Undersea Walk Mauritius

With its protected shallow and crystal clear lagoons, Mauritius is one of the very rare destinations which offers the possibility to literally walk under water. Some even refer Mauritius as being the leading destination for this activity. Where there’s no doubt is that it is a unique experience, ideal for the whole family including children and elder ones and everyone who cannot swim or dive. Here is a brief guide on Mauritius and undersea walk around the island.

Mauritius in a nutshell

If this is going to be your first time in Mauritius, you might get confused with the range of activities and things to do for such a small piece of land. Mauritian beaches in themselves can occupy you for days. There about 100 public beaches and many of them are lined by prestigious hotels and charming Mauritian Villas. As beautiful as it can get inland, the island’s true beauty remains its lapis lazuli lagoons enclosed by coral reefs sheltering one of the most colourful biodiversity of the ocean. There are plenty of options available to discover this unique submarine diversity, including glass bottom boat trips, snorkeling, scuba-diving and the latest sensation: undersea walk!

Undersea walks in Mauritius

At first undersea walks looked like the perfect option for those who cannot swim to observe aquatic life, but nowadays it has become a great opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a wonderful time together few metres underwater.

Underwater walk can be enjoy in calm and shallow water. Thanks to the weight of the helmet which serves as ballast and receives air under pressure, the undersea walkers can stroll in complete safety and discover the vibrant oceanic spectacle. It is an exciting experience for all and safety is maximal as monitors guide you to the various coral species.

undersea walk mauritius
Undersea walk near Grand Baie, Mauritius

Before the walk, you’ll assist a briefing on general measures. The outing starts in the morning around 9:00 am and last until 10:00 am, but the walk is around 15 – 30 minutes. Do not hesitate to ask for details when booking your excursion. Depending on the region and the tour operator, this might change slightly. Excursionists can also ask for a video or photograph capture of this moment.

More details on undersea walks

Tip: if you want to be surrounded by hundreds of fish, it’s easy, just bring a piece of bread. The most common places for undersea walk in Mauritius is at the heart of Grand Baie behind sunset garden, and other famous northern beaches like Mont Choisy.

The most evident advantage of undersea walk is for those who don’t know how to swim or others with scuba-phobia. If you can’t dive for whichever reason, go for a submarine hike, it starts with a short boat trip to reach the walking park. Although, this differs from region to region, this activity is practised at a depth no more than 3 to 4 metres.

Underwater walking MauritiusYou’ll be accompanied by a qualified guide. No need to know how to swim or dive, you can even keep your glasses if you want to, it is like being in a waterproof-bubble for 15 minutes of pure exploration. All equipment are to be provided by the tour-operator.

Price of undersea walk in Mauritius

Undersea walk adventure prices in Mauritius are reasonably priced. The average price for adult is around $40 and even low price for children. It must be noted that the minimum age for this activity is 10 year old.

Another interesting pricing is to book an exclusive undersea walk adventure. The main advantage being to have the boat for yourself and your family. The price for this private outing ranges between $ 250 & $ 280 for a maximum of 4 persons.

For a price of $ 50, you can immortalise this experience with a personalised DVD containing photos and videos of the trip.

What to know before booking your excursion

  • The undersea walk adventure is operational from 9:00 am to 14:30 generally.
  • The excursion lasts for about 1 hour including 15 minutes undersea walk.
  • This activity is available all year round
  • It is prohibited to collect or tear corals during the excursion.
  • All boats are safely equipped
  • Undersea is suitable for everyone above the age of 10
  • Overall, underwater suits & other equipment are provided free of charge
  • This outing does not include food or drinks
  • Bring water, towels, seasickness pills and snacks
  • Non walkers can still enjoy the boat trip for $ 20
  • There’s no risk of sharks or other dangerous species in the lagoon
  • Pay attention to the overview and safety guidelines of the crew

What to wear?

Swimming costume are ideal for ladies, shorts and t-shirt for men. Protection shoes will be provided free of charge. It is recommended to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and other accessories you would normally bring on a boat trip. You may wear your glasses or contact lenses with the underwater helmet.

What to expect?

If you never had the chance to try scuba-diving or shallow water snorkeling in Mauritius, you’ll catch up with undersea walk. It is even better to walk in complete freedom alongside the colourful reefs, seeing a variety of fish and discovering at your own pace the rich submarine biodiversity of the island. If you’re wondering about the view, it is always clear at 3 or 4 metres deep. Mauritian lagoons are known to be crystal clear to see the true colours of the ocean.