seychelles islands


A little culture

Are you curious, traveling friend? We propose to give you a brief on the Seychelles, before going there. It’s the cultural minute! For your info, the Seychelles is a chain of 115 islands. The main islands are Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. We’ll talk about the 3, do not worry

It should be known that the Seychellois are not hyper numerous, barely 100,000 inhabitants, the majority on Mahé. By the way, did you know that the island is named after the governor of Isle de France (now Mauritius) of the time (18th century)? Bertrand-François Mahé from La Bourdonnais. It is now an independent state.

Here you see, with some information, it always does!

Getting There

We will talk about what we know and we tested: Air Seychelles! Hyper practical night flights, live, from Paris. Like, that, you arrive in the morning, almost fresh and ready to start your day. And we do not know about you, but long flights are better at night, right?

Good service on board, news movies on offer, friendly staff, in short, that’s good. We could even test the business after an upgrade, and there, too, nothing to complain about. Staff navigating the care, you can sleep fully lying down, alcohol at will, and good meals.

In short, it is a faultless. Ideal to start your stay in Seychelles on the island of Mahe.

What do we do on the spot?

You’re happy, you’ve arrived on Mahé, but you do not know what to do. No worries, we take care of you.

Visit of Victoria, the capital

We suggest you start at the beginning, namely, discover the small capital of Mahé, Victoria. So, of course, there is the reproduction of Big Ben in the middle of a crossroads or the botanical garden that you can go to … But we, what we propose to you, is rather to dive into the atmosphere of the city . And for that, only one solution, you queues at the local market! The best is Saturday morning, it is at this time that it is the most animated. Avoid going by car, there is not much parking!

Market that attracts a lot of people. Well, we hope that fish smells do not bother you because there are a lot of fishmongers who come to sell their fishing. Must say that tuna is a bit of Mahé’s specialty. Do not worry, you also have vendors of fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, etc.

Also know that right next to the market is a beautiful Hindu temple that you can visit by taking off your shoes before entering.


The King’s garden

So, here we are very excited about the concept. You freely visit a garden that includes dozens, see hundreds of species of trees, spices, plants, etc … Old spice garden dating from the 18th century, which is 100 hectares. Besides, you will probably be received by the owner of the place, who is no longer very young. All with a magnificent view of Anse Royale.

While we found the visit a bit rough (we must try to follow the numbers in order), but in the end, we learn a lot of things. How nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon grow, and so on. It’s up to you to recognize everything.

There are even some turtles and beautiful birds that come to feast in the flowering trees. In short, a great way to get to know the island of Mahé and its lush vegetation.


Takamaka Rumery

Before or after visiting the King’s Garden, not too far from there, you’ll come across the Takamaka Rum. Did you know that the Seychelles had their own rum? We, no.

So, it’s a good surprise! The free visit is free. Otherwise, you have paid guided tours at 11:30 and 13:30, and a tasting. You can also eat there, there is a restaurant.


Labrim Bazaar

So, it’s a bit like the Victoria market. You go on Wednesday evening on the beach of Beau Vallon to immerse yourself in the Seychellois atmosphere. On the program: souvenir stands, but above all, street-food stalls and drums concert atmosphere by the fire. There’s something for everyone … And above all, it’s really cheap!


Cooking class and street-food

Moreover, as we are always on the subject of food, we will go a little deeper. Your choice can be focused on a Creole cooking class. On the program: smoked fish salad, octopus curry, Creole fish and sweet potato stew (it’s the dessert).

It’s fun to do, and when you get home, you can make good rum cocktails followed by a typical Creole meal for your friends. You will be the star of the evening!

That’s for the side a little pro. The specialty of Seychelles, and that will allow you to save money, is street food and take-away. You will find booths everywhere, either in the form of vans, or at the beach, in the form of barbecues. Ideal for eating well, local dishes and fresh, cheap.

Basically, you eat well for 5 to 7 € per person. And for dessert, good fruits, with fresh coconut water. This what holidays are about.


Some Key Places to visit

Mission Lodge: it is a beautiful view of the island of Mahé, but also a historic place. An old school that took care of children freed from slavery to teach them.

Tea factory: there are some tea plantations on the island, and a packing plant.

Eden Island: artificial island which houses luxury villas and some shops.

Treasure of the pirate The Hawk: we will give you some information on the subject. On the other hand, if you find something, we take 50%. Thank you very much. It seems that the pirate Olivier Levasseur would have stashed his treasure around Treasure Cove.


The beaches

We kept you the best for the end: the discovery of the beaches of Mahé. That it is a bit of Seychelles’ specialty.

Anse Major Beach: you have to go to the end of the road that leads to the trail to access this beach. About 1h30 walk. But just before, accessible by car, there is a magnificent view of the granitic rocks.

Beau Vallon Beach: surely the most popular and lively beach on the island of Mahé. Perfect for swimming, sunbathing, jet-skiing, parasailing, etc … Numerous street-food stalls, every day, along the beach. And above all, the sunsets to fall!

Anse Royale Beach: an immense beach, one of the most popular in Mahé. The water is calm, perfect for swimming because protected by the barrier reef offshore. From June to September, it is ideal for kite-surfing!

Baie Lazare Beach: This is the beach of the Kempiski Hotel. It is accessible free of charge. It is especially recommended to eat there for lunch, feet in the sand at the restaurant of the hotel.

Petite Anse Beach: This is the beach of the Four Seasons Hotel. However, it is accessible to the public, and you can even eat or just have a drink at the bar in the evening, at sunset.

Anse Louis beach: it is the beach of Maia Resort, accessible by road without problem. Be careful, deep sea and strong waves in windy conditions. Perfect for surfing so. If you want to take for Brice de Nice, now is the time. When the sea is calm, good spot of snorkeling.

Grand Anse Beach: very large white sand beach, along the road, with the mountains in the background. Watch out for swimming, no reef to protect the beach and a lot of depth.

Port Glaud beach: beach often deserted, a real postcard decor. Possibility to access the island at low tide.

Anse l’Islette beach: on the way to Port Launay, you will come across Anse l’Islette, recognizable by the island in the bay. The water is just beautiful in the area.

Port Launay beach: busy beach, offering many water activities. Calm and shallow water. Easily accessible by car. As a bonus, there is a swing, for older children.


We hope you have had a glimpse of what Mahe is all about! Have fun in the Seychelles!

From Mahé to Praslin via La Digue and all the other islands in the region, discover our favorites in terms of visits to museums or monuments, jungle excursions or lazy outings to pretty secret coves. White sand beach, nature or culture, you will be spoiled for choice for your trip to Seychelles!

Composed of 115 islands and islets with their own identity, the archipelago is known for its idyllic bays, nature reserves, abundant tropical vegetation and varied wildlife. Going on an excursion to observe the animals of the islands, you will come across turtles, bats (the Rousette, a bat threatened,) birds and many tropical fish. Each island is worth a visit, although travelers often share their time between Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. But no matter where you go, there is a wealth of things to see in the Seychelles, from the most remote areas to quaint villages to heavenly beaches. The Seychelles, with its diverse and varied landscapes, is famous for its beautiful beaches framed by granite rocks, coconut palms and crystal clear turquoise water. There are pretty Creole houses, numerous artists’ galleries, historical monuments, marine parks and nature reserves.



Largest island of the archipelago, Mahé is a concentrate of nature and culture. Hiking on the highest point of the archipelago to reach a breathtaking panorama, lazing and swimming on one of the 70 beaches of the island, cultural tour of the Baie Lazare … By lodging the shores of Mahé, you can enjoy its most beautiful beaches like the white sand beach of Beau Vallon or that of Anse Royale. Its coastline idyllic landscape lends itself to relaxation or snorkeling (snorkeling) or scuba diving and also makes for beautiful catamaran rides. A day tour should allow you to explore the south of the island or discover the marine park of St. Anne which includes the islands of St. Anne, Long, Medium, Round and Deer Island.

The opportunities to go out are not lacking. Follow us to the beach of Petite Anse, enjoy a breath of fresh air at Morne Seychellois then go stroll on the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke market in Victoria … Guaranteed immersion on the main island of Seychelles.


