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Mauritius also known as the paradise island is ideally situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is considered among the treasures of the Indian Ocean. The Mauritius islands is simply a mixture of culture, the inhabitants originates from different country such as India, China, Africa, and Europe. The mixture of culture can also be seen on its culinary; you have a variety of different food from different culture offer to you.
The island is mostly known for its mesmerising beaches, lagoon and reefs. The lush rainforest, Black River Georges are the best place to enjoy hiking, quad and waterfalls. Your trip is not completed if you visit Mauritius without touring its capital, Port-Louis. The capital city has interesting sites such as the Caudan waterfront, the citadel and the champ de mars. The northern part of the island is blessed with the so called Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam botanical garden, one of the major tourist attractions of the island of Mauritius.

The Mauritius Island offers many packages, different types and prices. There are both land and water activities offered by many organisation. You will have the opportunity to do many things that might offered by your country, you will get to experience new feelings and new places. Feel the adrenaline rush while slipping on the zip line, doesn’t that makes you dreaming? Well, let your dream becomes reality! Book your tickets to Mauritius and make the best of your holiday here!

Swimming with the dolphins

Have you ever dream of swimming with the most friendly water animal in the ocean?? Well, here is a golden opportunity to realise your dream. As the Mauritius is a tropical island, the swimming with Dolphin activity can be performed all year round. Nature lovers have the chance to experience this activity in Black river or Tamarin Bay! You just have to book your ticket.
The journey starts at the very morning where you will get on a speedboat which will actually bring you to where the dolphins are at. Snorkelling equipment will be given to you better to perform the magical once in a lifetime experience. The speedboat carrying capacity is usually up to 6 persons, you have the opportunity to join a group or simply rent the whole speedboat for yourself and your family.

During winter, from May to October, the dolphin swimming activity starts from 7 hr am or around 8.30 AM whereas during summer time the dolphin swimming activity is operates from early morning, as from 6 AM. As per the organisation’s experiment they says that the earlier you go the greater time you will get to spend with the dolphins. You may also spend a whole day in the catamaran also where you will have the opportunity to snorkel outside beautiful reefs and will move to the mesmerising turquoise water of the lemonade where BBQ seafood lunch will be served to you.

There are actually 2 types of dolphin that you will spot: the spinner dolphin and the Bottlenose Dolphin. The peers will be in different spot as there do not like mingling with each other. If you are playing with the spinner dolphin, they might leave you all of a sudden if the bottlenose dolphins make their appearance. The bottlenose is considered the most common dolphin species in the world and also the biggest compared to the spinner dolphin. Its weight is said to be up to 650 KG and a length of 12 feet. This species is kind of more quiet and gentle, they are the best type for a good swim and they are known for their high level of intelligence and willingness to cope with humans. In Mauritius, the bottlenose dolphin live in groups of 2 to 15 members, they can be seen at around 11 hr 30 AM but if you get lucky enough you might also see then afternoon, in the middle of the stunning lagoon.

The most playful and vivid dolphins are the spinners types, the live in a kind of large group of up to 100 members. They are smaller than the bottlenose ones, their weight is 80 kg and height is 8 feet. The stunning spinner dolphins are famous for their rapidity and for being more active than the bottlenose dolphin. Surely, you will have a great time playing with them. They are usually seen in the morning, playing and training for the calves. Generally they are up to 3 kg and are 1 foot long.

Trip in cruises to isle aux Cerfs


Enjoy a great day at isle aux Cerfs! Your journey starts at 9 in the morning at the location your chosen organisation will ask you to meet. Then you will be brought to a nice site where you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkels in the stunning turquoise water and enjoy the mesmerising undersea water views or you may just simply sit on the cruise and enjoy the sunrays reflecting on your face and have a good relaxation time. The boat will then bring you to another mesmerising place where you watch silently the lush vegetation lies on the sides of the river banks. If you are lucky enough you might also get a chance to spot some bats or monkeys moving from one tree to another or just feeding themselves.

By the time you visit all these marvellous beauties, lunch will be ready to serve. Eat each of every pieces of the delicious BBQ seafood while watching the ocean on this piece of paradise. After your lunch you will get the chance to enjoy and explore the isle aux Cerfs. The white sandy beach is all you need to complete a perfect holiday! You might also swim in the clear crystal water or get tanned on the beach. If you want to sip a drink, don’t worry! You may go to the Preskil Beach Resort of the island. The beach resort is a pleasant place to stay at, you may hear some creole song playing and may also join the dancing hall. The trips end up at 4 o’clock, dinner is not included but unlimited drinks are offered. The trip is allowed for all ages!

