Last time we went to a soirée, we were served appetizers among which we had French patisserie and one particular biscuit soon became topic of the conversation.

The “napolitaine” is a beautifully iced biscuit, usually round in shape but we do see heart-shaped ones around Valentine’s Day. It is a common enough confectionary actually- every child is scolded for eating too much sugar and leaving the denuded biscuits to the unfortunate parents.

Little do they know that the napolitaine is unique Mauritian recipe, the credit is somehow commonly given to the French…

The biscuits, given the chic look are often used as party favors, offerings at weddings and baptism ceremonies.

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However, you need not wait until a party or a wedding or even a visit to the pricey cake shop down, the recipe is astonishingly easy enough that an amateur could make a batch of simple and delicious biscuits- the Mauritian way.

You will need:

500g flour

350g butter (soft, room temperature)

Jam (strawberry or any red berries)

To make it all sweet and beautiful:

Either fondant or icing sugar and water

Moving on:

Preheat your oven at 175° (adjust depending on oven power)

Mix the flour and butter, rubbing with your fingers until you have a smooth dough

Roll dough until about 1 cm thick

Use a cookie cutter to get your biscuits (feel free to experiment with shapes)

Bake for 25-30 minutes until beige in color

Leave to cool down then remove from baking tray, doing so before could make the biscuits crumbling into pieces!

We are getting there:

Place two biscuits one on top of the other after spreading your choice of jam on the inside of one side

Place on a grill for ease of use and pour icing (water and icing sugar mixed to make a paste) until fully covered

Or roll out your fondant and cover the biscuits one by one.

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There you are, with cute little island-biscuits to eat at your convenience. Napolitaines are simplicity, convenience and cost efficiency wrapped in one bite!

Happy eating.