mountains, this small fishing village offers a natural setting ideal for visitors seeking quietness. Pretty creeks are accessible for swimmers. Visitors generally yield to the attraction of a hike in verdant vegetation with streams and ponds, embellishing the promenade.

Anse Volbert

Anse Volbert is a seaside resort very appreciated for its beaches. The latter are among the most beautiful in the world thanks to its paradisiacal setting. Lush vegetation, turquoise water and fine white sand satisfy all visitors to the island. The waters of Anse Volbert are ideal for practicing diving.

La Digue

La Digue is the third most populated island in the Seychelles. Relaxing by its particularly quiet white beaches is just a must for those seeking tranquility. Moreover, the island has so much to offer like the beach of Anse Source d’Argent, Anse Cocos, etc. For walks in the land, you can do it on foot or by bike or on an ox-cart. It also has sites of interest such as the Black Widow Reserve and the Domaine de l’Union.

We hope you have fun in the Seychelles!