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The archipelago of 115 islands forming the Seychelles is famous for its beautiful beaches, which are the main attraction for visitors. Almost the entire island is surrounded by spectacular white sand. The SNA has considered the top beaches in the Seychelles.

The Top Beaches

There are these fabulous rocks from another age, that give each a Jurassic coastline pan majesty, that give depth to the cards, and change the romance adventure film. This goes beyond the beauty that awaits the tropics, light sand, clear water, palm trees accomplices everything takes an epic dimension, and the people imagination these beaches pirates, cursed ship, hopeless romantic. Some beaches are coves with tunes from around the world, gold enclaves in the forests, where there are fears almost to surprise some unspeakable secret. Anse Takamaka, Mahe, or Anse Georgette, Praslin, have this wild look of hidden gem, with their form half-moon bristling with rocks, their treasure map draws. Everywhere the water comes in precious stones, one hesitates to resort to kitsch, but how to say otherwise? it combines the transparency of the diamond to the smoothness of the turquoise. Others are huge, wide open bays inordinate whose brilliance dazzled out of sight. Lazare bay, Beauvallon beach in Mahe and Anse Lazio on Praslin, are large gentle beaches, where some palm trees just grow horizontally to better work towards the pearl of funds. On Praslin, the beach coast Golden is huge and flat out of sight, without depth, so much so that we imagine to walk on water to the rocky islets that low tide strips. The sand is almost white ice, and the zenith, the light is blinding literally – it’s the kind of beach where reflected causes snow blindness. You get the impression of having been transported to another piece of paradise, as if you jumped from sphere to sphere, to increasingly clear nirvanas.

1. Anse Source d’Argent

This is one of the best beaches in the world. Located on the island of La Digue – the third most populated island of the archipelago, its white sand beaches, azure blue sea, surrounded by massive granite boulders make this beach a place of unique souvenir for Seychelle’s tourists. The beach dotted with massive boulders and smooth, came out first in a survey by the British newspaper “The Guardian”. TripAdvisor website, which collects user reviews, classified the beach in the Top 12 of the most beautiful beaches of crystalline water. The beach is also featured among the best beaches in the Traveller’s Choice 2014. The beautiful National Geographic book elected Anse Source d’Argent best beach in the world. The beach was also voted 4th best beach in the world by CNN on 100 staff. She is the fifth best beach ranked 12 in the world by US News & World Report.

2. Anse Lazio

Located in the northwest of Praslin – the second most inhabited island of the Seychelles, it is regarded by many as the best beach in the island nation. This is probably the one that is the most photographed. Long and wide, with its satin sand and enchanting blue sea, the beach is surrounded by large granite blocks and gives the feeling of being isolated in a small corner of paradise. In 2015, users of Tripadvisor elected Anse Lazio as the 6th most beautiful beach in the world.

3. Anse Georgette

Located on the west side of Praslin, this beach – compared to Anse Lazio – is nice and quiet. Accessible only by boat, the beach has preserved its isolation, making it an ideal place for couples. US News & World Report indicates that the beach “one of the 10 best beaches in the world. “

4. Petite Anse

The producer and British actor Jamie Theakston, described the beach “spectacular -with one hand steep volcanic cliffs and across a growing perfect azure blue sea that sliding on the sand barely caressing your feet. “It is on the east side of the island of La Digue and listed idyllic beaches in the Seychelles in the Lonely Planet guide. This is the place for you if you wish to play castaway on a deserted beach.

5. Anse Intendance

Ranked as one of the most unspoilt beaches of the main island of Mahe, it lies on the south coast of the island and stretches over nearly 3 km. With no reef, the big powerful waves make it an ideal place for surfers. However, this is not the best site for those who just want to swim. US News & World Report has ranked 5th activity things to do in Seychelles

6. Anse Major

The beach borders the Seychelles Morne nature reserve northwest of the main island of Mahé. It is accessible by boat or by hiking trails. The online version of the Daily Mail in the UK was ranked No. 1 of the 6 best outputs to the Seychelles. As for Tripadvisor, the site was ranked No. 5 in outdoor activities on Mahe. According to a user of Tripadvisor “Hiking to get there is long and exhausting, but it’s really beautiful because it offers magnificent views of the coastline. Once you’ve made it, Seychelles reward you by allowing you to admire one of the most enchanting places on earth! “

Visiting Seychelles in itself is as we have said a million times on this blog- the adventure of a lifetime. The islands, located perfectly in the Southern Hemisphere for you to enjoy a mild weather all year round with the warm sun and sandy white beaches creating a paradisiacal atmosphere with some great hotels in Seychelles. Being of such great diversity, visiting the Seychelles affords you to visit volcanic and granitic islands through island hopping. Not only that but Seychelles is also home to many endemic species which it covets such as the coco de mer or the commonly known long-necked tortoise. But honestly, your visit is never complete without the complete experience of the Seychellois gastronomy with its varied menus and cuisines from around the world.

La Grande Maison 

Located in Takamaka Bay, this is one of the best places you could go to for a fine dining experience. It is modern with a beautiful setting and you can even eat on the veranda if you feel like it. The menu varies according to the Chef who is Christine. She is a well renowned figure around the area for her exquisite cuisine. So, prepare yourself for one great experience. The restaurant is so well admired that all of its reviews so far on its facebook page has been 5* ratings! People rave about how positive their dining experience end up being at La Grande Maison and you definitely don’t want to miss out on anything! The Chef is also often complimented on her good wine choosing skills- this is the one place in Seychelles where you can leave everything up to the chef and be assured that you will be leaving the restaurant with a more than satisfied tummy and a smile of satisfaction. We recommend that you book before going as the servers will make special arrangements at no cost and even welcome you and your companions with a special Takamaka drink, courtesy of the chef! You will not even need to worry about the food quality. Rest assured, it is definitely top notch- with organic and local ingredients, Chef Christine seeks to dazzle you with a modern cuisine with a twist!

restaurant seychelles mahe


The restaurant is known to add local specialties such as lime and bilimbi to add some zest to the dish and wow your palate since bilimbi is an exotic taste that you have to try for yourself. You will most certainly love it. The restaurant is also proud of its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, catering to many locals and expats who drop in for a casual lunch which you can be part of or a classy lunch to woo your significant other- La Grande Maison has everything you need. Whether it’s date night or just another day, this is where you will want to return again and again for excellent wine choice and fabulous service. While we suggest trying to have a meal at every good restaurant you can find, most people end up returning there several times during their holidays, recognising the height of fine cuisine in good old Seychelles! The restaurant of course has its special menus, the dishes from which are always available irrespective of what the chef has chosen for the day due to how much customers adore old classics like the Creole Bouillabaisse or seafood au coco- yes, this is seafood served in a coconut. Don’t believe this is legit? Check it out yourself on your next visit to the Seychelles!

Cafe des Arts

Cafe des Arts defines its cuisine as international, serving a fusion of Seychelles’ all times favourites in a fusion of inspirational dishes from all around the world to present a mouthwatering end product to its customers. Located near the beach in Praslin, le Cafe des Arts is more than often cited as the best culinary experiences the island has to offer. Not only does it have good food but lunch is served right on the beach itself with a rooftop area for those who want to relax with a scotch or one of the restaurant’s impressive cocktails. It is after all more than just a feast for your palate but an island adventure on its own! The service is described by most  as irreproachable and one of the friendliest place on the island to eat at. The waiters and waitresses hardly ever refuse to small talk with customers, happy to discuss lively, making sure that the patrons of the day have an unforgettable time at this gem of a place. If not for the music which is always tasteful if not slightly corny and romantic at times, you can even hear the faraway waves, This place is dream worthy. Even if you are a fussy diner, le Cafe des Arts promises to meet and even exceed your expectations with its wide choice of seafood cooked in the most inventive and inspired way to please your palate. The catch is fresh, what else can you expect from a beachside restaurant in Seychelles? Expect the freshest fish and octopus on your plate whether you want an octopus gratin with pumpkin or a smoked fish smelling of freshly squeezed lemon juice with green herbs- you are guaranteed a good meal.

cafe des arts seychelles

The menu varies of course to suit the availability of local produce. This ensures that you have some new things to taste if you are enamoured enough to become a regular. Not only the main menus but even the sauces and dips are impressive enough to appear on famous bloggers’ reviews of their time in the Seychelles- especially Cafe des Arts’ garlic and olive oil dip which has astounded many. As many would say though, don’t fill up with the mightily impressive food on your plate, Cafe des Arts has more coming. The restaurant takes great pride in its succulent selection of dessert, decadent cakes which will make your mouth water from a slight whiff of its sweet aroma as it’s brought to your table! Tell us what you think of it when you go to visit!


