Often, the word Mauritius remains unknown to several people. Being a small island compared to large countries such as the United States of America and France, Mauritius is somehow left behind. If you are wondering where Mauritius is situated, the Indian Ocean is the sea which surrounds it. Neighbouring both Reunion Island and Rodrigues, Mauritius is classified as a developing country. However, Mauritius has achieved greatness in every way possible, whether economically, ecologically and technologically.

First of all before coming to Mauritius, remember to book your flight as soon as possible due to the vast inflow of tourists at this period of the year. Secondly, you might want to book your hotel in Flic en Flac, which is especially well-known for its beach. You might also expect hawkers selling some of the best food specialties of Mauritius – Roti, Samoussa, Gato Piment, as well as American fast foods. To sum up, Mauritius is a mixture of several cultures making it easy for everyone to adapt.

To help you in your visit, let’s break everything down to 4 main features of Mauritius:

Activities in Mauritius

Feeling adventurous or curious? Mauritius is certainly the best place to discover new experiences and feelings. The Casela Nature Park for instance is an absolute must. With surface of 250 hectares, the Casela Nature Park is home to several species of fauna and flora. Imagine yourself patting a white lion or undertaking a walk in the nature with it. It would of course be a dream-come-true for wildlife lovers.

Moreover, thrill lovers, you might want to undertake a trip on quads or buggies. For more intense sensations, ziplines or canyon swing would certainly give you some adrenaline rush. There are also other places such as La Vanille Crocodile Park, providing these activities. Besides, you will also find crocodiles being the main centre of attraction of the psrc

Finally, you might to undertake some hiking or trekking on our beautiful mountains – Pieter Both, Le Pouce, Lion Mountain as well as places such as “7 cascades, Eau Bleu and Black River Gorges.”

Beaches in Mauritius

Coming to Mauritius without going to the beach is definitely a waste of sun. Despite an unpredictable weather, the temperature remains quite warm in Summer. The sun is up, no clouds passing by, a gentle breeze lift – a perfect day to go to the seaside alone or with your family. If you are a fan of sun tanning, kindly bring in sun screen especially if you have a fair complexion. This will help to protect you from dangerous UV lights.

Top 5 beaches include:

Trou aux Biches

Being the top one, Trou aux Biches is ideal for snorkelling or swimming. With a clear and calm water, Trou aux Biches provides families a nice relaxing moment while also enabling accessibility to food stands, cafes and restaurants lined up along the coast.

Belle Mare

Do you wake up early? Why not go for some jogging and take a dips in the cool water? However, do take some precautions, as the currents are somehow unpredictable. Windsurfers on the hand, there are breezier times enabling the practice of your favourite activity.

Ile aux Cerfs

One of the most idyllic place of Mauritius is certainly Ile aux Cerfs. After a few minutes’ boat trip, the island will offer you the privilege of taking part in water-based attractions. You can also practice snorkelling in the lagoon. However, you should note that being a popular destination, it tends to get busy on weekends.


Neighbouring Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux, Pereybere has won the heart of several Mauritians, specially students. This is because Pereybere is much deeper than any other beach across the island and due to its crystal clear water, marine life can be contemplated much more easily.

Flic en Flac

Located in Black River, Flic en Flac is known for its white warm soothing sand – a pleasure for those feet. Flic en flac beach is close to several bars and if you are hanging by at around 6p.m, you might end up swimming in a multi-coloured sunset water, a unique opportunity which is not to be missed.

Festivals in Mauritius

Mauritius is home to several festivals due to its multi-ethnic aspect. However during this period, most of the important festivals have already been celebrated. Rest assured, Christmas and the New Year is approaching and celebrating it in Mauritius will surely be breath-taking. Christmas in Mauritius is often rainy, so prepare your umbrellas, but who knows, maybe this Christmas will be a sunny one. Also, if you have not yet bought any gifts for the children, shops often remain opened till late on the eve. During the Christmas week, animation is often done with music and games in the malls, namely Bagatelle Shopping Mall. It might be a good opportunity to bring your spouse or husband and even the kids to enjoy some quality time.

If you ever dreamt of lighting firecrackers, you are at the correct place. Compared to bigger countries, Mauritius has no laws restricting people from lighting up firecrackers on New Year’s Eve. Hence, you will find them available at almost any shop or hawkers around the island.

