Le Morne Beach
Le Morne Beach

With its 330 km of littoral, it is undeniable that beaches are kings in Mauritius! Mauritian beaches are warm, relaxing and sheltered by amazingly rich coral reefs. There are over a hundred of beaches in Mauritius and while some might be very popular, some outlying major tourism zones are still in their natural pristine state. Even with over a million of visitors each year, the beaches of Mauritius still remain commodious, but if you like deserted pretty beaches, here are the top 8 of the island’s unknown beaches.

Ile des Deux Cocos


Located next to Bluebay Marine Park, Ile des deux Cocos is a small deserted private island. Ile des Deux Cocos has its own resort and even if you are not planning to stay on the island for your holidays, you can still visit this quixotic island. The island has a particular rounded shape is mostly surrounded by pristine white beaches. You would say, this is the perfect place for the newly-weds and honeymooners, it is! The beaches of the Ile des Deux Cocos are as beautiful as the well-known beaches of Mauritius but there is no possible comparison between the two when we talk about privacy! If you are a fond of diving and snorkeling, this island lies just in front of the Blubay Marine Park!


Tamarin Beach

The beach of Tamarin is quite an atypical beach in Mauritius. If you are planning to visit the beach on your own, it can be quite tricky to find it. Though any Mauritian would be pleased to help you find your way, here is our route to visit this awesome beach. If you are coming from the north, at some point you will come across an old metal bridge, 30 seconds later you will see a shopping centre to your right and 50 meters ahead, on the right, a small road leading to Tamarin or Tamarind public beach. For this one I will let you discover it by your own (and comment your thoughts below). All that I can say is that if you like surfing, this beach will make you come alive!

La Preneuse


Here is another enchanting beach located on the west coast of the island. The interesting fact about this beach is that you can access it by road but not only, another option is to walk all the way from Tamarin public beach to reach it. The walk is about 30 minutes but you will definitely love the trip if you like wilderness. During week days, the beach is rather tranquil, however on weekends the beach gets a little bit busier as locals gather there for beach picnics. La Preneuse beach is somewhat historical, not just for its dazzling blue bay but also for the Martello Towers (ancient defensive forts) on the beach.

Le Morne

le morne plage

With a crystal clear water, palm trees and a stretching of white sand, the public beach of Le Morne is one of the most beautiful beach on the island of Mauritius, but paradoxically deserted, probably due to its geographical location! Most tourists choose to stay in the north of the island and if you take a look at the Mauritius map, Le Morne is located way down in the south-east of Mauritius. So if you want to have “some” or I should say a “lot of” of breathing space, Le Morne is propably the beach for you. Le Morne Brabant cultural landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the same village is also an amazing place to visit when heading to the south of Mauritius.


Riambel Beach Mauritius
Riambel Beach Mauritius

If you are looking for an unexploited beach, the south of Mauritius is where you need to go and Riambel is the perfect illustration of it. You can enjoy long sunny days in peace and tranquillity there every day. The beach is reputed for long walks on milky white sand and chilling out under coconut trees. Deep swimming is not advised, especially for apprentices as the currents can get strong sometimes due close coral reef. Hence, Riambel is better suited for activities like horse-riding or strolling.

Pointe d’Esny

Pointe-d'esny beach

Pointe d’Esny beach relates to Pointe d’Esny village, located in the south-east of Mauritius. The beach has nothing to do with other Mauritius busy beaches! Here, no chance at all of coming across big hotels, all you will find are some beach villas. To be honest, this beach is almost perfect. Some locals even travel from the north of the country to visit Pointe d’Esny and its relaxed environment. The only possible downside could be the wind. Yes, you guessed it right; the South East Trade Wind! But in Mauritius, there is a beach for everything and Pointe d’Esny became the beach for kitesurfing and windsurfing!

La Cambuse

La Cambuse
La Cambuse Beach

Every beach has its own lure in Mauritius and La Cambuse is the most deserted beach in Mauritius. The beach encompasses more than 1 kilometre of pure white sand beach alongside glittering turquoise water and ranges of filaos (Casuarina) trees. The beach itself is quite challenging to find if you are going by your own means. On the motorway, when passing the small SSR airport roundabout, take the road which leads to Shandrani Hotel and next turn right to la Cambuse before reaching the hotel. Then you will enter a small pathway through the woods, and after some minutes, you will discover this secreted beach!

Trou d’Eau Douce

Trou d'eau douce

The small coastal village of Trou-d’Eau Douce has one of the prettiest beaches of Mauritius. With its natural beach, water activities and beach restaurants, this small village has a touristic scent to it. You come to Trou d’Eau Douce for its serenity and joy, no traffic jam or influx of tourist, here the pace of life is relaxed! Trou d’Eau Douce beach is where you take taxi boats to go to Ile aux Cerfs and other surrounding islands.