Top 7 Spas In Mauritius

Seven Colours Spa- Heritage Resorts
Seven Colours Spa- Heritage Resorts

Everyone goes on holidays to release all the pressure accumulated over time. To further help you to get rid of you stress, Mauritius offers top notch Spas all around the island for your betterment. Revive your senses with fine beauty and body care products. During a unique journey of serenity and harmony, you will certainly feel the difference. We can assure you that time will freeze during your visit in one of these havens of peace and tranquility.

Apart from possessing seemingly endless kilometres of beaches, the inborn hospitality of the Mauritian people and the unbeatable mashed up cuisine of three continents brought together in one location, Mauritius offers world-class spa services that will set you off on another journey of the senses.

Spa Oils

A trip to Mauritius without visiting one of its spa is like spoiling the whole holiday. It is a ‘must do’ excursion on any tourist itinerary. Sponsored by international leading-name brands such as Clarins, Givenchy, Guerlain, La Prairie and Shisheido, you will certainly benefit from one of the best service in the world.

Local well-being brand is also present with Seven Colours, the first and only Mauritian spa and cosmetics brand. The island’s mix of cultures also inspires an eclectic blend of therapies, with visitors able to choose from a range of Asian Ayurvedic massages, ocean-inspired treatments and age-old African and Creole remedies made from local herbs and flowers.

Garden Spa
Garden Spa

With the beautiful surroundings and the gorgeous year-round climate of the island, some wellness centres have also created dedicated outside treatment areas, for example in gardens or private gazebos on the beach, to allow for peaceful exchange with nature and your inner self.

Independent visitors staying in villas or in guests houses too will be catered for since most hotels and resorts welcome non-guests to their spas. There are also a number of independent health and beauty centres that are not affiliated with any resort.

Place of Haven- Beachcomber Spa
Place of Haven- Beachcomber Spa

Here is our selection of the 10 best Spas of the island. Step into any one of these havens and let expert hands pamper you…

7.  Chamarel Spa


Chamarel Spa
Chamarel Spa

Villas Caroline Hotel welcomes you to a world of wellness in the intimacy of its spa. A place to escape everyday life and retreat into a sanctuary filled with bliss and caressing aromas. Relax and pamper yourself, spend time with your soul-mate or treat your loved ones to a variety of spa treatments.

6.   Shandrani Resort & Spas


Adults staying at Shandrani for a minimum of four nights at the resort are entitled to a complimentary 45-minute massage. The resort features two spa areas affiliated to the prestigious Clarins brand, namely La Source Spa and La Source Wellness, both set amidst lush tropical surroundings.

As both names suggest, the facilities have been designed with the utmost care to invite guests to reconnect with nature and their inner selves.Located close to the hotel’s main facilities, La Source Spa provides an intimate and sophisticated setting drawing on an oriental-inspired lifestyle. In a soothing environment painted in neutral colours, professional and friendly therapists work their magic to gently revitalize the bodies of guests and soothe their minds.

5. Trou Aux Biches Resort & Spa



Covering an impressive 2897 m2 amidst lush tropical gardens, Trou aux Biches’ spa will meet expectations of the most discerning travelers holidaying in Mauritius.

Water features are recurrent elements of Trou aux Biches’ tropical design and the spa is no exception. Stretching over cool reflecting ponds, a wooden pathway will lead guests to the heart of the spa.
A beautiful pool occupies the centre of the facility and is bordered on one side by an extensive wooden deck. Comfortable loungers are set in the shade of frangipane trees for guests to relax after their treatment.

Trou aux Biches’ spa features two separate areas each different in appearance and feel. Upon arrival, guests are presented with delicious herbal tea and a refreshing towel; a welcoming ritual performed to slowly awaken their senses.

