The 115 islands of the Seychelles archipelago remained uninhabited by humans until the 18th century. Today the archipelago has almost 90,000 inhabitants involved in the beauty of their islands and were able to retain the charm of a paradise to be discovered. From the mystical Islands and Atolls, the lush inner fauna & flora, a very metis and colourful population, the Seychelles archipelago just has to be explored and enjoyed. If you are still looking for a winter sun holiday destination, here’s why you should visit the Seychelles:


Legendary hospitality

It does not take that long to realize that the hospitality reserved in the Seychelles is unique. At the airport like upon arrival on Mahé, the warmth welcome and special attention tones the forthcoming good times. With different types of accommodation and nearly 100 hotels, Seychelles stand internationally with several nominations for resorts like Coco de Mer & Black Parrot Suites, a luxury hotel on Praslin.

Lush greeneries

Pristine & untouched, the nature of the Seychelles is one of the most beautiful ecological representations of our planet. More than half the country is preserved as Nature Reserve by UNESCO World Heritage. That’s more than any other country in the world, it’s true, but Seychelles’ beauty is not comparable. Sea turtles still colonize their island beaches and the archipelago is a true refuge for migratory birds.

All forests are natural in the Seychelles, such as natural park Vallée de Mai or May Valley. This forest is almost entirely composed of palms, including the famous Sea Coconut also known as “coco de mer”, an endemic species that grows only on Praslin and Curieuse Island.

Unequalled privacy

Even if you are here for another reason, a trip to the Seychelles has a much “honeymooned” atmosphere to it. You will often hear the word private in the Seychelles. A private villa on La Digue, the private beach of Anse Petite Cour, where is nestled one of the most beautiful hotels in Praslin, Le Domaine de la Réserve.

If you plan to celebrate your love, honeymoon or wedding anniversary, it is in the Seychelles that you should blow out your candles. This archipelago is naturally romantic and luxurious hotels and villas waterfront only add to the already passionate atmosphere.

Beaches, beaches & more beaches

It is no secret, Seychelles owes its reputation to its immaculate white sand beaches. Anse Source d’Argent, Grand Anse, or the famous beach of Anse Lazio regularly top well-known top 10 beaches of the world.  The granite elevations emerging from a green nature form the background of the powdery beaches bonding the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean are what make Seychellois beaches unique.

The horseshoe-shaped bays are protected by coral reefs offering placid lagoons ideal for swimming and snorkeling alike. Beautiful beaches are king in the Seychelles. Just the island of Mahé has more than fifty of them.

Praslin, the largest island after Mahe has been blessed with peaceful beaches where you will have the feeling of being the first to see these magical seascapes. The 3rd most visited island of the archipelago is La Digue, which is famed to shelter the best beaches of the Indian Ocean. These three island are almost completely surrounded by endless stretches of white sand. A stroll is more than enough to discover many small pristine beaches for a moment of sweet idleness.

Incredible Fauna

A visit to Seychelles is also the opportunity to see its natural wonders and the unique wildlife that lives there. Here are 3 Seychelles endemic species to see:

  • Aldabra Giant Tortoise

These oversized reptiles spend most of their days grazing vegetation. They love basking in the sun and they are the best sleepers out there. Males can reach up to 400 kilograms and are amongst the largest living reptiles. Native to the Aldabra Atoll, these beach monsters are protected species since the 1980s when a population was introduced on Curieuse Island, which has today over 500 turtles in the National Marine Park.

  • The black Parrot

The inner islands are true heavens for bird watchers. But no need to be an expert to regard the countless birds of Seychelles, like Seychelles Black Parrot. Once widespread in the inner islands of the archipelago, we find this unique endemic species in the natural reserve of May Valley on Praslin Island.

  • Seychelles Scops-owl

Discovered just few decades ago, the Seychelles Scops-owl is a beautiful medium-sized (20cm) with well-off ears. This species is very rare and there was even a time when it was believed to have been extinct. Thanks to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and NGOs on site, the Seychelles Scops-owl came out of the red zone of endangered species. They can be seen in the Morne Seychellois Park.

Creole culture

Immigrants coming from several continents of the world are behind Seychelles traditions. The local creole culture is a true melting pot of civilizations from Africa, Asia, and Europe (from which came the country’s former colonisers). This surprising mix of people and traditions gave birth to the Seychellois Creole culture. The local music Moutya probably better explain this with wave frequencies.

This multi-ethnicity is to be discovered in the inner islands such as Mahé and its famous fresh market, Sir Selwyn Clark Market, the busiest place on the island. The Seychellois cuisine is also one of the fruits of this harmonious blend of cultures and traditions. Savour exotic seafood dishes like the delicious grilled octopus in hot sauce.

Island Hopping

While some islands are preserved and others are private, you have nearly sixty islands only discoverable by boat in the Seychelles. Curieuse Island, Grande Soeur Island, Bird Island, Fregate, Aride, Cousin, Cousine, Denis, and the northern islands are the most popular for tours by boat or for long weekend sails. Each island has a different flair with different types of marine parks, and amazing diving spots. There has to be one that will be perfect for you.

Don’t forget your camera!