The second biggest island of the archipelago has nothing to envy to its neighbors with regard to its possibilities of visits and excursions. The island of Praslin, known for its dream beaches, is a paradise of idleness. Discover its most beautiful beaches and its most famous diving spots. On the nature side, you can go to the nature reserve of the Valley of May and meet a lot of wild animals. Between the Cove of Lazio, Kerlan and Georgette, the visit of Curieuse Island, scuba diving to explore the seabed, there is much to discover in Praslin.

Among the things to see in Praslin, do not forget the countless cultural visits that we share with you and that will allow you to learn more about the history of the archipelago. The Praslin Museum and Rita’s Art Studio & Gallery are just a few examples.


With its beautiful sandy beaches, hiking and biking trails and its tranquil and authentic atmosphere, La Digue is one of our favorites. Walks in oxcart to discover the translucent waters of Anse Source d’Argent passing of course by meeting with the giant tortoises and the visit of the estate of the Union and its pretty colonial house, the possibilities of excursions and visits are not lacking. Take inspiration from our good ideas to build your future stay in La Digue!


You know us, we love discovering off the beaten track. So follow us and go together to discover the unknown islands of Seychelles.

The pristine and intact natural settings of Denis, the luxuriant vegetation of Silhouette, the turquoise blue lagoon of Fregate … The small islands of the archipelago make it possible to leave the hordes of tourists to discover a more intimate and hidden facet of the Seychelles.

Take a trip on Robinson Denis, discover the fauna and flora of the jungle Silhouette with a naturalist guide, visit the Sainte-Anne Marine National Park on Cerf Island … A maximum of inspiration to discover the Seychelles otherwise!

Happy Holidays in the Seychelles

Beach of Seychelles

The picture perfect Seychelles is a haven for holiday seekers. Imagine laying on a warm white powder sand and feeling the cool breeze caressing you. Huge granite rocks of different sizes and shapes on your right and a coconut tree bending over the seashore on your left while the gentle lapping of the waves gradually carries you to a more and more relaxed state. This fantastic sensation is what you can expect, all while discovering THE SEYCHELLES.

This fabulous archipelago is not just about beaches but also about unspoiled nature, marine treasures, endemic animals and plants, postcard scenery, unique culture and a distinctive cuisine.

Cocktail in the Indian Ocean

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands scattered over the Indian Ocean. Among these 115 islands, 41 forms parts of the Inner Islands and 74 of the Outer Islands. The Seychelles is about 1,600 km east of Kenya and covers an area of 459 km². Teeming with pristine white beaches, giant granite boulders, and a blue azure lagoon makes the archipelago a legendary beauty.

The Seychelles comprises of 3 main islands, notably: Mahé, La Digue and Praslin Island.


Before the 17th century, the Seychelles remains inhabited and was mostly used by pirates to hide their treasures. In the 18th century the governor of Mauritius, Mahe de la Bourbonnais sent Lazare Picault to explore and chart the islands northeast of Madagascar.

The French were the first to colonize the Seychelles but in the early 19th century the Britain took control of the Seychelles.

On June 29, 1976 the Seychelles became an independent republic within the Commonwealth with Sir James Mancham as its President and Albert René as Prime Minister.

Culture & Religion

Seychelles has developed a unique culture by the blending of different races and nationalities of people residing in the archipelago.

The official languages are the Seychellois Creole, French and English.

Roman Catholic is the dominant religion, however other religions such as Islam, Hinduism and Chinese are also practice in the island.

Seychellois are known for their hospitality and friendliness.

All while discovering Seychelles you will notice that Mahé, Praslin and La Digue Island are real bijou of the Indian Ocean.

Mahé Island

Mahé is the most developed and largest island of Seychelles. Home to the capital city Victoria, Mahé has a population of around 80,000 citizens, consisting of more than 90% of Seychelles population. With 60 stunning beaches, waterfalls, jungle, mountain walks and striking viewpoints, Mahé has evolved into a main tourist destination. Mahé is famous for its vibrant atmosphere, Creole architecture and market.

Praslin Island

Praslin is a delight for beach lovers, a piece of paradise on earth. Commonly listed among the best beaches in the world, Praslin beaches and lush tropical forest will leave you speechless. Being the second largest island of the Seychelles, Praslin has a population of merely 6,500 citizens. The island has also an 18 hole championship golf course. Get ready to discover the endemic Coco De Mer and other rare species. Praslin is considered to be a ‘MUST visit destination’.

La Digue Island

La Digue famous beaches never fail to impress, the perfect laid-back location. It is the smallest of the 3 main islands and has a population of only 2,000 persons. La Digue iconic beaches and landscape will take your breath away. There are a handful of taxis and local bus services, however, the best way to discover la Digue is by bicycle.

Beaches & National Park

Seychelles and its beaches are of unmatched beauty, here is a list of those amazing beaches:

Anse Source d’Argent

Iconic Anse Source d'Argent

Perhaps the most beautiful beach you will set eyes upon. Anse Source d’Argent is the star of the Seychelles, with its naturally sculptured granite boulders and crystal clear turquoise waters, Anse Source d’argent is spectacular. Situated on La Digue Island, the famous beach is probably the most photographed and has appeared in many films.

 Anze Lazio

Anse Lazio, Seychelles

 Situated in the northwest of Praslin Island, Anse Lazio is adorned by white powder-fine sand, lapis lazuli waters backed by scenic granite boulders. Anse Lazio deserves its reputation, a real gem of the Indian Ocean. Recently voted the 6th best beach in the world by TripAdvisors.

 Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette, Seychelles

Again, one of the riches of Seychelles, Anse Georgette situated on Praslin is an outstanding beach. Powder soft sand, incredible palm trees and blue turquoise water make the beach an unforgettable souvenir of Seychelles. Considered the second best beach in Praslin Island after Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette is a truly jaw-dropping beach.

 Anse Intendance

Anse Intendance, Seychelles

 Anse Intendance in Southern Mahé is the perfect location to lay your surfing materials. With high waves, Anse Intendance presents the ideal conditions for surfing. An amazing beach with imposing granite formation and beautiful scenery. Rank among the best beaches in the Indian Ocean, Anse Intendance is a true postcard image.

 National Park

Vallée de Mai National Park

Vallee de Mai Seychelles

An untouched vestige of natural palm forest preserved since years. Designated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, Vallée de Mai is highly recommended. Almost conserved to its original state, the national park has no match. Resting on the granitic island of Praslin, Vallée de Mai covers an area of 19.5 ha and is a sanctuary largely unchanged since prehistoric times.

Vallée de Mai is home to the famous Coco de mer only found in Praslin and Curieuse Island and to five endemic palm trees. Unique for its wildlife, the National Park has rare species of bird such as the black parrot.

 Interesting facts about the Seychelles

  1. The gorgeous Seychelles was at a time a pirate hideout. Rumors are that the infamous pirate Olivier Levasseur hid a treasure of great value in the Seychelles Island.
  2. The heaviest land tortoise, Esmeralda, resides on the Bird Island.
  3. The endemic Coco de mer produces the heaviest and largest seed in the world.
  4. Victoria, the capital of Seychelles is the smallest capital in the world and can be explored in a day on foot.
  5. Rarest bird species can be spotted in Seychelles.
  6. Prince William and his wife spent their honeymoon in the Seychelles.
  7. The republic was uninhabited until the 18th century

Les Seychelles en bref

Oui, les Seychelles sont l’une des destinations dès plus populaires parmi les touristes.  Il faut aussi noter que l’afflux de visiteurs que ces îles paradisiaques acquirent, ne modifie pas leur beautés ou leur atmosphères paisibles. Le tourisme dans l’archipel des Seychelles est en effet assez élitiste et respectueux de l’environnement. Espérons que la tendance restera stable et que le pays sera longtemps à l’écart d’un impact environnemental négatif.