Big Game fishing excursion with lunch

Big game fishing in Mauritius
Big game fishing in Mauritius

Ever wanted to fish without having to wait a lot? Well, the best place is in Mauritius as there are abundant of fishes. The fishing spot is at Tamarin in the southern part of the island hence the meeting point is at Black river.The big game fishing also come along with a full day fishing excursion where you will be provided with lunch and unlimited drinks.
Your journey will start at 7 am o’clock in the morning, you are expected to be seen at about 6: 30 am as complimentary breakfast then you will be taken to the fishing spot.Make sure you had your complimentary breakfast before hopping on the boat as you will need a lot of energy and most importantly patience! Fishes such as blue marlin, tuna, wahoo and bonito are most likely to be caught at the Tamarin. You will be taught techniques to easily catch fishes by an expert skipper.

After the fishing trip, lunch will be served to you. Enjoy your barbecue while staring at the mesmerising views of the west coast. Then you will also have the opportunity to snorkel near the boat for some times. After the 9 hours of touring and fishing you will be bought back to land.

3 hours whale watching cruise

Hump back whales in Mauritius

Enjoy a unique holiday by watching beautiful enormous creatures jumping and splashing the water. You will also get the golden opportunity to watch them really close but unfortunately you won’t get the chance to swim with them as it can be dangerous. The whale watching activity is in the west coast of Mauritius. Meet your guide at the meeting point which is actually at Black River Village 50 m from the police station. You may also come by the transportation service but make sure that you book your place 48 hour before the departure time.

A small speedboat will come at pick you up at the meeting point, bear in mind that it only accommodates 10 passengers by tour. You will be taken to a strikingly wonderful views and unspoiled landscape of the island of Mauritius. Meanwhile the guide will have a brief explanation about types of the whales and tell you more about their habitat. After the brief explanation you will be heading out of the sea, hopefully to encounter the gigantic creatures. However they only do not show up if the weather or the sea in in bad condition, but are 60 % spotted during tours. For security each customers are given a life jackets.

must see places mauritiusIdeally found in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is one of the three Mascarenes islands. Often the Mauritian island is called the paradise island by most people. The island is a real heaven, there are mesmerizing beaches, lush rain forest, abundant foods and activities, enough for a perfect holidays! Mauritius is an island where there is a whole mixture of culture giving a vibrant atmosphere. Whether it’s Muslim, Hindu, catholic or Chinese, they all live together in peace and help each other.

Year after year, the island of Mauritius has become a great place of interest to millions of tourist from all around the world. Thus, there is nothing surprising with the island and its thousand types of hotels, bungalows, luxury shops, villas and restaurants. Mauritius is kindly a welcoming place to every types of tourist, there is room to every person who set foot on its soil.

Many of the visitors stays in a hotel where they are offered with luxurious services including good food, swimming pool and luxurious product to use for themselves. However choosing a hotel might not be a super good idea. As a matter of fact Mauritius is a place where you should go on adventure, meet new people and discover amazing stuffs, it’s not all about luxury stuffs. Tourist who are knowledgeable are aware that their holidays will not be a complete one if they don’t mingle with Mauritian and discover new adventure. Let us see why the mesmerizing island is a unique and perfect place to be on holidays and why millions of tourist seek a little adventure in this place.

It’s a multicultural population

Mauritius Island TourismThey paradise island has a diverse culture! Long time ago people from different countries such as the Dutch, British and French have settled and was ruling the island. These people have brought indentured labour and slaves from countries such as Asia and Africa to work in the fields. Today all these descendants is what makes Mauritius a great and peaceful place to be or to visit as. Forget about how welcoming the Mauritian population can be, such diversity can also be felt and seen in their language as well as its culinary. Basically, Mauritian talks in creole but there are different accent, some might mix it with French or even in Indian languages.

Mine Frire MauritiusIf you ever visit the Mauritius islands, you should taste the Mauritian cuisine at any point! There are rare and delicious food that you could never imagine. Abundant of food all over the place, whether it is snacks, dish or any other thing you could imagine. The culinary is based on its culture which means you may enjoy any types of food, even Italian food. The Mauritian tradition of cooking a creole dish is very different from any other country culinary. In the morning you may get food like ‘’dhollpourri’’, ‘’gato Pima’’ and ‘’samousa’’. For lunch and dinner you might get whatever you want to, pizza, pasta, creole dish, curries, burgers, fries and any other thing.

Beautiful white beaches

Here is the very main reason why Mauritius attracts so much tourist in a year. Many tourist choose Mauritian as their holiday as the beaches feels like real heaven on earth. Its white sandy beaches are unique and some of them are considered among the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Mauritius is rich when it comes to good beaches, it actually have a good selection all along the coastal region of the island of Mauritius.

Kite Surfing Mauritius These mesmerizing pieces of heaven does not only allows you to relax but also to practice sports including kite surfing and wind surfing. Have I mentioned about its lagoon? Well, most places in Mauritius have a protected lagoon with wonderful coral reefs which means that surfing or performing any water activities beyond the lagoon is safe.


Relax and let yourself get tanned! Just lazing around there with your family, friend or your lover. One advice is to let go of all your stress and specially your smartphones. Just enjoy how beautiful the ocean is. There are usually food vendors in the parking space where you might get some snacks, drinks or even have lunch and why not dinner?

