The northern coast of the island is the place where the most development has taken place in recent years. Grand Baie, now, has an abundance of restaurants and discotheques. If you like to party to the sound of good music, you will find plenty of options to choose from here.

The north isn’t only about nightlife, however. It also boasts some of Mauritius’ best-loved sights, including the charming red-roofed church that overlooks the lagoon at Cap Malheureux and it is lined by wonderful islets you should imperatively visit. So as to be able to visit every corner of the north of the island, we advise you to rent a car, so that you can enjoy a visit at your own pace.

Grand Bay, Mauritian St Tropez

The former fishing village, Grand Bay has become the must-visit during a stay in Mauritius. Between authenticity and entertainment, everyone will find something to do in this village. Do not hesitate to stop there to enjoy all the joviality of colorful stalls.

Grand Bay is located in the north of Mauritius, on the west coast. About twenty kilometers from Port Louis, the village became an attraction of international renown. Both tourists and Mauritians go there to spend pleasant moments.

Grand Bay also boasts many beaches and allows the practice of many water activities. You will find water activities such as jet skiing, surfing or diving among others. For the less athletic, no worries, you can relax on the beautiful beaches of the bay. This northern region indeed offers the most beautiful beaches of the island. Beyond these qualities, Grand Bay has many assets that attract tourists.

One of the first is the presence of a multitude of hotels (Mauritius Hotels) and villas that offer luxury and comfort. The most typical to the most luxurious you will find the accommodation of your dreams in Grand Bay. More for fashion-victims, there is plenty to do. Indeed, there are many shops and commercial centers where you will find luxury shops, but also many local products. Many restaurants are also present in Grand Bay, where you will be able to taste local specialties. If Grand Bay is bustling during the day, it is equally so in the evening. Indeed, bars and nightclubs are also the reputation of this seaside resort.

Visiting the North of Mauritius

The Chateau Labourdonnais in Mapou remains a must visit while visiting the north. Its orchard has no less than 50 hectares of tropical gardens with an impressive flora.

Located around the Château de Labourdonnais, it takes about two hours to visit. You will see many tropical flowers but also fruits like papaya, mango, lychee or guava among others. A tasting will be offered during the visit!

Another must visit remains Le Jardin de Pamplemousse. It is certainly one of the finest botanical gardens in the world. Located a few kilometers north of the capital Port Louis, this garden is a haven filled with priceless treasures where botanical scents mingle with the beauty of the trees and flowers.

The garden has continued to enrich itself to the rhythm of the history of Mauritius. Of the 35 hectares that makes up the Pamplemousses Garden, you will go from surprise to surprise while discovering more than 85 species of palms endemic to Mauritius.

You will also have the chance to admire the “traveler’s tree” from Madagascar which only flower once in their lives. You will also discover some 200 species of plants including flowers that will enchant your visit as along the lotus basin dotted by beautiful white and yellow flowers.

Islands North of Mauritius

Around Mauritius, there are various small islands to visit. The northern islands were approached for the first time in 1801. The two northern islands of Mauritius not to be missed are Ilot Grabriel and Flat Island. Enjoy a trip to those islands and take a mini cruise while admire the lush landscapes.

Ilot Grabriel and Flat Island, Mauritius

These islands with white sand and wild nature ensure a moment in paradise. This tour will allow you to spend a relaxing day with your loved ones. On the checklist: Diving and snorkeling followed by a barbecue on the beach and a nap in the sun or swim in the beautiful lagoon. This lagoon is a real natural aquarium with fish in bright colors.

Be careful though, the sun is very strong and there is little shade on the island. So remember to protect yourself, especially if you are with children. For even greater dream, you have the opportunity to spend a night on Flat Island. Spending a night on this paradise on earth, you will have the feeling of being alone in the world. A great time to spend with family.

The island of Coin de Mire is a very inaccessible island because there is very little attachment points. Anyway, it is impossible to visit it because it is a nature reserve. Indeed, many birds have taken up residence there.

Diving around the northern islands of Mauritius

Mauritius has many beaches where you can snorkel and admire Mauritian seabed. However, close to the northern islands, there are 3 beautiful diving spots. These sites have the advantage of being visited because they are far enough from the coast. You will be alone to explore marine life and discover some wrecks.

The cave is a nurse shark’s spot at 29 meters depth. However, it is accessible to even less experienced divers. You can observe sharks, as its name suggests, but also lobster or other fish. Confetti Bay is a site that is up to 25 meters deep. Here you can admire the clown fish and anemones in the middle of a multitude of corals with amazing colors.

The Jabeda or Djabeda, is the wreck of a Japanese fishing boat. Located in a sandy plain, the wreck is 34 meters deep near the island of Coin de Mire. You will see many fish, giant moray eels or corals on the wreck. It is also sometimes visited by dolphins, rays or barracudas.

Have a nice trip in the North of Mauritius!