Uncommon Honeymoon destinations

For couples wanting more unusual honeymoon vacations, there are plenty of offbeat locations that allow for a healthy combination of sightseeing and privacy – exploration and relaxation. Before you default to Cancun, Paris, or Vegas, consider these five destinations.


Petit Anse La Digue, Seychelles

If you seek an island paradise but want to avoid the flashiness of many Caribbean islands, try this Indian Ocean archipelago. Composed of over 100 islands, Seychelles offers stunningly clean beaches and lush vegetation. English is widely spoken, and the tourism infrastructure is solid (though it was damaged somewhat by the tsunami disaster). Honeymooning couples might enjoy diving and snorkeling together around coral reefs before retiring to a rustic villa. Or watching giant tortoises and rare birds in the wilderness before spending private time in a secluded hotel.


A hidden gem in South America, Uruguay is a safe, stable country living life at a slow pace – a perfect place for a relaxing (but not isolated) honeymoon. The compact capital of Montevideo is smaller and quieter than, say, Buenos Aires…but it’s friendly, walkable, and attractive. Enjoy local wines, yerba mate, and delicious meats from the many inexpensive restaurants and vendors in the capital. Or stay on the Uruguayan Riviera, the coastal region east of Montevideo dotted with resort cities like Punta del Este. Uruguay’s temperate weather makes it an especially pleasant destination during both the fall and spring (which are, of course, reversed).


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This tourist-friendly Mediterranean country offers a mix of cultural attractions, including the remains of the once-great kingdom of Carthage located just miles north of Tunis. The relatively progressive Muslim nation is also home to some sinfully striking resorts. Imagine hot sun, topless beaches, and delicious North African cuisine at coastal resorts. Americans can travel here visa-free.


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Sadly, most people don’t even know this country exists. But maybe that’s attractive for a honeymoon? Suriname, located in the northeastern nook of South America, features a tropical climate and a bizarre mix of cultural traditions. It’s linguistically diverse, architecturally eccentric, and very casual. What else would you expect from a former Dutch colony? Although it’s worth spending a few days in the lazy capital of Paramaribo, the interior beckons adventurous travelers with its rain forest and fledgling ecotourism industry.


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Explore life in a communist country – it’s not half bad when you’re just visiting! Honeymooners can wander around quaintly stunted Hanoi before it becomes overly Westernized, or they can opt for the flashy city life in Saigon, with boisterous nightlife and bustling shopping. Either way, the food is delicious and history lessons abound. Though it’s cliché to say Vietnam is a land of contrasts, it is indeed possible to spend one day backpacking in rugged conditions and then indulge at pampering spa the next day. Vietnam is still quite affordable for Americans, too.

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