Sunset MauritiusMont choisis beach, found in the northern region of the island is the perfect place to watch the sun sets. Imagine watching the sunsets with the love of your life, your feet buried in the sand and all you are looking at is the overwhelming orange burning sun, reflecting on the ocean as well as your skin. Sip your coconut water or your beer meanwhile and forget not to take pictures as memories as you might never watch the sun sets like this again.

To practice diving on the island of Mauritius

Just Diving MauritiusIt is always a good time to perform water activities in the tropical island, of course there are exceptional day such as cyclone or heavy rainfall. In other words you may enjoy any activities including kayak, snorkelling, boat trip, Catamaran and diving at any time of the year! Divers are the luckiest, Mauritius is one of the best place on earth to dive through its underwater and meet up with all its colorful species. There are a whole lot of fishes of different colors and size, corals from lively to deadly, giant and tiny sea turtle and many other rare species for you to explore.

If you are not a diver but you always dreamt of becoming a good diver, well, there is no problem at all, you might realise your dream in the paradise island. You will be able to experience the charm of the diving in the island, there are diving levels from beginners to experienced divers. Mauritius have a diversity of diving site, you might choose your place and have the best of your holiday.

There are many organization who offer diving lesson, and don’t worry the site are safe and are closely monitored by Mauritian federation. However there are different organization depending on the region. All the diver coaches are qualified and well experience, just trust your coach and let him/her do his/her job.

The Indian Ocean have some of the coolest activities in the world. It is home to many tropical islands which provide the ideal conditions to indulge into these activities. Here are some activities you can do in the Indian Ocean.


Walk with lions

Are you seeking an adrenaline rush? Well, walking with the lions is an amazing experience. It is a once in a life-time experience. The activity is available at Casela Nature Park which is an adventurous park, located on the banks of Rivière Noire. You can choose between walking or taking a special safari bus that will bring you to the lion reserve. You will have one whole hour to stay with the lions, pet them and capture astonishing pictures.

The experience

Before entering the lion zone, the team will briefly explain safety measures that are to be taken. Be sure to pay attention as the information will help you during your adventure. You get to watch the lions roaming around, playing among themselves and climbing up the trees. You can pet them, of course, under the supervision of the guides. This feeling remains an unparalleled one, and can only be felt in that magnificent open space. You will discover a lot about the lions, how they intercommunicate and feed.

After visiting the lion, refreshments are served and you are free to visit the nature park at your ease.

4- hour river trek adventure

This adventure offers you the opportunity to explore the beauty of Mauritius. The package includes a four-hour trek in a natural reserve in Mauritius. There are many jumps off rocks parts where upon arrival, the trek starts by going down the slides. You can also swim under the waterfall and experience a natural water massage.

The river trekking is a combination of both trekking, swimming and climbing. During the 4 hours of trekking, you will come across several waterfalls and other amazing places.

After your tumultuous journey, you get to savour delicious meals at Le Chazal restaurant which is specialised in delicious Mauritian food.

Full day catamaran cruise to Ile aux Cerf island

ile aux cerfs

The catamaran cruise to Ile aux Cerf island is a must include in your bucket list.

Ile aux Cerfs, also known as Deer island was once home to wild deer which have now disappeared. Now the island is famous for its stunning beaches and its crystal-clear water.

A 20-minutes boat ride will take you to your destination. There, you can do several activities such as swimming, snorkelling in the lagoon, Banana ride and parasailing among others. Take your time to explore the beautiful island which is possible in a day since the isle is quite small.

The views are breath-taking, you can take pictures and keep memories of your trip in Mauritius.

For lunch, a 3-course meals is served on the catamaran.

The Seychelles

Seychelles IO

The Seychelles with its 115 islands offer you a wide range of attractions and activities. Seychelles is the solution to a perfect and stress-free holiday.

Mahe activities

There is a variety of activities that can be enjoyed on Mahé. There are both land and water activities. Water activities can be done anytime during the year as the temperature of the water varies only between 24 – 30 degrees Celsius.

Horseback riding

The Uteganga riding centre, ideally situated on the western coast offer horse riding. For beginners, there is an English guide to help you with horse riding. Those who already know how to ride horse are allowed for riding excursions.


The Seychelles golf club is open from 8:30 to 18:45 from Monday to Friday excluding Thursdays. On Saturdays and Thursdays it is open as from 8:30 to 20:00 and on Sunday it is open from 8:30 to 17:00. The visitors and the permanent members get access to the entire nine-holes golf course.

To benefit from this service you can become a temporary member of the golf club. The price is affordable.


Snorkelling is an amazing seawater activity. Contemplate and explore the beauty of undersea water near the lagoon. There are diving operators such as Blue Sea Divers and Wind Seychelles who offer equipment and boat rides for snorkelling purposes.

Contemplate the vivid marine life of the Seychelles which is definitely worth the time!

Activities in Praslin

Praslin offers a large number of outdoor activities. Praslin is famous for the excellent diving destination. If you want to experience an amazing underwater activity then Praslin is the best place for you to choose. Praslin is an island loved by the nature lovers. There is a wide variety of rare species of bird on the island. Think about having a Helicopter ride above the archipelago. This will give you an incredible view over the archipelago and at the same time enjoy the various endemic birds of the Seychelles.

