Located in the south-west of the Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius remains a popular holiday destination for tourists worldwide.  People come to Mauritius for their holidays for a lot of different reasons, some to enjoy the beach and the sea, some to explore the countryside, others to get acquainted with the multicultural population and traditions.

Whether it is for family holidays or for a wedding and honeymoon, Mauritius is one of the best places where tourists can spend their holidays. But they will only be able to fully enjoy their vacations on this beautiful island if they can get the best type of accommodations tailored to their needs and budget.

Tourists can choose among a wide variety of accommodations in the island of Mauritius during their holidays, from the simplest guest houses to 5-star hotels. And in between those two categories they’ll find bungalows, fully-furnished villas, gated villas and apartments, luxury villas in exclusive estates, boutique hotels, and  a wide assortment of one, two, three and four-star hotels.

Where to stay in Mauritius - choosing an accommodation in Mauritius
Beach on the island of Mauritius – Hotels will often have kiosks and umbrellas wet up on the beach for their guests.

The less well-traveled tourists might be better off staying in the hotels of Mauritius. Their staff is generally very friendly and well-trained and they’ll be happy to help with anything that the tourist may require during their stay. The great majority of hotels also have restaurants with trained chefs where tourists will be able to get a taste of a wide variety of cuisines.

Those looking for adventure and who want to discover the island on their own can opt to stay in a villa. There is a wide range of bungalows or villas that are available for rent to visiting tourists but one type of villa that has recently gained popularity in Mauritius is the luxury villa.

Where to stay in Mauritius - choosing a luxury villa in Mauritius
Luxury Villa in Mauritius

In the recent years there has been a real estate boom in Mauritius thanks to two governmental programs: the Real Estate Scheme and the Integrated Resort Scheme. Both these schemes allow for non-Mauritians to buy property, usually luxury villas with high-class leisure and recreational facilities. Some of these owners, who may also be companies, can choose to rent out their properties to tourists through property management services. Thus in a short time, a whole new touristic industry flourished in Mauritius.

Tourists who choose to stay in luxury villas during their stay in Mauritius will also be able to enjoy the same level of service that they would expect from 3, 4, or even 5 star hotels. There are concierge services that will be able to plan their holiday and excursions across the island as well as arrange for private chefs, airport pickups, shopping services, etc. Guests will also have access to facilities such as spas, golf courses or tennis courts nearby. Most villas have large gardens and private swimming pools as well.

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Villas Belle Rivière Mauritius.