Les clichés de cartes postales certes ne mentent pas. Ici vous aurez un rendez-vous avec le sable chaud, doux, fin; Eaux cristallines; Cocotiers luxuriants … Vous pourriez vous dire que nous avons omis les plages? Ceux de Beau Vallon, de Royal Cove, de Petite Anse, d’Anse Lazio, d’Anse Georgette, de Grand Anse ou d’Anse Source d’Argent sont les pierres précieuses de cet archipel inégalé. De vrais petits morceaux de paradis!

Le Carnaval International des Seychelles

Lorsque les îles des Seychelles furent habitées pour la première fois, ce fut par un amalgame de culture variées qui possédaient des coutumes et des modes de vie différents. Tout au long de leur histoire et jusqu’à ce jour même, les Seychelles ont continué à être un creuset de cultures et de personnes des quatre coins de la planète qui ont chacun donné leur fil particulier au tissu de cette société vibrante, en y ajoutant et en étant, eux-mêmes, transformés subtilement en retour.

Dans ce contexte de multi-ethnicité, de diversité et de rassemblement des peuples, il est approprié que les Seychelles deviennent une fois de plus le point central d’un “Carnaval des Carnavals” annuel – en amenant des représentants des meilleurs carnavals du monde à participer à 3 jours fête. Des groupes du carnaval du Brésil, de l’Italie, du Swaziland, du Cambodge et de la Corée du Sud se sont rendus à Mahé en prévision du carnaval des Seychelles.

Carnaval 2016

La 6e édition du Carnaval international des Seychelles de Victoria s’est déroulé du 22 au 24 avril. Encore une fois cette année, le carnaval est devenu un point focal pour les représentants des plus célèbres carnavals du monde. Ils étaient invités aux îles afin de participer et de donner un coup de main dans cette événement international passionnant.

Etant le centre d’attention internationale et locale, le Carnaval international des Seychelles de Victoria a mis en vedette un défilé de flotteurs colorés représentant les carnavals nationaux des participants différents, ainsi que toute une gamme d’autres activités dédiées qui relèveront tous le thème du carnaval.

Une couverture internationale importante de la presse était prévue pour cet événement coloré et était certainement un régal pour les yeux de la foule! Chacune des personnes présentes ont pu profités de l’ambiance animée apportée par les carnavals internationaux aux îles. Cet événement annuel sans aucun doute a aidé à rassembler toutes les nations, faisant de cet événement le rassemblement international le plus festif du monde.

À travers les costumes, les flotteurs et la musique, toute la culture de chaque participant parle d’eux mêmes, et permet d’apporter de la richesse et de l’harmonie à travers les nations participantes. De plus, cet événement permet à différents pays du monde de mettre en valeur leur culture et leurs réalisations en se déplaçant à bord des flotteurs de carnaval colorés dans les rues joyeuses et animées de Victoria. Ce qui a créé le buzz dans la plus petite capitale du monde a ouvert ses portes pour accueillir un carnval culturel haut en couleurs!

Le carnaval des carnavals, avec le slogan évocateur: «Apporter le monde aux Seychelles» offre un riche programme de divertissement de musique live, une variété d’étals proposant des plats de nombreux pays. Lumières de Noël et couleurs vives ont complété le cadre pittoresque tout en habillant les rues de Victoria pendant les 3 jours de carnaval.

La deuxième journée fut une expérience dès plus exclusive. Un gigantesque défilé a rassemblé les communautés locales et les nombreux pays participants. Une grande foule fut rassemblés pour voir tous ces flotteurs colorés, ajoutant au succès d’un spectacle conçu pour dépasser celui de la première édition … Pour la troisième et dernière journée, le carnaval s’est terminé par une explosion de couleurs, de spectacles et de musique durant tout le long de la journée et continuant dans la nuit …

Où loger dans les Seychelles?

Que vous soyez à la recherche d’une escapade familiale de luxe ou d’un lieu simple près de la plage, vous pourrez trouver un hébergement aux Seychelles pour profiter du carnaval de 3 jours qui se deroulera l’année prochaine!


Le lodge est situé au milieu d’un jardin paisible et exotique de cocotiers et de takamaka sur la plage d’Anse Reunion surplombant l’île de Praslin. Parmi ses nombreux atouts, le lodge dispose de la seule piscine sur l’île et l’hébergement dans une variété de chambres et de villas.


Le Domaine de La Réserve Hôtel, Praslin Island Seychelles, a un cadre merveilleux à la belle Anse Petite Cour sur l’île de Praslin aux Seychelles. La plage est essentiellement privée avec du sable blanc, des rochers de granit à chaque extrémité et des vues de Curieuse Island au loin.


Situé dans le cadre sylvestre du majestueux Mont Copolia et surplombant la paisible baie de l’île Eden, le Marina est un refuge tranquille qui promet une relaxation complète et le rajeunissement. Conçu sur l’architecture coloniale, créole, l’hôtel est stratégiquement situé sur la côte est de Mahé!

Ces 3 jours de divertissement seront l’occasion de passer un moment inoubliable en famille ou entre amis pour profiter pleinement de l’atmosphère du carnaval. Nous vous tiendrons au courant du prochain carnaval 2017.

A suivre…

sunny days in the Indian Ocean

October is the perfect month to travel and to discover new countries around the globe, especially those in the Indian Ocean. With the beginning of autumn in Europe, you might still want to enjoy some more sunshine. If you want to eke out the summer then why not choose the Indian Ocean as your holiday destination.

sunny day in the Indian Ocean

It is common to see travelers leaving the wistful atmosphere of autumn season to appreciate the Indian Ocean summertime.

The Indian Ocean is the ideal getaway for a warming sunshine, stunning beaches and adrenaline rush activities and perhaps the sunshine break you need.


The Republic of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean and covers an area of 2040 km². The largest city and Capital is Port-Louis.

Mauritius, the real holiday destination is described by many as “the paradise on earth”, it is the ideal location to lay down your towel and work on your tan. Palm fringed beaches, lapis lazuli lagoon and a unique sun is the identity of Mauritius. Unsurprisingly, the island is gaining more popularity and is rank as one of the best holiday destination by TripAdvisor.

This idyllic island does not limit itself to just stunning beaches but goes further beyond with waterfalls, rivers, craters, natural forests, UNESCO Heritage Sites and magnificent landscape. The Mauritian culture is actually a blend of different cultures and nationalities, giving birth to the unique Mauritian culture. The Mauritian hospitality is remarkable as well.

Mauritius attractions

Mont Choisy beach

Mont Choisy beach

The best location to sit back and relax, among Mauritius beaches, Mont Choisy beach is one of the longest and is around 3 km long. A very popular spot, the Indian Ocean blue turquoise waters and the island powdery sand mix up together to give an incomparable beauty. This Intimate beach will keep you speechless.

Trou aux Biches beach

Mauritius trou aux birches beach

Powder-like sand shadowed by Filao trees facing the stunning sea is what Trou aux Biches beach has to offer. This famous beach that attracts a lot of tourists each year, is situated in the north of Mauritius. The beach stretches over 2 km long and has calm and shallow waters. It is best to visit during weekdays.

Pereybere beach

mauritius island pereybere beach

Positioned in the northwest part of Mauritius, between Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux, Pereybere is a well-known beach amongst both locals and tourists. Despite being small (150 metres long), Pereybere is a lively and attractive beach. With its white sand and blue waters, all under the sun of the Indian Ocean, Pereybere remains one of the best beach in Mauritius. The nearby restaurant and street foods adds up to the magnificence of the beach.

Le Morne Brabant

Mauritius Morne Brabant

This astonishing peninsula is worth seeing, the iconic Morne Brabant is one of the pride of Mauritius. There is a strong historical significance behind le Morne Brabant and has a great importance in the Mauritian culture. This rugged mountain is situated in the southwest of Mauritius and is over 555 m height and has been recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.


An amazing archipelago which comprises of 115 granitic and coralline islands spread over the Indian Ocean and covers an area of 459 km². Seychelles has 3 main islands which are Mahé, La Digue and Praslin, its capital city Victoria is the smallest capital in the world. 50% of Seychelles landmass is protected.

