A little culture

Are you curious, traveling friend? We propose to give you a brief on the Seychelles, before going there. It’s the cultural minute! For your info, the Seychelles is a chain of 115 islands. The main islands are Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. We’ll talk about the 3, do not worry

It should be known that the Seychellois are not hyper numerous, barely 100,000 inhabitants, the majority on Mahé. By the way, did you know that the island is named after the governor of Isle de France (now Mauritius) of the time (18th century)? Bertrand-François Mahé from La Bourdonnais. It is now an independent state.

Here you see, with some information, it always does!

Getting There

We will talk about what we know and we tested: Air Seychelles! Hyper practical night flights, live, from Paris. Like, that, you arrive in the morning, almost fresh and ready to start your day. And we do not know about you, but long flights are better at night, right?

Good service on board, news movies on offer, friendly staff, in short, that’s good. We could even test the business after an upgrade, and there, too, nothing to complain about. Staff navigating the care, you can sleep fully lying down, alcohol at will, and good meals.

In short, it is a faultless. Ideal to start your stay in Seychelles on the island of Mahe.

What do we do on the spot?

You’re happy, you’ve arrived on Mahé, but you do not know what to do. No worries, we take care of you.

Visit of Victoria, the capital

We suggest you start at the beginning, namely, discover the small capital of Mahé, Victoria. So, of course, there is the reproduction of Big Ben in the middle of a crossroads or the botanical garden that you can go to … But we, what we propose to you, is rather to dive into the atmosphere of the city . And for that, only one solution, you queues at the local market! The best is Saturday morning, it is at this time that it is the most animated. Avoid going by car, there is not much parking!

Market that attracts a lot of people. Well, we hope that fish smells do not bother you because there are a lot of fishmongers who come to sell their fishing. Must say that tuna is a bit of Mahé’s specialty. Do not worry, you also have vendors of fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, etc.

Also know that right next to the market is a beautiful Hindu temple that you can visit by taking off your shoes before entering.


The King’s garden

So, here we are very excited about the concept. You freely visit a garden that includes dozens, see hundreds of species of trees, spices, plants, etc … Old spice garden dating from the 18th century, which is 100 hectares. Besides, you will probably be received by the owner of the place, who is no longer very young. All with a magnificent view of Anse Royale.

While we found the visit a bit rough (we must try to follow the numbers in order), but in the end, we learn a lot of things. How nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon grow, and so on. It’s up to you to recognize everything.

There are even some turtles and beautiful birds that come to feast in the flowering trees. In short, a great way to get to know the island of Mahé and its lush vegetation.


Takamaka Rumery

Before or after visiting the King’s Garden, not too far from there, you’ll come across the Takamaka Rum. Did you know that the Seychelles had their own rum? We, no.

So, it’s a good surprise! The free visit is free. Otherwise, you have paid guided tours at 11:30 and 13:30, and a tasting. You can also eat there, there is a restaurant.


Labrim Bazaar

So, it’s a bit like the Victoria market. You go on Wednesday evening on the beach of Beau Vallon to immerse yourself in the Seychellois atmosphere. On the program: souvenir stands, but above all, street-food stalls and drums concert atmosphere by the fire. There’s something for everyone … And above all, it’s really cheap!


Cooking class and street-food

Moreover, as we are always on the subject of food, we will go a little deeper. Your choice can be focused on a Creole cooking class. On the program: smoked fish salad, octopus curry, Creole fish and sweet potato stew (it’s the dessert).

It’s fun to do, and when you get home, you can make good rum cocktails followed by a typical Creole meal for your friends. You will be the star of the evening!

That’s for the side a little pro. The specialty of Seychelles, and that will allow you to save money, is street food and take-away. You will find booths everywhere, either in the form of vans, or at the beach, in the form of barbecues. Ideal for eating well, local dishes and fresh, cheap.

Basically, you eat well for 5 to 7 € per person. And for dessert, good fruits, with fresh coconut water. This what holidays are about.


Some Key Places to visit

Mission Lodge: it is a beautiful view of the island of Mahé, but also a historic place. An old school that took care of children freed from slavery to teach them.

Tea factory: there are some tea plantations on the island, and a packing plant.

Eden Island: artificial island which houses luxury villas and some shops.

Treasure of the pirate The Hawk: we will give you some information on the subject. On the other hand, if you find something, we take 50%. Thank you very much. It seems that the pirate Olivier Levasseur would have stashed his treasure around Treasure Cove.


The beaches

We kept you the best for the end: the discovery of the beaches of Mahé. That it is a bit of Seychelles’ specialty.

Anse Major Beach: you have to go to the end of the road that leads to the trail to access this beach. About 1h30 walk. But just before, accessible by car, there is a magnificent view of the granitic rocks.

Beau Vallon Beach: surely the most popular and lively beach on the island of Mahé. Perfect for swimming, sunbathing, jet-skiing, parasailing, etc … Numerous street-food stalls, every day, along the beach. And above all, the sunsets to fall!

Anse Royale Beach: an immense beach, one of the most popular in Mahé. The water is calm, perfect for swimming because protected by the barrier reef offshore. From June to September, it is ideal for kite-surfing!

Baie Lazare Beach: This is the beach of the Kempiski Hotel. It is accessible free of charge. It is especially recommended to eat there for lunch, feet in the sand at the restaurant of the hotel.

Petite Anse Beach: This is the beach of the Four Seasons Hotel. However, it is accessible to the public, and you can even eat or just have a drink at the bar in the evening, at sunset.

Anse Louis beach: it is the beach of Maia Resort, accessible by road without problem. Be careful, deep sea and strong waves in windy conditions. Perfect for surfing so. If you want to take for Brice de Nice, now is the time. When the sea is calm, good spot of snorkeling.

Grand Anse Beach: very large white sand beach, along the road, with the mountains in the background. Watch out for swimming, no reef to protect the beach and a lot of depth.

Port Glaud beach: beach often deserted, a real postcard decor. Possibility to access the island at low tide.

Anse l’Islette beach: on the way to Port Launay, you will come across Anse l’Islette, recognizable by the island in the bay. The water is just beautiful in the area.

Port Launay beach: busy beach, offering many water activities. Calm and shallow water. Easily accessible by car. As a bonus, there is a swing, for older children.


We hope you have had a glimpse of what Mahe is all about! Have fun in the Seychelles!

You thought you would never be able to make it to the Seychelles for your holidays? Well it’s total nonsense! Everyone can go to the Seychelles – even if you are un budget holidays – here are some tips for you!

What is the weather like in Seychelles?

The climate of Seychelles is typically tropical, pleasant year-round (24/30 °) but never too hot. The weather is punctuated by the influence of the trade winds that draw 2 “seasons”:

– The northwestern trade winds create a very humid climate, warmer and rainy from October to April

– The southeast trade winds blow from April-May to September with a cooler and drier climate.

You can visit the Seychelles all year long: the drier season is particularly conducive to water sports thanks to the wind while many beaches are very pleasant in the wet season. Intersections are generally perfect everywhere and ideal for snorkeling or diving.

Average temperatures

25/31 ° all year long

It’s raining when? From October to April with a peak in January which is the rainiest month. The archipelago is outside the hurricane zone.


When to book and go to Seychelles at the best price?

Neither in winter nor in summer!

The two tourist peaks of Seychelles are at the end of the year holidays (December-January) and the summer holidays (July and August). At these two periods, the rates are very high: it is certainly not there that you will find cheap offers for Seychelles!

