Mauritius villas


Mauritius is a small corner of paradise for the holiday seekers. The island is surrounded by enchanting beaches and mesmerizing lagoons. As a tropical island, Mauritius is blessed with sunny weather and warm climate almost all year round, ideal for your vacations. So if you are looking to spend a holiday in Mauritius, it is a wonderful idea! It is in fact one of the top tourist destinations in the Indian Ocean.

There is a wide variety of accommodations in Mauritius. While hotels in Mauritius are quite common, one of the renowned means of accommodations is the luxurious Villas which are ideal for those who seek ultimate privacy and discretion. The major advantage of renting a villa in Mauritius is the freedom and space to accommodate everyone under one roof. Honeymooners, big families and friends should opt for the villas.

The best villas in Mauritius are offered by Créole villas. Their villas are all equipped with high-end furniture with direct access to the beach and even a swimming pool for some. Each villa includes their own stylish Mauritian gardens and has their own architectural identity. So everybody reserves a new experience for our dear customers. You are offered by Créole Villas the services of a cleaning lady and a cook. You do not have to worry about cleaning or cooking, letting you focus more on the pleasures and benefits of the island.

Here are a few villas offered by Créole Villas:

Villa Poseidon

Villa PoseidonVilla Poseidon is located in Cap-Malheureux in the north of the island. This beautiful mansion is 3.5 KM away from the centre of Grand-Bay where you have shopping centres, banking facilities, clubs, casinos and all the entertainment that you could dream of in Mauritius.

This beautiful villa comprises of 2 floors which are namely the ground floor and the upper floor. The views from the veranda and the first floor are absolutely wonderful where you can contemplate the mesmerizing turquoise water and enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves.

The living room is found in the ground floor. It is filled with dining table and offers a pleasant sitting area where you can have a nice family gathering. The veranda is equipped with a huge dining table which can accommodate a maximum of 10 to 12 persons.

Linen, beach towels, sheets and towels are provided by the management. There is also a parking place available which can fit several cars. You are granted with free WI-FI all around the house and free local phone. You may communicate with your friends or family outside the island. The housing capacity of this villa is 8 adults and 6 kids/teenagers


Villa Riambelle

Villa Riambelle

The Villa Riambelle is a huge villa featuring luxury at its highest! While measuring 320 square meters, it has a housing capacity of 11 adults. It is located near Souillac just a few steps away from a gorgeous beach and lagoon.

This luxury villa is surrounded by a magnificent tropical garden. It features a ground floor and the first floor. At the ground floor, you have a Pool Bedroom, the Pool Lounge, the kitchen, a garden bedroom just behind the kitchen, Laundry room and the guest toilet. You have the Master bedroom and the Junior suite on the First Floor. The Master Bedroom comes with its own bathroom and toilet.

The Villa is fully Air Conditioned. You are also granted the privileged of free local telephone and WIFI Internet.

Villa Cattleya

Villa CatleyaVilla Cattleya is located near Mont Choisy beach in Grand Baie which is a major tourist destination. Grand Baie is filled with all the attractions and facilities that you may desire. The villa comes with a lush tropical garden.  Villa Cattleya can accommodate up to 9 adults and 2 babies comfortably while it has a living space of 494 square meters.

This luxury villa features a living room, a private parking, four bedrooms, a kitchen and a laundry room. You get to have a swim in the large swimming pool of 3.50 m by 7 m with a depth of 0.50 m to 1.50 m. You have a fully equipped kitchen with two refrigerators, fryer, microwave, Auto rice cooker and tableware for a maximum of 12 persons.

Villa Cattleya is a wonderful choice of accommodation for families as well as group of friends or couples seeking the ultimate privacy and tranquility.

Villa Shooting Stars

Villa Shooting Stars is located in Trou d’Eau Douce just a few steps away from the gorgeous beach of the village. The villa is big enough to accommodate 6 adults comfortably while it comprises of a surface area of 190 meters square. It is affordable to the mild budget individuals who are looking for a tranquil spot to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Villas Shooting Stars has three bedrooms fully air-conditioned, a master bedroom and two other identical bedrooms. The Master bedroom is equipped with a 1.8m bed and a bathroom. A magnificent view of the horizon and lagoon is available from the Master bedroom. The two identical bedrooms are equipped with a 1.4m bed and also offer a splendid view of the nearby lagoon.

There are many activities which are offered near the villa. Shooting Star is actually located in the perfect spot for kite surfing and other the windsurf sports thanks to the constant winds blowing in the area.

Supermarkets, shopping centers and banks are about a 15 minutes drive from the villa.


Villa Lime Kiln

Villa Lime Kiln

The Villa Lime Kiln is located in the North east of Mauritius in Post Lafayette. It has four bedrooms where 8 adults can comfortably occupy. The villa lies in the middle of a tropical garden of 2110 square meters.

Lime Kiln features a ground floor and the first floor. The villa is fully furnished with high quality house fittings. While the area is a safe and a nice spot, the villa is equipped with an alarm system. A private parking is made available for you where several cars can fit in.

You are granted direct access to the gorgeous beach of Post Lafayette from the garden of Villa Lime Kiln. The Villa offers its guests a living space of 315 square meters. It also has a swimming pool along with an outdoor shower.

There large areas of natural coral overflowing with marine life makes of Mauritius an exclusive place to discover the wonders of snorkeling.