Boathouse in Seychelles is what you are looking for if you love food and a lot of it as well! A buffet style restaurant, with self service- this is heaven for food lovers. On an average evening, the restaurant offers around or more than 20 classic creole dishes which are bound to seduce you. What’s not to adore about discovering new food? The food area is a little bit darker than most expect so prepare yourself for that but worry not, you will still be able to see what you are putting on your plate. It is simply that the place goes for a mostly rustic look to match the menus which are favourites to-go meals of the locals who also mightily love the Boathouse as a great place for family time dining. For the person who is unashamed to eat more than meagre portions, the restaurant is a good economic choice as well as it provides more than just value for money in such a case. Given how it’s self serve, you are free to determine how much you will want on your plate.

boathouse seychelles

Though if you are new to the creole cuisine, there are servers who will be happy to guide you at your leisure. The staff is reputed for its friendliness and they serve with a smile, adding a nice touch to your dining experience. You are recommended to dress casual smart. Be classy but be comfy! The restaurant’s buffet is only open for dinner though- a fact to keep in mind but lunchers even stragglers are welcomed all day long to admire the view while enjoying a cocktail! Don’t miss out on their grilled fish specialty though! Most of the time it is tuna but on the good days, you might find yourself enjoying a nice red snapper with some fabulous sauces on the side! It is located on Beau Vallon Bay, much like Cafe des Arts, it is a beach side restaurant. The Boathouse even has a semi open dining area which keeps the place aerated with the marina breeze. If your hotel in Mahe is nearby, you can drop in for a light breakfast after having watched the sun rise during your morning walk. It has a wide selection of breakfast items ranging from full English breakfasts to crepes including less common flavours such as honey with nuts, banana and cinnamon or even ice cream. In my honest opinion, nothing can beat ice cream for breakfast so there you are, if you don’t try it at least once, it’s definitely going to be one major regret.

Chez Jules Restaurant

Chez Jules Restaurant started out small a few years back, owned by Jules who is also the Chef with his family helping out in the restaurant, it has now expanded having built a loyal and loving clientele which is the product of being served good food at relatively affordable prices. La Digue doesn’t have the most active of night life of all the Seychelles Islands, and Chez Jules is also quite far back- so if you are one of the few who decided to dine there, do not expect a big crowd. It is a quiet place with Jules the Chef serving his no menu items in the evening. So basically you are automatically signing up for a surprise by the chef. Well, it is very unlikely that you will be disappointed given the glowing reputation the restaurant has since its very conception! So, dive it, enjoy the traditional creole food prepared specially by the chef, somehow taking customers on great culinary adventures, a far contrast to the usual bland restaurants you may find with overpriced menus. Chez Jules welcomes children as well, unlike certain restaurants like Cafe des Arts which doesn’t allow children under 5 years old. Here your children can run around to play after dinner while you enjoy a nice coffee.

chez jules seychelles

It is a very family friendly environment and very safe for everyone. Lunch is the time to go if you want the fancy eating parts with a choice between buffet lunch or a la carte menus. Chez Jules Restaurant prides itself in accommodating its customers and ensuring that they leave as happy and satisfied ones who will endeavour to come again. Traditional plates such as grilled fish with creole sauce with the zing of bilimbi as quasi all good restaurants like to put in the spotlight are among the beloved items of regulars. The chef also encourages customers to try new things which are unique to Seychelles or relatively unusual to foreigners such as his papaya smoothie or fresh mango juice among other crazy things that Jules comes up with which end up baffling most who do fall in love with these innovative menus. Many will miss the restaurant once they leave the island, it does grow on you. The food is fresh and delectable, octopus salad anyone? And the Chef is always happy to replace dishes which do not satisfy customers, so feel free to explore the menu. You will leave there pleasantly surprised!

Read more about the Seychellois Cuisine on our blog!

Lambousir Restaurant

You can’t pronounce the name? Don’t worry, most visitors can’t do that either! However, irrespective of confusing name or not, it is definitely the place to go if you desire some fantastic seafood. While most restaurants will feature seafood on their menus by default given its high availability and ease to acquire fresh seafood on a frequent basis, Lambousir Restaurant has made this part of the Seychelles Islands its speciality. Unpronounceable name and all, this is the place to be when it comes to great seafood dishes which will remain forever engraved in your memories. If you hadn’t guessed yet, it’s a lot of fish or octopus or shrimp or calamari, what ever floats your boat really! The usual entree would be a nice calamari crouistillant or deep fried until crispy fish depending on what is available on the day’s menu. Next you may move on to anything you want, soups or main course items such as tender grilled fish with spicy sauce doused on top. It is in all a great culinary experience, bringing you closer to Seychelles culture with such typically Seychellois food items. Seafood after all is the staple for most locals. Lambousir creates new twists to old dishes. Expect the delicious unexpected at Lambousir! Even the setting is design to take your breath away.

lambousir restaurant

Lambousir Restaurant is found within the Union Estate and hence has a mesmerising sea view which can almost distract you from what’s on your plate! If you don’t feel like experimenting with some dish with a bizarre name, you can stick to a basic burger with chips on the side and maybe a salad to keep the appearance of being healthy! It is strongly recommended to remain on the seafood side of the menu given how that is in fact the speciality of the restaurant and thus other menus such as chicken sometimes do not satisfy the picky customer. Lambousir has found its way to please with its great view and great seafood dishes, let it mesmerise you as well. After that satisfying lunch, you can go rest or take a walk on the beach. Anse L’Argent is withing walking distance and you simply cannot leave Seychelles without having visited the most photographed beach on the planet to your heart’s content! And as usual, take a lot of pictures to bring home- it is not for nothing that Seychelles is known for being a little paradise, you definitely want to keep tangible memories of your time here!



La République des Seychelles se compose de 115 îles connues sous le nom d’un archipel avec une population estimée à quatre-vingt mille. Il est bien connu pour ses plages et lagons qui attirent au moins deux cent mille touristes par an. En 2013, 230,272 étrangers ont visité ces îles, parmi lesquels on retrouve plus de 90% venus uniquement pour les vacances. Donc, si vous envisagez de passer vos prochains vacances aux Seychelles ou vous voulez simplement vous renseigner à propos du Seychelles, voici un résumé des iles de Seychelles.

Les iles sont divisées en deux catégories, notamment ; les iles internes et les iles externes des Seychelles.

Les iles internes des Seychelles sont des iles grannitiques assemblées autour des iles principales: Mahe, Praslin et la digue

Les îles extérieures  quant à elles, sont des îles coralliennes se trouvant à l’ouest en direction de la côte africaine.

Les Iles Internes des Seychelles

1. Mahé

Mahé est l’ile principale du Seychelles. C’est la plus grande ile de l’archipel avec une dimension de 155 kilomètre carrés. La Capital de Mahé est Port Victoria. Avec plus de 70,000 habitants, la population de Victoria constitue plus de 90% de la population de l’ile de Mahé.

 Port Victoria est nommé après la reine d’Angleterre et il au cœur de l’industrie du tourisme des Seychelles. Vous trouverez un jardin botanique qui est âgé de près de cent ans. Avec 15 acres de plantes indigènes et exotiques, de chauves-souris et de tortues géantes, il est le lieu idéal pour les amoureux de la nature.

Mahé est aussi très réputé pour ses plages magnifiques et lagons turquoise que l’on peut  profiter en s’adonnant à de nombreuses activités.

Beau Vallon est situé sur la côte nord-ouest de Mahé. La mer à Beau Vallon est généralement calme qui en fait l’endroit idéal pour une baignade. Vous trouverez également une gamme de sports nautiques proposés, notamment jet ski, ski nautique et de la marche sous l’eau. C’est très sécurisé  pour les familles avec  enfants car la mer est calme et il y a des sauveteurs qui circulent autour des frontières des plages.

Anse Intendance qui se trouve dans l’île de Mahé a l’une des plus belles plages parmi les 115 îles. Il est l’endroit idéal pour le surf grâce aux vents forts qui soufflent là-bas provoquant de grosses vagues fréquentes. Toutefois, en raison de l’absence de récifs coralliens et les vents du sud-est, nous ne recommandons pas la baignade dans ces eaux. D’autre part, on prendre un bain de soleil et capturer de belles images avec le beau paysage qu’offre Anse Intendance.


Cherchez-vous un hotel à Mahé? Réservez votre chambre chez Le Wharf hotel

Louez une chambre au capital de Mahé et expérimenter la vie Seychellois avec Le Jardin des Palmes.

2. Praslin


L’ile Praslin est la deuxième plus grande ile des Seychelles comportant 38 kilomètre carrés soit 11 km en longueur et 4km en largeur avec une population de plus de 6500 habitants. Se trouvant à 36 km au nord est de Mahé, on peut voyager de Praslin à Mahé en bateau en 45 minutes.

Voici une des plus fameuses plages paradisiaques que vous pouvez visiter à Praslin.

Anse Lazio


Anse lazio beach

Anse Lazio se trouve au nord de l’île de Praslin. C’est l’endroit où vous pouvez obtenir les meilleures photos des plages. Les sables fins fusionnent avec les eaux claires du lagon bleu qui est protégé par des récifs coralliens et offre donc d’excellentes possibilités de natation et de plongée en apnée. On retrouve beaucoup d’arbres Takamaka autour de la côte, qui fournit de l’ombre pour se détendre et manger après une bonne baignade. Il y a aussi beaucoup de restaurants sur les deux extrémités de la plage, donc vous n’êtes pas obligés d’apporter des provisions de nourriture ou d’eau.