If you intend to leave during these two peaks, however, remember to book well in advance because the rates can flambé sometimes very indecent way.

How to travel cheaper to the Seychelles?

Our advice for traveling cheaper to the Seychelles: take a packaged formula!

Given the high price of air tickets to Seychelles and if you do not leave long, it is often more advantageous to opt for a complete package with flight included with a tour operator or a tour operator. Afterwards, for the content of the stay, it’s you who chooses, there is a choice: from the hotel residence alone (without meals) to the large resort 5 * for a honeymoon … There is something for all tastes, for fans of standings or smaller budgets! The cheapest trips to Seychelles on the web are often 2/3 * hotels for breakfast. The “value-for-money” report is good anyway, provided you have a budget for the evening restaurants or take the optional half-board.

True luxury … But in private sale!

To stay in a big luxury resort or to spend your honeymoon in the Seychelles, you can do great bargains on private sales sites that are able to negotiate very low rates on 5 * and really high offers of range. Although it may still seem expensive and the budget to be released is obviously not suitable for all purses, the rates can be broken up to -50% and it remains the best deal in the market.

Stay in a Guesthouse

The guesthouses are numerous and surely represent the most economical mode of accommodation with, in addition, a good dose of authenticity. Many guesthouses in Seychelles also offer half-board, which is quite ideal (the restaurants are expensive, take away often close in the evening). We find quite a lot on the Internet (many have a site) and on large booking centers. Remember to book in advance your nights if you leave at the time of tourist peaks (end of year and summer) and to organize at least your first night, in general.

Budget very variable: 50/150 € the night, sometimes much more according to standard.

Tips and tricks for your holidays in Seychelles

To know budget side: the local currency is the Seychellois rupee (SCR). 100 SCR = 6 €

– Take masks and snorkels!

If you love snorkeling, do not forget to put the equipment in a corner of your suitcase: it is quickly expensive to rent on the spot! If you are not, you will inevitably become one! The diving in PMT (palms-mask-snorkel … To note that the fins are not essential) makes it possible to take full eyes without paying a centime: fish of all the colors, marine plants, turtles, dolphins… If you are in good health, no skill is needed, even children can get started! However, do not forget to take bathing shoes and put on a t-shirt (snorkeling is the perfect way to get a sunburn on your back in less than 10 minutes!)

Best spots for snorkeling in the Seychelles: Coco Island, Saint-Pierre Island, Anse Royale, Port Launay, Baie Ternay, Félicité …


– Eat in “take away”

They are the typical lunch of the Seychellois: the menu consists of a tray to go (with plastic cutlery and napkin) decorated with rice, fish, meat, salad, lentils … It is very economical (3/5 € the tray ), the dishes are plentiful and can be easily shared with a child. Budget: 40/50 rupees

The ideal is to watch for customers: if the queue is made up of locals, you can go there with your eyes closed. Beware, a lot of take away are closed in the evening, the food is usually quite spicy.


– Do not make too much change.

The ideal is to leave with € since one can easily pay in foreign currency in the hotels, the boats, the hirers … But it is necessary to pay attention to the applied rate which can be very disadvantageous. Remember to change as you go to pay in rupees restaurants, shopping, bus …

Victoria offices and banks generally charge a lower rate than hotels.


– Take the bus!

In Mahé and Praslin, the bus network is dense and well organized, it runs from 6h to 20h approx. (much less after 18:30). You can go everywhere for a really low budget: 1 ticket = 5 rupees or 0.30 € whatever the destination and duration of the trip. In Mahé, there is a bus station in Victoria. There is none on Praslin.

Enjoy your budget trip to the Seychelles!

Found in the Indian Ocean, the mesmerising island of Seychelles is an archipelagos of in all 115 islands. There are actually 42 inner island and73 outer island, all of them unique in their own way. Ideally situated 1500 kilometres east from afar Africa,the Seychelles is home to many unique species and this is one of the main reasons why people travel from all around the world to visit the Seychelles islands. They maternal language is a mixture of French, English and Creole hence if you know talk or can manage with one of these language it will be really easy for you to communicate.
300, 000 tourist come to visit the Seychelles annually and as a matter of fact 15 percent of the inhabitant work in the tourism industry. It is actually a small destination but surely a unique and worthy holidays. There is a lot to discover about the ethnic mix islands. A wide range of activity is offered to it visitors as well as locals. Enjoy outdoor activities including surfing, hiking and even fishing.

The largest and the main island of the Seychelles is the Mahe Island, and the capital of the Seychelles is Victoria. Victoria was granted by a British of the same name. The population of the Seychelles Islands is only 95, 000 of inhabitant. Despite having a large number of tourist arriving each year on the island, or having development, some people still live in poor condition. Some inhabitant of the islands have to work all day to be able to feed themselves.

As all island have a history, the Seychelles islands have one too. During the prehistoric times, it is said that the island was completely lone. It was the Arab, the Maldivian and the Austronesian who were the first to visit the island. After that Portuguese, British, French and Pirates fought to get the island and hence in 1903 the Seychelles islands became a crown colony and became independent in 1976.

The best and perfect time to travel to the island of Seychelles are April, May, October and November. These month are where the weather is as its best, it’s between the hot season and the humid season. During these month you may enjoy sunbathing, scuba diving and all the other summer activities.
April to May-at this period of time the Seychelles experience a warm and mild weather. The rainfalls also become more frequent and it is the time where most hotel becomes almost empty.

June to September- if you are planning to visit the Seychelles islands during these months especially June to August, just get prepared to pay at high prices. It is the peak season, where most people visit the island and yes make sure you already book your accommodation way before because you might not get your accommodation.

October to November- if your budget doesn’t allow you to go during the peak season then just go during November and October to pay less. This period of time is just right after summertime. You have the chance to encounter promotion or packages. You can still enjoy the sun and do many activities.
December to March- during these month, most of the time there are heavy rainfall and its quiet windy out there. However this does not stop visitor from visiting the island and spent their winter holiday here. If you are planning to visit during the late December and the beginning of January then you must book your accommodation months before going on your holiday.
The first best island to visit in the Seychelles is probably the main island, Mahe. It is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery and have attractions for oldies, children, singles and couples. On the Mahe islands you can try both water and land sport and surely you will not regret it. Hike up the mountain and contemplate the mesmerising views the Mahe islands offers. If you only want to relax you may just go to a beach or why not for a whole body massage?

Praslin, the 2nd largest island is full with resorts, hotel and restaurants as well as major tourist attractions for newly married couple. After the Bird islands, Praslin is the island where there is most habitat of birds. If you are a bird lover and enjoy watching or clicking bird’s picture then it is the perfect time to click some memories.

La Digue is mostly for old people and those who simply like to relax and contemplate the nature’s beauty. People at la Digue have casual lifestyle, most people move from one place to another by foot only. If you are lucky enough you might see a car but it’s rare and most people travel by bike or foot. However it is still a unique place and have mesmerising unspoiled natural beauty.

Denis islands is nothing like the other islands, unique in its own way, the stunning island was made from coral, and it is still protected by coral reefs. It is also a nice place to enjoy some nice water activities including surfing, diving and kayaking. People also go to the Denis Islands to have a good sunbathing over the white sandy beach.

Cousine islands is the other perfect place to relax, a quiet place to enjoy your holiday. It is not an island of great interest hence there are a minimum number of people visiting the Cousine islands. However you may find some nice resorts over there where you will get pampered with spa, food and everything else. You may perform activities such as fishing and diving or boat tour.