Teeming with a splendid fauna and flora, the Seychelles remains one of the best holiday destination. With its talcum powder beaches, limpid tropical waters and huge granite boulders, the Seychelles seems surreal. Visiting the Seychelles islands represents a pinnacle for many holiday seekers. Appearing in many movies for its legendary beauty and its paradise-like qualities, the Seychelles is a Must visit destination.

Seychelles attractions

Anse Source d’Argent

Seychelles Anse Source d'Argent

A popular beach with a spell-bounding effect , Anse Source d’Argent is located on la Digue Island and is actually the star of Seychelles’ islands. Anse Source d’Argent is scenic, with emerald waters, white sand and sculpted granite boulders, all wrapped in a serene atmosphere.

Anse Lazio

Seychelles Anse Lazio Praslin

A sizzling beach in the northwest of Praslin Island. Everywhere you look turns out to be picture perfect, Anse Lazio beach is considered to be the best beach by Lonely Planet.

Turtles in Seychelles

Seychelles shores is one of the rare places where turtles lay their eggs in the bright day and in tranquility. North Island is a major nesting sites for the hawks bill turtle and the green turtle, both species are protected. The Seychelles is home to the biggest and oldest turtle in the world.

Vallée de Mai National Park

The National Park is a natural museum of rare and endemic birds and plants. A very important place to add to your list, this UNESCO World Heritage sites is home to the famous Coco de Mer (Coco Fess) who has the world’s largest nut and leaves. The Coco de Mer is native to the Seychelles.


The Maldives is a sublime archipelago of 1,192 coral islands grouped in 26 coral atolls and covers an area of 298 km². It lies in the Indian Ocean and is very different from the rest of the world. The Capital city Malé is well known for its fish market.

Defined as ‘one of the wonders of the world’ by Ibn Batuta, the Maldives definitely fit the bill. The awe inspiring beauty of the Maldives will mesmerize you, it is said that the Maldives is highly addictive. This wonderful archipelago is best described as Sunny, Unique and Unspoiled.

Maldives attraction

Fulhadhoo beach

Maldives fulhadhoo beach

Probably one of the best beach in the Maldives. Pure white sand, placid waters, blue turquoise lagoon and a peaceful atmosphere is what the Fulhadhoo beach offers. Away from the hectic hustle and bustle of every day routine, this fabulous beach is the perfect spot to let go and lay back.

National Museum

Found in the Sultan Park, the National Museum of the Maldives is a popular tourist attraction. It was once an ancient palace that has now been converted into a museum. The wide variety of historical artifacts exposed by the Museum reflects the history of the country.

Manta Point

Maldives Manta Point

Divers will be served with a unique experience. The Manta point is a diving site where you can swim with numerous manta rays and discover the rich marine life of the Maldives.

Enjoy your holidays in the mighty Indian Ocean!

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands scattered off the coast of Kenya and Madagascar. Altogether, land areas represent just the surface of central Paris. From the fragmentation of continents, 41 granite islands are also called inner islands were formed. The three most important (Mahé, Praslin and La Digue) house almost the whole population. Rocky and green, these islands enjoy a lush and spectacular nature. The 74 so-called outer islands (including Bird, Amirante, Aldabra) are only the tip of coral reefs sometimes forming atolls. Mostly known as a tropical paradise, some of these islands are private areas which, though, remain accessible to the public.

Wildlife in the Seychelles

The Seychelles islands are home to 7 million migratory and resident birds. Seabirds are the most numerous; colonies preferentially elect an island or another where they can be observed. During the sensitive periods of the punters, the islands have seen regular waves of huge bird colonies establishing them as home. Their fascinating ballet and deafening cackle can really impress. Forest birds’ show is infinitely subtler yet it is also riskier. The banana bird, the widow and the barn owl are endangered.

Apart from dogfish and pitching, the family of mammals have few representatives. Reptiles and insects however are not missing. Of all sizes and shapes, they are however harmless. The four turtle species tend to be scarce. Just as shellfish and crustaceans which remain victims of human consumption.

The underwater environment is another source of astonishment. Tropical fish inhabit the lagoons of atolls and islands in the archipelago, plying between the corals. Unfortunately, most of these reefs have disappeared after rising temperatures caused by El Niño in 1998. Marine reserves, however, managed to preserve part of it all. We should not forget the populations of big fish (sharks, barracuda, swordfish) attract big fishermen.

Flora of the Seychelles

The mountains and the granitic coast are covered with tropical vegetation. The botanical inventory is impressive and relatively well preserved. However, there are only patches of primary forest (Valley de Mai, Silhouette) and many species introduced by birds or humans are now considered endemic. This is the case of the famous sea coconut visible on Praslin and Curieuse. On the Morne Seychellois, some specimens remain unique such as the jellyfish tree. Mangroves occupy the coasts. You will also see flowering species such as hibiscus, frangipani, flamboyant trees and fruitiers.

Le Morne Seychellois National Park

“Morne” is a Creole mountain. These crags have emerged under the pressure of the Pacific hotspots. Their rugged and tangled rainforests make up the bulk of the Morne Seychellois National Park, named after the climax. On the summits cling black clouds and lose the clearest skies. Enjoy a hike in a rare botany surrounding where coexist several forest types,. Rainforest thrives in wetlands. It is home to woodland giants which is a rare jellyfish tree. All of ti have this exotic charm distilled by unknown ferns, improbable shapes of mangrove bark brittle wood or wood mountain undergrowth blooming in lowland Vacoas and on the slopes of orchids. The endemic plant and animal species are dozens. Nine trails through the largest park in the country (1 / 5th of the island’s surface). They require several hours of walking and some are uneven. All or nearly all lead to lookouts and cross several natural habitats. The easiest way is the path of Morne Blanc which you can take from the way near Sanssouci. A visit to the Tea Factory is a must as well as Mission Lodge; the first to know the art of tea cultivation, the second for its gazebo and heritage.

Marine Park of Port Launay

The southwest coast of Mahé offers a great and almost untouched natural landscape. Certainly, some of the spots are fully dedicated to the high-end tourism, but many beautiful beaches are accessible. Two marine parks (Baie Ternay and Port Launay) preserve the natural wealth of this coast. Listed since 2004, where the mangrove cove dominates between Islette and Port Launay.

Eight bay beaches included in the park of Port Launay remain probably the most beautiful. On the coast, and tropical almond takamakas offer a green waterfront swept by turquoise waters. These are known to accommodate whale sharks, placid giants and small colorful fish. Whether one is in the water or sailing in a glass-bottomed boats, the world of silence guards its mysteries and its ability to attract.

The vegetation consists mainly of corals that has suffered from El Niño passing in 1998. Scientists found that they have got back their place in these ecosystems and are attract fish that disappeared since then such as parrotfish. The proactive policy of Seychelles with regard to its environment is now reaping the fruits of its measures. It is therefore recommended to snorkelers not dive more than two meters deep and walkers to leave nothing behind.

Marine Park of Sainte-Anne

Although located a few miles from Victoria (15 minutes by boat), the National Park of St. Anne manages to preserve a valuable ecosystem for the entire planet. Born in 1973, it was one of the first preserved areas of the Indian Ocean. It is unique in all the aspects possible from its vegetation to its wildlife. The largest park of the Seychelles (2 km2) is now privatized, but it was the haven of the first European inhabitants. Nearby, Cerf Island you will come across a most visited spot for its beaches and for its hawksbill. The richness of marine grasslands of the park has made its reputation. Nearly 150 species of fish crisscross through the corals. Moray eels, rays, wrasses evolve in solitary or benches seem familiar and snorkeling enthusiasts will be amazed. Horned Zancle also called paraha torus Polynesia had been returned to the water by local fishermen who lend it as s sacred character. This recognizable fish is known to all small, since it embodies a character from Finding Nemo. The best times to observe marine life are when the winds calm down (October to March). The fine sand does not blur your vision then.

Enjoy your visit of the Seychelles!

When it comes to beaches, everyone has their own preferences. Some will look for a party on the sands; grab a drink and chat it up with other beach-goers. Others prefer to find their own private spot, free of shops, vendors and other tourists. If you’re looking for a beach to suit your specific need, we have made a selection and reviewed them for you. With a number of beaches, both private and public, it isn’t too difficult to find a small piece of paradise. Depending on the hotel you are sojourning in, you will only need to decide whether they want handiness or seclusion.

