Villa Rental in Mauritius: Choosing the perfect villa

Choosing the right villa rental in Mauritius according to your needs and contributing to a great vacation can sometimes be tricky, especially considering the multitude of options available Mauritius. This guide will help you choose the ideal holiday villa, as a couple, with family or friends, according to your needs.

Why a villa rental in Mauritius?

Although Mauritius is home to a plethora of large hotels, many of which offer exceptional amenities and services, choosing a holiday villa will offer you something different. Something more than a place to return after a long day of sightseeing, parties or sunbathing.

For starters, escape to things like the hotel’s noisy guests, sharing the pool with hundreds of people, queuing outside the buffet and waking up the maids. In other words, in a villa, you will enjoy the privacy and comfort you deserve on vacation.

High level of security

Many luxury villas in Mauritius are in private areas. This means that the level of security / protection offered is extremely high.

Additional space

If you are traveling with a large family or group, a villa rental in Mauritius will allow you to relax in many common areas (outdoor terraces or outdoor dining areas, for example) while leaving enough room for savor private moments away from everyone.


Private villas offer a wide range of amenities, ranging from daily comfort (ie fully equipped kitchen, laundry and Wi-Fi access) to luxury (ie infinity pools, entertainment rooms , etc.).


You can come and go as you please without having to respect meal times or comply with hotel regulations (regarding the noise level). If you want to have a noisy party or go for a swim in your private heated pool at midnight, you’re there.

Authentic local experience

In addition to being tastefully decorated and decorated with carefully selected elegant details that contribute to a sense of simplicity, the luxury villas of Mauritius are also meticulously designed to blend in with the surrounding environment while embracing many elements of traditional architecture thus giving the customers a Mauritian experience much better than any given hotel room.

Before you start looking for this dream luxury villa for your holidays in Mauritius, consider the following:

Time of the year

Mauritius is a popular destination throughout the year. Nevertheless, it is advisable to varnish at the end of the year to make the most of the scene of the lively evenings and participate in parties and events if you agree with the crowd of tourists who flood the island at this time of year. For quieter getaways and casual vacations, choose the period from February to April, June or September.

Style requirements

The style is a very personal thing and should not be overlooked to determine the vacation villa for rent. The good news is that in Mauritius you will find the holiday villa that speaks to your heart. Whether you prefer a traditional white-washed cubic-walled residence decorated with antique furniture or a modern villa with minimalist ambience and chic, neutral interiors, there will always be a villa to please you.

Do you have any worries or are you confused about the villa that suits you? Tell us your requirements and we will be happy to provide you the luxury vacation property that suits you, in an ideal location, with all the comforts and facilities necessary for a tailor-made luxury holiday in Mauritius.

Choose your villa rental in Mauritius: your options


1. Villas for couples


By default, private villas guarantee greater privacy and a quieter stay. If you are looking for romantic seclusion, choose a detached villa further inland, so you are far enough away from loud music or neighbors and away from prying eyes. Areas like Cap Malhereux are good options to consider.


  • Villas near or in the heart of the city center (as in Grand Baie).
  • Peak seasons, when nearby resorts are full of tourists.


  • Villas with outdoor pools (also having a hot tub is a plus – see options here).
  • Smaller villas – like 3 bedroom villas that will cost you less than renting bigger villas.
  • Holiday villas located on the outskirts of seaside resorts and offering easy access to nightlife and shopping (if you want to travel without a car / means of transport and also ensure isolation and privacy).
  • Properties with sensitive alarm systems and safes in the room for your valuables.


2.Villas for groups or large families


Going on a family vacation means not only spending quality time together, but also having enough space for no one to step on your feet. It is therefore crucial that the villa has:

  • The necessary number of bathrooms (you can never get enough when you leave with children).
  • Enough rooms to accommodate everyone (private bathrooms are generally appreciated).
  • Balconies or private terraces in the room.
  • Closed swimming pool (or check the access and depth of the pool to determine if it is safe for children).
  • Outdoor activities to please everyone. If, for example, you like water sports, choose a villa located a few meters from the sea (windsurfing enthusiasts will find the western part, Tamarin, very attractive). Enjoy the hike? A well-hidden villa in the mountains or hills, will be a much better option.
  • The proximity of amenities (supermarkets, clubs, restaurants, beaches and bus stops, for example). All this should be, at least, a pleasant walk to your villa.


3. Villas with disabled access

If you have a physical disability, it is essential to rent a property designed to meet such needs. Needless to say, choosing a hilltop villa with stairs inside is not appropriate for a wheelchair user. The only time you can rent a villa at the top of a hill is when you have a car or plan to rent it. A bathroom / toilet downstairs will also be useful.


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