Vallée de Mai



Vallee de Mai

D’autre part, il y a le Parc national de la Vallée de Mai qui est un sitedu patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. Ce dernier maintient une forêt très ancienne qui comprend environ quatre mille échantillons du ‘géant coco de mer fruits de palme’ qui est endémique aux Seychelles, les orchidées vanille, chiromanciens, Latanier et la palme du voyageur. Les photographes et amoureux de la nature vont adorer l’aventure dans cette réserve. La vallée est également la maison de nombreux types de lézards et d’oiseaux rares

Plusieurs iles des Seychelles se situent prés de Praslin notamment Curieuse, Cousin et Cousine, l’île Ronde, La Digue, Félicité, Petite sœur et Grande Sœur, Aride et Marianne. On peut y parvenir entre 15 à 30 minutes en mer.


Important: Découvrez la beauté des Seychelles avec Le Domaine de la Réserve, un hôtel quatre étoiles qui se trouvent sur ​​l’île de Praslin.

Avis : Un luxueux hôtel 5 étoiles se situant à Praslin offre beaucoup plus qu’un simple hébergement aux Seychelles. Bienvenue à Le Château de Feuilles.

2.1. Curieuse

l'ile Curieuse mix

L’ilot Curieuse est situé à un kilomètre au nord de Praslin avec une superficie de 2.93 kilomètre carrés. De 1883 à 1965, l’ile a été servi comme une léproserie; un lieu d’isolement pour soigner les lèpres.

Il y a pas de village ou même d’hébergements à Curieuse.  Alors, les touristes peuvent s’y rendent que pendant la journée. De plus, vous ne pourrez pas le parcourir entièrement car il n’y a pas de route ou de véhicules.

2.2. Cousin


Cousin est un petit île granitique des Seychelles, située à 2 km de l’ouest de Praslin . Il est une réserve naturelle protégée par la loi des Seychelles comme une réserve spéciale. Il est géré par Nature Seychelles, une organisation nationale sans un but de profit et partenaire de BirdLife International, par laquelle l’ile a été identifiée comme une zone importante pour les oiseaux.


Avez-vous envie de naviguer les eaux calmes des Seychelles à votre propre rythme, avec des amis ou en famille, et en profiter tout autant. Louez un Catamaran aux Seychelles maintenant.

2.3. Cousine

ile cousine

Munie d’une superficie de 30 hectares, l’ilot cousin est reconnu internationalement comme l’une des îles privées les plus importantes sur le plan écologique sur la terre. Il est situé à 6 kilomètre au sud est de Praslin.

2.4. La Digue

La Digue Seychelles

La Digue se situe à 6 km au sud est de Praslin. L’ile est assez petite faisant 5km de long et 3 km en largueur. Cependant La Digue est le troisième la plus grande île habitée des Seychelles en termes de population de 2,800 habitants.

L’industrie principale de l’île est le tourisme. On peut accéder à l’ile que par la mer car il n’y a pas d’aéroport. Munie d’une grande variété de créatures sous-marines comme les poissons, les requins et les raies et fameux pour ses plages magnifique spécialement Grande Anse,  La Digue est passé par une augmentation touristique majeure dans le siècle précédent.


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2.5. Félicité

Felicite Seychelles

Félicité Island est une petite île granitique qui est à quatre kilomètres à l’est de La Digue. Félicité était une plantation de noix de coco dans les années 1900 et avait une population native d’environ 50 personnes. Maintenant, l’île est la propriété d’un complexe hôtelier de luxe.

2.6. Petite Sœur & Grande Sœur

Petit & Grande Soeur

Les îles de Grande Soeur et Petite Soeur sont référées comme Les îles sœurs.

Situées à 6 km au nord-est de leur voisin La Digue et à proximité de Félicité et de l’Ile Cocos, ces deux îles sont très populaire pour les excursions en raison de leurs vues spectaculaires sur l’océan et les excellentes opportunités qu’ils offrent pour des randonnées et pique-nique.

Ces îles sont également célèbres pour la plongée en apnée et la plongée sous-marine dans les eaux où la vie marine est prolifique.


L’hôtel Château de Feuilles sur Praslin gère les îles.

2.7. Aride


Aride accueille l’une des populations d’oiseaux de mer les plus importantes dans l’océan Indien avec  dix-huit espèces d’oiseaux indigènes (dont cinq seulement trouvé aux Seychelles) qui se reproduisent sur ​​l’ile. Le nombre d’élevages de ces espèces sur Aride est le plus important que toute autre île aux Seychelles. L’île est gérée comme une réserve naturelle. Les seuls habitants humains sur Aride sont les employés de la réserve.

2.8. Marianne

Marianne Seychelles

L’île était une ancienne plantation de noix de coco.

Actuellement, l’île Marianne est inhabitée, mais elle est régulièrement visitée par les touristes. Les visiteurs peuvent en profiter de la pointe sud de Marianne qui est connue comme un lieu de plongée de classe mondiale et sur le côté ouest de l’île on y retrouve réside une grande plage.

2.9 Ile Ronde

Ile Ronde Seychelles

Ile Ronde a une dimension de 3 kilomètre carrés. Vous pouvez y accéder dans 10 minutes en bateau depuis Praslin.

C’est une île bénie avec cinq acres de sable blanc, des formations rocheuses et une végétation luxuriante.

Un paradis tropical de plages immaculées, eaux turquoise, de forêts vertes émeraude, d’affleurements rocheux et de scènes sous-marines spectaculaires avec des possibilités infinies pour se détendre et s’amuser.

3. Ile Silhouette

ile Silhouette Seychelles

Silhouette Island est réputée pour sa riche biodiversité. Il dispose d’une forêt de brume et il est la troisième plus grande île de granit aux Seychelles. Il dispose d’un parc qui conserve plus de 2000 espèces, y compris les oiseaux, les geckos, caméléons, tortues, et scinques. Les visiteurs trouveront également des grottes pour s’aventurer et des plages avec les meilleures possibilités de baignade et de plongée en apnée.

4. Ile aux oiseaux (Bird Island)

Bird island Seychelles

Le nom lui-même en dit beaucoup.  L’ile abrite au moins 1,500,000 sternes noires. Les amoureux d’oiseaux et les photographes passionnés trouveront l’occasion idéale pour visiter l’Ile aux oiseaux de Mai à Octobre, qui est la saison de reproduction pour ces sternes. Des cardinaux, des colombes au sol, mainates, des sternes, aigrettes et plusieurs des tortues terrestres géantes sont aussi des habitants de l’ile. Les visiteurs peuvent y accéder  en 30 minutes grâce à un vol depuis l’île de Mahé.

5. Ile Sainte Anne

 ile Sainte Anne Seychelles

A 4 km au large de la côte Est de Mahé se situe l’ile Sainte Anne. Il a été découvert en 1742 par l’explorateur français Lazare Picault.

En 2002, 87 villas de luxe ont ouvert leurs portes sur le point de sud-ouest.

6. Ile Moyenne


Ile Moyenne est une petite île de 0.099 kilomètre carrés. Il y a des rumeurs qui disent qu’il y a des trésors de pirates qui sont enterrés sur l’île. Actuellement, l’île est un parc national et peut être visité dans le cadre de voyages organisés.

7. Ile Thérèse

ile_therese Seychelles

Thérèse est une petite ile inhabitée à l’ouest de Mahé dans les Seychelles. L’ile est très populaire parmi les touristes grâce aux sports nautiques tels que la plongée sous-marine, plongée en apnée, ski nautique, planche à voile et pêche en mer profonde.

En plus, Thérèse a une magnifique plage faisant 700 mètre de long avec beaucoup de cocotiers qui poussent sur le bord de la plage donnant de l’ombre aux visiteurs qui s’allongent pour se relaxer.

8. Ile Conception

 L’ile conception est une petite île de 0,603 kilomètre carrés aux Seychelles 2 km à l’ouest de Mahé. Il contenait autrefois une plantation de noix de coco jusqu’au milieu des années 1970. Aujourd’hui, il est inhabité. L’ile Conception, avec son île sœur Thérèse, fait partie du district de Port Glaud de Mahé, l’île principale des Seychelles.

Récemment, une réserve faunique  a été crée sur l’ile. Il est le foyer de l’oiseau ‘oeil blanc Seychelles’, qui est extrêmement rare voir endémique aux seychelles.

Les iles externes de Seychelles

9. Les iles Amirantes

Les Amirantes sont un groupe d’îles et d’atolls coralliens, appartenant aux îles extérieures des Seychelles. Ils s’étendent  sur environ 155 km des banques d’Afrique du Nord à Isle des noeufs dans le sud.

Ile Des Roches, St Joseph Atoll et Poivre Atoll forment parti du groupe des iles Amirantes.

9.1. St Joseph Atoll

St Joseph Atoll Seychelles

Le St Joseph Atoll  se trouve 250km au sud-ouest de Mahé à proximité de l’ile Arros. L’atoll abrite  les îles Saint-Joseph, Ile Varres,  Fouquet, Ressource, Petit Carcassaye, Grand Carcassaye, Benjamin, Banc Ferrari, Chien, Banc de Sable, Banc Cocos, Ile Paul et Pelican.

L’île St Joseph elle-même comprend d’une superficie de 1000 acres qui est la plus grande île du groupe.