Mauritian Cuisine

The Mauritian Cuisine is simply one of our favourite.  As a main description, the Mauritian Cuisine is simply a blend of all cultures. As a result, the choice is always wide open and it will surely make you feel at home. From the piquancy of the Indian Cuisine, the gastronomic approach of the French cuisine, the crustiness of the Italian pizza to the savouriness of the Chinese cuisine, Mauritius is combined with all your favourite tastes. Hence, your trip to Mauritius will make you at home by providing you with different food alternatives. However, some must-taste experience is mostly our refreshing Alouda which can be found across the island, or if you are travelling to Port Louis, Alouda Pillay would suit you. As mentioned earlier, our famous fast food is certainly not to be missed; the “Roti”, “Dholl Puri” or “Ti Puri” mixed with some Indian curries. If you do not want Indian curries for instance, the “Roti” is also served with fish curry or chicken.

Over the years, Mauritius has become quite popular among other countries despite its small size. However, during conversations with foreigners, perplexity is the expression written on their face when encountering the word “Mauritius.” As a small summary, Mauritius is a volcanic island situated in the Indian Ocean with climate temperature ranging from 17 oC to 33 oC (winter to summer) and neighbouring islands – Reunion and Rodrigues. Still reluctant to visit Mauritius? According to Mark Twain, Mauritius is incomparable to heaven because the latter is far better than that. With its mesmerising azure seawater and sandy beaches, multicultural as well as multilingual society and eye-catching flora and fauna, the word “regret” will not ever cross your mind.

Backpacking lovers, Mauritius did not forget you. It offers a large variety of sites namely:

Port Louis

Speaking of places for backpacking in Mauritius, we cannot forget Port Louis itself – the capital of the country. Situated in the west coast of the island, it is characterised by sophistication while at the same time maintaining orthodoxy, demonstrated by the reflection of the colonial era in urban architecture – buildings with French stylistic approach from the 18th century, a fortified citadel, a catholic cathedral, as well as a mosque.

Fort Adelaide – bearing the name of Queen Adelaide, was constructed between the years 1834-1840, 240 ft. above sea level. Due to this elevation, you backpackers will have the pleasure of contemplating the large panoramic view of the city, the harbour, without forgetting the famous place of horse races; Champ de Mars.

Besides, last year’s event “Porlwi by Light” which was a huge accomplishment, will once again take place in December. To recapitulate, the face of Port Louis was brought back to life with street lighting, artists, hawkers, food at almost every street corners, screen projection except that it was projected on buildings itself. Therefore, for everyone visiting Mauritius in December be sure not to miss it on the 2-4 December.


Seven wonders assembled in the same place or more accurately, a seven-coloured earth. History states that the decomposition of basaltic lava into minerals caused the evolution of the colours. What is more surprising is that these colours remain intact despite torrential rainfall. If you want to visit Chamarel, the best time to benefit from its full beauty is at sunrise. Besides, those who love swimming in shallow water, Chamarel Falls – a waterfall of 272ft tall, awaits you while for alcohol lovers, there is a rum distillery available in the locality.

Plaine Magnien

Mystery lovers, this area is the absolute place to visit. Located between Mont des Créoles and Mont du Lion, Plaine Magnien hosts seven pyramids which origin is still being questioned until now. Some believes that these were the works of the Mayan civilization while some states that these pyramids can be found only in Egypt, leaving them perplexed. A more rational theory by a local historian on the other hand claims that a sugarcane company named “Mont-Desert-Mont-Tresor” was refining the land in 1944, amassed the stones together making a pyramid.


Did you know that Curepipe hosts a volcano – Trou aux Cerfs? You have no reason to be afraid; it is a dormant one although it can wake up at any time. Are you still feeling adventurous? Trou aux Cerfs serves as a health track for Mauritians who want to do their regular physical exercise. In addition to that, you will get a beautiful view of the crater from the viewpoint available. If ever you are lucky enough, you might be able to contemplate a beautiful sunset in the evening.

Furthermore, if you love floras and faunas, the Botanical Garden is a place where you can spend some family time or enjoy a romantic moment with your partner. However, be sure to bring an umbrella because Curepipe is usually rainy and unpredictable.