If you are holidaying in Mauritius you’d most probably want to grab your snorkeling equipment and head to the beach.

Unlike Seychelles where the rise in the sea temperature caused by global warming to a massive whitening of its coral reefs, the marine fauna and flora of Mauritius Island is still well preserved.

Reunion Island on the other hand has very few coral reefs and the majority of its beaches are made up of volcanic ash. There are few places where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

Mauritius: Lagoon

The lagoon is generally calm in the majority of places due to the fact that the island is surrounded by a coral reef. Mauritius is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Teeming with hundreds of colorful fish, underwater world of Mauritius is considered a natural wonder.

Diving in Mauritius
Diving in Mauritius

Coastal areas offer the best environment for all types of water sports. Snorkeling is the perfect way to take part in the pleasures of these incredible beauties of nature. Book a local guide for detailed dives and maximum safety.

Mauritius: Marine Fauna and Flora

Mauritius has one of the most abundant marine life of the Indian Ocean.  The moderate tropical sea temperature is ideal for the flourishing of the fauna and flora. It is not surprising at all that there is about four hundred and thirty different species of underwater creatures, including fish such as Parrot fish, Groupers, Napoleons, Sweet-lips, Angels, Trumpet, the clown fish, moray eels and lobsters.

More than two hundred different species of corals have been recorded by marine biologists. There is also a good number of sponges and sea anemones.

For fans of big game fishing, the deep water around the island teem with Tunas, Marlins, sharks and sea breams.

Dolphins can also be observed at certain spots including Tamarin and Flic en Flac. One can also see whales during their migration south of the island.

Mauritius: The Best Seasons for Snorkeling

Situated above the tropic of Capricorn, Mauritius enjoys a purely tropical climate. The water temperature averages the twenty-eight degrees Celsius in summer and twenty-one degrees Celsius in winter. The water temperature is therefore ideal for snorkeling throughout the year, even though summer months are considered the best.

In summer, warm water attracts an abundance of migrating fish. Marine plants also flourish during this season due to the availability of plenty of sunlight. During the summer season we can easily observe a wide variety of exotic fish due to the fact that reproduction occurs mainly during this period of time.

Mauritius: Best sites for snorkeling

There are many snorkeling sites scattered throughout the island. Beginners can easily learn to snorkel in the calm and shallow water of the lagoon. While experienced snorkelers can proceed directly to Snorkeling sites which are more adventurous such as caves, cliffs, wrecks, pinnacles and reefs. The most popular sites in Mauritius include “Colorado” and “Roche Zozo” outside Blue Bay on the south coast of Mauritius among others.

The east coast

Blue Bay

The Blue Bay Beach is known for its clean soft white sandy beaches and clear coastline. Due to the location of Blue Bay, it is a very popular beach destination for tourists as well as locals. The best time to enjoy the beach is during the week as it is normally very crowded on weekdays.

Blue Bay Mauritius
Blue Bay Mauritius

Blue Bay is especially famous for snorkeling. Since 1997, an area of three hundred and fifty-three acres that is located across from the public beach became the first and so far the only marine park in Mauritius.

The reasons for the foundation of this marine park are exceptional and unique coral gardens. The Blue Bay Marine Park offers a rare blend of flora and fauna. The Coral rocks are in well-preserved form. The marine park is home for about Seventy-two species of coral and thirty-two fish species. Some corals are as old as eight hundred years.

The is a visitor center where you can get information on the park in front of the public beach.

The best way to access the park is to take a glass bottom boat. The journey takes about half an hour.

The West Coast

Flic en Flac

The beach of Flic en Flac covers a long part of the western Mauritian coast. Boasting an incredibly clear water and aquatic life outbreak is probably one of the best spots for snorkeling. It also offers perfect opportunities for sunbathing and endless walks. If you walk on the beach to the south, you will reach the next village Tamarin after about half an hour, where you will discover a beautiful beach and the best place to surf in Mauritius.

A clown fish in Flic en Flac
A clown fish in Flic en Flac

Beware of sea urchins. A good measure of protection is to wear swimming shoes.

At the northern end of the beach, you can find a beach volleyball net that belongs to Villa Caroline, one of the cheapest and most beautiful hotels in Mauritius.


Tamarin is a beautiful little village situated only five kilometers from Flic en Flac. The “natural aquarium” is a sight to be seen at Tamarin. It is one of the most beautiful seascapes of Mauritius.

The "natural aquarium" in Tamarin
The “natural aquarium” in Tamarin

The Mauritian Marine Conservation Society (MMCS) is working on making it the site the second marine national park.

Tamarin is also a very interesting place to watch sunset.


Trou aux Biches

Trou aux Biches is mostly known for sunbathing, Snorkeling and other kinds of sports activities. Some people even say it’s the most beautiful beach of Mauritius as beach which extends over more than a kilometer has one of the cleanest beach and clearest water.  The proximity of the reef makes of Trou aux Biches an ideal place for snorkeling and diving.

Trou aux Biches also offers a lot of activities such as water skiing, parasailing, kayaking and big game fishing.


Le Morne

Situated on the southwestern tip of the island, Le Morne is probably the  richest site in history and culture of Mauritius.  Le Morne beach is located on the peninsula under the foot of Morne Brabant, a mountain of about 550 meters. Le Morne Brabant has been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage since 2008.

Le Morne has a turquoise lagoon and very clear water which offers excellent visibility for snorkeling and diving.