Local cuisine- the holiday is not completely if you didn’t taste the delicious and unique local cuisine. Seafood, chicken and coconut are the key ingredients to almost all dishes, the Seychellois are big fans of these 3 ingredients.Lentils and Dhal, rice are also some of the main ingredient in their dishes. The Seychellois have a secret for their unique grilled fish, you should definitely try it if you visit the island of Seychelles.
Seychelles always have something new to offer to its visitors, just take a break from your boring life, come and have fun here! Book your ticket now!


Mauritius districts attraction mapMauritius also known as the paradise island is a tiny island situated in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the three Islands of the Mascarene. In the paradise island resides a number of tourist attractions that will fill up your schedule in Mauritius. You have the opportunity to visit museum, go on an adventure or even visit cultural places. It all depends on what you would like to fit in. The island is mostly known for its beaches, lagoon and reefs. The best time to visit the island is between May and December where the island is sunny and typically tropical.

Here are a few tourist attractions which you should not miss while in Mauritius:

Vallee des Couleurs

7 coloured earth mauritiusThe mesmerising Vallee des Couleurs is home to a variety of flora and fauna, where many activities are proposed. It is a great place to enjoy an adventurous journey among families and friends. Nature lovers are bound to adore this place. Unique in its own way, the Vallee des Couleurs owns mountain valleys, plateaus, hill, waterfalls and lakes. It is a purely natural place where visitors are treated with 23 coloured Earth, a green valley, kid garden and a restaurant.

The visit of Vallee des Couleurs starts at the very beginning itself which is at the Exhibition room and this will give you an outline of how your journey is going to you. Throughout your visit to the fern garden you will spot some wild orchids, Bouquet Banane and many other types of flowers. The bouquet Banane is the most mesmerising flower of all the others but unfortunately it only blooms at the end on the year. Hopefully you get lucky enough and get the golden opportunity to watch the blooming of the Bouquet Banane.

Take the most perfect picture of the unspoiled beauty of the 23 coloured land of the Vallee des Couleurs. The 23 coloured earth was formed by a volcanic eruption of the Bassin Blanc. There are many activities including the Tyrolienne and quads which are proposed by the Vallee des Couleurs. The duration of the total visit to natural reserves is around 3-4 hours. There are many packages that you can choose. Each of them has their own price.

Citadel Fort Adelaine

Citadelle Port Louis
View from Fort Adelaide

The Citadel also known as the Fort Adelaine is ideally built up on a 100 metres hill which is actually known as ‘’Petite Montagne’’. The monument is named after the wife of William II back in the time where the British were ruling over the capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis. The Citadel was cleverly made to protect the British from enemy in the 19th century. It was designed by Colonel Cunningham and built by Indian and African slaves.

The building, made of giant blocks, is now a National Monument. At the top of The Fort Adelaine includes views of the entire town of Port-louis including the port, Caudan and champ de mars. You have to walk about a hundred stairs to get at the top of the citadel but you may also take a taxi to get at the top of the citadel. The place is always open and you may also go at night as there is light all over the place. However the best time to visit the Fort Adelaine is on Saturday from noon to around 4 to 5 PM. You may watch the horse race at the champ de mars from atop of the hill. The citadel is worth for at least a visit, you will surely enjoy the beautiful scenery of the port- Louis and you may also take some memories. So if you are in Mauritius and wondering where to go, we recommend that you rent a car with Avis Car rental Mauritius or just pay a taxis and it will bring you to the citadel mall.


the seychelles The island of Seychelles is an archipelago which is made up of 115 islands in addition. There are 41 granite islands and 75 of them are coralline islands, all of them unique in their own way. Actually, no one can get bored in the Seychelles as there is always a new thing to discover, whether it is on land or underwater.

The Seychelles is as well a major tourist attraction. Besides its mesmerising beaches, lagoon and coral reefs the island also have wonderful attractions including its lush rain forests, its natural reserves, its museum and most importantly all the activities that the islands offers to all its visitors.

Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher
Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher

The Botanical Garden is made up of more than 15 acres of exotic and endemic plants and lies in the heart of Victoria which is the capital of Mahé. Being over 100 years old, it is an outstanding attraction in the Indian Ocean deserving a mention in this list. While it was initially introduced as an experiment for the cultivation of several species of plants, it has now become a park where nature lovers would kill for an opportunity to visit this exotic place.

The Vallée de Mai National Park

The Vallée de Mai National Park is one unique attraction in the Seychelles which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to the largest amount of the endemic plant coco de mer fruit palm (around 4000 samples). The reserve also contains several rare bird species such as the black parrot.

Vallée de Mai was first established in 1966 and later listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1983. This tropical forest includes many species of animals and plants that are threatened to extinction and are protected by the Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF). Nature lovers and photographers would love The Vallée de Mai National Park.

From Mahé to Praslin via La Digue and all the other islands in the region, discover our favorites in terms of visits to museums or monuments, jungle excursions or lazy outings to pretty secret coves. White sand beach, nature or culture, you will be spoiled for choice for your trip to Seychelles!

Composed of 115 islands and islets with their own identity, the archipelago is known for its idyllic bays, nature reserves, abundant tropical vegetation and varied wildlife. Going on an excursion to observe the animals of the islands, you will come across turtles, bats (the Rousette, a bat threatened,) birds and many tropical fish. Each island is worth a visit, although travelers often share their time between Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. But no matter where you go, there is a wealth of things to see in the Seychelles, from the most remote areas to quaint villages to heavenly beaches. The Seychelles, with its diverse and varied landscapes, is famous for its beautiful beaches framed by granite rocks, coconut palms and crystal clear turquoise water. There are pretty Creole houses, numerous artists’ galleries, historical monuments, marine parks and nature reserves.



Largest island of the archipelago, Mahé is a concentrate of nature and culture. Hiking on the highest point of the archipelago to reach a breathtaking panorama, lazing and swimming on one of the 70 beaches of the island, cultural tour of the Baie Lazare … By lodging the shores of Mahé, you can enjoy its most beautiful beaches like the white sand beach of Beau Vallon or that of Anse Royale. Its coastline idyllic landscape lends itself to relaxation or snorkeling (snorkeling) or scuba diving and also makes for beautiful catamaran rides. A day tour should allow you to explore the south of the island or discover the marine park of St. Anne which includes the islands of St. Anne, Long, Medium, Round and Deer Island.

The opportunities to go out are not lacking. Follow us to the beach of Petite Anse, enjoy a breath of fresh air at Morne Seychellois then go stroll on the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke market in Victoria … Guaranteed immersion on the main island of Seychelles.


The second biggest island of the archipelago has nothing to envy to its neighbors with regard to its possibilities of visits and excursions. The island of Praslin, known for its dream beaches, is a paradise of idleness. Discover its most beautiful beaches and its most famous diving spots. On the nature side, you can go to the nature reserve of the Valley of May and meet a lot of wild animals. Between the Cove of Lazio, Kerlan and Georgette, the visit of Curieuse Island, scuba diving to explore the seabed, there is much to discover in Praslin.

Among the things to see in Praslin, do not forget the countless cultural visits that we share with you and that will allow you to learn more about the history of the archipelago. The Praslin Museum and Rita’s Art Studio & Gallery are just a few examples.


With its beautiful sandy beaches, hiking and biking trails and its tranquil and authentic atmosphere, La Digue is one of our favorites. Walks in oxcart to discover the translucent waters of Anse Source d’Argent passing of course by meeting with the giant tortoises and the visit of the estate of the Union and its pretty colonial house, the possibilities of excursions and visits are not lacking. Take inspiration from our good ideas to build your future stay in La Digue!