9.2 Ile d’Arros

Arros fait partie du groupe des iles Amirantes. L’ile a une forme plutôt ovale avec une dimension de 1.5 kilomètre carré. L’île a une population de 42 personnes.  Appartenant aux régions externes des Seychelles, il ne contient pas de bâtiments ou de services gouvernementaux. Alors, les habitants doivent se rendre à Victoria, Mahé pour de nombreux services. A savoir, l’ile se situe  à 255 kilomètres au sud-ouest de Mahé.

D’autre part, une petite partie de l’île est cultivée pour la consommation personnelle des résidents.

Une grande partie de la région de l’île est couverte par la végétation mais il y a plusieurs bâtiments sur l’île. Vous pouvez avoir accès à une piscine, un court de tennis, une bibliothèque et une boutique de location de vidéos sur l’île.


9.3 Poivre Atoll


Poivre se trouve à 270km sud- est de Mahé  Poivre est l’une des plus anciennes plantations de noix de coco dans les îles extérieures, ce qui était la principale source de revenus d’une succession de personnes qui soit louaient ou détenaient l’ile.

Aujourd’hui, Poivre est célèbre pour sa jolie semi- lagon et aussi pour la pêche en haute mer.


9.4 Ile Desroches

desroches Seychelles

L’ile Desroches est l’île principale des îles Amirantes. Il a été nommé après le chevalier Desroches, le gouverneur de l’Ile Maurice de 1767 à 1772.

Il est situé à 227 km sud-ouest de Victoria, Seychelles. Il est  5,5 km de long et a une superficie de 4.027 kilomètre carrés avec une population d’une centaine de personnes. Les habitants de l’île sont principalement engagés dans le tourisme. Quelques uns s’adonnent à l’ agriculture et la pêche pour la consommation des habitants.


9.5 L’ile Marie Louise

marie louise Seychelles

Marie Louise est une île de corail de faible altitude dans le groupe des Amirantes , des îles extérieures de la République des Seychelles, dans l’océan Indien occidental. Il fait une distance de 308 km depuis le sud – ouest de Victoria, Seychelles.

L’île est une caye basse et sablonneuse de corail, à peu près en forme d’ovale, avec une hauteur maximale de 9 m. L’ile a une espace de 55.6 arpent. Elle est habitée en permanence avec une population d’environ 11 individus.

Actuellement, il n’y a pas de services aériens réguliers pour se rendre à Marie Louise. Cela est du à la difficulté d’atterrir en avion, en raison de la côte escarpée qui est bondée de rochers.


9.6 L’Ile Boudeuse

Boudeuse est un îlot inhabité se trouvant à l’extrémité ouest du groupe des Amirantes, des îles extérieures des Seychelles. Il est situé à une distance de 332 km au sud de Victoria, Seychelles.

L’ile a été explorée et nommée après un navire utilisé dans le célèbre voyage de Bougainville autour du monde par le chevalier du Roslan en 1771.

L’île a été identifiée comme une zone importante pour les oiseaux (IBA) par BirdLife International , car il prend en charge une population reproductrice d’environ 4000 paires de fous masqués.

Il y a une petite plage de sable fin, mais il est difficile d’atterrir à cause des fortes houles même par un temps calme. L’île n’a pas d’arbres, et aucune végétation est présente, peut-être ce qui en fait l’un des cayes les plus vierges de la région.


10. Groupe Aldabra

Le groupe Aldabra font partie des îles extérieures des Seychelles, située à 1.000 kilomètres dans le sud-ouest de la capitale, Victoria, sur l’île de Mahé. Le groupe dispose de 3 îles habitées et une inhabitées.

10.1 Aldabra


Aldabra est le deuxième plus grand atoll de corail du monde, avec une dimension approximative de 155 kilomètre carrés. Il est situé dans le groupe Aldabra des îles de l’océan Indien qui font partie des îles extérieures des Seychelles, avec une distance de 1120 kilomètre au sud-ouest de la capitale, Victoria, sur l’île de Mahé.

Aldabra est presque intacte. C’est-à-dire qu’il n’a pas été exploité par les hommes. Il y a 307 espèces d’animaux et de plantes sur Aldabra. D’autre part, il y a un grand lagon peu profond, idéal pour se baigner.

Cependant, l’ile n’est pas facilement accessible car il n’y a pas d’atterrissages qui ont été construits pour les avions ou hélico.

10.2 L’ile Astove

 Astove est un grand atoll qui fait partie du groupe Aldabra, couché dans les îles extérieures des Seychelles, avec une distance de 1.041 km au sud-ouest de la capitale, Victoria, sur l’île de Mahé.

Le nom Astove est dit être dérivé du portugais l’île Doze, ce qui signifie les douze îles.

Astove est une île de corail surélevée. Son lagon a une profondeur maximale de 3 mètres, et la seule sortie est un passage d’enroulement dans le sud, appelé Gueule Bras Channel.

L’ile a une superficie de 1.71 kilomètre carrés. Il y a seulement deux habitants à Astove. Les deux personnes font de  l’agriculture à petite échelle et aussi la pêche pour leur propre consommation.

10.3 Cosmoledo

cosmoledo Seychelles

Cosmoledo est un atoll du groupe Aldabra et fait partie des îles extérieures des Seychelles, et est situé à 1029 km au sud-ouest de la capitale, Victoria, sur l’île de Mahé. Il fait 5.2 kilomètre carrés.

L’ile a un lagon qui peut aller jusqu’à 8.2 mètre en profondeur.

Le nom Cosmoledo est dit d’honorer un navigateur portugais, qui faisait partie de l’équipage de Juan de nova.

Il y a des croisières qui vont vers l’atoll régulièrement. De plus, L’ IDC (Islands Development Company) a proposé un plan pour un éco-ressort avec environ 20 chambres à construire à Menai en 2019. Menai est un village qui a été abandonné en 1992 et comprend un grand cimetière.

D’autre part, l’ile la plus proche de Cosmoledo est l’ile Astove. Les deux îles sont parfois connues ensemble comme le Groupe Cosmoledo.

Cosmoledo est une zone importante pour les oiseaux et détient les plus grandes colonies des trois espèces de benêt de Seychelles qui se reproduisent dans les Seychelles.


10.4 L’ile de l’Assomption

Assumption_Island Seychelles

Île Assomption est une petite île dans les îles extérieures des Seychelles. Il se trouve à  1135 kilomètre du sud Ouest de Victoria, Mahé.

L’Inde a une grande base navale et militaire sur l’île. L’île était un arrêt de croisière populaire en raison de sa longue jetée. Cependant, le nombre d’arrivées ont été maintenues par les Seychelles, jusqu’à ce que le contrat de location avec l’Inde a eu lieu et qui a fermé l’île au public.

L’ile Assomption a un petit village, avec environ 20 personnes, sur le côté ouest de l’ile. L’île a un camp de construction avec environ 50 personnes à la pointe sud de l’aérodrome. Tous les habitants sont de l’inde.

10.4 Ile Picard

 L’ile Picard est également connu sous le nom West Island. Il est la troisième plus grande île de l’atoll d’Aldabra dans le groupe Aldabra. L’ile se trouve à 1150 kilomètres au sud-ouest de la capitale de Mahé, Victoria. L’île couvre une superficie de 9,29 kilomètre carrés.

La seule habitation de l’ile est une base scientifique sur qui est maintenant occupée en permanence par 12 scientifiques.

11. Farquhar

Le Groupe Farquhar appartient aux îles extérieures des Seychelles, situé à plus de 700 km au sud-ouest de la capitale, Victoria, sur l’île de Mahé.

La superficie totale des terres de toutes les îles du groupe est au alentour de 12.837 km2. La seule ile habitée du groupe est Atoll Farquhar.

 11.1 Atoll Farquhar

Farquhar Seychelles

L’atoll de Farquhar fait partie du Groupe Farquhar des îles extérieures des Seychelles. L’atoll a été nommé en l’honneur de Robert Townsend Farquhar en 1824.

Il est situé à 770 kilomètres au sud-ouest de la capitale, Victoria, sur l’île de Mahé. La superficie du terrain est de 8.357 kilomètres carrés.

L’atoll Farquhar est connu pour ses reliefs de sable hautes, dont certains atteignent plus de 23 mètres en hauteur.

11.2 Atoll Providence

L’Atoll Providence fait partie du Groupe Farquhar des îles aux Seychelles qui font partie des îles extérieures, à 705 km sud-ouest de la capitale, Victoria, sur l’île de Mahé.

Les îles de l’atoll Providence sont petites, coraline et inhospitalière. Il y a deux iles dans l’atoll notamment Ile aux Cerf et Ile Providence.

 L’ile Providence a la forme d’un cerf-volant. La superficie du terrain est de 1,72 kilomètre carrés.

L’ile aux Cerf est situé à l’extrême sud de l’atoll, avec une dimension de 1.1 kilomètre carrés.

11.3 Ile Saint-Pierre

 L’ile Saint- Pierre porte le nom de l’un des navires du capitaine Dechemin, qui ont visité l’île le 6 Juin 1732 .Faisant partie du groupe Farquhar, Saint- Pierre est inhabité. Il a une forme circulaire avec une dimension de 1.6 kilomètre carrés.

12. Atoll Alphonse


L’atoll Alphonse appartient aux iles extérieures des Seychelles. Il a une superficie de 171 arpents. L’ile a un aéroport faisant 1220 mètre de long qui traverse la région en diagonal.