Casino des Iles

Do you feel lucky? Then, this is definitely a good place for you to go. The Casino des Iles provides great night time activities. It is open every day of the week as from 12:30 – 2:30 am .

The casino is ideally situated near Cote d’or on Praslin Island. The casino only welcomes visitors over 17 years old. After19:00 the casino does not allow sandals and shorts.

There is a restaurant on the premises of the casino, namely the Tantemimi restaurant. It is open from Thursdays to Sundays from 19:30- 23: 00. The restaurant is specialised in Creole cuisine.

Be sure to check out our articles on the different activities that you can enjoy during your trip around the Indian Ocean for more details.



Mauritius is one of the most visited islands in the Indian Ocean. Many holiday seekers come to Mauritius and enjoy wonderful vacations. Villa Mauritius proposes its luxury villa as your accommodation during your stay in this beautiful island.

Villa Mauritius is a luxury villa which is situated in the estate of Belle Riviere at Bel Ombre in Mauritius. Also known as ‘The Spirit of Belle Riviere’, the villa comes with a direct access to a gorgeous beach and outstanding lagoon. Rent this villa to experience the mesmerizing beauty and charm of Mauritius in terms of landscape, tranquility and utmost privacy.



Road Map of MauritiusThe Spirit of Belle Riviere is ideally located near the 5 star hotels ‘So Mauritius hotel’ and ‘Sofitel Resort & Spa’. You can get to the Black River Gorges National Park, a famous tourist destination in Mauritius, in less than a 20 minutes drive. The only airport of Mauritius which is the Sir Seewoosagur  Ramgoolam is about 40 kilometres away from the villa. For golf fans, you can drive to Bel Ombre Golf in 10 minutes.


Leisure facilities

There are many leisure facilities that are made available at your disposal. These include a spa and wellness center where you can enjoy different therapies. A tennis court and a fitness center are also at your disposal.

You have the restaurants of So Mauritius hotel nearby where you get relish traditional Mauritian and International cuisines. The resort also has its own bar where you can have a few drinks. There are shops in the resort in case you want to grab a souvenir during your time in Mauritius.

Villa Belle rivièreVilla Mauritius is surrounded by a beautiful landscaped garden of 3000 meter squares which provides the guests with pure and fresh air. The garden includes varieties of trees, flowers and shrubs typical of Mauritius providing the guests with a pure Mauritian atmosphere. There is a sun terrace where you have a magnificent view which you can contemplate while sipping your tea or coffee in the morning. While you are provided with BBQ facilities, there are 2 restaurants near the villa where you can have a variety of meals and drinks.


The villa has a living area of 250 meter square and includes the main kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a living room and the children bedroom. The villa is fully equipped with a washing machine, dishwasher and clothes dryer. Villa Mauritius can accommodate 6 adults comfortably.It also features a private swimming pool which has a surface area of 85 meter square.

Benefits Privilege

By opting Villa Mauritius, you are granted the Benefits Privilege where you can enjoy discounts such as follows:

Your Benefits Privilege:

  • 10 % on shop
  • 50 % on sunbeds
  • 25 % on the hour guard at the Mini Club
  • 20 % on Spa
  • 15 % on dry cleaning
  • 25 % (excluding water activities)




Villa Mauritius is filled with the equipments necessary for your ease during your stay in Mauritius. While bed linen, beach towels and sheets are provided, the villa is equipped with a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, oven, gas cooker, freezer, coffee maker, toaster, phone and wireless Internet access( WIFI) is provided.



While you are in Mauritius, you should definitely try the renowned activities loved by millions of tourists who visited the island in the past. Being surrounded by waters, there are a lots of water sports activities available in the island.

Scuba diving

scuba-diving-mauritiusSpend a one in a lifetime experience in the underwater world of Mauritius. While being equipped with some swimming gears and a breathing apparatus, you will understand why the sea of Mauritius receives so much praises from the world. Dive along different types of fishes while contemplating the multi colored corals, sponges, sea anemones and so on.

Underwater Scooter

For those who don’t like to expose themselves too much may prefer the underwater scooter than the scuba diving. Swimming skills are not required for this activity while you can even bring along your baby children.

During this activity, you will be given the opportunity to explore the underwater world of Mauritius which is blessed with multi colored coral reefs and various species of rare.


parasailing-at-ile-aux-cerfs (2)Parasailings are executed on the seas of Mauritius. The latter takes you up to 15 meters in the air, giving you a picturesque bird eye view of the coast and landscape of Mauritius. While being equipped with a parachute, you will be towed by a motor boat taking you into the air for an amazing experience.

Water Skiing

Here, you will be equipped with a pair of skis and will be pulled by a motor boat on the sea.

