wedding in mauritius


Mauritius offers couples different original and peculiar ways to say “yes”: on the pontoon overlooking the turquoise waters of the lagoon, on a private island in the presence of Robinson, in a carriage strewn with a thousand flowers for a romantic getaway … Everything is allowed for this unique day, which you can organize according to your desires and according to your budget … To marry in Mauritius is possible! Be crazy, dreamers, go for originality, even the unusual …

In order to refine your desires, you will find the various combinations proposed to celebrate your wedding in an original way. We will help you to prepare this unforgettable moment.

Choosing Mauritius for your wedding and honeymoon is to be sure to opt for the most romantic destinations: most hotels recommended for your honeymoon will offer honeymooners gifts or small touches like a VIP welcome, an aperitif cocktail, a fruit basket and special honeymooners rooms: intimate, romantic, refined and designed to offer you an unforgettable stay … All in an idyllic setting!

Wedding on a catamaran in Mauritius

What’s more romantic than finding yourself alone in the world in a romantic setting and enjoying privileged moments in complete privacy … Swap your vows, hand in hand, aboard a sumptuous catamaran in the middle of the crystalline lagoon of Mauritius, while a sunset sparkles on this very special day …

Come and enjoy these unique moments aboard a beautiful catamaran and treat yourself to a grand wedding – go on a cruise with your guests and toast to this wonderful event while watching the sunset.

Wedding at the church in Mauritius

Your marriage before God will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful days of your life. If you dream of a church wedding, why not celebrate it in Mauritius? With a selection of some of the most beautiful churches on the island, check out other articles on the blog that will help you all along, to make your dream wedding a reality.

Unique wedding underwater in Mauritius

Mauritius has a fauna and a rich aquatic flora in color. We suggest you get married underwater with the magnificent species of fish that make up the Indian Ocean. An original opportunity to exchange his consents under water, moment that can make a diver cameraman forever. What’s more romantic than being in love at the bottom of the ocean …

Wedding on a private island in Mauritius

Fed up with traditional church celebrations and house parties? Want an original wedding and in an atypical setting? So, do not hesitate to celebrate it on a beautiful beach and under the gentle sun of Mauritius: On the Gabriel islet with a beautiful sandy beach where the water is crystalline and a beautiful turquoise, or on the island of Deux Cocos in the heart of the Blue Bay Marine Park. Treat yourself to this parenthesis away from the world that runs in an enchanting setting. A unique island for you and your guests, feet in the water, clothes light and twirling with the breeze hot and tender.

Wedding in a colonial castle

The wedding in a colonial castle is a return to the traditions of great and beautiful holidays. Cocktail in the park, dine in the lounges, dance party under the veranda … Make the day of your wedding unforgettable and the most beautiful day of your life. Everything is done to make this celebration unforgettable.

Practical tips for your Wedding in Mauritius

How to approach this day so stressful?

Delegate: this is the motto for a cool wedding! But also prepare a lot of things in advance using a retro schedule with the distribution of tasks. The D-day it will give the family things to do without panicking, everyone will have his role to play (light candles, lead people to the cocktail …). The witnesses will be the best allies of the bride to make the most of her day. On the deco side, it is important to do tests in advance. This allows, on the one hand, not to buy everything and anything and, on the other hand, to better imagine the atmosphere of the wedding. And for the outfit, you have to try her dress with all the accessories at least a month before. We can then realize the consistency of the outfit, if the shoes too high, the headband superfluous.

What are the 3 rules for a successful marriage?

– Organize a wedding that looks like us. It may seem obvious but sometimes we want to do too much or make families happy. It is essential to follow your desires to feel in tune with the work done.

– Enjoy. After a long period of organization, we quickly forget that a wedding lasts only one evening. So do not focus on details and last minute quarrels, nobody will see them …

– Compromise. It is important to spare each other’s susceptibilities. We let loose on the unimportant details but we stick to things that are really important to us. If you dream of a short dress or a big campfire, do it!

One last tip – do not forget to hire the best Wedding Photographer of the Indian Ocean 😉

Happy Wedding Guys!

Wedding Indian Ocean

Now that you have found the man of your life, the idea of ​​a paradisiacal beach lapped by crystal clear water enchants you more than any castle. Murmurs of the ocean as music, barefoot instead of Sunday shoes: more and more couples are choosing to say yes beyond borders nowadays. They usually opt for a paradise beach in a tropical garden or even in/under water. Whether it is for your first engagement or you simply want to renew your vows, saying “yes” on a pristine sandy beach in the Seychelles or under the palm trees in Mauritius remains a unique way to celebrate your love!

Wedding In Mauritius

A wedding in Mauritius has the merit of being an achievable dream, many offers adapt to the tighter budgets. Couples have understood and Mauritius hotels are always full of newlyweds in search of the exotic, tropical heat and lasting memories. What could be more wonderful and romantic than to celebrate his wedding in Mauritius?

Say “yes” on the beach!

Do not conclude that organizing a wedding in Mauritius is complicated, on the contrary, it is way much easier than you might think. The formalities are simple; it is more complicated to find the ideal place to say “yes”. Indeed, for your wedding ceremony in Mauritius, it is the Civil Status officer who comes to you, not the reverse! So you do not have to live what should be the happiest time of your life in a room at the Town Hall, which can appear very impersonal!

Wedding in Mauritius: creativity is limitless!

Many hotels have their own wedding coordinators who use their combined imagination when it comes to organizing your wedding in Mauritius and, if desired, they can even take care of the staging of your “demand”! The cheapest hotel often include paperwork. Getting married in Mauritius, feet in the sand of a desert island, a traditional canoe decorated with flowers, among the fish in a panoramic underwater scenery, under the kiosk of a park, on a pontoon in the middle of a lagoon, or marrying on the “Indian style” theme. In Mauritius, there are 1001 ways to celebrate his wedding.

Honeymoon in Mauritius: affordable luxury …

You are about to experience the biggest day of your life and you want everything to be perfect, from the ceremony to the honeymoon: it is legitimate! A tropical climate with temperatures between 28 ° and 31 ° C on the coast all year, turquoise and crystal clear waters, wonderful sandy beaches on which you can celebrate your love, in short, the ideal, or I should rather say, the perfect setting! Again the hotels in Mauritius, especially luxury hotels, offers many attractive packages to convince you to spend your honeymoon in their premises. It must be said that often the context lends itself naturally and that Mauritians are extremely gifted when it comes to draw you to one of the most romantic table for dinner alone together under the stars … Well, there are yet other destinations in the Indian Ocean, and the Seychelles remain another great destination for your wedding.

Direction Seychelles: Pure luxury marriage.

You dreamed. This love match. These pristine beaches that give the feeling of being at the origin of the world. The magic of a wedding away from home, with family, in an unforgettable setting. Much more exclusive and less scandalous than Las Vegas in the eyes of your mother, the Seychelles welcomes you with all of your guests for a memorable celebration.

144 km² of paradise

The Seychelles is one of those places where one cannot imagine the beauty without having set foot on the islands. After touching those pristine sand beaches of Mahé, the conclusion is obvious: you have landed in paradise. Lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mahe is one of 115 Seychelles islands in the archipelago; being the main island of the Seychelles with Victoria as capital. From the airport, now accessible from Paris on a direct flight three times a week via the company Air Seychelles. You will surely come across wonderful hotels with various attributes such as: lush gardens, spa with panoramic views of the bay, restaurants run by internationally recognized chefs, diving center, swimming pools, individual sports coaches… all in perfect harmony with the architecture and nature of the island.