L’atoll contient une île seulement; l’île Alphonse, avec une population de 82 individus. Les habitants sont engagés dans l’agriculture et de la pêche qui sont principalement pour leur propre consommation. D’autres travaillent sur la station.

L’île était une plantation privée, ouverte seulement en 1999 au public. Il y a quelques arbres de papaye, banane, Agave, et un champ de coton, qui sont restés de l’époque des plantations de l’île, et sont toujours maintenus par les villageois.

Le gouvernement des Seychelles a des plans pour ouvrir une ferme perlière sur l’île en 2017, de sorte que les villageois auront un emploi durable. L’île abrite des restaurants, un centre de plongée, un centre de pêche à la mouche, 2 boutiques de souvenirs, une clinique, un magasin de location de vélos, et plusieurs autres attractions.


13. Coëtivy

coetivy Seychelles

Coëtivy est une petite île de corail aux Seychelles, située à 290 km au sud de Mahé. Il comprend le group corailien du sud et fait donc partie des iles extérieures.

Il a été nommé après le Chevalier de Coëtivy , commandant de l’ Ile de France qui fut le premier à apercevoir l’île en 1771.

L’ile a une superficie de 9.33 kilomètre carrés et une population de 260 personnes. Ceux ci sont essentiellement des agriculteurs. Ils produisent des légumes qui sont vendus aux marchés sur Mahé. Il existe des plans de faire une base de l’armée chinoise au point nord, qui permettra de doubler la population des îles.

14. Ile Platte

L’le Platte fait partie du groupes d’iles coralliennes des îles extérieures des Seychelles L’île fut nommé par le commandant Sampierre qui est venu sur le navire La Curieuse en 1771.

Il y a un petit village sur la rive ouest ainsi  qu’un hôpital et une église abandonnés. L’île est parfois utilisée par un avion IDC (Island Development Company).  Etant une île avec une petite population, elle n’abrite pas de bâtiments ou d’instances gouvernementales.

Cet article vous a plu? Alors lisez aussi Les iles de l’Océan Indien.




Seychelles offers beautiful beaches, crystal blue sea and a tropical climate perfect for successful holidays. The Seychelles archipelago forms a group of 115 islands, only a few are inhabited located in the Indian Ocean and are located off the east coast of Africa, northeast of Madagascar. From Praslin, you can get to the authentic island of la Digue by sea. It is probably the most peaceful island of the Seychelles archipelago. The boat trip takes just under 30 minutes. You can enjoy this short time to admire the beauty of this island from the boat before arriving at La Passe. Emerald lagoons and white sand beaches dotted with large granite rocks; background, lush vegetation await you … Without doubt this coin is the most beautiful panorama of the Seychelles!

Visit La Digue, why?

For the serenity and sweetness of life unique to the island

While most travelers are not coming to stay, attracted by the beautiful Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue yet deserves some attention on a few days to soak up the magical atmosphere that prevails … Here time stand still, and you will come across very few cars – one usually travels by bicycle or … by ox cart (yes)!

For the kindness and hospitality of Diguois

From the small town of La Passe, you can easily rent a bike and explore this little piece of sand, on the only road around half of the island! It is in La Passe that you will find most of the shops and meet most Diguois. You will be surprised by their kindness but also their nonchalance, which quickly takes on this little piece of paradise out of time and bathed in sunshine!

To live the myth, Anse Source d’Argent

Whether you are staying an afternoon or a few days on La Digue, do not leave without having a swim in the crystal waters of Anse Source d’Argent. This is THE postcard beach of Seychelles, and probably one of the most beautiful in the world! We advise you to go at sunrise or sunset, to avoid the influx of tourists and the midday heat. It is also at these moments that the sun offers a great light to the delight of photographers. The water in the lagoon is shallow and the beach and majestic granite rocks forms an incredible scenery. After the bath, enjoy delicious grilled fish on the beach and take the opportunity to visit the small park site! A pleasant stroll takes you to encounter giant tortoises. One can also observe a traditional mill and an old cemetery for the early settlers. Take your bike and continue the ride up between Anse Source d’Argent and La Passe. The west coast is full of small coves of white idyllic sand…

To enjoy grilled fish on the deserted beaches of the East

If you are rather an amateur of waves and more tonic seas, head towards the east coast. It is the perfect spot! It is much deeper and more agitated, ideal for surfing. We advise you to start with the beautiful Grand Anse beach! It is reached after crossing the reserve of the Black Widow – that name comes from the “pied flycatcher of paradise”: a small, rare bird that you will have the chance to see in this protected forest! In Grande Anse, allow yourself an afternoon of relaxation (the sea being too rough at times), after enjoying a cooked fish steamed in palm leaves.

The more adventurous will continue the tour to join the two neighboring coves: Petite Anse and Anse Cocos. But beware, you will arm yourself with courage … To reach these sublime little creeks, you will cross the forest and rocks (the roads are not marked). You will end up near two very beautiful intimate beaches where there are very few tourists since few attempt the crossing!

Hike lovers: Ascend the Eagle’s Nest

If you love hiking and especially if you are armed with strong calves, the ascent of Eagle’s Nest is simply magnificent! A long road strewn with steep slopes, reaching a peak of 330 meters. You will be awed at the view awaiting you on arrival!

To discover the villages of the North, in the heart of local life

On the North Coast, Anse Gaulettes or Anse Patate, taste the authentic charm of the Seychelles. Here, enjoy a quiet stroll along the coast in small fishing villages. The Diguois, very open, can sometimes be a little reserved. Do not however hesitate to meet them, some even invite you to share a delicious local meal with them.

Where to stay on la Digue?

At La Digue Island Lodge. provides some of Seychelles’ warmest hospitality and an unequalled approach to small island luxury. The lodge, which stands alongside the Anse Reunion beach, is situated in a peaceful and exotic tropical garden.

On the west of the island, you will find many coves ideal for swimming. It is also here that you will come across small hotels with quality services, that appeal to their authenticity, in the image of our favorite heart, The Domain Orangeraie.

1 day, 1 island, 1 surprise.

Accessible by boat, just a few kilometers, four islands north of La Digue, are perfect for day trips:

The Coco Island (7km) is the essential site for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts, with its marine park now protected. Its beaches dotted with palm trees and large granite rocks, offer a typical decor of Seychelles most heavenly facet! With all the available devices, how to resist the urge to immortalize this island out of time?

We dwell on the Sisters Islands, Little and Great especially for the beauty of their landscapes, offering a walk in the shade of coconut trees and enjoy a barbecue on the white sand!

Finally on Felicity, the aptly named, you will be struck by the unique feeling of being cut off time and the outside world …

Enjoy your trip to the Seychelles!

Seychelles - La Digue - Grande Anse

Dust sprinkling Islands 400,000 km² between Maldives and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles archipelago represents the absolute fantasy of most of our urban populations seeking to forget the stress of working life in the shade of panels display and blows of decibels. Before the weekend, and to better enjoy it, let me take you on one of its most admired islands, the most photographed, and the most peaceful island of the Seychelles, La Digue.

Lagoon of La Digue, Seychelles

Here you live day to day, to the rhythm of the trade winds, under the caress of the sun.

A journey of a short half hour takes you from Praslin to the another island, the concrete pier in La Digue, under the radiant sun. We refuse the offer with a smile a few savvy Seychellois who stormed the twenty hesitant tourists, offering bikes or horse carts because there are very few vehicles engines. Until the 1970s oxcarts were the only means of transportation on the island.

A more detached Seychellois draws our attention: sitting on the bench of his chariot to beef, it awaits visitors without haste and perfectly suits our simple goal, our modest ambition: to see what is still dreaming of millions of Earthlings. A negotiated rate quickly, quickly agreed, and here we are with a driver of a special kind for the day. Despite his warning “Caution head”, I knocked on a beam by climbing on the back of the tank with two large wooden wheels that oscillate on irregular road. Comfort is frustrating but the reward is there: the click of the tongue of our rasta dreadlocks with long is the only sound that disturbs the atmosphere and the smell of wet earth advantageously replace the air conditioning.

Chugging along, we pass the tourist shops that sell everything that can be stamped “Seychelles”, then the police station, post office, the last wooden houses painted in white, pale green. The gardens are blooming, lush; ginger flowers and birds of paradise compete with thorny bushes fuchsia bougainvillea cascading in heavy clusters along the road. Voluntarily, we let tourists already the premiere of the visit to the giant tortoises in enclosures parked lacking poetry.

The colonial cemetery of La Digue, Seychelles

One or two kilometers away, it’s an old colonial cemetery is exceeded: crooked gravestones, the inscriptions in French diluted by time, testify to the Seychelles stories …

At the junction of a road we turn to the left onto the avenue of land of an oil mill located in an old coconut plantation. A stop for almost obliged coconut oil extraction demonstration, with all stages of processing coconut, which requires us to the memory of former slaves chained to the heavy millstone now driven by an ox …

Colonial house in Seychelles, La Digue

A jet of wheels, it is the colonial house that served as the setting for the latest film in the series of Emmanuelle before us (photo above). Besides its impressive palm roof and huge veranda, it is with a half smile that our rasta driver reports that it belongs to the head of state Seychelles.