One of the many well known activities practiced by many along the coasts of Mauritius is the Water skiing. Enjoy a small boat trip until the main event after you have reached the starting point of the attraction inside the lagoon of Mauritius.You will receive your skis and after a short explanation from your guide, you will be ready to go! This activity usually last at around 15 minutes.

Kite Surfing

kitesurfing in Indian OceanMany kite surfing instructors around Mauritius offers wonderful Kite Surfing experiences. There are packages for different people from beginners to top surfers. In many organizations around the island, the latest apparatus and best quality available in the markets are available.

Equipped with a kite, a board, helmet and shoes, you are ready to have a blast in the lagoon of Mauritius. The best weather condition are present in Mauritius for kite surfers.

The Indian Ocean has wonderful islands that provide a various number of activities and are filled up with luxurious resorts and spa making them unexceptional as holiday destinations. There are many interesting island that you may want to visit each having their own culture, cooking style and attractions leaving you a variety of choices to choose as destinations for a great vacation.

In this article, we have included only two of the best islands as holiday destinations in the Indian Ocean and also some insider tips so that you have a full experience package for your trip to any of these islands.


Mauritius attractions: Top view of Le morne
Mauritius attractions: Top view of Le morne

Mauritius is a small island of about 2040 kilometre square. There is a lot to discover in the island. The country has quite a past and many interesting historical sites which will leave you breathless while you uncover its history. Thanks to its rich historical past, Mauritius became a multi-cultural island.

Some examples of Historical sites in Mauritius are the Eureka plantation house, the Fort Madelaine also known as the citadel and the museum.

If you want to learn more click on History of Mauritius

The island is a real beauty and a well-visited place such that tourism is an important industry for the economy of the country. Famous for its stunning beaches, its clear lagoon and reef and its mountainous corners, it is the best holiday destination choice for many foreigners. Many tourists go to Mauritius for the purpose of shopping, business dealing, honeymoon and weddings or just to spend leisure time with family.

Sega Mauritius
Sega dance on the beach

Included in the Mauritian culture is the epic ‘sega’. The ‘sega’ is a mixture of song and dance invented by slaves brought into Mauritius long time ago. It represents the culture of the Mauritian.


Mauritian also imitates cuisines all around the world. This makes Mauritius a much more interesting island to visit. As Mauritius is a multi-cultural island, its cuisines originate from many countries such as China, Africa and India.

You may find foods that are sold in your country. Being a vegan is not a problem in the small island. There are vegetarian foods all around the island as there is a significant proportion of the population of the island who are vegans.


Mauritius has many facilities available for the foreigners who want to visit the island. The island enchant its visitors and make them feel home. Visitors have personal attentions and they are the priorities. A promising holiday awaits you in Mauritius. If you want to travel to Mauritius, quickly book your flights to Mauritius now with AirSeychelles!


The Seychelles

seychelles-with-couplesThe Seychelles is an archipelago with a combination of 115 small islands. The Seychelles is indeed an amazing island with millions of things to discover.




The Praslin Island


Seychelles beach
Sunset in Seychelles

Praslin is a beautiful island, including all its natural belongings but mostly famous for its stunning beaches. Being pretty small, the island is inhabited by 6,500 people. However, Praslin is considered as the second biggest island in the Seychelles. Some of its beaches in Praslin are renown in the world as the most beautiful beaches. Anse Lazio and Anse Googette are the most famous locally and worldwide.

Are you looking for hotels in Praslin? Click on the link to get to the best hotels in Praslin!

As for food, there are several good restaurants in Praslin.

Pk’s @ Pasquiere restaurant and gastropub

The restaurant is ideally situated at Anse Boudin. The restaurant happens to be situated in a lovely spot where you can contemplate the beautiful views of Praslin and the surrounding islands while relishing your meal. However, the restaurant only offers seafood meals. The famous corner warmly welcomes its clients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner even late at night.

Laurier restaurant

Situated at code d’or is the famous Laurier restaurant. The Laurier restaurant offer Barbecue.The Laurier restaurant is famous for its buffet. It offers a wide range of cold dishes. The prices are also at a reasonable rate.

Mahe Island

mahe seychelles victoria
mahe seychelles victoria

The Mahé Island is the biggest island in the entire 115 island of the archipelagos. Victoria is the capital of the island.

There is a lot to explore in Mahé. It is full of stunning beaches. While most of its people live in Victoria, there are also several towns where people follow the Creole culture. There are many activities which can be done on the island such as mountain walk, scuba diving and sea kayaking.

The seaside of Mahé is a great place to swim. The beaches are often tranquil but the best beaches on the island of Mahé are found in the south or the north of the island. The south is also the most convenient place for you to stay. As the bays are not far from each other, tourists have full tie to discover and explore the island. Many holidays packages are available. You may stay on the east-north coast where you will find attractive coastline or the south for the best beaches.

Beau Vallon, a beach find in the Victoria is a major tourist area. The calm, safe atmosphere of Beau Vallon is stress-free and relaxing. The police patrol at the Beau Vallon beach and make it a safe for everybody whether its families, the children or individuals.

