The Magic of Seychelles

The secret is out: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (better known as Will and Kate) have spent their honeymoon in the islands of Seychelles. Now that you know the secret that has kept the media guessing for many months, you may want to know where and what Seychelles is.

Situated in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a French-speaking island nation. Its chain of island lie about 900 miles east of the continent of Africa, and it is considered the smallest African nation. The climate is very temperate, with year round temperatures staying between 70- 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

This small nation consists of over 100 islands, but only sixteen of them have accommodations for tourists. So the soft sand beaches are not only beautiful, but minus any mob scenes. The ancient granite boulders that border some of the beaches are truly amazing.

Mahé, the main island

The main island of the Seychelles’ chain is Mahe’, which houses an international airport and is where the capital (Victoria) is located. Thus, the majority of tourism is on this island.

There are many things to do for you non blue-blooded jet-setters. Besides the usual water sports of swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving, there is a lot of history to be found in Seychelles’, especially in its many monuments and amazing architecture designs. You can take a “road” tour (don’t miss the fascinating Creole houses) or a water tour in a glass bottom boat (remember, the water is clear). Also, there is lots of golf courses, gambling is legal and should you decide to ride a horse on a beach at dusk, you will be rewarded with some glorious sunsets. For those of you looking to do something after dark, there are casinos and plenty of nightclubs offering a variety of music.

The people of Seychelles are of vastly different backgrounds. They are a blend of African, Asian and French and British culture and religions. Don’t be surprised to find that no matter what their heritage is, the people of this tiny country sparkle with enthusiasm, and why not? You would too, if you lived in this paradise. As you walk the streets of Seychelles, you will hear and feel the joy of these islands in the form of lively Creole music performed street side, just for you.

The languages spoken in this colorful country are French and English, and there is also a Creole dialect.

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