Would you like to enter the world of Creole delicacies? If you desire to do so, instead of eating in a restaurant every night, trying all the little typical Creole snacks and specialities is a great alternative. Those are sold at all the little street vendors you will find everywhere on any of the islands in the Indian Ocean. They are very delicious and worth a try.

Here are the Top Snacks -both sweet and salty- you will find on street corners during your holidays in the Indian Ocean:

Salty Creole Snacks

Gato Frire


The Roti comes from the Indian cuisine and consists mainly of flat bread like tortillas filled with vegetarian curry and chilli.

Dholl Puri

The Dholl Puri is not that much different from the Roti. It is served in the same way but it is prepared in a unique way stuffed with cooked yellow split peas which have been blended and seasoned. It remains a savoury treat so simple and handy that is always served in pairs.


Samoussas are little pasties traditionally filled with spicy mashed potatoes or chicken or fish or cheese which is usually accompanied with chatini as gajack or snack during tea-time.

Gateau Piment

Also known as chilli balls, Gateau Piments are little fried spicy peas-lenses balls that. They are usually eaten in bread with tea in the morning or made into Curry Burry a typical Mauritian-Indian Curry!



Boulettes originates from the Chinese cuisine. They are steamed balls made out of meat, chicken, tofu or vegetables which are served in a clear stock improved with fresh chives. You will certainly enjoy the soup accompanied with green chili paste or you can enjoy them in a salad with chili, pepper and oil.

Bringele Frire

These are sliced fried eggplants rolled up in a mixture of besan gram flour, garlic, onion and ginger. They are also available as Piment Cari Frire which is chilli peppers rolled up in the same mixture.

Gato Arouille


Another popular snack you will come across is the unparallelled gato arouille; a crisp, deep fried delicacy made from grated violette/taro roots. This salty sweety cake will definitely conquer you! You will not be able to stop yourself from eating them.

Gato Pomme De Terre

These are sliced fried potato slices rolled up in a mixture of flour and onion. They are also accompanied with chatini during tea time or breakfast.

Pain Frire

Sliced fried bread slices rolled up in a mixture of flour and covered with chatini cotomili (Coriander paste) make up the Pain Frire- Fried bread!


Wantans are made by spreading a square wrapper with a small amount of filling in the center. The dumplings can be eaten in two ways- either boiled or fried. You will enjoy it in both ways!


Hakien is a chinese appetizer. it is a local version of the spring roll with a flour batter replacing the traditional rolled wrapping which can be filled with vegetable, chicken, prawns, pork or any filling of your choice. They are delicious an usually eaten with chili sauce.


The baja is a spicy and delicious ‘gajak’ which is not only easy to find, but also easy to make. You can find it anywhere on corner streets shops and they barely cost anything. If you are proposed Chatini, just accept, they are pure bliss with it.

Sweet Creole Snacks

Gato Patate
Gato Patate


The Massepain is a typical Mauritian cake. It is very sweet and quite similar to the known plain cake. It is mostly eaten at tea time or in the morning for breakfast.

Gateau Gingli

Gateau Gingli are small fried balls covered with sesame seeds. They are very delicious and will definitely conquer you.


These are also small cakes consisting of besan gram flour, grated coconut, almonds, butter and nutmeg and sugar. The mixture gets cooked and afterwards shaped into small balls.


Oundé are small rice cookies refined with sugar, vanilla, cardamon and covered with grated coconut.

Gateau Patates

The mixture of this Gateau or also called sweet potato pasties consists of sweet potatoes, flour, coconut, vanilla and sugar. Subsequently they get fried before they can be eaten.

Wishing you an awesome trip around the Indian Ocean and Bon Appetit Biensure!