Bird Island

 seychelles-bird-islandAmong the islands of the Seychelles lies Bird Island.

The Bird Island is a small paradise for nature lovers. A true masterpiece of nature, the bird island attracts many tourists which are home to a variety of birds of different species.The island is a nature preserved site. Visitors are allowed to watch and take pictures at a distance of an arm length. However, the republic of the Seychelles is strict on the rule of ‘No hunting is allowed’.

On the island, visitors have the opportunity for activities such as deep-sea fishing, snorkelling, watching the sunset and exploring the nature. There is also a restaurant opened to visitors on the island. The bird island’s restaurant has a good reputation for its cuisines and its atmosphere.

The island of Mauritius is ideally situated in the Indian Ocean. The tropical island is also known as the paradise island. Mauritius has earned a good reputation when it comes to water sports, land sports and especially its seaside.

Mauritius is a multi-culture place where you may taste different types of culinary. This little island is full of treasury stuffs such as the museum, rainforest and unique features. If you are planning for a holiday then I would advise you to come to Mauritius and discover amazing things and make the best of your holiday here.

There are many attractions in Mauritius.Here are some places you should visit:


port_louis MauritiusPort-louis is the capital city of the island of Mauritius, situated in the western part of the island. The place is full of harmony and love and it is a really pleasure to visit. Port-louis is a commercial, political and also a historical place. You may visit different places in a short amount of time.

Furthermore Port-louis is considered as the best place to shop. You may visit interesting places such as citadel, Caudan, bazar and blue penny museum in a short period of time. You may also buy beautiful souvenirs with the vendors near the ‘bazar’.


Citadelle Port LouisThe Citadel was constructed by the Spaniards in the 16th century and was finally modified by Frenchmen in the 17th century. Found in the city of port-louis, the Citadel hides thousands of past history. Today la Citadel alias Fort Adelaine is considered as a main tourist attraction.

The Citadel can be easily spotted and have a spacious parking for its visitors. You can either climb like a hundred stairs which is actually very easy to climb or can take taxis to take up to the Citadel.

Up at the Citadel the view is breath-taking. You are able to contemplate the beauty of port-louis and watch the ocean from afar. The best day to go to the Citadel is on Saturdays when horse racing is going on as you get a perfect view of the champ de mars at Citadel. Don’t forget to bring your beer & snacks and try to get there early, it will a promised Saturday.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden.

Jardin Botanique SSRDon’t forget to add SSR Botanical Garden on you planning list. Built by Pierre Poivre in year 1770, the 37 hectares spacious garden is located ideally in Pamplemousses. It is open seven times a week at 8: 30 AM to 5: 30 pm. The Botanical Garden attracts a large number of tourists on a daily basis.

The long giant water lilies plant pond which is actually one of the unique features is the highlight of the botanical garden. Among the southern hemisphere botanical gardens the SSR is nominated as the oldest botanical garden. It was also ranked as the 3rd most admired garden in the world. Besides the giant water lilies, the garden also has interesting features such as the garden of spices, sugar cane and 85 varieties of palm trees. This garden in Mauritius is both a historical place and leisure place.

Spending a day with your friends or family is a real pleasure. You may contemplate the beauty of the lake, animals and trees. Let your mind breath in the middle of the garden, hear the sound of the birds singing and children giggling and running from one place to another. The entry is at a low price and the garden is worthy for at least a visit.

For more information call 243 94-01


Grand Bay MauritiusGrand-Baie is situated in the Riviere du Rampart district, the northern part of the island. If you want to have some nightlife fun and meet new people, the best place to visit is Grand-Baie. It is famous for its nightlife, beaches, activities and shops. There is in fact a lot to discover at Grand-Baie.

Pereybere public beach

mauritius island pereybere beachPereyberepublic beach is situated in Grand-Baie. The Pereybere beach is considered as one of the most gorgeous beach in the Indian Ocean. Despite not being a so spacious beach, the Pereybere is the best beach you can go to and spend some good times with your family and friend.

Imagine taking a sunbath on the golden sanded beach with a cocktail in your hand and watching the sun reflecting on the blue turquoise water, seems like paradise isn’t it? You may also buy food and soft drinks from the vendors on the parking space. If you are at Grand-Baie, do visit the Pereybere beach, an amazing day is guaranteed to you.


Black River Gorges National Park
Black River Gorges National Park

Are you an adventurous tourism or a fan of hiking trails? Well, then Black River Gorge National Park is the best place for you to visit. The national park is known as one of the rarest forest in the whole world wide. It lies in the south-west part of the island. The park covers an area of 6, 574 hectares which actually represents 3.5% of the island.

There are in addition more than 150 species of plants and 9 varieties of birds which are found only on the paradise island, mauritius. The animals and plants are well protected in the Black River Gorge National Park, no hunting is allowed, severe laws are attached to it. While hiking through the park you will be able to spot some gorgeous species including the Peculiar and Umbrella-shaped Bois de Natte trees.

