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Combining land, sea, sun and nature, Mauritius remains a popular destination for tourists. With its 330 km of coastline, Mauritius is the ideal destination for water sports, rich in emotions and thrills. If you are a fan of water sports, offer yourself a holiday in Mauritius island where you can enjoy the pleasures of the sea to the max. Get ready for a unique and memorable time in Mauritius. To get your fill of thrills and adrenaline, here is our top 3 water sports to try during your stay in Mauritius.

Parasailing in Mauritius (Parasailing)

Parasailing is an extreme water sport, also known as “gliding”. It occurs halfway between the sky and the sea and is the ideal and must do activity for anyone looking for something fun to try. The concept is simple- A person is simply attached to a parachute connector to a tractor boat. Note that if the boat is powerful enough, several people can practice parasailing at the same time. With parasailing, you can fly freely up to 60 meters high just like a bird. This experience will allow you to enjoy stunning views and fly high up in the sky. For those wishing to push the challenge even further, they may come off completely once the boat is in the air and do a free fall gently into the water.


Another thing you should try while staying in Mauritius is Seakart! There are some agencies that offer the opportunity to drive the Seakart for a stroll without a license. Once there, you can choose whether you will rent your Seakart with a driver or drive it yourself. This water sport is often compared to jetski but with more comfort and easier to maneuver. If you are a beginner, you will be supervised by qualified and experienced instructors. Note that each Seakart can accommodate 2 adults and 1 children of 6 to 12 years. Also note the age required to drive a Seakart is 16 and the minimum to be a passenger is 6 years.

Kite Surfing

By definition, “Kite Surfing is a sliding sport consisting in change with a board on the surface of a body of water being towed by a kite sail”. If you want to indulge into kite surfing, go to Le Morne. It is the ideal spot with its 300 days of wind per year. However, there are many other beautiful places suitable to practice this thrilling water sport such as Pointe d’Esny… Before you put to practice Kite surf, we  strongly advise you to perform an introductory course of a week or more to avoid serious injury.

Why Choose Mauritius?

When kitesurfers think of Mauritius as a destination for kite surfing, their attention is usually focused on Le Morne, which has gained worldwide recognition as a hot wave riding spot – thanks largely to KSP World Kite Surf Pro Tower. But kite surfers are unaware that along the east coast of Mauritius there are some more interesting spots for kitesurfing- that they will surely discover during their trips.

During the winter season (June to November), the East Coast is definitely worth your attention … for its beauty, colors, flat water conditions and particularly for its huge lagoons, often without a person in the ocean, with the exception of a few fishermen. No crowds, no buzz!

The windy season is from June to November, which is great because it is the low season except during the school holidays. The climate is relatively dry in austral winter, but it is windy and humid enough to make the climate not very tropical. The sea remains relatively warm all year.

A kite surfing holiday in Mauritius

When the snow starts to fall in the corner of your country, it is time to think about escaping to a warmer climate! It is possible to spend a “comfortably simple” holiday in Mauritius. There are daily flights to and from Dubai, the regional center, and also to Paris and London.

There are several flights per week from some of the major European cities such as Frankfurt, Rome and Moscow, and South Africa, India, Malaysia and Australia. Flights can be very expensive in high season (October to April), and reasonably affordable the rest of the year.

On the spot, almost anything is possible with a little planning, a lot of patience and a pinch of will. Cars can be rented from international brands or unofficial car rental companies. Accommodation can be expensive depending on the quality in terms of the value of money but cheap accommodation can be found easily too. Everything depends on the season of your travel and with whom you are traveling.

To get the most out of Mauritius, it is best to avoid pre-arranged packages. Stay in a “Guest house”, a small hotel or rent a villa and a car with a driver and local guide. Those are excellent alternative accommodation – guest houses, villas on the beach- which remains the ideal type of accommodation for groups and families. It is best to kite surf for 2-3 hours in the morning while conditions are still favorable. And spend the afternoon for visits to villages, the walk and make sandcastles with the kids.

Enjoy Water Sports in Mauritius!