Hike copious mountains of the inner regions, stroll the northern coast, scuba diving in Flic en Flac or visiting the mystical village of Le Morne, Mauritius is a perpetual wonder. Travelling to Mauritius is simply a memorable pleasure. Discover an array of colours as you will be amazed by the postcard-seascapes lagoons of Blue, Emeralds and lapis lazuli.

If you really intend to go out and enjoy, we encourage you to rent a car in Mauritius. Like in the UK, driving is to the left and most road signs are clearly displayed in English. Having a car at your disposal gives you the opportunity to discover the most beautiful places to see in Mauritius, and at your own pace.

The republic of Mauritius has around 1.3 million inhabitant for a total area of 2,040 km². The Mauritian population is quite cosmopolitan, to say the very least. The residents of this piece of paradise came from Africa, Asia and Europe. For religious ceremonies, it is a true festival of colours as the island averages 15 public holidays every year. To see the numerous cultural and religious monuments of Mauritius, head to the capital city Port Louis. The colonial street of the capital are adorned with temples, pagodas, churches and the oldest mosque of the southern hemisphere.

Where to stay

There are several types of accommodation to choose from. For all tastes and budgets also. If you want to enjoy top-notch luxurious 5-stars or 5-star plus hotels, there are many of them in Mauritius. However, if you are on a budget, just know that there are few great hotels in Mauritius located right on the beach offering amazing rates.

The most important when travelling is to choose a hotel according to its geographical situation. If you’d like to spend most of the time near the beach or close to the ocean to enjoy water-sports, you might want to check Villas Caroline Hotel in Flic en Flac for its amazing location.

However, if you are of those who prefer privacy and intimacy, we suggest the private beach villas in Mauritius. Staying in a villa offers outstanding comfort and privacy, with your own private garden, private beach, private pool and a chef to make you taste the best Mauritian dishes.


What to see and do

2 or even 3 stays seem too little to discover Mauritius completely. But, with a little preparation, you will have a lot of time to travel and discover the main attractions of the island in 10 days. However, this is not possible by bus. A scooter is a good choice to visit the nearby beaches, but once again, car rental is your best option. So, here are some of the most popular tourist attractions to see in Mauritius:

  1. 1.    Grand Baie

As its name suggest, Grand Bay is the largest and also the most beautiful seaside resort of Mauritius Island. Over the last years, the small fishermen village turned into a very touristic town. Grand Baie has several beaches and luxurious villas along its shoreline.

At night, especially during the weekend, Grand Baie becomes bustling. You will find several beach restaurants, pubs, casinos and nightclubs. In short a paradise for night owls.

  1. 2.    Chamarel

If you are looking for the most natural place in Mauritius, it has got to be the village of Chamarel. With its many attractions and natural landscapes, Chamarel is one of the most visited places, whether it is winter or summer.

The seven coloured earth of Chamarel is the main attraction of the village, but do not miss the waterfalls of Chamarel, The Curious Corner, or the Rhumerie of Chamarel.

  1. 3.    Le Morne

Nested on the southwest tip of Mauritius, Le Morne Brabant Cultural World Heritage site of UNESCO. If you like hiking, colourful panoramic views, and a bit of history do not hesitate to climb Le Morne Brabant.

After climbing, feel free to stroll in the village of Le Morne, you will find small friendly restaurants facing the sea and one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius: Le Morne public beach.

  1. 4.    Port Louis

The capital of the island is not a tourist spot. It is the business centre of the country, but not only. Culturally speaking, the city is an open-air museum to discover the Mauritian traditions.

At the market, meet the local atmosphere and the Mauritian gastronomy with Gato-piment, Dholl Puri and many other exotic delights. The Central Market also called bazaar, has a tourist section, where you will find original souvenirs of Mauritius.

You can start the visit of Port Louis by going to see its famous Waterfront; Caudan is the Blue Penny Museum is located.

  1. 5.    Flic en Flac

Want to enjoy the azure waters around Mauritius? Visit the western coast of Mauritius and Flic en Flac, simply the most beautiful beach on the island. Long, spacious and always lively, the three beaches of Flic en Flac are excellent for sunbathe, swimming, snorkeling and water sports.

Flic en Flac is also known for being an excellent starting point to discover the rest of the island. The main road of the village is full of shops and services such as tour operators and other scooters / boat rental.

Like Grand Bay, once the sun sets, Flic en Flac becomes even more alive. Pubs, restaurants, beaches, casinos, spas and nightclubs contribute to the liveliness of the tropical village.

Where to eat

With the mix of cultures and traditions, you can expect the Mauritian cuisine to be quite assorted and sometimes spicy. If you are staying or visiting the north of the island, everyone will advise you La Table du Chateau, located in Mapou village.

To find all the restaurants on the island, visit http://restaurants.mu