Seven coloured earth

The seven coloured earth also known as the Chamarel is ideally situated in the south-west of the Mauritius islands. The seven coloured earth is now a major tourist attraction. It comprises of different coloured sand dunes most precisely brown, green, violet, blue, yellow and purple.

The amazing thing about the seven coloured earth is that the sand dunes combining together gives a form of the map of Mauritius. Furthermore the sand stay still no matter how many times the rain falls. Visitors need to hike to get to the top to be able to have a nice view of the sand dunes. One may also buy the seven coloured earth in a tube at the entry.


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Mauritius Activities

Mauritius attractions

Are you visiting Mauritius soon or already on the island for your holidays? If you are looking for activities, then you have come to the right place.

Mauritius has a lot of attractions and activities to offer to its visitors. From the heights of the sky, to the depth of the sea, there is always something for someone to discover. Thrills seekers, divers, hikers, runners, nature lovers, adventurous travelers and many others will be served in their quest for an unprecedented experience.

Sky Divingskydiving trip

Have you ever wondered what it is like to feel like a bird, free to do whatever stunts you want to do in the air? Then sky diving is the perfect thing for you and Mauritius is the perfect place for this kind of activity for adrenaline seekers. The reason being the amazingly picturesque landscape of the island. You will be amazed to discover sugar cane fields, looking like a velvet piece of cloth lying on the ground. The nuances of blue of the ocean only adds to the beauty of this paradisiacal island. The perfect weather, all year round, and very little wind makes it one of the safest place for sky diving.


Karting in Casela

Karting is one of the best ways to spend some time racing against your friends and your family. Casela Adventure parks offers karting as an activity to its visitors. Time for some adrenaline rush. The ride is about ten minutes long. The best part of this activity is that you know which of your friends have the best times. So, on your marks….

Mud Karting

Also at the Casela, Mud Karting is one of the best adrenaline activity for adrenaline seekers. Don’t worry, you won’t dirty your clothes. A special protective clothing is provided to the guests. You can also take a shower after the race. The off-road track is perfect to test your maneuvering skills with its who lots of twists, overtakes, turns and speedy straights which only add to the fun of this extreme activity.

Dolphin Fly board

You won’t regret coming to Mauritius with these types of activities on the island. You’ve probably seen this type of activity before on youtube but have never come across it in real life. Well, if you are visiting Mauritius, here is the perfect opportunity to try it out. A board uses high pressure water to make you literarily float above the water surface. You feel like a bird but at the same time can dive like a true dolphin. Isn’t it exciting?

River Trek

Like its sister island Reunion, Mauritius also has a lot of trekking sites. With picturesque, clear water rivers and waterfalls, Mauritius is a perfect place for a trekking adventure. If you like to climb and not afraid to get wet, then this activity is definitely for you.

Horse Riding

Have you ever wondered how it is like to ride a stallion on one of the wonderful beaches of Mauritius, relish a romantic sunset with your lover or explore the lush forests of Mauritius on a horse back? Then horse riding is for you. You are sure to have a unforgettable time doing these on the back of this gracious animal.

If you opt for a beach ride, then Le Morne or Belle Mare beaches will surely satisfy your needs. If you want a more romantic atmosphere in the company of your dearest one, you can also arrange for rides at sunset.

On the Eastern coast of the island, horseback riding will take you amidst mountain paths, amazing picturesque landscapes, streams and rivers with some encounters with the local wildlife and endemic birds. We recommend that you bring along your binoculars to observe animals from afar.

Nepalese bridge

If you are fond of nature, then this activity is definitely for you. Safely walk in the air on a suspended 350 meters long Nepalese Bridge. A wooden platform supported by solid ropes high above a lush tropical forest canopy. This activity will for sure pump both your energy and excitement to create an adrenaline rush and a lifetime experience you never had before.

Segway Safari

Also located inside the Casela, this adventurous activity will give you the opportunity to discover 4500 hectares of the Yemen Safari park savanna and its lush wildlife amongst which you will find: herds of Java deer (around 9,000), wild boars, hares, macaque monkeys, mongoose, zebras, ostriches, African antelopes, rhino and fruit bats.


When it comes to spending holidays in Mauritius, visitors can easily get confused with so many things to see. In fact the tropical island of Mauritius has everything to offer etched in mind holidays, a multi-destination island! The beaches of the island draw luxurious hotels and high class villas proposing top-notch services. Mauritius is world known for its legendary hospitality and it is clear that many tourists spend most of their time in hotels or chilling out on the hotel front beaches. But, the island isn’t just about beaches and deluxe resorts; there is an assortment of places to visit. In fact, it was quite a task to shrink down our list of the 10 places not to miss in Mauritius.

1. Port Louis

Located in the northeast of the island, Port-Louis is the capital city and main administrative centre of Mauritius. It is by far the most visited town of the island, probably because it is in Port Louis that you will observe the abundance of the Mauritian culture. The town is a living museum of Mauritius and its cultural diversity, like the crowded Port Louis market which provides a wide choice of local cuisine, street foods and scents. As your taxi driver would, we suggest that you taste the “Dholl Puri” and why not an “Alouda” also! The chances are that you will most likely go back to Port Louis and its market again; because it’s there that you will find unique Mauritian souvenirs!

