Reunion Island is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous islands in the Indian Ocean. It is a total package for anyone in search for a real adrenaline rush. Though, the island’s most prominent feature is having the only active volcano in the region, it also has some other characteristics that set it apart from its neighbouring islands. The emerald forests, waterfalls, the mountainous landscapes, soul-twisting and swirling roads, the friendly nature of its people and the scintillating crystal clear sea are all what attract a tourist mostly to discover the uniqueness of the island.  Sure, you could already fantasize yourself on the Reunionais beach with the golden sand glistening through your toes and on your way to lurch yourself in the lap of the calm lagoon.

Reunion island

A good hotel makes your stay pleasurable, but the best hotel makes it memorable. We are here to guide  you through the best hotels in Reunion Island so as you would depart with no regrets.

1. Hotel Le Saint Pierre

le st pierre reunion hotel

Le Saint Pierre Hotel is a luxurious three-star hotel located in the heart of the constantly busy city of Saint Pierre. Adorned with the elegant touch of modern architecture, the hotel is a perfect destination for those who worship materialism. Here, you will not find any old relics, but rather freshly conceptualized and up-to date decorations. Despite being in the commercial city of the island, the hotel offers quite a peaceful atmosphere. It caters for all class of people. You may book a standard room or a room suite, both with a private balcony overlooking the city, for affordable prices(depends in which season you go). For the corporate people, a conference room equipped with the latest technologies is made available. It is a real delight to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack or even a drink in the outdoor restaurant. Not only are you illuminated by the bright sunlight of the sun during the day, but also the green garden brings in an air of freshness and the continuous gushing of mini waterfall in the pool feels your ears with the soft sound. It is a real relaxation moment when you can sit by the moonlight and twinkling stars sipping wine in a cool environment. The hotel offers a gamut of services to its guests. Trips to different parts of the island via rental cars and helicopter rides and activities such as snorkeling, big game fishing, diving, paragliding, trekking and catamaran tours are all organized by the hotel staff.  The interiors and services of the hotel are not its only best features. The only active volcano, Piton de la Fournaise, and the marine port are situated within few kilometers from the hotel. If you are looking for something sophisticated and modern, then Hotel Le Saint Pierre is your place

2. Dina Morgabine

dina morgabine

The west coast, Saint Gilles les Bains, of the rocky island nestles another great three-star hotel, Dina Morgabine. The west coast is often dominated by the glares of the sun and a warm tropical climate throughout 300 days. The guests are enchanted by the view of the turquoise sea facing their private balcony. However, at first its interiors may look somewhat hipster and a little too loud for your taste, yet you would not be dejected in choosing this hotel. At affordable prices, you can book a standard room or a suite with kitchenette. A huge 75-feet swimming pool is the centre of all attention once you are on the grounds. Moreover, the hotel gives a safe and private access to some areas of the Heritage beach. This is where you can imagine yourself being..under the cool shade of trees, the white sand, and the sea awaiting you. Water sports freak? Not to worry. The hotel offers many water sports in the most secure way. Surely, you wouldn’t be able to resist that. The hotel supplies its guests with many services: A calm lounge, golf courses, aqua gym classes, conferencing arrangements, event management, and taking care of your séjour. Saint Gilles les Bains also has some most amazing features, like the Eden Garden, aquarium, and Roches Noir, the dolphin and surfing spot. The staff friendly and smiling staff guides you through the best places to visit in the island and makes all the arrangements, even booking you a personal guide. No need for you to tire yourself to enjoy a memorable stay.

3. Archipel, Résidence Hôtelière

archipel residence

Saint Gilles les Bains accommodates another 3-star hotel, the Archipel. This hotel is what you would call modern and homey. Proudly overlooking the beach, the hotel stands in all its majestic grandeur. The prices may surprise you but it is all totally worth it for a gleeful stay. The seminar rooms, fitness classes, swimming pool and golf course add to the package of a studio room or a duplex one. Yet, the most attractive feature of the Archipel is its tropical garden. Built in the hotel premises, the tropical garden takes you through a phase of a moment of relaxation and peace. Indeed, it is helpful for the planet but it is also a corner of our liking. Tourists do not like shiny and over the top things, but rather simple and modest gestures that disconnects them from the material world and that can touch the heart and that garden is just another example. Needless to say, the hotel offers many other services like booking your trips to the island and giving you a list of do’s and don’ts.

4. Tropic Appart

tropic appart reunion

The seaside resort of Saint Gilles les Bains in the west coast shelters the 3-star Tropic Appart’Hotel.  Its modern infrastructure gives a sophisticated touch to the building. It also symbolizes Reunion Island’s infrastructural development and its way of adopting a modernized lifestyle. The modern concept of the hotel continuously binds us with the reality of the outer world, unlike some whose architecture makes us forget all about where we came from. The hotel seems to blend the interiors of an apartment and a hotel into one single room with private balcony and kitchenette. In the premises, swimming pool and sun beds are made at disposal. The hotel is an additional feature in the city. Guests may as well as visit the localities, restaurants, casino, shopping and discover the Reunionais nightlife. The lagoon too is very accessible to the guests with mere metres to walk where they can swim, sunbathe, relax, practice water sports or even going for underwater vision. It all happens in a safe environment.

5. Hotel Les Créoles


The western coast of the basaltic island has another beautiful 3-star hotel. As it name goes, the hotel offers an insight of the creole culture through its traditional yet modern interior and exterior design, the food, the rooms and the famous sega dance. It is truly a bliss to the soul when your hotel too has preserved the culture and values of the island. It gives you the awe moment to admire the surroundings whether you are in or out of the hotel. The hotel is also equipped with a large swimming pool and lounge area facing it. You may play billiard, table tennis or simply read a novel while sipping your cocktail in that area. It may interest you to know that the locality allows you to shop and enjoy all the facilities that a modern city can provide. The tours of the island can also be arranged by the hotel upon request.

The hospitality of the Reunionais Hotels is remarkable. Don’t waste your time and book your trip now!