You know us, we love discovering off the beaten track. So follow us and go together to discover the unknown islands of Seychelles.

The pristine and intact natural settings of Denis, the luxuriant vegetation of Silhouette, the turquoise blue lagoon of Fregate … The small islands of the archipelago make it possible to leave the hordes of tourists to discover a more intimate and hidden facet of the Seychelles.

Take a trip on Robinson Denis, discover the fauna and flora of the jungle Silhouette with a naturalist guide, visit the Sainte-Anne Marine National Park on Cerf Island … A maximum of inspiration to discover the Seychelles otherwise!

Happy Holidays in the Seychelles

By dint of battles and collisions, some of the filibusters who once foamed the waters of the Indian Ocean have amassed extraordinary fortunes, sometimes hiding them at the bottom of caves or holes dug in the sand. Drops that have turned heads to many treasure hunters. Some still desperately seek the magot …

Hidden treasure in the Indian Ocean


July 7, 1730, St-Paul, Bourbon Island (Reunion). Olivier Levasseur, known as “La Buse”, a notorious filibuster, a sea-skiff, the terror of the Indian Ocean, climbs the scaffold. In a few seconds, he will be hung high and short at the end of a rope of hemp. Faithful to his reputation, the terrible forban cast a suspicious glance at the crowd who came to witness his torture, which is besides composed of many repentant pirates. The latter accepted the pardon offered by the King of France by signing a charter of clemency, and settled in Bourbon to live there as honest settlers.

The Buse would no doubt have also preferred to take advantage of this good fortune as his former companions in arms. Piracy was now heavily compromised in the Indian Ocean because of the harshness with which the authorities were tracking the buccaneers. But for that, he would have had to give up his fabulous treasure, the biggest loot ever collected in the history of piracy: gold, silver, diamonds and jewels carried by The Virgin of the Cape, The Portuguese flagship that he seized in 1721 with the help of his partner John Taylor. It is now estimated that the treasure would be worth more than 4.5 billion euros (177 billion rupees).

Certainly, when he was hiding on the island of Sainte-Marie off Madagascar, Levasseur had shown good faith in making the cross of Goa an enormous seven-foot gold relic set with precious stones, but he refused to separate himself from the rest of the booty. Arrested while he was flying the Medusa (a ship which was wrecked a few years later in the Mediterranean and which inspired Theodore Géricault his famous painting) in the port of Sainte-Marie, La Buse was now condemned.

“My treasure to whom will understand! “

Legend has it that, from the top of his scaffold, the rope around his neck, the pirate threw a paper in the crowd exclaiming “my treasure to whom will understand! A phrase that has aroused many passionates and years of desperate, feverish research throughout the Indian Ocean. The pirate’s paper contains a strange cryptogram …

It was not until the 1920s that the document reappeared in the Seychelles. Madame Rose Savy, a resident of Bel-Ombre, on the north coast of Mahé, discovers strange signs engraved in the rock before her property, at low tide. Animals, human shapes and drawings of various objects: a horse, a dog, a snake, an urn, a woman, a “monstrously opened eye” … Some of the signs are mentioned in the famous cryptogram (once decrypted).

Cryptogram of L Buse


From there, the story takes a rather blurry turn. According to Charles Bourel de La Roncière, author of the book “Le flibustier mysterieux, histoire de un hidden treasure” (1934), in which is reproduced the cryptogram of La Buse, the Seychelloise would have discovered the document at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Robert Charroux, in his work “Treasures of the world, buried, walled up, engulfed” (1962), states that the document was passed on to Madame Savy by inheritance. She would indeed be the descendant of a mysterious corsair, Bernardin Nageon of L’Estang, who seems to have recovered the treasure of La Buse.

In his book, Robert Charroux reproduces the testament of Nageon de L’Estang, which makes mention of several treasures hidden in islands of the region, including Maurice and Rodrigues. One of them, allegedly buried in Rivière-La-Chaux, near Grand-Port, was allegedly discovered.

The gold fever

Some historians have expressed serious doubts about the authenticity of the cryptogram of La Buse and the testament of Nageon de L’Estang. Nevertheless, these documents triggered a treasure hunt of gigantic proportions in the Indian Ocean. For nearly a hundred years, many people, whether in Mauritius, Rodrigues, Reunion Island or Seychelles, have been looking for fabulous booty. Some have spent considerable fortunes there, sometimes even to ruin.

A former British soldier, Reginald Cruise-Wilkins, spent more than £ 30,000 between 1949 and 1977 to find the gold of Levasseur not far from the engraved stones of Madame Savy, at Mahe. He was persuaded that the booty was hidden in a cave, bought the ground, and dug the rock for a long time with dynamite and various machines. His son, John Cruise-Wilkins, continues untiringly since his father’s unfinished business. “We’ve used all kinds of machines and equipment, but I think we have to go back to the good old methods. We must enter this man’s head, “said the treasure hunter in an interview with AFP in 2010.

Flibustier Edward England, a Taylor and Levasseur acolyte, was abandoned in Mauritius in 1720 with a few companions following a Mutiny. As much obsessed with the gold of La Buse, Joseph “Bibique” Tipveau was persuaded that the booty was hidden in Reunion. He spent 30 years excavating in the Ravine-à-Malheurs, where engraved rocks were also found, before committing suicide in 1995.

Many Mauritians also sought Treasure of Levasseur and those of other filibusters. The main character of Jean-Marie Leclezio’s novel “Le chercheur d’or” is inspired by the author’s grandfather, who was a treasure hunter. In his forthcoming book “Histoires Mauriciennes”, the author Jean-Marie Chelin lists more than fifteen treasures hidden in the island by pirates. Several sites have been extensively excavated over the years, including Klondike, near Flic-en-Flac, the Souillac marine cemetery, Tamarin, Belmont, not far from Poudre d’Or. Gold has never been released despite the combined efforts of generations of researchers.

Up for a treasure hunt guys?

The islands of the archipelago of Seychelles have received quite a number of visitors from over the globe. These islands are blessed with a wonderful weather almost all year round, attracting tourists throughout the year. The main islands of the Seychelles remain Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. These three islands include many tourist attractions and activities such as deep sea fishing, scuba diving, kite surfing and many more!

The other islands are filled with natural treasures of flora and fauna. They include rare species found nowhere else in the world such as the Wright’s Gardenia on the flora side and the Seychelles magpie robin on the fauna side.


Mahé Island

mahe seychelles victoria
mahe seychelles victoria

Mahé is the capital island of the Seychelles. Its capital is Port Victoria where many interesting tourist activities await you. The island is also surrounded by magnificent beaches which are known throughout the globe such as Beau Vallon and Anse Intendance.

Interesting places to visit in Mahé includes its botanical garden, the small Ben, the Victoria supermarket and the Kenwyn House.


Botanical Garden

Victoria botanical garden
Victoria botanical garden

Lying in the middle of Port Victoria, the great Botanical Garden was established in the 1900’s. It is a stunning garden which includes a five acres landscape which is home to a wide range of exotic and endemic plant including a wide range of unique spice and fruit trees.

You can visit the botanical garden from Monday to Sunday at 7hr30 Am to 5pm.


Clock Tower

Tower-Cloc- in-Vicotria--Mahé
Tower Clock in Vicotria- Mahé

The Small Ben is a miniature version of the Big Ben in London. It is an important historical monument of the Seychelles and represents an important landmark of Port Victoria. The clock tower was built by Messrs Gillet & Johnson of Croydon from 1844 to 1957.



