Located 9200 km from Paris in the Mascarene Archipelago, the island of Reunion, former French colony called “Bourbon” is displayed as one of the most unique areas of the departments and regions oversea. Reunion, usually called “intense island” is not a tropical island like others because it offers travelers a concentrate of what the world’s best. With over 40% of the island classifies as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is one of the few destinations where you will experience many emotions in a single trip.

The lagoon

Vibrate through the conquest of the ocean in an exotic snorkeling outing or an intense diving expedition. Marvel at the breathtaking spectacle of coral reefs and their uncountable colorful fish species. For lovers of water sports, it is a haven of happiness with activities such as surfing, canyoning, snow sports, deep sea fishing …

The Circuses

And since between land and sea it is only a step, discover a rich nature with spectacular reliefs containing an extraordinary tropical garden with endemic fauna and flora. Reunion has many treasures including the three natural amphitheaters shaped by erosion – Piton des Neiges, the highest peak in the Indian Ocean. Cilaos, mineral circus; Mafate, wild circus and Salazie, green circus. A timeless setting allowing nature lovers to marvel at the grandiose views of the island, either through a successful ride in the mystical forest or a hike in the immensity of ramparts and breathtaking waterfalls. For more intensity, fly over the island by helicopter and discover the island through a bird’s eye.

The Volcano

Surprise yourself with the panorama of the volcanic massif in penetrating the heart of the Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. During your meteoric rise, experience the extraordinary experience of the Plaines des Sables filled with slag, into a lunar and desert landscape.

Here is an exciting adventure that awaits you. An open-air paradise that allows you to spend your time to experience a multitude of sensations. With its infinite charm, exotic sweetness, warm atmosphere, lush nature, let yourself be carried away by the magic of this unique island.

Mountain Island nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Réunion is an island like no other. Like any tropical island, there are of course the inevitable lagoon and coral reef, favorite playground of colorful fish and other divers. But this overseas department is primarily a land of volcanoes. The Piton de la Fournaise and Mafate are natural wonders recognized worldwide.

While walking there, all of our senses awaken, the smell of vanilla and singing tec-tec complementing the beautiful picture that unfolds before your eyes. Mixture of France and elsewhere, Reunion, we can never say it enough, is made of contrasts and interbreeding. And this exoticism is reflected everywhere on the island. Here “zwa de viv”(Pleasures of life) and pleasures of taste buds will be the basis for a successful holiday in the creole island … One word: enjoy!

Beaches of Reunion Island

Reunion Island offers no less than 22 km of remarkably well-preserved lagoons, where anyone can enjoy themselves in complete serenity or enjoy swimming, snorkelling, kayaking in a vessel and even paddleboarding…  This magnificent island in the Southern hemisphere invites you to relax on its warm, sandy beaches, in an exceptional setting. With its turquoise waters protected by a 30 km long coral reef, the lagoons of Reunion Island will guarantee you can swim safely. The clear waters of Reunion Island’s lagoon means that the visibility is great for discovering the shoals of multi-coloured fish, that you will meet while snorkeling or diving around the island.

The most beautilful beaches of Reunion are located on the Southern and the western coasts of the island. All year long, many Reunionese go to relax on the various beached. Boucan-Canot, a real paradise for surfers, in Roches Noires (Black rocks), is an outstanding beach of white sand where the color of the water is the one you only find in the Indian Ocean.

Other beaches we recommend are Saint Leu, Etang Salé, Saint Pierre, Grand Anse or Manapany les Bains. We must admit that the ambient temperature is rather cool in the summertime (an average of 30 degrees) and in the wintertime (an average of 26 degrees).

The landscapes of the coasts are varied. You will realise that a sudden change in relief can occur – from white sand to black rocks cliffs. While strolling these cliffs, one can see “souffleurs” (blowers). These are holes in the cliff where the sea water enters and makes big white geysers. When you get nearer to Saint Pierre (south of the island), the sea becomes a dark blue and the Vacoas makes it even wilder. The leaves of the Vacoas trees are used to make bags, baskets and various other stuffs… Finally, going east, the cliffs come back and there you will be marveled at the beautiful waterfalls that stream down the cliffs – among them, in Sainte Suzanne, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the Niagara Falls.

Reunion Island waterfall


– Discover this veritable Garden of Eden, a paradise for 1st explorers.

– Pacing the heart of the island, with its arduous mountains, primeval forests, deep ravines and its lunar plains …

– Marvel at the beauty of circuses (Salazie, Cilaos and Mafate) which are landlocked in the heart of the island.

– In search of the best views of the island. Photographers, experienced or not, will be in heaven there.

– Visit the beautiful traditional buildings of old large plantations, historic buildings inherited from the East India Company or the rum distilleries.

– Enjoy a varied gastronomy and culture of authentic Creole terroir. Cari (reference food) rougail, gratin chouchou, pie jujubes, and even cheeses and local wines are in the spotlight!

– Participate in a kabar (these large convivial holidays), and attempt to dance a few steps of the Sega or the Maloya.

– Discover the hospitality of the islanders.

Have fun in Reunion!