4. Kairali Aryurvedic Spa



The expert therapists, who are professionally trained in Kerala (India), deliver pampering and dreamy treatments, which are followed by relaxation and a cup of warm herbal tea. The Spa’s emphasis is on relaxation and rejuvenation, with a menu including different massages, facials, beauty treatments as well as more specialized slimming and body firming treatments. Meditation and yoga are also offered to ensure a complete healing of body, mind and spirit. People looking for a relaxing moment to recharge their soul will find the Spa to be ideally suited for their needs.

3. Iridium Spa St Regis


Iridium Spa St Regis
Iridium Spa St Regis

The journey will take you through a half an hour to half a day of sensory experiences in discreet, seductive and elegant surroundings. The time is yours to captivate and experience an uncompromising and professional service, from the time you enter the transcendental world of Iridium Spa to the moment you feel compelled to leave, as sun and sea may be calling!

2. Royal Palm Hotel



Step through the grand entrance of Royal Palm’s spa and you will feel relaxed at once! Past the threshold, an entire world of pampering awaits to be explored. The sophisticated spa design is a feast for the eyes and seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces which center onto a series of cascading pools surrounded by a spacious sun deck. Natural materials including lava stone, granite, wood and slate blend with the environment while providing a strong visual statement.

1. Seven Colours Spa


Seven Colours Spa- Heritage Awali
Seven Colours Spa- Heritage Awali

The Seven Colours Spa Village of the Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort is one of the most beautiful well-being centres in the Indian Ocean and a haven of serenity in the heart of the Domaine de Bel Ombre. It has been awarded the World Luxury Spa of year 2014.

Set in an African village decor, the Seven Colours Spa Village of the Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort is immersed in a world of serenity and harmony. It provides a total well-being experience with a unique and personalised approach.

Covering over 3,000m² of lush nature, the spa village contains clay huts with thatched roofs, surrounded by water ponds and lush tropical vegetation. Its 20 treatment rooms and two beach kiosks are open every day between 9am and 8.30pm. The spa’s facilities include two hammams, a sauna, one pool with hydro jet massage and chilled pool, a hair and beauty parlour as well as outdoor spaces for relaxation.

The exclusive treatments designed according to the healing power of colours are tailored to the individual needs of each guest to rebalance the energies.


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    This is very great list and it is also good news for Mauritius fans because these are some unique and famous spa.

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    Merci pour le partage, j’aime bien le cadre très relaxant même en photos

  3. its great list but Baystone boutique Hotel & SPA also having great demands now days…

  4. Rakesh Boury Reply

    My name is Rakesh Boury and I am from Los Angeles. I work as CSTO for the google engineering team.
    During my last vacation in Mauritius, i tried to find the best spa and I was referred to Royal Palm Hotel.
    But when I went there a french lady was talking to me in french and she told me that the service was reserved for ‘foreigners only’ not for locals.!!!!. What does that mean?????. ‘Foreigners only in fact means people with white skin only’. Now i was thinking maybe next time i’ll bring my painter with me, maybe i would be able to stand a chance to enjoy their service.

    I tried to convince her that I am not a local resident and I come from Los Angeles for my vacation and wanted to enjoy the spa service.

    I was truly shocked to see how bad a star rating hotel service can be!. I have traveled almost globally but have never in my life come across such a bad service!!!. Well too bad for the lady she just lost her job last week since i did a complain to the US ambassador. I’m very sorry for you lady, my sincere apologies. If ever you are travelling to US, please do let me know I’ll perhaps buy a good villa for you and offer you a post as my personal spa therapist.

    Never judge people by their colour of their skin as we are all born equal.

    I really hope Royal Palm changes its policy regarding gender equality. Please employ the best staff for your services, don’t judge people based on their skin colour!. I am also writing this critic to my Travellor blog shortly.

    Thank you and god bless.

    • admin Reply

      We are really sad you had such an experience in one of the World Leading Hotels, Its aberrant to see that such mentalities still exists in our beautiful multi cultural society. Thanks for sharing with us and hope that you did enjoy your holidays on the island. Keep tuned to

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