Kenwyn House

Kenwyn House is among the most renowned attractions in the Seychelles. It comprises of a shopping mall which included rare dazzled diamonds. Kenwyn House was constructed in 1855. Today, It constitutes the most luxurious retail company in the archipelago.

Victoria Market

The Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market was established in 1840 and has since become a local hotspot for the inhabitants of the Seychelles. The market is the spot to be if you want to learn about the Seychellois’ cultures and daily routines. The market is vivid and has a pleasant atmosphere where a variety of fruits, vegetables, fishes and souvenirs items are on display for sale. You may acquire your daily consumables there during your time in the Seychelles.


There are many things that you can try out in Mahé. Here are a few on the list:


There are many local casinos spread around the area in Mahé although the most recommended one would be the Amusement Centre which include 200 slots machines and a licensed bar. The night life of Mahé cannot be fully discovered in one night! However, don’t rush things! Take your time to enjoy the ride.


Insider tips: The Katiolo is the best club to go to enjoy the nightlife of the Seychelles. It is an air opened club where you can dance to the Creole music and enjoy a lively Creole ambiance with 100% creole services.

Seychelles Golf

Mahé include the largest golf club in the Seychelles which is namely the Seychelles Golf club. The latter is established on an old coconut plantation which can be reached in 15 minutes from the airport of the island. Have fun on a nine-hole course which is probably the best that you will get in the Seychelles.


Praslin Island

Seychelles Anse Lazio PraslinPraslin is a famous tourist destination where many hotels and resorts have established themselves on the coast of the island. It is a small island which can be explored in a 2 hours drive. However, there are plenty of activities to try and spots to visit.


Beaches of Praslin

Praslin beach

The beauties of the beaches of Praslin are not to be underestimated. Praslin includes beaches which are listed among the world’s best beaches. The most renowned ones are Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio. These two beaches are listed in the Top 10 list of world’s best beaches.

Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette, SeychellesAnse Georgette is located at the north-east of Praslin. It is a unique spot which you can access from Anse Lazio. Anse Georgette offers you a magnificent landscape view- It is surrounded by lush vegetation while the scenery of the turquoise water merging with the golden sand is just mesmerizing!

Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio beachAnse Lazio is situated in the north of Praslin. It is one of the best spot where you can capture gorgeous pictures of the seaside!



Vallée de Mai

One of the most important sites in Praslin is the Vallée de Mai which is a UNESCO world Heritage Site. The Vallée de Mai is located in the middle of Praslin. This nature reserve includes an old forest which is filled with rare endemic plant such as the Coco de Mer, palmers, Vanilla orchids and Palm of the traveler. There are also rare birds that are exclusive to the Seychelles like the Seychelles black parrot.


La Digue

La Digue is the third biggest as well as third most populated island of the Seychelles archipelago. The island is privately owned by the hotel La Digue Lodge and is sometimes reserved for the exclusivity of its clients. La Digue is one of the best spots for scuba diving. While tourism is its main industry, La Digue has gone through a significant tourist increase over these years and has had major influence on the economy of the Seychelles.

La Digue is the shelter for many rare species, some which are even endangered such as the black paradise flycatcher. The latter are only about 100 in the entire globe.

The island has a rich marine life which includes a variety of fish, sharks and rays. While scuba diving, some divers have affirmed spotting blacktip reef sharks and whale sharks.


If you are planning for a trip to the Seychelles, you might want to check the website of AirSeychelles. The latter offers many interesting packages that will definitely pick your interest.

The Seychelles archipelago is filled with various attractions and activities that thousands around the world have tried and loved. Adventurous visitors have nothing to complain about while they are in the Seychelles. The tropical islands, praline beaches and the turquoise water make an amazing combination for your ideal holiday get away.

Among the millions of things to experience in the Seychelles is diving and snorkelling. While this archipelago is particularly blessed with rare flora and fauna, it also has an amazing underwater world which is available for you to discover at arm’s length. The scuba diving in the Seychelles has made a lot of blissful moments for many around the corners of the world.

The Seychelles includes dive sites which are recognised by the world!

Seasons & conditions

While the Seychelles are blessed with ideal weather conditions for holiday trips throughout the year, there are specific times that are recommended for diving and snorkelling. April, May, October and November are the month in which the ideal conditions are met for scuba diving. The water temperature of the Seychelles gets to 29 degree Celsius at these times of the year. You have the same water temperature in December and January but the weather is a little bit windy in those two months. It is presume that from May to September are the worst time to dive in the Seychelles as there are usually strong winds blowing up in that time period.


The 3 Principal islands of the Seychelles

The inner islands are but a combination of mountain ranges, rare flora and fauna and a diverse and gorgeous marine life. The inner islands are also renowned for its amazing firmness reef and real coral reefs.

The 3 principal islands include Mahé, La Digue and Praslin.

Diving in Mahé

Mahe from aboveMahé is the centre island of the Seychelles archipelago. A trip to the Seychelles is incomplete without a visit to Mahé. The island is also the spot where you will find most of the tourist attractions in Seychelles. The best diving sites are found on Mahé Island. It is also the place where most tourists actually go to visit.

Mahé includes over 50 diving site, each one giving a trill of their own kind. While the island is renowned for the diverse marine creatures located in its surrounding waters, it is the best spot to scuba dive!


Blue sea divers

Blue sea divers is located in the middle of Beau Vallon on Mahé island. The blue sea proposes snorkelling excursions, diving courses and driving trips every day. You have the choice of diving at your own rhythm. Different packages are available, proposing full day or half day excursions.

Transportation is provided from the dive centre to your hotel. Blue Sea Divers have personnel that are well trained to help you gain the maximum blissful experience from your trip. They are professionals who are qualified and experienced.  Your safety and security is guaranteed!

The Blue sea Dive centre departs for the diving activity at 9hr00 in the morning and is usually back at 12hr 30. In the afternoon, departure is at 14hr00 and you will return at 15hr30.

Diving in Praslin

Praslin beachThe second largest island of the Seychelles promises a lot to the scuba diving fans. Praslin’s surrounding waters are filled with beautiful multi coloured corals and marine creatures. The beauty of its underwater world knows no bounds. Various types of Reef fish species that nourish over sponges can be spotted in the lagoons of Praslin.

There are rocks in the lagoons of Praslin which are home to numerous species. At night, the rocks become vividly colourful, offering majestic scenery of lights. While craps and lobsters leaves their homes in search for food, you will be provided with an amazing scenery if you scuba dive at night.

Whitetips Divers

A dive centre which is situated in Praslin is Whitetips Divers. This dive centre gives you the ideal chance to have a unique diving experience. Professional divers form the staff members of Whitetips Divers. On the security and safety perceptive, the personnel take it on themselves.

Whitetips Divers have the equipments required for scuba diving, furnished with 25 full sets of SCUBAPRO equipment, 20 sets of snorkelling gears and 55 aluminium tanks.

Prepare for a memorable experience of a lifetime! There are more than 15 dive sites that you can explore going from 8 to 20 meters deep. Be prepared to spot the marine creatures that live in the vicinity such as the jackfish, grey nurse shark and the yellow snapper.


Diving in la Digue

Anse-Source-dArgent-La-Digue-SeychellesLa Digue has become a key destination where a lot of hotels have invested a great amount of funds. There private hotels offers diving trips which are overwhelmingly blissful.

