Professional photographers, honeymooners and travelers, these tips are for anyone who wants a perfect travelers’ album depicting the splendor of Seychelles. We will reveal to you the secrets in finding the perfect landscape while capturing moments in time.

Tell the story of your holidays in Seychelles

You are not simply taking pictures when you are on holidays; those pictures will serve a purpose. You will enjoy rolling back in time and relive those wonderful moments while sharing them with those people around you. Nowadays, taking pictures is easier and requires not much knowledge in photography. Most cameras have pre-built mode selections for different genre of pictures. Shooting the perfect picture is now easier. You will surely want startling pictures, and to obtain such images, there are various photogenic spots in Seychelles which will allow for wonderful clichés.

How to shoot the best photos in Seychelles?

Locating places of interest in Seychelles can be fun. You can enjoy a nice trip around the island and create the perfect photo album, all at once. Here are some methods to travel while taking pictures across Seychelles.

• Cruise and shoot

While enjoying your stay on a beautiful yacht, you can enjoy taking nice shots of the islands from the yacht or simply capture the unique moment you will be enjoying. The panorama and diversity of these photos will definitely be exclusive. The pictures you will obtain will unquestionably outline the beauty of each of the islands.

Yacht Seychelles
Plunging into water at sunset.

 • Dive and shoot

Diving is possibly one of the most tempting characteristics of the Seychelles. With its clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding the islands, you will undoubtedly make perfect and unique photos. The stunning features of the expansive reefs, walls, pinnacles, drop offs, wrecks and canyons makes the perfect blend for one of the most diverse marine environments.

The marine life, you can expect to observe, surrounding the inner reefs includes – angelfish, butterfly fish, octopus, lionfish, nudibranchs and mantis shrimp. Moving a little further out, napoleon and humphead wrasses, schools of humphead parrotfish, stingrays, reef sharks and green and hawksbill turtles are common. Sailfish, silvertip, oceanic white-tip and nurse sharks, manta rays and whale sharks are more common around the remoter outer islands. If you are lucky enough, you may even spot the occasional hammerhead shark, so don’t forget to bring your waterproof cameras guys!

Diving seychelles

Underneath water in Seychelles

•Drive and shoot

Opting for car hiring is another option allowing you to enjoy the freedom of visiting anything you want while picturing those incredible moments. This will only be possible on Praslin and Mahé, since they are the only one with practicable road networks. Yet, they both have mind-blowing photogenic sites where you won’t regret picturing those moments spent there.

Drive and shoot in Seychelles
Coastal Road in Seychelles

• Enjoy a trip by cart on La Digue while shooting

A subtle journey by cart…admiring the surroundings of La Digue…will make perfect vintage photos. This old-fashioned style will definitely impress more than one and add an antique touch to your photo album.

Ox carts in Seychelles
Ox Carts In Seychelles

Photogenic spots in Seychelles.

Little Ben- Victoria, Mahé
Little Ben- Victoria, Mahé

While residing in Seychelles you have a massive number of places to explore, things to do and sights to see! Travelling to Seychelles is a unique experience and you cannot miss a single thing.

These islands have an astonishingly multicultural society with an abundance of natural settings, wildlife, and the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Seychelles is also home to two U.N.E.S.C.O World Heritage Sites and the lighting is perfect in the morning and evening to photograph. Below is a list of must-have photos spots:

• Little Ben in Mahé – Victoria’s Clock Tower – a copy of the ‘Little Ben’ tower outside London’s Victoria station

• The Courthouse and main Post Office in the centre of town, two places untouched since colonial times
• The Botanical Gardens – highly recommended for their giant tortoises and the endemic plant species
• Morne Seychellois National Park
• Six islands around Mahé form the Ste Anne Marine National Park, the best place to explore the underwater life.
• Vallée de Mai-UNESCO World Heritage Site. The National Park is well-known for the ‘Coco de Mer’ palm and some of the rarest birds on earth
• Praslin Ocean Farm- dedicated to the cultivation of Giant Clams and Black Lip Pearl oysters which form the black pearls
• Sister Rocks, South Marianne and White Bank – three top dive sites
• Veuve Reserve – a small reserve to protect the Black Paradise Flycatcher
• Aldabra – the largest atoll in the world and the home to 152,000 giant tortoises
• Bird Island-A tiny coral island situated about 110 km off Mahé’s North coast where millions of birds come to nest
• Cousine Island – a private nature reserve, home to five of the Seychelles endemic birds
• Desroches Island – a coral island protected by the reef. An excellent place for diving 

The stunning beaches of Seychelles.

Your album without pictures of the most photographed beaches in the world will be meaningless. Every island in the Seychelles is surrounded by beaches with fantastic ribbons of deluxe white sand lapped by azure waters and backed by green hills and big granite boulders. Our picks for the most photogenic stretches of sand are:

Anse Source d’Argent (La Digue)

One of the most popular beaches of Seychelles where a dazzling powdery-sand lines the beach waits for you. Naturally sculpted granite boulders, luxuriously warm waters, white clouds billowing in a deep-blue sky, palm trees leaning over the shore and a large coral gardens crowded with rainbow-coloured fish. Simply a dream!

Azure lagoon lapping granite boulder.
Azure lagoon lapping granite boulder.

Anse Lazio (Praslin)

Shiny sand framed by granite boulders stretching infinitely in front of you, shaded by coconut palms and takamaka trees is often described as the most idyllic beach in the Seychelles. A nice photo of you sunbathing will surely make the perfect cliché.

Bird Island

Bird Island is a knock-out for those nature photo lovers. The magnificent beaches, the indigo blue waters, the inimitable reef system and the incredible opportunity of picturing dolphins, sharks and even hatching tortoises makes it a perfect spot for incredible memories.

Beau Vallon (Mahé)

This swooning sandy stretch is Mahé’s most popular beach. An ever longing gleamy white sand pricked with coconut palms on the northwest coast where you will be able to make pictures not only on the beach but while parasailing… which can also makes unique and memorable photographs in your album.

Seychelles Beach

Lapiz Lazuli Lagoons In Seychelles

Anse Intendance (Mahé)

As the sun-low sky deepens to orange, this superlative beach on the southwestern side of Mahé just might be heaven and makes up the perfect spot for sunset shoots. A perfect shot at sunset completing your wonderful album.

Sunset in Seychelles
Sunset in Seychelles

Those secrets will surely enable you to create a memorable album, depicting the story of your unforgettable voyage to Seychelles.