Beach mahe seychelles

Beau Vallon

Found in the North of the island, Beau Vallon is the most popular beach of Mahé, among tourists and Seychellois. It is popular especially for the panoramic view it offers on the islands of North Island and Silhouette.

Beau Vallon offers everything you would expect of Seychelles: a translucent water and white sand of course, but also shops, restaurants. But even at the height of his attendance, the beach is never saturated. Although this is the only bay on the island where motorized water sports are allowed, jet skis and parasailing are relatively rare. Other water sports are not left out, especially with a dive center for those eager to discover the fauna and underwater flora.

And for those who do not want to jump into the water, the Glass Bottom Boat Tour (excursion in glass bottom boat) will allow you to see fish and marine life without getting wet.

Anse Takamaka

These are the famous trees, Takamaka that surround and protect the cove of the wind that gave it its name! Located on the southwest coast of Mahe, it is reached by taking the road that descends from the village of Quatre Bornes. You will have a real crush for Anse Takamaka, its coconut trees along its sandy beach and its giant granite rocks that surround it.

Snorkel will be your best allies to enjoy swimming even more in this paradise. But beware: the currents in this loop between May and October does not make it the best place to swim at that time. This does not prevent you to enjoy at your leisure this postcard landscape, typical of the Seychelles.

Anse Intendance

With its sandy expanse of 600 meters, it is undoubtedly your coup de foudre in Mahe. Located in the southwest of the island, it is one of the most photographed beaches in the Seychelles: lush vegetation and granite rocks makes it the landscape of the Indian Ocean by excellence. But if the view is breathtaking, be careful: the waves can make it dangerous for swimming, especially from May to October.

Anse Royale

Anse Royale is located on the southeast coast of Mahé. This is one of the largest beaches of the island. It offers calm, turquoise waters inviting for swimming and snorkeling to admire the coral reefs and colorful fish. Not far from the beach are small grocery stores and a local market where you can buy fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. You will also find several nearby establishments to eat on site and some souvenir shops.

Grand Anse

Northwest of the island of Mahe, the Grand Anse beach is a particularly popular surf spot. If the impressive waves and strong sea currents do not make it the best beach for a quiet swim, its long coast is worth a look.

Anse Boileau

The charm of the beach is a result of the small fishing village located next door; in the middle of the west coast of Mahe. This beach is ideal for swimming and you can watch the early morning or evening fishing boats returning to the island with their well-filled nets.

Anse à la Mouche

Right next to the village of Baie Lazare, Anse à la Mouche is a long bay that is 1700 m long. Its clear and shallow waters that sink gently into the ocean make it an ideal place for families with children. After admiring the colorful underwater world – at certain times of the year, a phenomenon of microorganisms bioluminescence enables even the night snorkeling – you can taste fine local dishes prepared in the restaurant right on the beach.

Anse Soleil

Easily accessible by a road of the same name, the beach Anse Soleil is located in the southwest of Mahé. This romantic crescent bay is the perfect place for a picnic, a swim or simply to relax and enjoy the tranquility of its beautiful scenery. From May to October, the beach is particularly exposed to beautiful waves that will satisfy fans of surfing.

Petit Anse Government and Grand Anse Government

The Petit Anse Gouvernement is a peaceful small natural creek, located near Baie Lazare. On the coast, the reef and the granite rocks have created a small shallow lagoon for swimming. Southwest of Mahe, Grand Anse Government is also worth a visit. With its magnificent granite rocks, the beach is the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot vacation.

Hidden cove

Hidden Cove is located south in the most beautiful part of the island of Mahé. As the name suggests, this beautiful white sand beach is just waiting to be discovered.

Anse Capucins

In the extreme south-east of Mahé, Anse Capucins has the typical beauty of the Seychelles. Few tourists venture there. With the sound of the waves as only companion, Anse Capuchin will make you feel like you have reached “the end of the world.”

Whale cove

Going up the southeast coast of Mahé, Anse Whale is an adorable and tiny beach protected by palm trees and Tabebuia trees with fragrant flowers. In case of rain, you can shelter under a huge rock. The beach offers a unique view of Anse Royale and Souris Island.

Anse aux Pins

Anse aux Pins and Turtle Bay merge into one another and are located on the southeast coast of Mahe. These thin strips of sand sloping gently into the ocean, making it a swimming zone that is more suitable for families with children. During a walk at low tide, you can admire the wonderful shells stranded in small natural pools that form in the holes of the rocks.

Anse Major

At the northwest end of Mahe Anse Major Beach is a secluded and protected bay. The beach is accessible only by sea or on foot after a walk of about an hour and a half through the lush vegetation typical of the island. The reward for your efforts? Having this beautiful white sandy beach just for you!

Anse du Riz

Rice Anse (Anse Diri in Creole) is a small beach nestled in the Baie Ternay. Located at the northwestern tip of Mahé, near Port Launay, only accessible by the sea. The idyllic lagoon surrounded by wild vegetation has been featured in several film shoots.

Anse Ternay

Surrounded by the waters of the National Marine Park, it remains a paradise for those who will discover it. This beautiful strip of white sand and coral in the north-western tip of Mahé, inaccessible by road, is cannot be approached by boat. Yet, you can treat you by giving that wonderful spot a visit.

Anse Souillac

If you are looking for a place to spend a day of relaxation and tranquility, go to Anse Souillac beach. On the west coast of Mahé, this tiny strip of sand is nestled between the majestic beaches of Port Launay and Anse Ternay. Topped with granite rocks, the cove is usually deserted. Here you can indulge in peace for swimming and snorkeling.

Anse Islette

Immediately after Port Glaud, Anse Islette  will dazzle you with its beauty. The reef here forms a beautiful lagoon with turquoise crystal clear water. In the middle of the lagoon, a small paradise island with palm trees invites you to play explorers while joining it in your kayak. In the distance you can notice the island Theresa.

Sunset beach

A Glacis, on the north-west coast of Mahé, is Sunset Beach. As its name suggests, the sunsets that can be seen from this beach are absolutely magnificent. The glowing colors of the setting sun reflected in the ocean, and Silhouette and North Islands off the coast, add magic to the show. With its white sand, palm trees and typical granite rocks of the Seychelles, Sunset Beach is also worth visiting during the day. This is a very nice place to swim and for snorkelling enthusiasts, you will not be disappointed by what you will discover through the cracks of the rochers. It is common to come across green turtles there.

Baie Lazare

Baie Lazare beach is mainly for those who like to swim quietly underwater with a mask and snorkel – you will fall in love with the place. Located on the southwest coast of Mahe, the beach was named after the French explorer Lazare Picaults who landed here in 1743 to claim the ownership of Mahe to France. Baie Lazare Beach is a thin strip of sand easily accessible from the road. This is one of the most tranquil beaches on the island.

We hope that you have a nice time in the Seychelles! Have a nice visit and enjoy the beaches to the max!

Mahe seychelles

Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles. On its 154 km2, it includes about 89,000 Seychellois, nearly 90% of the total population of the archipelago. In the North of Mahé is the Seychelles’ capital, Victoria. Its particularity is that it is simply the smallest capital of the world. This small town has 30 000 inhabitants and offers a lively, colorful and picturesque environment.

Mahé is an almost unavoidable stop in any journey to the Seychelles. It is surely because the Seychelles International Airport is located on Mahe. Mahé offers treasures of nature and discovery for travelers who take the time to wander among beautiful stretches of white sand and rainforest just waiting to be visited. Covered with thick vegetation, fringed with beautiful beaches nestled in 70 coves and sometimes bordered by steep rocky points, the island offers visitors a multitude of places each more beautiful than the other when venturing without the slightest danger.

Restaurants and Bars in the Seychelles

Seychelles restaurant food

While visiting Mahé, you’ll surely want to stop somewhere to enjoy some delicious food. We have classified a list of the best addresses around the island of Mahé just for you.