There are many dive sites in La Digue. Some famous ones are white Bank, Ave Maria and Channel rocks. Many underwater species are found in the waters of La Digue. Along with several species of colourful fishes, 3 different types of sharks, octopus, many more roams around just to be spotted by some lucky divers.

Azzurra Pro dive

Azzurra pro dive is located in the middle of the island of la Digue. Staffs at Azzurra are casual enough to make you feel at ease. An amazing underwater experiment awaits you in La Digue, whether it is your first time, second time or you are a professional diver.

The diving centre offers beginner and profession level PADI diving courses.


The outer islands of the Seychelles

Off the coral atolls and sand cays is where awaits you an amazing diving experience. The most common spot to dive in the outer region of the Seychelles is through the giant lagoon of the Aldabra atoll. The latter is a renowned diving site which is mainly famous for its drift dive passing through the giant lagoon. Rare marine creatures can be spotted there especially the Green turtle which are frequently perceived by divers. The Green turtle is a special specie which can walk on land and swim under water

Une escapade sur une île tropicale est incomplète sans passer quelques jours sur une plage de sable blanc isolée, en absorbant le soleil, en sirotant le doux jus des noix de coco ou des cocktails sous l’ombre d’un palmier ou profiter d’un lagon bleu turquoise. 

Les Seychelles ont sans conteste les meilleures plages du monde, chacune différente du prochain et offrant tous des endroits idéaux pour la natation, la plongée, le snorkeling, les sports nautiques, la navigation de plaisance et la pêche – vous avez l’embarras du choix. 

Indépendamment de la façon dont les vents alizés soufflent lorsque vous visitez, vous pourrez toujours trouver un endroit de baignade tranquille pour vous détendre et passer une journée parfaite sur un endroit isolé à l’abri des vagues. 

Voici nos notre liste des plus belles plages à voir à Mahe, Praslin et La Digue … 




Frangé par un majestueux récif et des rochers granitiques, la baie d’Anse Royale offre des eaux abritées idéales pour la baignade, la plongée en apnée, navigation sur ses eaux calmes, la pêche, le kayak et le paddle boarding. Agréable toute l’année, mais particulièrement pendant la saison des vents alizés nord-ouest lorsque les eaux sont translucides, doux et tranquilles. 


Anse Intendance Mahé

Un endroit idéal pour bronzer toute l’année, Anse Intendance offre un long banc de sable blanc poudreuse. Il n’y a pas de récif, de sorte que les vagues sont beaucoup plus grandes que la plupart des autres plages, ce qui en fait le point de surf idéal, mais attention, il peut y avoir des courants violents. Pendant la saisons des alizé du sud-est, les vagues peuvent atteindre des hauteurs redoutables, mais pendant la saison des alizés du nord-ouest, la mer est plus calme et idéale pour la baignade. 


La plage la plus populaire de Mahé, cette vaste baie de sable blanc et ses eaux claires sur la côte nord-ouest de Mahé offre une zone de baignade très sûre. Avec une grande sélection de restaurants, de marchés hebdomadaires, de sports nautiques et de centres de plongée allongés le long de son sable, c’est la plage pour ceux qui souhaitent faire quelque chose d’un peu plus que de tremper le soleil. Pendant les alizés sud-est, la mer est extrêmement calme et la plage peut être profitée sous sa meilleur forme. 


Anse Major est situé à environ 3 km à l’ouest de Bel Ombre, sur la côte nord de Mahé. Pour y arriver, vous pouvez choisir de faire une randonnée côtière d’une bonne heure à travers le parc national du Morne Seychellois. Si vous ne voulez pas marcher, vous pouvez réserver un bateau taxi depuis Bel Ombre, qui vous déposera directement sur la plage. 



Anse lazio beach

Souvent classé parmi les dix plus belles plages du monde, Anse Lazio est un vrai paradis tropical caché au bout d’une longue route venteuse et avec un sable blanc en poudre, une eau bleue et calme et des magnifiques pierres de granit. Elle vaut réellement le voyage aux Seychelles. Idéal pour la baignade, la plongée avec tuba et le bronzage, Anse Lazio dispose également de deux restaurants parfaitement placés pour le déjeuner et des rafraîchissements. 


La plage principale de Praslin, Anse Volbert , ou aussi apelée la Côte d’Or, est une plage éblouissante avec un lagon au eaux cristallines, idéales pour la natation et les sports nautiques. Dans la baie, vous verrez deux petites îles, l’île Chauve Souris et l’îlot St Pierre, deux endroits excellents pour la plongée.  


C’est une superbe plage de sable blanc, mais l’accès est seulement par la mer en bateau, ou avec l’autorisation spéciale de Constance Lémuria Resort qui l’entoure. Pourquoi ne pas y passer une journée? Vous pourrez profiter de son parcours de Golf 18 trous et ensuite profiter de la plage et du lagon pour vous rafraichir. 



Cette plage n’a pas besoin d’introduction. Anse Source D’Argent est réputée pour être la plage la plus photographiée au monde, avec un sable blanc et fin, une eau turquoise claire et d’énormes rochers de granit sculptés par les mains de dieu. Abrité par le récif, la mer est très calme et peu profonde rendant la sécurité pour les enfants. L’accès à la plage via L’Union Estate nécessite un droit d’entrée de SCR100 pour les non-résidents. 


Grand Anse est une étonnante étendue de sable blanc pur bordé de majestueux rochers de granit et des eaux turquoises les plus cristallines que vous n’ayez jamais vu. Alors que les eaux sont invitantes, soyez averti que cette plage peut avoir des courants subaquatiques très fort, alors lisez attentivement aux panneaux et nagez seulement quand vous êtes sûr que votre capacité vous le permet. Il y a aussi un charmant bar sur la plage; parfait pour vous détendre et profiter des vues pittoresques. 


Cette jolie baie sur la côte est de La Digue n’est accessible qu’à pied, soit en empruntant un chemin de Grand Anse, soit dans l’autre direction d’Anse Fourmis. En raison de son aspect plus abrité, cette plage, contrairement à ses baies voisines de Grand et Petit Anse, est sûre pour les nageurs, mais il y a encore des courants forts, il faut donc être toujours sur vos gardes. 

Réserver un vol pour les Seychelles.

Brief definition of geography:

It is the investigation of the physical characteristic of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human animation as it influences and is influenced by these, including the sharing of populations and resources and political and economic activities.

Location of the Seychelles

Map of the Seychelles

Maps of the Seychelles
Maps of the Seychelles

The Seychelles is an archipelago (a collection of islands) situated in the Indian Ocean.

It is found to the northeast of Madagascar while being 1600km to the east of Kenya.

Seychelles is located roughly between 4ºS and 10ºS and 46ºE and 54ºE.

The Seychelles include 155 tropical island which is broke into two parts:

The inner part of Seychelles

The population of the archipelago includes 90 000 people of which more than 80 000 lives in the principal island namely Mahe Island.

Inner Islands

Seychelles MapThe inner islands include 45 islands of the Seychelles which together make a total area of 247.2 km2. The inner islands cover a total of 54% of the total Seychelles area. However, more than 99% of the Seychelles population lives in the inner part of the Seychelles.

The three main islands of the Seychelles are found in the inner island. They are Mahé Island, Praslin Island and La Digue Island. Mahé is the principal island with its capital Port Victoria.

Some of the Inner Seychelles are:

Mahe from aboveMahé is the biggest island of the Seychelles and is also the most populated island of the Seychelles. It has many stunning beaches and historical sites. Visitors can also try the many activities in Seychelles which are available around the island’s coast such as scuba diving, kite surfing, sea kayaking and many more!