But by returning, we note especially small palm wood huts about two meters by three meters, bordering property, which housed the slaves of this house. In the air floats a sweet vanilla scent whose plump pods clinging vines in the trunk of some nearby trees; the shelves in front of the old huts of slaves, they turn brown in the sun, exhaling the smell of baking grandmothers …

La Digue Island, Seychelles – Granite blocks

As of this point, we will walk and not have us pray on a narrow path in the shade of huge boulders that shelter scented frangipani trees and bushes allamandas with lemon flowers. At the discretion of our lazy walk we arrive regularly on tiny private beaches that are rattling the triggers of our cameras. Here the blue of the lagoon edge on the pink granite. A way as any to remember that when it was discovered in 1744 by Lazare Picault, the island of La Digue was named “Red Island” because of these huge rocks nestled on the beaches and taking a reflection flamboyant at sunset.

Further, it is a famous palm tree that stops us with a leafy head licking the foam that comes to die on the pristine sands, its trunk bent humbly yet has seen pass the rear of the most famous supermodels in the world. A perfect setting for the biggest fashion photo sessions, especially for summer bikinis with numbers branded on white sandy bottom.

Finally, we arrive at the legendary Anse Source d’argent Beach. And we understand why it is regularly listed among the ten most beautiful beaches on the planet …

Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue Island, Seychelles

A long ribbon of sand flour winds before a shallow lagoon to the boulders of pink granite rocks, fallen from the mountains in ancient times. Corals offer flush with the surface of shadows and light translucent handle and I guess reef fish frolicking safe from large predators. If the landscape leaves us silent for a moment, we decided very quickly to follow through down there, and get lost between the famous rocks.

This morning few tourists have made the effort to follow the sandy path so far and we come across a dozen vacationers too happy to share the coastline in peace. But no one goes to the end of the beach, where the pink granite rocks cut the road to the most daring. And I want to touch these stones polished by the wind, I want to touch the worn leather, leather shaped by centuries of erosion, tanned by the spray and the heat of the sun.

The rising tide caress our knees but we go even beyond, until the ripples blow us to turn back otherwise we roll into the water with our bags and cameras …

We went at the end of Anse Source d’Argent, at the end of our dream …

From that day we will feed another …


Located in the western Indian Ocean between 4° and 10° south of the equator is The Seychelles Islands. This unique travel destination is renowned for its timeless beauty, tranquility and diversity, which rolls from emerald green rainforests down to crystal clear turquoise waters, home to some of the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth. The perfect setting for a tropical island dream holiday…world famous and exquisite beaches, incredible rock formations, amazing coral reefs, picturesque mountains, a warm climate year-round and a wide range of accommodation!

Seychelles is unique

The world’s only granite islands in mid-ocean, the world’s oldest ocean islands, the world’s largest raised coral atoll and a whole host of attractions make up what is surely the world’s ultimate tropical paradise. The Seychelles are made up of 115 granitic and coralline islands, covering a total land mass of 455 km² scattered across an Exclusive Economic Zone of nearly 1.4 million km² between 4° and 10° south of the equator in the western Indian Ocean. Of these 115 islands, 41 constitute the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth while a further 74 form the low-lying coral atolls and reef islands of the Outer Islands.

A unique range of endemic species has evolved in the archipelago. This biodiversity is protected within two UNESCO World Heritage Sites ( Vallee de Mai in Praslin and Aldabra ) as well as several impressive Nature Reserves and National Parks. In 2011, the Seychelles Government announced plans to extend this network to cover more than 50% of the total landmass, making Seychelles the first nation on earth to officially protect more than half its total area. Each island has indeed a distinct character and attraction of its own.

Seychelles has a population of over 87000 inhabitants living mostly on three main inner islands: Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. With its sparkling white sand, turquoise clear waters, the Seychelles archipelago made figure of heaven on Earth. Parks and natural reserves are renowned worldwide and its exceptional fauna makes the Seychelles an ideal destination for diving. Visit of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, the main islands of the archipelago.

Mahé, the largest island of the Seychelles granitic

In Mahe, the number of exceptional sites is impressive, without forgetting its incredible beaches, such as Beau Vallon, the most popular of the island. The center of the island, with spectacular rugged scenery and also hides many treasures, like the Morne Seychellois National Park. If someone decides to hike through the mountains of the island, he will make wonderful discoveries –a lush deep green jungle and stunning flora and fauna. Just offshore, marine parks of St. Anne and Baie Ternay are yet other wonders of the islands of the Seychelles.

Praslin, the earthly paradise

Discovering the most beautiful beaches in the world is what you can do on Praslin Island in the Seychelles archipelago. Praslin is probably the island of the archipelago that symbolizes more the impression of paradise. It is thus difficult to classify its beaches, each more beautiful than the other. Its scalloped coastline (granite blocks), the beautiful curves of its bays and Vallee de Mai, a unique green setting in the world which gives Praslin garden of Eden image which boast the Famous Coco De Mer (Coco Fess- Coconut Buttocks).

La Digue – the sweet life

Paradise for diving lovers, the island of La Digue is Seychelles archipelago’s gem! How can someone resist the charm of the island of La Digue and its unique small town of La Passe? Accessible only by sea, La Digue has also boast its small lot of beautiful beaches that have nothing to envy to those of Praslin and Mahé, such as Anse Source d’Argent and Grand’Anse. On the island, time seems suspended: one can visit the island only by foot, bicycle or Oc cart. At the top of the peaks at the Eagle’s Nest, the panorama is breathtaking. From La Digue, you can sail to Cocos Island, to enjoy swimming in a lush natural aquarium.

Seychellois Cuisine

Mythical. Less illustrious, the number of islands that make up the 115 in total, and its cuisine, is rather an ancestral cuisine that continues to evolve. An ancestral know-how, that is passed on from generation to generation, where the flavors fit very harmoniously and explode into the palate. Seychellois cuisine remains a unique cuisine of excellent quality.

Seychellois cuisine is an amalgam of Chinese, African, Indian, Portuguese, Dutch and especially French influence, she was able to take the best of each country, according to the passages of the various settlers and travelers in pursuit of adventure, to create its own identity, uniqueness and mix. This is probably the least known of Creole cuisine, but it is above all unique just like the Seychelles themselves. Do not miss the typical dishes of the island and enjoy the meals prepared from freshly caught fish!

Getting there

No visa required. That’s the good news. The bad news: You’re welcome to visit, but not to stay. You must present a passport that is valid for the entire length of your stay, show immigration officials a return/onward ticket to leave, proof of accommodation including contact details and sufficient funds (at least $150/day) for the duration of your stay. All of this will grant you a visitor’s permit that is given free of charge and is valid for one month.

Seychelles International Airport is located on Mahé island. Emirates has one-stop flights from JFK to Mahé, and Air Seychelles has several flights a week departing from London, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan and Rome, and also flights once or twice weekly from Johannesburg, Mauritius, Bangkok and Singapore.

Have a unique Stay in the Seychelles!

Family-fun-in-water__05 Are you looking for inspiration on where to take your children to spend the holidays next summer? Whatever your motivation, if you plan on spending your family vacation in the tropical islands of the Seychelles, you’re heading in the right direction!

Before leaving

A trip to the Seychelles is the perfect destination for your family. It is the original paradise of Adam and Eve. We find no apple tree in the garden of Eden, but the mysterious sea coconut (Coco Fess), unique in the world in its mysterious Valley de May on Praslin. Nearly 115 islands await you, lapped by the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean, with beaches lined by the pink granite rocks, which are among the most beautiful in the world. Land turtles are giants and so are bats. A wide variety of birds, an exceptional aquatic fauna and of course the lovely Seychellois population will keep you company in this enchanting archipelago, delicately placed just below the equator, a few miles from the African coast.

All the islands of the archipelago are different. It is best to choose the island of his dreams to lodge on, depending on your tastes, affinities and budget. For your convenience, here is a small summary of the atmosphere on the main island Mahe which is always in effervescence. Praslin and La Digue are more isolated. Visit Desroches to return to nature. The best way to discover the Seychelles Islands is on a cruise aboard a sailboat or catamaran. With 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles provide various opportunities for navigation. Despite great freedom to explore the surrounding waters, some islands (located in a reserve or National Marine Park) require a permit. Ile Coco, Cousin and Cousine, Petite soeur and Grande soeur are the perfect islands for an escape. Seychelles beaches provide the perfect setting for snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing. For motorized water sports, there is only one place: the large beach of Beau Vallon on Mahe.

Unlike the Maldives, where leisure is essentially seaside, Seychelles is a varied archipelago, mountainous and covered with tropical forest: an ideal configuration for superb hiking, with walks to places like the Jardin des Rois and his thousand spices, or in the mysterious Vallee de Mai, classified by UNESCO with its iconic coco-fesse. Anse Lazio and Anse Source d’Argent, both beaches regularly compete for the title of most beautiful in the world. Time seems to have stopped in the Seychelles, where hurricanes never venture, and where you can enjoy a delicious Creole cuisine that is heavily loaded with fish and seafood. Seychelles is not only about nature! Victoria, capital of the Seychelles remains one of the smallest in the world and is worth a look!