Eat and Drink in Victoria Restaurants

Marie Antoinette

You will find the restaurant Marie Antoinette just outside Victoria, on the road from Beau Vallon. Since 1972, the property offers a unique menu for lunch and dinner, with a variety of Creole specialties. The dishes might appear Simple but rest assured they are fresh and exquisite.

Kaz zanana

Just steps downtown Victoria, stop for a drink or enjoy real Creole surprising specialties in house like bats curry. The food there is hearty and delicious, and fresh juices served are incomparable. The rear terrace is the ideal place for a drink in the evening.

Level Three Bar

This trendy bar located a little away from downtown offers a varied menu of spirits. Sip a cocktail and appreciate international clips streamed on the giant screen of the bar.

Nightlife and overnight in Victoria

From the early evening, the center of Victoria is empty. Revelers, go your way! One address: The Lovenut This is the northern trend box of Mahé, there one finds the golden youth back to dance until dawn.

Eat and Drink in Beau Vallon restaurants

At Beau Vallon, you will have a great choice of good restaurants. If you want to give a try at Seychellois cuisine this is the place to be. You will also have the chance to buy some products in small food shops, and fresh fish every morning next to Baobab Pizzeria.

Baobab Pizzeria

A dozen pizzas and pasta that you can taste the feet in the sand at this pizzeria run by a Seychellois. The pizzeria offers very affordable price. But beware, its practically always full of people, so be there early.


The Boathouse is primarily known for its Creole buffet, making it one of the must visit restaurant on Mahé! The variety of items, defined by the catch of the day will certainly fascinate you and make you love creole cuisine.


This restaurant opposite to the beach offers a varied international menu, combining Creole specialties, meat, pasta and pizza. The best part of that restaurant is that you have the ability to take your food away. So if you are one of those who love eating while enjoying a beautiful sunset… Head there and take your diner away.

La Scala

Are you tempted by an Italian stop in the Seychelles? At the end of the Beau Vallon Bay, La Scala offers fine Italian cuisine which are high in flavor. Fish, meat or pasta will live up to your expectations. The wine accompanying the freshly caught fish is pure bliss.

La Plage

If at noon, salads, burgers and sandwiches are the stars of the establishment, you will find your happiness among the seafood, meats and dishes each day depending on outcome of fishing and arrivals of fresh products. You will certainly love the wine and the cheese proposed by La Plage.

Lounge 8

The 8 Lounge is the restaurant you should not miss – it always surprises. With its menu that changes frequently, meat and fish lovers will all be at the party. This restaurant offers a wide choice when it comes to food – duck, beef, fish of the day, seafood or lobster… You’ll certainly be conquered!

Eat and Drink in the South East of Mahé

Surfer’s Beach

Feet in the sand, away from the tourists and in admiring the Indian Ocean’s shimmering turquoise water. Snacks, pizza, salad, fish curry or even a cocktail to sip in peace: everything is perfect when eating at Surfer’s Beach! Do not miss its espresso!

The Garden of the King

A break for a drink or a stopover to explore the rich Creole flavors and fragrant spices in the garden: you are at right place! Do not hesitate to book to enjoy the Creole buffet on Sundays! With its terrace with panoramic views of the coast, this restaurant remains one of the most charming of the island of Mahé.

La Plaine Saint-André

La Plaine St. Andre offers fine dining in the enchanting setting of a restored colonial house. Be swept away by the fragrant Creole flavors from the shaded terrace. The rums card, fast service and high quality are the attributes of this wonderful restaurant.

Chili Bar

Can’t decide between Creole cuisine or international cuisine? You’re at the right address! In a trendy and relaxed atmosphere, you will struggle to make a choice between fish, pasta, burgers, lobster or seafood platters. And all this while watching the Sainte Anne Marine Park.

Kaz Kreol

The most difficult to do at Kaz Kreol is to choose between Chinese and Creole dishes. You can also take your breakfast in this hut located directly on the beautiful beach of Anse Royale. The choice of cocktails every day for lunch and dinner is not to be missed.

Eat on the west coast of Mahé Restaurants

The Veranda Café

The Veranda café, although situated on the road is a pleasant and friendly place. Salads, pasta or seafood are a delight to the taste buds wanting to taste the Creole flavors. An address to recommend.

Echoing the grand assortment of people who populate Seychelles, Creole cuisine features the subtleties and nuances of French cooking, the exoticism of Indian dishes and the piquant flavours of the Orient.  Yet, you will notice most restaurants specialise in Indian, Chinese or Italian food and many feature popular international and specialist dishes.

Bon appetite in the Seychelles!

The Seychelles waterfalls

The Seychelles are wonderful small paradises scattered in the Indian-Ocean. This archipelago of over 100 islands, is a dream destination where almost every people in the world want to spend, at least once, their holidays. This holiday destination is surely of top notch quality and offers endless possibilities and accommodation to visitors. We have gathered all the reason why the Seychelles remains the best destination for quality holidays.

A Stunning Wildlife

Did you know that nearly half of Seychelles is protected by nature reserves? So if you dream to admire turtles, birds, fish of all colors without having the impression of being in an aquatic zoo, the Seychelles is an ideal solution. These islands remain the favorite destination of diving enthusiasts, as there are countless spots to admire the marine fauna and flora. It is undoubtedly a dream destination.

Magic Places

Besides beaches and wildlife that already adds an inescapable charm to the Seychelles, be aware that the islands are beautiful in themselves. On the islands you will find beautiful palm trees, and you can even enjoy atypical fruits and unique food that will wake up your taste buds. It will be far from what you eat in everyday life, but it will surely interest you.

Combining Islands: Cousin – Curious – St. Pierre

Experience this unique combination of the most famous islands of the Seychelles. Cousin, a picturesque reserve that boasts a wide range of wildlife, including doves, giant tortoises and also a conservation success story that saved significant endemic wildlife from extinction. After enjoying the rich diversity of this pristine sanctuary set like a stone in a pure turquoise sea, you can visit the curious island off the north coast of Praslin, the only place outside the Vallée de Mai, where the legendary Coco de Mer grows wild.

Here you can enjoy exceptional swimming in the clear waters and relaxing on the white sand before being served a delicious BBQ lunch on the beach. After lunch, you can enjoy a guided one-hour tour through the fascinating nature reserve, through the ruins of the former leper colony and newly renovated ” Doctor House”, now a charming museum. The trail island winds through a mangrove forest teeming with wildlife to impressive lagoon Bay La Raie where small sharks and turtles abound. Leaving behind Curious, you will eventually make your way to the third in this trio of gems of the Seychelles, St Pierre, which is certainly the diving experience of a lifetime. With its crystal waters which abound with a myriad of fish and colorful coral formations. On the way back, you will be given the arduous task of deciding which of our three islands was the most beautiful!

Vallée de Mai, La Digue

This tour, featuring some of the most famous monuments in theSeychelles, will present the extraordinary diversity of this destination. After your arrival on Praslin, the second largest island in Seychelles, you will be escorted to the legendary Vallée de Mai, home to the fabulous Coco de Mer, which was once considered to be the original site of the garden of Eden. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Leaving the valley behind, you will be taken to the colorful Baie Ste Anne Jetty where you walk in the footsteps of the first visitors of the Seychelles by boarding a traditional schooner towards the island of La Digue.

There you will realise that time has stopped and secular traditions has stood still. On arrival at the picturesque pier of the island, you will be offered freshly picked coconuts to cool off. You will have the opportunity so have a tour of the Estate Union where you will witness the production of “coconut oil” – secret flesh of the coconut fruit that you will find drying in the oven and eat while still warm.

You will learn how coconut oil is made. You should make a photo-stop near Anse Source d’Argent which will take your breath away while you capture the extraordinary beauty of one of the most famous beaches in the world, framed by crystal clear turquoise waters and ancient granite blocks. A delicious Creole buffet lunch will be served to you in a restaurant of choice, then you will be invited you to enjoy a leisure afternoon on the beach before taking again a boat for the return trip to Praslin.

Dream Beaches

Dream Beaches Seychelles

A holiday at Seychelles is sure to fill your travel kitty to the brim with fond memories. Seychelles, situated to the north east of Madagascar, close to the coast of Africa, in the midst of the ocean. There are numerous beaches which you can visit while on a holiday to Seychelles. Here we have compiled a list of the best eight beaches which are indeed worth visiting.