The coast of Mahé us filled with gorgeous beaches and lagoons ideal for swimming. The beaches are often tranquil while the best beaches are situated in the south and the north of the island. The south is also the most ideal and beautiful place for you to stay where tourists have full tie to discover and explore the island. Many holidays packages are available. You may stay on the east-north coast where you will find attractive coastline or the south for the best beaches.



Praslin is another gorgeous island of the Seychelles and is the second biggest island of the Seychelles in terms of population which is around 6500 people. Its beaches are famous around the world among which are Anse Lazion and Anse Googette.

Several hotels in Praslin are available for you to consider. There are many interesting packages offered by the hotels throughout the year.

La Digue

Anse Marron La DigueThe fourth largest island of the Seychelles is La Digue. The only way of accessing the island is by boat or helicopter as there are no airports on La Digue.

La Digue is home to the five star hotel La digue Lodge. The hotel provides the following facilities:

Le Veuve restaurant offers local Creole cuisine with remarkable professionalism. It also provides international cuisines and manages frequent themed nights for your entertainment.

There is also a restaurant near a pool which provides a wide variety of light-lunch options as well as more filling dishes for heartier appetites.

La Digue lodge also offers a lot of activities for your Seychelles vacation.


Top view of silhouette island seychellesThe most important islands are only Mahe, Praslin, Silhouette and La Digue. The majority of the remaining islands is unpopulated and has no means for accommodation. Other famous inner islands of the Seychelles are Bird Island,Cerf Island, Cousine Island, Denis Island, Fregate Island, North Island, Round Island and Ste. Anne Island.

Seychelles Outer islands

The Outer Islands comprises of 5 batches of coralline islands namely:

The Amirante Islands

The Southern Coral Group which include the island Ile Platte and Coetivy Island.

The Alphonse Group which contain the Alphonse Atoll and St Francois Atoll.

The Farquhar Group having the Farquhar Atoll, St Pierre Island and Providence Atoll.

The Aldabra Group which consist of Astove Island and Cosmoledo Atoll.

The Outer Islands are about an area of 211.3 km2. This makes up of around 46% of the total Seychelles area. However they make less than 1% of the population of the republic of Seychelles.

The corallines islands are flat with up raised coral reefs at variant stages of formation. Those islands have no drinkable water (you will find only sea water) and individuals will find it very difficult to live there.

Climate of Seychelles

Weather Seychelles

Anse Intendance SeychellesThe Seychelles is the only archipelago where you will experience a gorgeous weather with clear blue sky, Sunny and warmth atmosphere nearly all year round.

Although quite humid, the Seychelles are blessed with calm and healthy climate which is rarely disturbed.

However as the islands are small they are subject to marine influences. The temperature may vary a little bit during the year. On Mahé, the temperature may range between 24 to 30 °C.

On the other hand, rainfall may vary from 2,900 mm to 3,600 mm yealy at Victoria.

July and August are the coolest months of the Seychelles. The temperature may drop to 24 °C at the utmost. The southeast trade winds puff systematically from May to November which is the most enjoyable time you can have in the Seychelles during the year

December to April are the hot months accompanied with higher humidity. The hottest months of the year are March and April. However, the temperature rarely overreaches 31 °C. High winds seldomly arise since the majority of the islands are located outside the cyclone belt.

Flora and Flauna of Seychelles

Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher
Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher

The Seychelles’ ecology was enhanced in the US$1.8 million project of the Global Environment Trust Fund of the World Bank which started in 1993. The World Bank research for this project declares that the islands is home to a sum of 1,170 flowering plants, 3 of mammals, 15 of birds,  30 of reptiles and amphibians, and many hundreds species of spiders, snails, insects, and other invertebrates” found only in the Seychelles.  The variant species in the islands is being evaluated by the Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles.

Moreover, the waters comprise of more than 1000 kinds of fish.

The Indian Ocean has wonderful islands that provide a various number of activities and are filled up with luxurious resorts and spa making them unexceptional as holiday destinations. There are many interesting island that you may want to visit each having their own culture, cooking style and attractions leaving you a variety of choices to choose as destinations for a great vacation.

In this article, we have included only two of the best islands as holiday destinations in the Indian Ocean and also some insider tips so that you have a full experience package for your trip to any of these islands.


Mauritius attractions: Top view of Le morne
Mauritius attractions: Top view of Le morne

Mauritius is a small island of about 2040 kilometre square. There is a lot to discover in the island. The country has quite a past and many interesting historical sites which will leave you breathless while you uncover its history. Thanks to its rich historical past, Mauritius became a multi-cultural island.

Some examples of Historical sites in Mauritius are the Eureka plantation house, the Fort Madelaine also known as the citadel and the museum.

If you want to learn more click on History of Mauritius

The island is a real beauty and a well-visited place such that tourism is an important industry for the economy of the country. Famous for its stunning beaches, its clear lagoon and reef and its mountainous corners, it is the best holiday destination choice for many foreigners. Many tourists go to Mauritius for the purpose of shopping, business dealing, honeymoon and weddings or just to spend leisure time with family.

Sega Mauritius
Sega dance on the beach

Included in the Mauritian culture is the epic ‘sega’. The ‘sega’ is a mixture of song and dance invented by slaves brought into Mauritius long time ago. It represents the culture of the Mauritian.


Mauritian also imitates cuisines all around the world. This makes Mauritius a much more interesting island to visit. As Mauritius is a multi-cultural island, its cuisines originate from many countries such as China, Africa and India.

You may find foods that are sold in your country. Being a vegan is not a problem in the small island. There are vegetarian foods all around the island as there is a significant proportion of the population of the island who are vegans.


Mauritius has many facilities available for the foreigners who want to visit the island. The island enchant its visitors and make them feel home. Visitors have personal attentions and they are the priorities. A promising holiday awaits you in Mauritius. If you want to travel to Mauritius, quickly book your flights to Mauritius now with AirSeychelles!


The Seychelles

seychelles-with-couplesThe Seychelles is an archipelago with a combination of 115 small islands. The Seychelles is indeed an amazing island with millions of things to discover.




The Praslin Island


Seychelles beach
Sunset in Seychelles

Praslin is a beautiful island, including all its natural belongings but mostly famous for its stunning beaches. Being pretty small, the island is inhabited by 6,500 people. However, Praslin is considered as the second biggest island in the Seychelles. Some of its beaches in Praslin are renown in the world as the most beautiful beaches. Anse Lazio and Anse Googette are the most famous locally and worldwide.

Are you looking for hotels in Praslin? Click on the link to get to the best hotels in Praslin!

As for food, there are several good restaurants in Praslin.

Pk’s @ Pasquiere restaurant and gastropub

The restaurant is ideally situated at Anse Boudin. The restaurant happens to be situated in a lovely spot where you can contemplate the beautiful views of Praslin and the surrounding islands while relishing your meal. However, the restaurant only offers seafood meals. The famous corner warmly welcomes its clients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner even late at night.

Laurier restaurant

Situated at code d’or is the famous Laurier restaurant. The Laurier restaurant offer Barbecue.The Laurier restaurant is famous for its buffet. It offers a wide range of cold dishes. The prices are also at a reasonable rate.

Mahe Island

mahe seychelles victoria
mahe seychelles victoria

The Mahé Island is the biggest island in the entire 115 island of the archipelagos. Victoria is the capital of the island.

There is a lot to explore in Mahé. It is full of stunning beaches. While most of its people live in Victoria, there are also several towns where people follow the Creole culture. There are many activities which can be done on the island such as mountain walk, scuba diving and sea kayaking.