Of course, there is a colorful market, called bazaar, which is the central point of interest of the city, but we should not forget its beautiful Creole houses and its iconic landmarks like the Big Ben miniature. This is a cultural getaway trip to the Seychelles, an opportunity to discover its multicultural character: hindu temple, cathedral, museums and Botanical Garden. During the carnival and all year round, let yourself be lulled by the rhythm of the Seychellois, really lovely people, and forget the rest, you’re in paradise! And if you still need to be convinced, here are some reason why the Seychelles are the perfect holiday destination for you and your family:

Summer all year

The tropical climate is probably the ultimate reason for visiting the Seychelles. This means that no matter what time of year you plan to travel to Seychelles, you will always be greeted with average temperatures between 24 ° C and 32 ° C. Moreover, the fact of not having to prepare a bag with warm clothes means a light and pleasant journey.

Captivating Culture

If you are looking for something a little more different than usual, well the culture of the Seychelles will surely fascinate you! This dynamic nation swing to the rhythm of music in no time.

An abundance of activities

We all know that fun is an important factor for a successful family holiday for everyone. Of course, the Seychelles is known for its beautiful beaches, but there are also a wide range of activities to do, like scuba diving and snorkeling, but also sea fishing or even exploring and hiking nature trails. With the countless activities that Seychelles offer you, your toughest decision will be what to do first!

Conservation efforts

This is also a good opportunity to introduce your family to the wonders of environmental preservation, discover nature reserves and protected areas on these wonderful islands that are supported by both the government and private companies. Aldabra giant tortoises, turtles and rare endemic species of birds fascinate everyone, both old and young. You can even contribute to this initiative by adopting a turtle or taking the initiative to plant a tree on behalf of your family.

Calm waters

The azure ocean of this archipelago is perfect for young family members. Whether they are novices in the practice of swimming or are old enough to try kayaking and snorkeling, Seychelles tranquil waters reassure all parents.

Exquisite cuisine

From the delicious food to its exquisite exotic fruit, the Seychelles will revive your palate! Fresh seafood, stews and Creole curries are some of the sumptuous meal that you can enjoy during your trip to the Seychelles.

Accommodation of choice for families

Seychelles is recognized as a family destination and, therefore, the choice of accommodation is fantastic. Whether your child wants to share a room with you or your teenagers prefer to have their own rooms, suites and villa rentals in the Seychelles are well appointed for each of you to find comfort and relaxation during your trip to the Seychelles.

A haven of peace

This Indian Ocean archipelago is known to be an incredibly safe destination to visit. With a very low crime rate and very favorable weather, the Seychelles are ideal for a family trip!

With the concerns of everyday life put aside, imagine your entire family exploring this impressive nation.

Have a nice trip to the Seychelles!

Seychelles addictive

Peaceful sanctuary floating in the Indian Ocean, this pristine paradise has 40% of its territory classified nature reserve! The Seychelles are so unique and beautiful- The Seychelles, Another World!

If you are setting foot on the white sand for the first time in the Seychelles, you will have the impression to land in paradise. Hundreds of palm trees, beautifully carved white coves embedded in granite rocks, abundant underwater wildlife, flowers, birds … In short, everything here composes a hymn to beauty!

These islands are the haven of tranquility and depicts authenticity in its purest form!

Arrival On Mahe

When the plane lands, you will immediately feel the different vibes the Seychelles offer- the smell of holidays! The customs clearance is usually quite fast and what stamp on the passport- A coconut buttock- this will definitely make for a great souvenir!

When it is time to take the flight that ensures inter-island connections, it is a colorful airplane that awaits you for the holidays to really begin. Praslin is the first stop. You can reach the island either by the small airplanes, by regular ferries or simply on your own rented catamaran.

Praslin: Sanctuary for Nature Lovers

On Praslin you will have the chance to witness a true miracle of nature: The Vallée de Mai- World Heritage of UNESCO- where grows the famous and mystical Coco de Mer, a unique fruit in the world with suggestive shapes. Nearly 4,000 coconut trees grow in the garden of Eden which covers an approximate 20 acres. This seed takes 7 years to develop. After the 7 years it can weigh up to 25 kg and measure up to 50 cm.

Nature lovers… Brace yourselves… You’re going to be addicted!

The Seychelles Beaches

Seychelles is famous for its legendary beaches and coves lined with fine sand and clear water. Among the most famous: Anze Lazio and Anse source d’Argent!

Anse Lazio

Who does not know this beach! It is indeed here that are shot advertisements for fashion magazines, waddle beautiful models in swimsuit outfits or tourist brochures. This is also a favorite spot for filmmakers (this beach was the setting for “Pirates” by Roman Polanski.)

Anse Source D’Argent

Here, granite blocks stand like meteorites fallen from the sky in crystal clear water. This is the only payed beach (100 rs) which also allows you to visit the old colonial area, a turtle enclosure, the former oil mill, vanilla plantation, a small shipyard, and the old cemetery the first family that inhabited the island.

Seychelles Inland Islands

Sisters island

What is nice is that it possible to visit the nearby islands, always enjoying the incomparable scenery, and getting more and more acquainted to the island. Sisters islands remains the MUST visit neighbouring islets in the Seychelles. They, undoubtedly, offer the most beautiful scenery of the Seychelles- even better than Anse Lazio.

Just cross the island by a very short path, dotted with famous granite rocks, to arrive on a beautiful almost deserted beach and admire the beautiful scenery before you: a wonderful virgin cove, huge, with translucent water. No you are not dreaming- You are visiting paradise on earth!

La Digue: A Haven Of Peace!

It’s simple, it’s authentic, it’s peaceful, it’s La Digue!

La Digue has everything a paradise. This beautiful island is located 6 km south-east of Praslin. It joins within 15 minutes by boat. Its proportions are modest (5 km long by 3 wide), but they have all the beauty of the Seychelles archipelago. Beaches surrounded by granite rocks, hills covered with coconut palms, palmettos and takamakas.

No cars: easy to visit, you can wander around the island only by foot, bicycle or ox-cart. Serenity and absolute calm rules that island. On arrival, when you drop off the ferry, you’ll find plenty of bike rentals, for RS 100 (5 € per day) Double check its condition before you go! They are not in that great shape at times.

Do not forget to take the chance to cruise neighboring island of La Digue, such as Cocos Island, and Big Sister Felicity, are a marvel.

Seychelles: The Gates of Paradise for Divers!

If you are visiting the Seychelles mainly for diving, well you are going to love what the island has to offer. You will also very quickly realize that non-divers too can enjoy the spectacle of the sea while snorkeling (fins, mask and snorkel) in the beautiful azure lagoons of the islands. You will be able to contemplate a myriad of multicolored tropical fish. The best spot to dive remains Descroches Island.

Located at the centre of a coral atoll and natural marine sanctuary, Desroches Island is blessed with flourishing marine life and coral outcrops, presenting an aquamarine spectacle like no other. Glide between turtles and schools of multi-coloured fish within the vast virgin reefs.

Last but not Least

One of the most addictive part of the Seychelles it its cuisine! The cuisine that is uniquely Seychellois is actually a fusion of flavours from African, French, Chinese, Indian and English cooking. visitors to these islands fall in love with is the food. And there’s good reason for that. From freshly caught fish, to locally grown fruit, from spicy curries to sweet fried bananas, there is something here for every taste bud and palate.

Not only is the food great and unique but the drinks are must tastes! Palm wine or calou is an alcoholic beverage that is locally made from coconut sap. It is also used in the preparation of many Seychellois dishes. Bacca is another alcoholic beverage that is made from sugarcane liquor and used for ceremonial events. Coco d’Amour is a tropical coconut liqueur that is made with coconut extract. Local beer includes Ekyu and Seybrew. You should definitely give a try to the Seybrew and the Coco d’Amour. You’ll fall in love with them.

Have wonderful holidays in the Seychelles and let the addiction take over!

La sensation d’être en vacances éternellement, exactement le sentiment que vous ressentez quand vous êtes sur l’ile de la Digue aux Seychelles! L’atmosphère est calme et très détendue. Ne soyez pas étonnés de voire les indigènes passer à côté de vous sur leur vélo tout en fredonnant! La vie sur l’île semble s’être arrêtée il y a quelques 50 années.

La Digue est une petite île. Seulement 5 km de long et 3 km de large. Cela peut sembler étrange, mais vous ne trouverez pas de routes réelles sur La Digue! Donc pas besoin de louer une voiture. A l’ouest de l’île se trouve les trois seuls villages de l’île: La Passe, La Réunion et L’Union. Les petits villages sont regroupés et forment un groupe d’habitations.

L’île de La Digue est la plus photographiée des îles des Seychelles avec ses magnifiques rochers de granit baignant dans l’eau turquoise et ses plages de sable blanc! En outre, La Digue est une des destinations de lune de miel les plus prisées. Chaque année, un grand nombre de couples débarquent de l’extérieur des Seychelles célébrer leurs mariages sur cette île pittoresque. L’île ne possède qu’un seul hôtel de luxe, le reste de l’hébergement étant surtout des chambres d’hôtes, des villas ou des appartements à louer (gîtes). L’île n’a pas d’aéroport ou d’aérodrome, mais un héliport le connectant à l’île de Mahé  se trouvant à environ 45 km.