Port Louis
Port Louis

2. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Just 20 minutes away from the capital, the botanical garden also known as the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden is an Eden 37ha regrouping many plants and spices (including endemic ones) beautifully set in romantic pathways. The main attraction of the botanical garden is undoubtedly the famous Water Lilly of Mauritius. You will redefine fauna and flora with this garden’s lakes, birds, giant tortoises and its wide variety of trees and foliage.  If you like plants, flowers and dreamy walks, this garden will definitely make your holiday!

SSR Botanical Garden Pamplemousses

3. Grand Bay

The small touristic village of Grand Bay is undoubtedly the main attraction of the north of Mauritius. Its public beach is considered by locals and tourists to be amongst the very best in Mauritius. Indeed, the beach of Grand Bay sets apart with its line of palm trees, fine milky white sand and a warm turquoise lagoon. With its constantly rising number of visitors, Grand Bay saw a lot of changes these last years. It is the first place in Mauritius that experienced a tourism boom and as a result, the small village now has several hotels and shopping centers. Grand Bay is permanently active with the numerous beach restaurants, bars and clubs and it is definitely the place to be to enjoy nightlife in Mauritius.

Grand Baie Aerial View

4. Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux stands for ‘Cape of Misfortune’ and was named after the many shipwrecks which occurred there. The village is rather quiet but very famous for its pretty beach, its romantic red roof church and the magical view over Gunner’s point locally known as Coin de Mire.

Chapelle Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Cap Malheureux

5. Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs is a small paradise island of 87 hectares of luxuriant vegetation and exotic nature. The island is surrounded by sheltered emerald waters and pure white pristine beaches. The island is accessible by taxi boats or speedboat operators who operate on the Trou-d’Eau Douce public beach. Ile aux Cerf Island has a world-class hotel, a lush green golf course, and several restaurants. Whether you are visiting the island on family holidays or honeymoon, you will never get bored, there are many activities to enjoy like snorkelling, glass bottom, water skiing and many more water sports.

ile aux cerfs mauritius

6. Chamarel

Chamarel a small village located in the south has one of the most breathtaking views of the island. The Chamarel Falls is a range of quite a few waterfalls close to each other and the highest of them falls down to 100 meters. The viewpoint is reachable by taking the stairs and it is the perfect spot to selfie with Mother Nature! The village of Chamarel is also famous for its seven colored earth. This phenomenon is explained by the cooling at different temperatures of volcanic rocks, resulting in dunes of seven distinct colors. There is also an adventure park with intermediate challenges in the middle of natural sceneries, ideal for youngsters and group holidays!

Chamarel Seven colored Earth

7. Rochester Falls

Located in the south of the island, Rochester Falls is quite a unique place to visit in Mauritius. The waterfall is famous for its rare lava cliffs refined by years and years of erosion. When visiting the south of Mauritius, Rochester Falls is really worth a photo-stop. Each day, locals and tourists come see this amazing scenery and some even have a refreshing swim. The water is clear and calm, but swimming is not advised for beginners.

rochester falls souillac

8. Black River National Park

Also known as the Black River Gorge, this park spreads over 6574 ha of lush forest and wildlife. The park draws the most adventurous in search of wilderness in Mauritius. Hiking the park will get you carried away by a set of panoramic views as well as stunning landscapes, peaks and waterfalls. The National Park is the habitat of rare endemic bird species like the Green Echo Parakeet, the Mauritius Kestrel and the famous Pink Pigeon of Mauritius. Nature lovers will definitely love the Black River National Park and its long hiking trails.

Black River Gorges Nature Park

9. Le Morne

Though being a sad place by in a historical point of view, Le Morne is one of the most beautiful villages of Mauritius. The village is home to the “Morne Brabant” a single peak mountain encapsulating so much of Mauritius’ history in it. The place has been classified since 2008 as a UNESCO World Heritage site and it can be visited by trekking, the final view overlooking the Indian Ocean is quite astonishing. The locality also possesses the best beach of the south of Mauritius, Le Morne public beach. The beach is characterized by pure crystal water, comfortable white sand, rows of Casuarina trees and the “Morne Brabant” as background.

Le morne Brabant beach

10. Flic en Flac


Located just 20 minutes away from Port Louis and other cities in Mauritius, Flic en Flac is the best place to stay on the island. Flic en Flac is a village of several kilometers facing a continuously stretching white sand beach. With a water temperature of 27 degrees, a lapis Lazuli lagoon and a rich coral reef, Flic en Flac stands as one of the best beaches of Mauritius (if not already the best). Each year the village welcomes hundreds of thousand visitors and amongst them, many diving amateurs as Flic en Flac has the best spots for diving in Mauritius. Flic en Flac portrays the best sunsets in Mauritius and several big name hotels like the Pearle Beach Resorts and Villa Caroline lie along the coast of this beach.

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