The Districts of the Island of Mauritius

Mauritius forms part of the Mascarene Archipelago which also includes Réunion and Rodrigues. This archipelago is the result of underwater volcanoes. Nowadays, the only remaining seismic activity occurs in Réunion Island with its active volcano, the Piton de la Fournaise. In Mauritius, the remains of an extinct volcano can be found at Trou-aux-Cerfs.
The island of Mauritius is divided in 10 districts. Nine of them are located on the main island and the 10th island is Rodrigues and is located at about 550 kilometres to the North-East of Mauritius. Since the 12th of October of 2002, Rodrigues island is administrated by its own inhabitants in an autonomous fashion.
The 10 districts of Mauritius are:

  •   Black River
  •   Flacq
  •   Grand Port
  •   Moka
  •   Pamplemousses
  •   Plaines-Wilhems
  •   Port-Louis
  •   Rivière du Rempart
  •   Savanne
  •   Rodrigues

Capital and Towns of Mauritius

The city of Port-Louis was founded by the French governor Mahé de La Bourdonnais who developed the port so that the island would be able to harbor ships safely. Now, the capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis is home to the Government House as well as the main government and banking institutions. It is the main business centre of Mauritius.
Port-Louis is the biggest and most populated city of the island of Mauritius. The other important cities are Curepipe, Quatre-Bornes, Beau-Bassin, Rose-Hill and Vacoas-Phoenix.

Municipalities and district councils of Mauritius

Municipalities and district councils are responsible for the localized administration of small towns and villages around Mauritius. They are also responsible for the delivery of business permits. Their addresses are;

Municipality of Rose-Hill:

Town Hall Royal Road, Rose Hill
Tel (230) 454 9500
Fax (230) 454 9509
Email mubbrh@intnet.mu
Web: www.bbrh.org

Municipality of Curepipe:

Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Curepipe
Tel (230) 670 48 97
Fax (230) 676 5056
E-mail: curepipe@intnet.mu
Web: www.curepipe.org

Municipality of Port-Louis:

Jules Koenig Street, Port-Louis
Tel: (230) 212 0831
Fax: (230) 2124258
E-mail: townclerk@intnet.mu
Web: http://mpl.intnet.mu

Municipality of Vacoas:

St-Paul Avenue, Vacoas
Tel (230) 696 2975
Fax (230) 686 4668
E-mail: mvp@mcvp.intnet.mu
Web: http://www.vacoasphoenix.org

District council of Moka-Flacq:

Royal Road, Quartier Militaire
Tel: (230) 435 55 31
Fax (230) 435 56 61
E-mail: mokaflacq@yahoo.com
Web : http://www.mfdc.orange.mu/

District council of Pamplemousses & Rivière du Rempart :

Royal Road, Mapou,
Tel: (230) 266 2095
Fax : (230) 266 14 05
E-mail : prdcce@intnet.mu
Web : http://prdc.mu/

District Council of Black River

Geoffroy Road
Tel. : (230) 452 03 04
Fax : (230) 452 03 03
E-mail : briverdc@intnet.mu
Web : http://brdc.mu/

District Council of Grand Port Savanne

Royal Road, Rose Belle
Tel. : (230) 627 45 75
Fax : (230) 627 46 40
E-mail : gpsdc@intnet.mu
Web : http://dcgp.mu/

Rodrigues Regional Assembly

Rodrigues Regional Assembly
Passenger Terminal
Wolfert Harmensz Street
Port Mathurin
Tel: 831 0686
Fax: 832 0975
Web: http://rra.gov.mu

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons via Peter b. Southwood http://wikitravel.org/shared/User:Pbsouthwood

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