Réunion is one of the Indian Ocean’s great island adventures. The diversity of landscapes is truly astonishing for such a small piece of floating land. Jutting out of the ocean like a basaltic shield masked in green, this scenically magical island is a mini-Hawaii. What to expect on this island ; Emerald forests, tumbling waterfalls, awesome mountains, twisting roads, soul-stirring panoramas, energetic coastal cities and a sprinkling of white- or black-sand beaches. The formidable Piton de la Fournaise, one of the world’s most accessible active volcanoes, adds to the thrill. Reunion island is a dream destination for nature and outdoor lovers. Hiking is the number-one activity, but canyoning, paragliding, rafting, horseback riding, diving, whale watching and climbing are also available.

Reunion from Above

Reunion is a volcanic land with wonderful natural landscapes. From the bowels of the island, the volcanoes, gush of lava flows so sudden and powerful that they sometimes earn the sea, creating new territories. To travel around Reunion in an original and unique way, go for the flyover of Reunion by helicopter. This is the best way to gain altitude and admire the Remparts, the Circus and the Pitons which holds the reputation of this wild and intense island.

A Unique Experience

Original and exotic, the ride in the air above the island of Reunion allows you to discover the contrasts and the vastness of the natural areas of this small Indian Ocean gem. Fly over the beaches of white and black sand, fly above the lagoon’s coral gardens, lose yourself in the vastness of the rainforest, stroll above the volcanoes and the Piton des Neiges … Flying over Reunion in Helicopter offers a completely unique experience combined with strong feelings gotten by altitude.

The company “Reef Helicopter” offers different kinds of helicopter tours on Reunion, for a pleasant and personalized experience. From Saint-Gilles and Saint-Pierre, it is possible to fly over the sea of lava of Piton de la Fournaise, Mafate circus and Cilaos, you can also see the Trou de Fer and its dizzying abyss or the waterfalls of the island. Nearly a one hour tour tailor made for you allowing you to fly over the island as a whole.

Some other operators also offers day tours over Reunion by helicopter, gourmet lunch, relaxing in a Spa and hiking.

Helicopter Flights in Reunion Island

Helicopter tour organises tailor-made helicopter flight tours in Reunion for private travel. These flights provide access to the most remote parts of the island without wasting time. You can also use this customized flight system to create your own journey by helicopter around the island of Reunion!

The Helicopters

The fleet of the company consists of seven last generation helicopters. Maintenance technicians are present at the site to ensure the good condition of equipment and passenger safety. The various sightseeing flights over Reunion last from 15-55 minutes depending on the chosen formula. Flights can be changed at the last minute depending on the weather. Note that a weather point is made every 15 minutes to ensure the safety of each flight.

Reunion is an island of mountains and nature, an ideal place for a baptism by helicopter. Fast and sensational, this popular means of transportation on the island is a separate activity to discover the natural contrasts of the landscape of the region. You should not miss this wonderful adventure during your trip to Reunion.

Markets in Reunion

Visiting Reunion without spending some time in its wonderful markets is not a complete visit. The many markets of the island’s perfumes and spices make the reputation of Reunion. Covered or open air markets, these Reunionese markets are part of the local culture. Take the opportunity to taste the fruits, vegetables and spices of the region while shopping for Reunion typically handcrafted souvenirs.

The open market of Saint-Paul

This is probably the most famous of the Reunionese markets. From Friday at 6am to Saturday noon, the shimmering colors of local products and many stalls invade the waterfront esplanade. One can find fresh vegetables and exotic fruits, peppers, honey and vanilla in the section devoted to food. But what made St. Paul one of the most beautiful markets of Reunion is above all its section devoted to crafts. Coco jewelry, tortoiseshell based creations, leather bags … Le Saint-Paul market is the place to buy your souvenirs!

The open market of Saint-Pierre

It’s on every Saturday morning that the Saint-Pierre market offers to local and tourists the opportunity to purchase crafts and works of local products. One can also give a try to the excellent Creole dishes. Also located on the seafront, this market of Reunion island is a must for lovers of culinary discoveries.

The Grand Saint-Denis Market

The Grand Saint-Denis Market brings together many craftsmen who offer products as varied as basketry, tablecloths embroidered or wooden statuettes. This is the perfect place to find cheap souvenirs. It runs from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 17:30.

The Cauldron market (Saint-Denis)

A must visit for those seeking authenticity, the Cauldron Market in Saint Denis. This popular market offers spices and craft stall on more than 400 stands. The place is ideal for observing the life of the Reunionese and be an integral part of local life. It takes place on Wednesday and Sunday morning.

The open market of Saint-Leu

Among the Reunionese markets, that of Saint-Leu seduced above all with its exotic fruit stands, vegetables of all kinds and Creole specialties. Honey, vanilla, chillies … Why not bring back home some local specialties of your trip to Reunion?

Other markets

Discover the flavors Reunion strolling on the various markets you can come across around the island. Besides meals stalls where you can taste the local cuisine without spending too much, you will also find many craft items and typical spices of the island.

You cannot consider a trip in the Indian Ocean island, Reunion, without spending time visiting the markets or living the intense experience of flying over Reunion in a helicopter.

Enjoy intense Holidays in Reunion Island!