  L’île de La Digue s’élève à 333 m au-dessus du niveau de la mer. La population est principalement d’origine Africaine et de nombreux hommes portent des dreadlocks similaires à celles de “Bob Marley”! Avec ses plages, La Digue est certainement la plus belle île des Seychelles. La Digue vante d’avoir un tres bel hôtel.

La Digue: Plages

Les différentes plages sont accessibles à vélo ou à pied. Ni vous trouverez des plages bondées, ni plages avec chaises longues ou des parapluies qui gâchent souvent le paysage! Tout est presque sauvage et tout simplement parfait! Certaines plages sont protégées par un récif corallien, ce qui rend la baignade très agréable, tandis que d’autres plages sont assaillis par de hautes vagues et courants forts, il est alors nécessaire d’être très prudent lors de la baignade (lorsque autorisé). En général, un panneau indique un danger.

Anse Source d’Argent

Pour arriver à Anse Source d’Argent de la meilleure façon est de prendre un sentier de sable qui vous mènera rapidement à la célèbre plage. Vous tomberez amoureux de cette sublime Anse. Le plus beau site de l’île et certainement celui les Seychelles! C’est ici que presque tous les clichés représentant les Seychelles sont faits. Anse Source d’Argent est caractérisé par de gros rochers de granit érodés par les vagues. Le site est protégé par un récif de corail et offre ainsi une mer calme pour les baigneurs. Selon la marée, la natation est plus ou moins facile. À marée basse, la profondeur est très faible et le fond recouverte d’algues.

Anse Source D'Argent - La Digue
Anse Source D’Argent – La Digue

Anse Coco

Petite Anse et Anse Coco sont séparés par une petite péninsule appelée Pointe Turcy. Une bonne vingtaine de minutes de marche est nécessaire pour atteindre Anse Coco de Petite Anse. Encore une fois, une belle plage déserte sans construction gênant le paysage! Il y a très peu de  d’ombre et de la mer est également dangereux. Soyez prudent si vous voulez nager.

Anse Coco

La Digue: faune et de flore

Outre les plages, l’île est couverte d’une épaisse jungle avec de longs sentiers vous permettant de découvrir la beauté de la flore unique des Seychelles. L’île de La Digue est le refuge de la “Black Widow”, des magnifiques oiseaux noirs endémiques des Seychelles. Pendant la journée, vous ne pouvez pas manquer le vol des grandes chauves-souris Roussette.

La Digue: Comment s’y rendre?

Les Seychelles est composent de cent quinze îles réparties sur une superficie totale de mille deux cents kilomètres carrés. L’île de La Digue est à seulement deux centaines de kilomètres de l’île principale de Mahé et de son aéroport international. Pour atteindre l’île de La Digue, seulement deux options s’offrent à vous.

1.      En bateau

L’île de La Digue est généralement accessible par bateau depuis les îles de Mahé (45 km) ou de Praslin (7 km). Vous n’avez qu’à vous présenter au port d’avoir un calendrier précis des départs. Le voyage de La Digue Island à l’île principale de Mahé dure environ une heure et dix minutes (70 minutes) à condition que le bateau ne s’arrête pas à Praslin. La Navigation aux Seychelles est calme et très agréable.   Le Voyage coûte environ soixante euros (60 euros) pour un billet en aller simple. Le voyage entre Praslin et La Digue s’effectue en une quinzaine de minutes (15 minutes) et coûte environ 15 euros pour un billet en aller simple. La mer est très souvent rugueuse à l’extérieur les lagunes. Ne soyez pas surpris si jamais vous avez un peu de mal de mer. Prenez quelques précautions avant le départ (pilules anti-mal de mer).

2.      En hélicoptère

La deuxième façon de se rendre à La Digue est en quelque sorte moins classique, mais plus amusante. Le vol de Praslin à La Digue prend environ dix minutes. Il ya certainement beaucoup d’avantages à prendre l’hélicoptère pour aller à La Digue. Peut-être vous ne avez jamais pris avant et vous voulez essayer cette vie incroyable expérience. Néanmoins, vous pourrez admirer les lagons turquoises des Seychelles et de prendre quelques photos étonnantes des îles pittoresques.   Même si c’est cher, c’est certainement la peine d’essayer.

La Digue: Reserve de la Veuve Noire

La Digue est le refuge des derniers gobemouches que vous aurez les dernières Gobemouches de l’île paradisiaque des Seychelles (ou Black Widow), un oiseau que l’on trouve uniquement dans “La Veuve Noir” Reserve créé exclusivement pour cet oiseau. En 2012, on estime que près de trois cents de ces oiseaux se trouve sur l’île de La Digue. La réserve est située près du village de La Réunion. L’entrée est gratuite, mais les dons sont les bienvenus! Un centre d’information fournit des explications sur le fonctionnement de la réserve et de la vie des oiseaux. Sentiers à travers la réserve est facile et amusant.

La Veuve Noir des Seychelles

La Digue: Les îlots avoisinants

De La Digue, il est très facile d’atteindre les îlots éparpillés. Ces îlots comprennent Félicité, Cocos, Grande Sœur, Petite Sœur et Marianne. Pour visiter ces îles, il est nécessaire d’organiser une visite, soit en négociant avec d’un bateau privé ou en se joignant à un groupe. Le coût est d’environ cinquante euros pour une demi-journée ou une centaine d’euros par jour.

Le prix dépendra principalement sur les îles visitées et le type de repas inclus. Les îles sont principalement visitées pour le snorkeling ou la plongée. Le meilleur endroit pour essayer gratuitement des équipements de plongée!

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Seychelles Islands

For those wishing to “get away from it all”, the Seychelles are the perfect get-away. After all, the Seychelles Islands is characterized by isolation, majestic seascapes, unparalleled beauty and temperate weather. This 115-island archipelago is located about a thousand miles off the eastern coast of Africa and lies, practically, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The islands are scattered over 150,000 square miles (400,000 sq km) of the Indian Ocean and range from granite rock islands with lush vegetation to coral atolls that barely rise out of the sea. What distinct the Seychelles from the so many other holiday destinations is its array of islands -each one having its own particular geography, character and history. Whether you choose a one day excursion to any of the many Inner granitic islands or an extended stay on one of its exotic island hideaways, Seychelles has something exceptional to offer- Another World! Experiencing more than one island during your stay is a must and will add some sparkles to your holiday experience, which will remain forever engraved in your memories.

How to move from one island to the other in the Seychelles?

Island Hopping
Island Hopping

“Island Hopping” will maximise your enjoyment of the Seychelles and there are various ways to move from one island to the other during you holidays in the Seychelles.

By Air

Island Hopping By Air
Island Hopping By Air

Inter-island flights operate from Mahé, meaning that flying from Praslin to Bird, you must make a connection through Mahé. Praslin, Bird and Denis Islands are served daily from Mahé while the islands of Cousine and Fregate are served by chartered helicopter. Most inter-island flights are operated by small aircraft with around 20 seats. Luggage space is therefore restricted and the baggage allowance is restricted to 10kgs or 15kgs per person on some flights. Excess baggage maybe left at the main airport on Mahé. So for your own wellness, travel light, particularly to the smaller outlying islands. Timetables can also vary due to weather conditions. Last, but not least, it might also be required to spend the first and last night of your holiday on Mahé to allow for international flight connections.

By Sea

Yacht Sailing Seychelles
Yacht Sailing Seychelles

La Digue is accessible through daily ferry service from Praslin, while Cerf and Sainte Anne Islands are reached via ferry from Mahé. But another choice would be cruising around the magnificent islands on a breath taking yacht and visit the islands of your choice. Your cruise journey may begin by a sail around the islands close to Mahé. You could then stop off at one of the world’s most stunning beaches, Anse Lazio followed by a visit to the beautiful conservation island of Cousine, before dropping anchor at Coco Island to enjoy the lively marine life while snorkelling. Whatever your choice, a regular network of air and sea carriage, operating out of the principal island of Mahé, will cater for most routes. Ferry services, domestic flights and even helicopter transfers are also offered on a daily basis to many of the islands.

The Islands To Visit In The Seychelles.


No two islands are the same, each possessing its own attractions, characteristics and ambience. Compare the main island of Mahé for instance and its uneven high mountains, a collection of quiet white sand beaches, the busy capital of Victoria with the absolute peace and tranquility of Denis or Desroches Island, home to un-crowded beaches and diamond blue clear seas.


Mahé, is the largest island of the Seychelles. It is also the cultural and economic hub of the Inner Islands, and the international gateway to Seychelles. The island is home to almost 90% of the total population reflecting Seychelles’ diverse ethnicity and descent from African, Indian, Chinese and European populations. Lodging in one of Mahé’s hotel or villa is one of the best thing you can do.

Mahé – Seychelles

Mahé is an extraordinary treasure trove of flora that has evolved over centuries of splendid isolation. Rent a car to visit the island in depth and discover his hidden treasures. Rare endemic plants found nowhere else in the world adorn Mahé’s mist forests in mountain strongholds, such as the Jellyfish Tree, the carnivorous Seychelles Pitcher Plant and the Seychelles Vanilla Orchid.


Praslin, with a population of 6,500 people, is Seychelles’ second largest island. It lies 45km to the northeast of Mahé. Renting a car is a great way to visit the island and a leisurely tour around the island will take approximately 2 hours.