Mauritius offers a wide choice and possibility of restaurant to tourists who visit the island. Choosing a restaurant as well on the island as in other countries depends on several criteria like budget, specialties and especially cleanliness.  But for burger lovers, the budget won’t matter much since it’s only a burger – nothing much gastronomic. Yet, in Mauritius you will taste burgers and find that Mauritian can give another meaning to Burgers! Here are the top 5 spots where you will find burgers around the island – each different and unique!

Fast food restaurants

These types of restaurants are growing at present. It is therefore possible to find them in different cities. If you are not into testing the fresh Mauritian burgers and prefer going to something you already know for a quick and cheap bite, you can choose fast international food chains such as McDonald’s or KFC – where you will find the traditional bugers (BigMac or Zinger)

Buddy’s Burger

Re-enter the atmosphere of typical American restaurants typical of the 50’s in Mauritius. Buddy’s Burger welcomes you every day (except Mondays) around a tasty, generous and authentic cuisine.

The Buddy’s Burger immerses you in another era, where the voice was echoed in the radio and where Hollywood stars shone in the cinema. Puritan America, withdrawn into itself, is swept away by a wind of madness and freedom: The Rock’n’Roll.

Chubby Checker and his famous “Let’s Twist Again”, Bill Haley and many other talents inflame the dance floor and the heart of the American youth. This is the time of Marylin Monroe, James Dean.. The era of an America that rolls in Cadillac, drinks Coca and savors this carelessness and this omnipresent gaiety.


dalon mauritius

To add a restaurants in my favorites and to share it with you, it must meet certain quality criteria, taste of course but also bring a plus. Dalon, very recent in Port Louis but already present for a while in Grand Bay has many assets, it was a very good surprise, so I will take you there!

In the heart of Grand Bay, the street of the bazaar is very alive during the day and this is what Lawrence seeks, life, joy, sharing to establish the places of life that he is creating. He does not use the term restaurant for Dalon because above all it seeks conviviality. But the flavors are not forgotten!

From breakfast to dinner, even very late, Dalon will serve you with a smile, the goal is that you can feast at any time, so if you have a little dip in the afternoon or end of Evening, you now know where to go!

The menu invites you to his world, he puts on the dishes he loves and enjoys cooking! And when there’s no more, there’s no more, as Lawrence says! Fresh, no frills and it does not do anything in half! A strong personality that creates a beautiful, joyful atmosphere.

Of Mauritian and Spanish origin, he knows the trade, 20 years in Lyon in catering!

Its Mauritian cuisine is revisited, the chicken rougaille takes an incredible extent when it incorporates dried herds or “zurites” from Rodrigues to its recipe. To discover! I loved it! Lime, combava, ginger, basil offer unique flavors to salads, refined and very “tasteful”.

Yet, the king of the menu remains the fresh deer burger, a very gourmet proposal and different from the traditional burger, which allows to discover this meat with another texture.


For the burger and beer lover, Mauritius is the promised land, specially if you go at the Lambic … where you will find the real Beer Paradise! It imposes itself as the ideal place on the island to taste of all kinds.

Whether you prefer to be guided by the experts or you can go through the menu, which indicates, as for great wines, the notes that characterize each of the beers: brown, blonde, fruity, spicy … All budgets and all degrees of alcohol Are proposed.

On the menu, the choice is not the least. There are fish and crustaceans, meat, and pork. But we are here for burgers and beer – so we advise his home-made burger accompanied with chips and salad – it’s succulent.

Jeanno Burger


Jeanno Burger, which is open from 4 pm to 5 am on Saturday, is at the beginning a must for western clubbers and those who spend the day at the beach. But now, says Jean-Noël L’Aimable, people come from all over the country. “We created a reputation and loyalized our customers. A year ago, after eating, a tourist, who was a member of Trip Advisor, handed him the papers and the sticker certifying that Jeanno Burger was on Trip Advisor from now on.

The sign is then alongside the best restaurants on the West Coast. And since then, tourists flock. With a score of 4.5 / 5 on the site, Jeanno Burger is the second best rated restaurant on the 31 establishments in Flic-en-Flac.

Jeanno Burger is not a restaurant to speak of. It’s a small hut on the beach, where burgers and hot dogs are sold. Yet, among the guest reviews on Trip Advisor, you can read “The best home-made burger in Mauritius” or “What a great little find. Very tasty and great value. ” A must taste for Burger Lovers!

Bon Appetit Biensure 😛