Fishing Seychelles

Why not go out and catch your own fish and come back to your beach villa to have a great BBQ? Whether you fancy big game fishing or deep sea fishing, the choice is yours with local Seychelles operators who will be more than happy to assist you. Mahe also has some wonderful spots for fly fishing. You simply need to take a fishing rod on the beach – sit back relax, watch the sunset and wait for the fish to hold onto the bait.

Big Game Fishing, Seychelles

If you’ve always dreamed of a blue marlin or a swordfish stuffed in your living room or mounted near the fireplace, then no doubt, a trip to the Seychelles is a must. Seychelles is a paradise for fishing. And even if you’ve never seen a reel of your life, no problem: you will have professionals beside you that will make you believe that you have done this your whole life – honestly, it’s really simple.

Uniqueness of the Seychelles

You will not need to venture into deep sea fishing to beat records! The abundance of different species of fish make the fishing trip of an angler or a beginner, memorable. Seychelles is the meeting place for fishing.

Thanks to bottom line fishing, you can catch live fish species in corals, perfect to satisfy the most gourmets of your guests. Do not miss the thrills that night fishing provides. Who knows, you may be able to put together a barracuda or a shark!

The catch that you will be bringing back with you will certainly be varied. Among the spectacular Marlin, , a variety of bonito or tuna – beginner will surely be amazed. Who knows, you may be able to break the record of the Carange weighing over 25Kg! Still, given the amount of fish you will catch, you shall never be disappointed with your fishing trip.

Also the Seychelles allow for fishing throughout the year and this regardless of the type of fishing that you will opt for. The playground is huge: 1.4-million-kilometer square around 115 islands in the archipelago. Note however that the conditions are most favorable between the months November and May. Everything will depend mainly of which genre fishing in which you will indulge. Do not omit to abide by the simple rules to follow on fishing in Seychelles, mainly to preserve this beautiful environment.

Fishing in the Seychelles

Today fishing boats to are mostly based on Mahé, but can also be found on La Digue, Denis, Frégate, Desroches or Silhouette. This allow visitors to experience one of the many adventures offered by the planet: capture, with a simple fishing rod, fish of several hundred pounds, after a struggle that may last several hours.

The best fishing areas are located on the edge of the continental shelf, a few kilometers from the coast. It was at this point that evolved the almost mythical fish like marlin and sailfish, since it hosts warm waters par excellence. Their upper jaw extends a rostrum, so long sword cartilage which is a formidable weapon. Traditionally fishing on the surface trolling or artificial lures or with natural bait. Three or four lines are still tense at the back of the boat, allowing to vary the methods and multiply all the chances of success. Spring and autumn are the two great seasons of sailfish, combative migratory, which is named after its huge dorsal fin shaped banner. This is the most colorful of billfish, also with the most elegant slim body and flat iridescent. At the end of a line, the sport that the angler gives is unparalleled. He violently throws the bait, slaying of his rostrum before rolling in.

If sailfish manifest a herding instinct, marlin, on his side lives alone. Much larger than the previous, less bright but more cunning than him, Hemingway, who portrayed with so much talent and accuracy his features in The Old Man and the sea. Blue Marlin, black marlin, striped marlin: several species of marine beast that haunts all year, Seychelles waters. The biggest subjects exceed the weight of 1000 pounds. Contrary to popular belief, the fisherman is not attached to his seat, but his fishing rod and reel are, to become one with his material and punch its weight on the fish during the fight. Rest assured: the crews, lapped in this kind of sport, lend a hand to beginners, very quickly by these powerful and angry fish, which draw on the line like crazy, tearing suddenly several tens of meters of wire reel. Tuna, too, willingly take up residence around the granitic Seychelles islands, particularly yellowfin and dogtooth tuna, two opponents with muscular curves that might amaze you. They fight forcefully until their last breath. Numerous, smaller fish such as barracuda, bonito, dorado, and other wahoo, also take the bait from Mahe to Desroches. But sea fishing has one unique charms, it leaves a lot to chance. One does not choose his opponent – one does not choose his catch. This is often the neophyte shoeing a marlin of 400 pounds, while the seasoned fisherman must be content with a miserable shark of 10 kg.

Fly Fishing in the Seychelles

In recent years, the Seychelles authorities have encouraged the emergence of a very supportive sport that remains very popular on American shores: the fly fishing. In shallow water lagoons, including that of St. Francis, fly fishing is practiced from small traditional boats. This is especially the bonefish, fish or banana, which are concerned as regards to this technique: a silver fish leaping and giving a thousand emotions to those who track it. It is not uncommon to catch 20 or 30 in one sitting. Artificial flies that are used are mounted on hooks without barb. Then catches are unhooked without damage and, it is the rule of the game, to return your catch to the sea – set it free. This practice affirms the firm belief of the Seychelles in the protection and preservation of its marine life and biodiversity.

Have fun fishing in the Seychelles!