The Seychelles islands are certainly among the most sought-after honeymoon destinations on the planet. The relative exclusivity of these islands, and regular visits from high profile guests such asthe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the president of Argentina, also contribute to the notoriety of these islands as a luxury holiday destination.

The archipelago is well-known for its exceptional natural environment, its turquoise lagoons and white sandy beaches. The biodiversity of the forests and parks of the Seychelles will never fail to astonish visitors. The country is also a favorite destination for SCUBA divers with some of the richest lagoons on earth.  The Seychelles is simply one of the best-preserved environments of the planet.

It is not only the environment of the Seychelles and the exotic animals that tourists will notice, the local culture and gastronomy, as well as the kindness and generosity of the population, are certain to leave a lasting impression on tourists.

But what everyone will remember from the Seychelles are those world-famous beaches: always crowd-free, unlike Europe’s beaches, very clean, and quite frankly, magnificent. Some beaches, like Anse Source d’Argent are well known because their photos feature prominently on postcards, websites, and in magazines from every country.

To be sure not to miss out on anything, it may be better to book your romantic holidays with people who are well acquainted with the Seychelles Islands instead of some random person sitting in an office thousands of miles away from the white sandy beaches of the Seychelles. In fact, with the internet, it has become much easier to find local experts who will really take care of every detail of your holidays there.

Whether you’re looking for romantic moments in a private luxury villa in the Seychelles or unforgettable moments on board of a yacht, or just relaxing days at some of the best hotels available, holiday experts like Exclusively Seychelles can make your romantic holiday dreams come true. They will look after everything, including your car rental and diving excursion booking, as well as tours of islands like Mahé, Praslin, Desroches, North Island, Denis and Frégate Island.

Image Credits: Fabio Achilli