The seaside of Mahé is a great place to swim. The beaches are often tranquil but the best beaches on the island of Mahé are found in the south or the north of the island. The south is also the most convenient place for you to stay. As the bays are not far from each other, tourists have full tie to discover and explore the island. Many holidays packages are available. You may stay on the east-north coast where you will find attractive coastline or the south for the best beaches.

Beau Vallon, a beach find in the Victoria is a major tourist area. The calm, safe atmosphere of Beau Vallon is stress-free and relaxing. The police patrol at the Beau Vallon beach and make it a safe for everybody whether its families, the children or individuals.

Bird Island

 seychelles-bird-islandAmong the islands of the Seychelles lies Bird Island.

The Bird Island is a small paradise for nature lovers. A true masterpiece of nature, the bird island attracts many tourists which are home to a variety of birds of different species.The island is a nature preserved site. Visitors are allowed to watch and take pictures at a distance of an arm length. However, the republic of the Seychelles is strict on the rule of ‘No hunting is allowed’.

On the island, visitors have the opportunity for activities such as deep-sea fishing, snorkelling, watching the sunset and exploring the nature. There is also a restaurant opened to visitors on the island. The bird island’s restaurant has a good reputation for its cuisines and its atmosphere.

Seychelles est une destination touristique très fréquenté ! De milliers de gens du monde entière vienne passé des vacances dans cet archipel bourré d’iles tropicales paradisiaques ! Les Seychelles inclure 115 iles qui ensemble forme l’archipel du Seychelles.

Mahé, Praslin et La Digue sont les trois iles principales du Seychelles. Ces iles ci comptent la majorité de la population du Seychelles qui fait plus de 90 000 personne dont plus de 77000 vivent à Mahé, 7500 à Praslin et plus de 2800 habitent à La Digue (ces chiffres sont approximative).

Les Seychelles sont reconnues pour leurs magnifiques plages, lagons et climat qui sont une combinaison parfaite pour des vacances de rêves. Voici une guide pour profiter au maximum votre séjour aux Seychelles !



Mahé est l’ile principale du Seychelles. Le capital de Mahé est Port Victoria. Celle-ci est l’endroit ou habite la majorité des Seychellois, contenant plus de 86% de la population de Mahé.

Port Victoria

mahe seychelles victoria
mahe seychelles victoria

Port Victoria dérive son nom de la reine Victoria, reine britannique du 1837 à 1901. Etant le seul port que possèdent les Seychelles, Port Victoria est l’une des attractions touristiques principale de l’archipel. Celle-ci inclure de nombreux sites où  vous devez aller faire un tour !  Voici une liste des attractions touristiques à Port Victoria :




Little Ben Mahé
Little Ben Mahé

Little Ben

Celui-ci est le portrait craché de la tour de l’horloge du Big Ben à Londres. Il a été construit en 1903 et fuir maintenant un site historique et une attraction touristique très fameux.










Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

Victoria botanical garden seychelles
Victoria botanical garden seychelles

Le jardin Botanique fait plus de 15 arpents de plants exotique et endémique au cœur du capital de Mahé.  Il a maintenant plus de 100 ans. Au départ, on l’avait instauré comme une expérimentation pour la cultivassions de plusieurs espèces de plantes. Aujourd’hui, c’est devenu un parc  où les amoureux de la nature peuvent y balader et en profiter.



market entrance Seychelles
market entrance Seychelles

Sir Selwyn Clarke

Sir Selwyn Clarke Market est le seul marché qui existent à Mahé. Vous pouvez donc vous attendent que tout les seychellois qui habitent à Mahé vont s’approvisionner à  Selwyn Clarke. Celui-ci porte le nom du gouverneur anglais qui le fit construire en 1869.

Selwyn Clarke est l’endroit idéal pour ceux qui sont intéressé de connaître un peu la culture Seychellois. Il est typique, remplit de couleurs avec une atmosphère agréable! Le marché est ouvert de lundi à samedi jusqu’à quatre heures de l’après-midi et ferme ses portes les dimanches.


Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum du Seychelles inclure de nombreux expositions sur des sections de la zoologie, la botanique, l’anthropologie et la géologie ! Il contient aussi des objets qui sont lié à l’histoire intéressante du Seychelles.



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Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon Seychelles
Beau Vallon Seychelles

Beau Vallon est la plage la plus populaire de l’ile Mahé et ce n’est pas pour rien ! Il se trouve à trois kilomètre du centre du capital. La baie de Beau Vallon inclure une magnifique plage de sables fins et un lagon clair remplit de corail multicolore le rendant idéale pour la plongée.

La plage de Beau Vallon fait plus de trois kilomètre.  Il y beaucoup d’activités qui sont ouverts par les hôtels dans les environs parmi lesquels sont le jet-ski, le ski nautique, la plongée en apnée ou en bouteilles, le parapente et beaucoup d’autres. Vous pouvez également faire des visites en bateaux.



Plage de Côte d'Or Praslin

Praslin est la deuxième plus grande ile du Seychelles faisant 38 kilomètre carré. Il a une population de plus de 7500 personnes. Praslin se trouve à 44 kilomètre au nord-est de Mahé. Depuis Mahé, vous pouvez accéder à Praslin par le bateau ou l’avion. En mer, il vous prendra 45 minutes pour y arriver tandis qu’en volant, vous y parviendrez en 15 minutes !

Praslin possède de nombreuses attractions touristiques parmi lequel est se trouve Patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO.


Vallée de Mai

Le Vallée de Mai est une réserve qui est classé par l’UNESCO comme un patrimoine mondiale. Celui-ci renferme la plus grosse quantité de coco de mers, un plant endémique du Seychelles. La réserve inclure aussi plusieurs espèces d’oiseau rares comme le perroquet noir.

Vallée de Mai a été fondée en 1966 et fut inscrite au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité par l’UNESCO en 1983. Ce foret tropical renferme beaucoup d’espèce d’animaux et de plants qui sont hautement protégée par la Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF)


Vous vous préparez à des vacances aux Seychelles et cherche un hôtel pour se loger ? Le Domaine de la Reserve vous propose ses services de qualité à un prix exceptionnel ! Découvrez ces villas de rêves à quelques mètres de la plage et du lagon. Visitez le site web du Domaine de la Reserve pour plus d’info sur ce magnifique hôtel à Praslin.



Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio est une plage sublime situé à l’ile Praslin. Ce dernier a été voté comme la meilleure plage des Seychelles par les utilisateurs de TripAdvisor. En effet, Anse Lazio est reconnue pour sa plage muni de sable très fin et son lagon d’eau limpide et turquoise, une combinaison parfaites que cherche la plupart des touristes qui voyage à une ile tropicale. Celui-ci est l’un des sites distingué ou les plongeurs peuvent souvent repérer des tortues de mer.


La Digue

La Digue est la troisième ile la plus peuplés du Seychelles. Elle est l’endroit idéal pour votre petite escapade avec votre partenaire. L’ile est entretenue par l’hôtel La Digue Lodge. Ce dernier a son propre centre de plongée ou vous pouvez apprendre la plongée à plusieurs niveaux ! Il a aussi un centre de spa, bref tous ce qu’il vous faut pour une expérience inoubliable aux Seychelles !


Comme vous pouvez le constater, le Seychelles est un véritable paradis sur terre. Pour la suite de l’article, nous vous avons faite une liste des meilleurs hôtels abordables aux Seychelles.