Travelling to Seychelles after Lockdown

After being remained closed for more than 2 months due to the Coronavirus the borders are ready to open again. A lot of people had to cancel or postpone their trips especially those who wanted to visit the paradise islands of Seychelles. Having to wait patiently was even worst for those planning their trips for a long time before.

Flights will resume and that’s the good news as now on Seychelles has become even more beautiful.

11 cases of the Covid-19 have been registered in Seychelles but nobody died of it. Fortunately for them the damages has been very low. The 11 infected people have been treated and were able to return home safe and sound. Meaning that the country has no active case, so there is no longer a state of emergency in the country. Seychelles are ready to welcome you as long as you do respect all the sanitary measures imposed by the government.

When will international flights resume in Seychelles?

Flights destined for the international have been suspended since March 26. This was due to the emergence of positives cases of Covid-19 on the islands.

They decided so because of the intensification of travel advisories, national border closings and closings at ports of entry into the Indian Ocean.

Seychelles was not the only country to do as the situation was the same in South Africa, India and, an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. They canceled all flights, but reassure their clients that they would resume normal commercial operations as soon as possible. Of course everything will be done when the situation will improve not only in Seychelles but also around the world.

All flights will resume in June so from now you can consult the list of flights available on the Air Seychelles website. Good news, it is now possible to book your flight or even go on vacation on the island.

Each passenger, whether arriving or departing will have to undergo Coronavirus tests, to detect if they are positive to the virus. The flights will resume progressively but if you have certain symptoms, and you are sick, it is better to postpone because you will undoubtedly be placed in quarantine to see the evolution of your state in the days to come.

If you are traveling to Seychelles, will you need to be quarantined when you return to your country?

At the airport, everyone must automatically be tested before and after traveling. Quarantine is compulsory is most countries and in others if you have no symptoms you can leave but still auto isolate yourself once home.

France is allowing people to travel in the country itself for holidays and for the time being. Those planning to go abroad are requested to postpone as the situation is still quite alarming. For their own safety and the others.

In America, flights are allowed but all travelers must be placed in self-isolation for 14 days after their arrivals. It should be done to be sure that your health remains the same for the following days.

For Australia, when travelers from any country land, they will be tested for Covid-19. Then they will be quarantined for 14 days, that is, though that there are still travel restrictions.

 Travel to the United Kingdom is not likely to resume once containment is completed. Those who have booked a flight with a commercial airline for the period from May to June above all must review if shifting their dates for the following months is possible.

For the United Kingdom which is still lockdown, flights might not resume immediately. People having booked flights for the moths of May and June must postponed for later.

For China, no flights are scheduled for the moment as they are facing a second wave of the pandemic, even worse that the first one. For sure, China will gradually reduce the restrictions for international flights. It should be beard in mind that the pace of recovery will be very slow as it is the country most impacted economically.

When hotels open in Seychelles, will you be able to rent a car?

As the Seychelles was not severely impacted by this pandemic, the hotels have remained open. However normal activities resume from June or all tourist businesses will resume normally. The first tourists after the Coronavirus are ready to be warmly welcomed by the hospitality of the inhabitants of Seychelles. However, sanitary measures are always to be observed in order to avoid any new contamination on the island.

You can choose to go to luxury villas instead of focusing on hotels. To avoid the crowds, you can take a corner for yourself or you will have privacy and tranquility.

Car rentals are also available with lots of promotions. So you can have your little car to get around the island and visit the most beautiful places.

What to do in case of cancellation?

As you have to go through Air Seychelles, it is advisable to get in touch with your travel agency to find out the procedure following the cancellation. There are several possibilities, including claiming a voucher worth the same price as your ticket. You will be able to use it to purchase another ticket for a future trip whose date you do not yet know.

However, it is better to postpone your trip instead of canceling it completely in order to preserve tourism jobs as many have been left unemployed due to this sudden cessation of tourism activities.

Those opting for a money refund must pay the amount payable in case of cancellation in a normal situation.