Of course, when we know that there are around 100 pieces of land where we can put our feet in the water, we say that the results must be beautiful for the eyes … And it’s true! Seychelles is particularly deemed to offer the best beaches you will find on earth. I must admit that each of these beaches will make you dream.

Anse source d’argent consists of numerous tiny crescent pink sand beaches. Large granite boulders separate these beaches from one another. The unique shapes of these boulders are a marvel by themselves since these curves were the created when the weather and time took a toll on these rocks. A reef stands protecting the beach which is ideal for your kids. The water is not too rough and it is safe for children to play in it. You can enjoy snorkeling at the reef which can also be used to relax and sun bathe.

Anse Lazio, reputed to be the most beautiful beach of the world will stun you. The experience of swimming and diving in the crystal clear waters of this divine beach is not soon forgotten and after an equally unforgettable barbecue in this magical setting, you will have enough time to burn this precise moment in your memory before you bring at home the final day.

Have fun in the Seychelles!

seychelles activities

In the Seychelles you will find the ideal place for your dream Holidays in the Sun … Indeed, with the 115 islands forming the Seychelles archipelago, your greatest desires will surely be fulfilled. These islands are a haven for relaxation and escape. The archipelago is full of Tourist attractions not to be missed during your stay. Apart from the beautiful beaches, there are plenty of activities to do in the Seychelles.

The Indian Ocean provides the possibility for scuba diving and snorkelling with mask. The mountains offer the possibility to make wonderful hiking and the beaches allow for wonderful relaxing possibilities. If you plan to leave for the Seychelles in the very near future, here are a few ideas for activities to do  on the island!

Hiking in the Seychelles

Discover Mahé, Praslin and La Digue trails crisscrossing the mountains and breathtaking landscapes where you will be most of the time alone with nature. Several Hiking of different levels of difficulty are available in the Seychelles. When leaving for a hike consider choosing good hiking boots, water bottles and a mobile phone can prove useful. Avoid leaving on your own, a professional guide will help you discover the hidden treasures.

Diving in the Seychelles

Discover the particularly colorful underwater world of the Seychelles! Scuba diving offers many opportunities to discover the Seychelles underwater flora and fauna, one incomparable beauty. Amateur of diving? Visit one of the most famous diving spots of the Seychelles on the Marianne island. You’ll discover fish of all colours wandering around beautiful alive corals. For snorkeling, Grande Soeur is the most popular island with visitors. In the Seychelles, diving is possible all throughout the year. Put on your fins, snorkel and mask and discover the world of silence: multicolored fish, manta rays, grouper, small sharks.

Fishing in the Seychelles

Fishing parties are among the favourite activities of tourists in the Seychelles. Why not give a try to a new experience and share good times with family, you lover or friends? Do not hesitate to bring your fish back to your hotel room or villa for a barbecue right. To be better prepared do inquire about operators offering that kind of service- fishing boat and equipment – and whether you want to relax on the high seas or spend some time fishing – you’ll enjoy to the maximum. Note that on Mahe there are some beautiful places ideal for fly fishing, which will remain an unforgettable experience in the Seychelles.

Golf in the Seychelles

Discover golfing during your trip to Seychelles – if you are not already an amateur of the game. The Seychelles are home to a 9 hole golf course on the island of Mahé and an 18 -hole on the island of Praslin covering 50 hectares of non-natural setting,. This is without any doubt one of the most heavenly places of Seychelles to enjoy a round of golf.

Visit the botanical gardens of the Seychelles

Botanical gardens were created in 1901 by Queen Victoria. They are home to a collection of Native palm trees and endemic plants and a small course in the heart of a tropical forest. AAR gardens are located in the heart of Victoria. Originally aimed for experimenting the growth of different species of plants during the colonial era. It has evolved since it is now open to the public. Enjoy admiring endemic bird species in those beautiful gardens.

Visit Victoria

Victoria is the main city of Mahé and the capital of the Republic of Seychelles. There you will surely come across the Seychellois living in Victoria. The number of residents accounts to 23,300 residents. Enjoy the capital of the Seychelles doing some shopping and visiting the Eden Plaza. This charming little town is ideal for anyone.

Visit the Rum Shack and organic farm

Sip rum while pecking on some local grilled fish on the barbecue at the Rum Shack, located in the Quartermaster Bay. Visit the organic farm or Join a cooking class so as to initiate yourself to the Seychellois gastronomy with its amalgam of origins and flavours.

Street Markets

The market offers great diversity of local products and handicrafts. On the occasion of a romantic ballad, watch fishermen carry their catches directly on the market, the stalls of fragrant spices and lemongrass, the sellers of teas and local specialties and discover the beautiful regional handicrafts. Omnipresent on the archipelago, the Coco de Mer (Coco Fess) is used to make a wide array of objects. The local craft is also renowned – its silver jewelry and silk painting.

Sea turtles nesting on the beach of Anse Intendance

Each year, turtles come to lay eggs on the dazzling beach of Anse Intendance. The season runs from October to February. This is where the baby turtles come out of eggs and spawn on their path until the shore to join the ocean.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

This Romanesque church of colonial French origin was erected in 1874 in Victoria. Center of religious life for most Seychellois of the islands, It Includes a small garden and a beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary. It is a must visit for those couples visiting the island – one of the best romantic spot of the island.

A day trip to Praslin and La Digue

With a nonchalant atmosphere, his ancestral traditions and indolent lifestyle, La Digue is a picturesque island where you can refresh yourself with some coconut milk before discovering life on the plantations in L’Union Estate. Swim in the waters of the famous Anse Source d’Argent, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Then come and restore yourself with an exquisite Creole Lunch at one of the many hotels of the Seychelles. Visit the neighboring island of Praslin and embark for a guided tour of the enigmatic Vallée de Mai, where the legendary Coco de mer grows in the shadow of a secret valley. This site is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Some even think that it is the legendary Garden of Eden.

We hope that you now know what to do during your holidays in the Seychelles!

Have Fun!

Visiting Seychelles in itself is as we have said a million times on this blog- the adventure of a lifetime. The islands, located perfectly in the Southern Hemisphere for you to enjoy a mild weather all year round with the warm sun and sandy white beaches creating a paradisiacal atmosphere with some great hotels in Seychelles. Being of such great diversity, visiting the Seychelles affords you to visit volcanic and granitic islands through island hopping. Not only that but Seychelles is also home to many endemic species which it covets such as the coco de mer or the commonly known long-necked tortoise. But honestly, your visit is never complete without the complete experience of the Seychellois gastronomy with its varied menus and cuisines from around the world.

La Grande Maison 

Located in Takamaka Bay, this is one of the best places you could go to for a fine dining experience. It is modern with a beautiful setting and you can even eat on the veranda if you feel like it. The menu varies according to the Chef who is Christine. She is a well renowned figure around the area for her exquisite cuisine. So, prepare yourself for one great experience. The restaurant is so well admired that all of its reviews so far on its facebook page has been 5* ratings! People rave about how positive their dining experience end up being at La Grande Maison and you definitely don’t want to miss out on anything! The Chef is also often complimented on her good wine choosing skills- this is the one place in Seychelles where you can leave everything up to the chef and be assured that you will be leaving the restaurant with a more than satisfied tummy and a smile of satisfaction. We recommend that you book before going as the servers will make special arrangements at no cost and even welcome you and your companions with a special Takamaka drink, courtesy of the chef! You will not even need to worry about the food quality. Rest assured, it is definitely top notch- with organic and local ingredients, Chef Christine seeks to dazzle you with a modern cuisine with a twist!

restaurant seychelles mahe


The restaurant is known to add local specialties such as lime and bilimbi to add some zest to the dish and wow your palate since bilimbi is an exotic taste that you have to try for yourself. You will most certainly love it. The restaurant is also proud of its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, catering to many locals and expats who drop in for a casual lunch which you can be part of or a classy lunch to woo your significant other- La Grande Maison has everything you need. Whether it’s date night or just another day, this is where you will want to return again and again for excellent wine choice and fabulous service. While we suggest trying to have a meal at every good restaurant you can find, most people end up returning there several times during their holidays, recognising the height of fine cuisine in good old Seychelles! The restaurant of course has its special menus, the dishes from which are always available irrespective of what the chef has chosen for the day due to how much customers adore old classics like the Creole Bouillabaisse or seafood au coco- yes, this is seafood served in a coconut. Don’t believe this is legit? Check it out yourself on your next visit to the Seychelles!

