Victoria, Seychelles: A Nice Place to Vacation

Victoria, Seychelles is a good place to travel as well as live. I would love to live there because of what it has to offer and its peaceful environment. It’s the smallest country that’s located in Africa. It’s a pleasant place to vacation and get away from overcrowded places.

Some of the world’s best entertainment stars are originally from Victoria. Another interesting fact is the Miss World Beauty Pageant Finals takes place here.

Big Ben Seychelles
Seychelles’ capital city Victoria is the world’s smallest capital.

Tourism is highly welcomed. It’s very beautiful. From its lovely palm trees to its sky blue waters from the Indian Ocean.

Victoria’s Markets

Most of its tourism is done in its capital known as the Mahe Islands. There are two wonderful markets that are available to visit here. The History Market which shows a display of sea mammals such as turtles and sea lions and contents shown from the life as a marine. The Morning Market which contain stalls filled with tropical fruits, spices, and fresh fish.You could take something back home with you to use as a souvenir.

Market Victoria seychelles
Market Victoria seychelles

There are two tours that I recommend you to try upon your visit. “The Seychelles Island Leisure” which lasts for a period of 15 days. It’s filled with relaxing exotic islands. The next one is “The Classic Kenyan Safari/Seclusion”. It also lasts a period of 15 days. You will be visiting national parks filled with treasures from decades ago, followed by a week spent on Seychelles Praslin Island. How cool is that! Newlyweds would enjoy spending their honeymoons here at Victoria, Seychelles. The Wharf Hotel and Marina would be a good place to stay. It contains a large swimming pool to cool you down and bars to enjoy your favorite Caribbean drinks. The restaurants serves excellent food.

Restaurants, Cafés & Bars

The OPERA Restaurant, Cafés & Bar serves Cajun, creole, and Italian food. The Marie Antoinette Restaurant also serves Cajun and creole dishes. These two restaurants are good for dining and is voted #1 in The Mahe Islands.


The hotels are very comfortable and stylish. They provide you with nice bedding, bathrooms, and balconies to look down at beautiful views. You both can enjoy the convenience of hiking, fishing and deep-sea diving. If these are sports that interest you and your partner.


You can also have romantic beach picnics, own the private beach, and enjoy romantic dinners for two. Couples of all sorts are welcomed. I would encourage you to go and see for yourselves how wonderful this city is!

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