Traveling to Mauritius after lockdown

Many people have been unable to travel due to Coronavirus thus making them unhappy and disappointed this year. Some canceled and others postponed their travel since almost all international borders are closed. In fact to avoid the spread of the deadly virus, the heads of state decided to close the borders during the pandemic, especially those of Mauritius.

Mauritius has known a hard time trying to fight the invisible Coronavirus changing the lives of Mauritians since March 19 after the announcement of the first cases. 10 persons died more than 300 people have been cured, but the country is still lockdown until June 1. As from that date, Mauritians will be able to go out without permit access and without following alphabetical order as well as children also will be able to go out.

The Mauritian government have decided to stop international flights as the country was under a state of extreme emergency. To avoid increasing the cases of Covid-19 this was necessary. The only flights that are taking off are those going to bring back Mauritians blocked in other countries.  They are allowed to depart but return with passengers who Covid-19 free.

When will international flights resume in Mauritius?


The lockdown should have ended around May 15 but the Prime Minister decided otherwise so all international commercial flights are stopped until June 30, 2020.

In July, all flights will resume with Coronavirus tests carried out on departure and on return to each airport. You will surely be placed in quarantine if ever you have symptoms such as fever or cough just to be sure. If during the following days your state is stable, you will be able to go home.


For precaution, right now, every passenger traveling are being placed in quarantine upon their arrival. It is just to be sure that new cases do not spread around the country and to protect the population.

For France or even the United States, the borders are remaining closed as they are not yet corona free. The French government advises to postpone all trips abroad for the time being. Traveling within France is authorized for the holiday period because the disease is still present in the country.

In America, travel is authorized but travelers upon their arrival in the United States from other countries will need to stay at home and isolate themselves for 14 days.

In Australia, travelers arriving from any country will undergo medical screening upon arrival. Everyone will be quarantined for 14 days and state and territory travel restrictions may also apply.

In the United Kingdom, there is no guarantee that flights will resume any time soon as the government has not yet announced a date for the containment. For those who booked a flight with a commercial airline for June 2020, consider the possibility that the flight does not depart.

As for China, flights will not resume for the moment because they face a second wave which could be worse than the first. China will gradually reduce restrictions on international flights as long as the risks of imported Covid-19 cases are contained, but the pace of recovery will be slower than expected, said a senior civil aviation official.


As from July normally, everything should be back to normal here in Mauritius. The hotels remained open since there were tourists who had to stay on the island.

The hotels will work normally in July to welcome the first tourists after the wave of Coronavirus stopping their arrival in Mauritius. Despite some sanitary measures being still in place, you will able to go everywhere you want as long as you wear a mask to protect yourself.

To avoid crowds in hotels, luxury villas at very affordable prices, found across the island, in every desired and also with sea view. One thing is sure, you will have amazing days in those villas. They will help to forget your daily routine in an idyllic setting.

Car rental agencies are available to have yours without any problem you may contact them with the date of your arrival.Even during the lockdown cars were available, of course, while respecting the health measures implemented by the government.

What to do in case of cancellation?

In order for the tourism industry to survive as this is the sector that has been mostly impacted by the virus. It is recommenced to avoid cancelling your vacations. You may see if you can for example postpone for another dates according to your availability. All that can be done to preserve the jobs of tourism staff should be made as many of them are unemployed right now.


On the other hand, if you wish to cancel your trip, you can make a claim for a voucher worth the price of your ticket. This voucher will be valid for a period of one year and will allow you to purchase a ticket for a future trip. According to Air Mauritius, no penalty rights will apply.


Passengers who wish to be refunded in cash instead, will be charged an amount under the cancellation rules as specified.