Cafe des Arts

Cafe des Arts defines its cuisine as international, serving a fusion of Seychelles’ all times favourites in a fusion of inspirational dishes from all around the world to present a mouthwatering end product to its customers. Located near the beach in Praslin, le Cafe des Arts is more than often cited as the best culinary experiences the island has to offer. Not only does it have good food but lunch is served right on the beach itself with a rooftop area for those who want to relax with a scotch or one of the restaurant’s impressive cocktails. It is after all more than just a feast for your palate but an island adventure on its own! The service is described by most  as irreproachable and one of the friendliest place on the island to eat at. The waiters and waitresses hardly ever refuse to small talk with customers, happy to discuss lively, making sure that the patrons of the day have an unforgettable time at this gem of a place. If not for the music which is always tasteful if not slightly corny and romantic at times, you can even hear the faraway waves, This place is dream worthy. Even if you are a fussy diner, le Cafe des Arts promises to meet and even exceed your expectations with its wide choice of seafood cooked in the most inventive and inspired way to please your palate. The catch is fresh, what else can you expect from a beachside restaurant in Seychelles? Expect the freshest fish and octopus on your plate whether you want an octopus gratin with pumpkin or a smoked fish smelling of freshly squeezed lemon juice with green herbs- you are guaranteed a good meal.

cafe des arts seychelles

The menu varies of course to suit the availability of local produce. This ensures that you have some new things to taste if you are enamoured enough to become a regular. Not only the main menus but even the sauces and dips are impressive enough to appear on famous bloggers’ reviews of their time in the Seychelles- especially Cafe des Arts’ garlic and olive oil dip which has astounded many. As many would say though, don’t fill up with the mightily impressive food on your plate, Cafe des Arts has more coming. The restaurant takes great pride in its succulent selection of dessert, decadent cakes which will make your mouth water from a slight whiff of its sweet aroma as it’s brought to your table! Tell us what you think of it when you go to visit!


Boathouse in Seychelles is what you are looking for if you love food and a lot of it as well! A buffet style restaurant, with self service- this is heaven for food lovers. On an average evening, the restaurant offers around or more than 20 classic creole dishes which are bound to seduce you. What’s not to adore about discovering new food? The food area is a little bit darker than most expect so prepare yourself for that but worry not, you will still be able to see what you are putting on your plate. It is simply that the place goes for a mostly rustic look to match the menus which are favourites to-go meals of the locals who also mightily love the Boathouse as a great place for family time dining. For the person who is unashamed to eat more than meagre portions, the restaurant is a good economic choice as well as it provides more than just value for money in such a case. Given how it’s self serve, you are free to determine how much you will want on your plate.

boathouse seychelles

Though if you are new to the creole cuisine, there are servers who will be happy to guide you at your leisure. The staff is reputed for its friendliness and they serve with a smile, adding a nice touch to your dining experience. You are recommended to dress casual smart. Be classy but be comfy! The restaurant’s buffet is only open for dinner though- a fact to keep in mind but lunchers even stragglers are welcomed all day long to admire the view while enjoying a cocktail! Don’t miss out on their grilled fish specialty though! Most of the time it is tuna but on the good days, you might find yourself enjoying a nice red snapper with some fabulous sauces on the side! It is located on Beau Vallon Bay, much like Cafe des Arts, it is a beach side restaurant. The Boathouse even has a semi open dining area which keeps the place aerated with the marina breeze. If your hotel in Mahe is nearby, you can drop in for a light breakfast after having watched the sun rise during your morning walk. It has a wide selection of breakfast items ranging from full English breakfasts to crepes including less common flavours such as honey with nuts, banana and cinnamon or even ice cream. In my honest opinion, nothing can beat ice cream for breakfast so there you are, if you don’t try it at least once, it’s definitely going to be one major regret.

Chez Jules Restaurant

Chez Jules Restaurant started out small a few years back, owned by Jules who is also the Chef with his family helping out in the restaurant, it has now expanded having built a loyal and loving clientele which is the product of being served good food at relatively affordable prices. La Digue doesn’t have the most active of night life of all the Seychelles Islands, and Chez Jules is also quite far back- so if you are one of the few who decided to dine there, do not expect a big crowd. It is a quiet place with Jules the Chef serving his no menu items in the evening. So basically you are automatically signing up for a surprise by the chef. Well, it is very unlikely that you will be disappointed given the glowing reputation the restaurant has since its very conception! So, dive it, enjoy the traditional creole food prepared specially by the chef, somehow taking customers on great culinary adventures, a far contrast to the usual bland restaurants you may find with overpriced menus. Chez Jules welcomes children as well, unlike certain restaurants like Cafe des Arts which doesn’t allow children under 5 years old. Here your children can run around to play after dinner while you enjoy a nice coffee.

chez jules seychelles

It is a very family friendly environment and very safe for everyone. Lunch is the time to go if you want the fancy eating parts with a choice between buffet lunch or a la carte menus. Chez Jules Restaurant prides itself in accommodating its customers and ensuring that they leave as happy and satisfied ones who will endeavour to come again. Traditional plates such as grilled fish with creole sauce with the zing of bilimbi as quasi all good restaurants like to put in the spotlight are among the beloved items of regulars. The chef also encourages customers to try new things which are unique to Seychelles or relatively unusual to foreigners such as his papaya smoothie or fresh mango juice among other crazy things that Jules comes up with which end up baffling most who do fall in love with these innovative menus. Many will miss the restaurant once they leave the island, it does grow on you. The food is fresh and delectable, octopus salad anyone? And the Chef is always happy to replace dishes which do not satisfy customers, so feel free to explore the menu. You will leave there pleasantly surprised!

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Lambousir Restaurant

You can’t pronounce the name? Don’t worry, most visitors can’t do that either! However, irrespective of confusing name or not, it is definitely the place to go if you desire some fantastic seafood. While most restaurants will feature seafood on their menus by default given its high availability and ease to acquire fresh seafood on a frequent basis, Lambousir Restaurant has made this part of the Seychelles Islands its speciality. Unpronounceable name and all, this is the place to be when it comes to great seafood dishes which will remain forever engraved in your memories. If you hadn’t guessed yet, it’s a lot of fish or octopus or shrimp or calamari, what ever floats your boat really! The usual entree would be a nice calamari crouistillant or deep fried until crispy fish depending on what is available on the day’s menu. Next you may move on to anything you want, soups or main course items such as tender grilled fish with spicy sauce doused on top. It is in all a great culinary experience, bringing you closer to Seychelles culture with such typically Seychellois food items. Seafood after all is the staple for most locals. Lambousir creates new twists to old dishes. Expect the delicious unexpected at Lambousir! Even the setting is design to take your breath away.

lambousir restaurant

Lambousir Restaurant is found within the Union Estate and hence has a mesmerising sea view which can almost distract you from what’s on your plate! If you don’t feel like experimenting with some dish with a bizarre name, you can stick to a basic burger with chips on the side and maybe a salad to keep the appearance of being healthy! It is strongly recommended to remain on the seafood side of the menu given how that is in fact the speciality of the restaurant and thus other menus such as chicken sometimes do not satisfy the picky customer. Lambousir has found its way to please with its great view and great seafood dishes, let it mesmerise you as well. After that satisfying lunch, you can go rest or take a walk on the beach. Anse L’Argent is withing walking distance and you simply cannot leave Seychelles without having visited the most photographed beach on the planet to your heart’s content! And as usual, take a lot of pictures to bring home- it is not for nothing that Seychelles is known for being a little paradise, you definitely want to keep tangible memories of your time here!