Mauritius can be considered a natural wonder as it boasts one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and an amazing marine life including a variety of colorful fish. Exploring Mauritian seabed is a must do activity during your holidays on the island. Yet, you can also enjoy the waters around the island while navigating, surfing or big fishing. Just book any of the activities at your hotel reception.

Undersea Walk

Undersea walk is a unique tour, especially not to miss while spending holidays on the island of Mauritius. It is an activity for all! Even non-divers can enjoy the underwater experience without fear. Experience the ultimate sensation where time stops, worries vanish and breathing under water becomes possible, easily and safely… Enjoy a walk under water and witness the fascinating seabed (at a depth of 3-4 meters) and magnificent marine life of Mauritius- a wonderful wildlife, coral reef and a large variety of fish in their natural habitat. Qualified guides will always be at your side to make sure you have fun safely. This is a great experience and a great opportunity to discover the underwater world while realising your dreams. Undersea walk requires no notion of swimming or diving, since your head remains completely dry, you can even wear glasses or contact lenses. The tour begins with a transfer by motor boat from the center of Grand Bay to the platform located in the lagoon north of the island. Once on the platform, you will receive a briefing on the experience that you will live, equipment, local marine life, the safety measures and the journey underwater. Then, with the help of the guide, you will leave the platform and begin your walking adventure under water.

What to expect while walking under the sea?

Going for a hike underwater is like a walk in the reefs. Walk among the corals, admire a variety of fish and discover the rich marine life in the crystal blue lagoon.

How does Undersea Walk works?

Before going under water, a helmet with a transparent visor is placed on your head. Special equipment allows breathing normally underwater. After having been fully equipped, you will be embark on an exciting experience as you contemplate the wonders at the heart of the underwater world. Walking on the ocean floor is like a walk on the moon.

Other Sea Activities

Mauritius is a paradise for water sports. Between snorkeling, water skiing, windsurfing, the famous big fishing, diving, surfing and other activities related to the sea, amateurs and professionals will be able to enjoy their favourite activity.

Scuba diving

The Mauritian lagoon hides many treasures that will delight diving enthusiasts. There are about twenty diving clubs and diving equipments sellers around the island, which will guide you through an amazing underwater journey into the depths of the Mauritian lagoon. If you have never done scuba diving, you can take the opportunity to enjoy your first time and even your diving certification in the turquoise waters of Mauritius.

Underwater Scooter

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a secret agent like James Bond? Have you ever dreamed of a ride underwater piloting your own underwater scooter? Well, this activity is for you! Pilot your own underwater scooter alone or in pairs to 3-4 meters deep safely and enjoy a unique experience.

No need to be a diver or even know how to swim to enjoy this activity, being adventurous is enough! Comfortably seated one behind the other on adjustable seat height, you breathe freely and naturally in a broad common dome, transparent and panoramic. You will have amazing views of the reef and Mauritian seabed and discover its flora and fauna. Throughout this adventure, you can communicate with your partner, share your comments, impressions and enjoy this experience together.


Water skiing is a popular activity around the island. On the beach it is possible to book a session. There are also many sailing clubs in coastal regions.

Surf and Paddle Board

Gliding enthusiasts are not left out. There are many spots that are popular with locals and visitors. Tamarin has even become a world reference surfing site. This beautiful beach is among the best surfing locations around the island, with Le Morne spot further south. The best time for surfing in Mauritius is from June to August, the months during which you can encounter the best waves. If you already have your surfboard, you just need to throw yourself into the water. Paddle boarding is also very fashionable. It is an ideal sport for roaming the Mauritian lagoons. The many sailing centers and other shops present near the beaches usually offer boards for rent.