Ile aux Cerfs Island

Obviously when visiting Mauritius, you should not forget surrounding islands. Also called “Deer Island,” Ile aux Cerfs is located in the eastern part of Mauritius – close to Flacq district. Constituting of 100 hectares of land, the island were once the shelter of deers. This island is perfect for a family trip or for relaxation and it is free from noise pollution and air pollution unlike urban areas. Local companies might also offer packages involving boat excursions, lunch, and snorkelling. While at the same time, you can also benefit from a five stars hotel with a golf course, and several restaurants present on the island itself.

Tips for backpacking in Mauritius

  1. 1.      Always plan

It is said that one who fails to plan, plans to fail. Similarly, remember to plan your budget accordingly. Avoid buying everything such as expensive clothes, jewellery, etc. in advance since they can be available in Mauritius at cheaper prices. In short, pack lightly and wisely.

  1. 2.      Flight saving

Regularly visit travel agencies or airport companies’ websites for deals and promos. If you want to save money on flights, try the economic class instead of the first class one. It might be less comfortable but as a result, you will save money, which in turn will enable you to use it elsewhere.

  1. 3.      Accommodation saving

Websites such as TripAdvisor are very useful to help you find a suitable accommodation for the budget you will allocate to this service. A little piece of advice: If hotels are too exorbitant, opt for beach guesthouses – they use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning.

  1. 4.      Transport Saving

Try to be eco-friendly when travelling short distances by hiring a bicycle. Although, buses are usually crowded, prices tend to be relatively low while if it is a taxi, always remember to ask for the price and bargain with the driver in advance. For those able to afford car rentals, google might come in handy to find rental companies.

  1. 5.      Food Saving

One of the best ways to save money in Mauritius is avoiding restaurants. They will often be overpriced while serving you the same food westerners eat. Instead, opt for street food or small snacks. For example places selling our famous dish the “Farata” which is at most Rs20.

the seychelles

The archipelago of 115 islands forming the Seychelles is famous for its beautiful beaches, which are the main attraction for visitors. Almost the entire island is surrounded by spectacular white sand. The SNA has considered the top beaches in the Seychelles.

The Top Beaches

There are these fabulous rocks from another age, that give each a Jurassic coastline pan majesty, that give depth to the cards, and change the romance adventure film. This goes beyond the beauty that awaits the tropics, light sand, clear water, palm trees accomplices everything takes an epic dimension, and the people imagination these beaches pirates, cursed ship, hopeless romantic. Some beaches are coves with tunes from around the world, gold enclaves in the forests, where there are fears almost to surprise some unspeakable secret. Anse Takamaka, Mahe, or Anse Georgette, Praslin, have this wild look of hidden gem, with their form half-moon bristling with rocks, their treasure map draws. Everywhere the water comes in precious stones, one hesitates to resort to kitsch, but how to say otherwise? it combines the transparency of the diamond to the smoothness of the turquoise. Others are huge, wide open bays inordinate whose brilliance dazzled out of sight. Lazare bay, Beauvallon beach in Mahe and Anse Lazio on Praslin, are large gentle beaches, where some palm trees just grow horizontally to better work towards the pearl of funds. On Praslin, the beach coast Golden is huge and flat out of sight, without depth, so much so that we imagine to walk on water to the rocky islets that low tide strips. The sand is almost white ice, and the zenith, the light is blinding literally – it’s the kind of beach where reflected causes snow blindness. You get the impression of having been transported to another piece of paradise, as if you jumped from sphere to sphere, to increasingly clear nirvanas.

1. Anse Source d’Argent

This is one of the best beaches in the world. Located on the island of La Digue – the third most populated island of the archipelago, its white sand beaches, azure blue sea, surrounded by massive granite boulders make this beach a place of unique souvenir for Seychelle’s tourists. The beach dotted with massive boulders and smooth, came out first in a survey by the British newspaper “The Guardian”. TripAdvisor website, which collects user reviews, classified the beach in the Top 12 of the most beautiful beaches of crystalline water. The beach is also featured among the best beaches in the Traveller’s Choice 2014. The beautiful National Geographic book elected Anse Source d’Argent best beach in the world. The beach was also voted 4th best beach in the world by CNN on 100 staff. She is the fifth best beach ranked 12 in the world by US News & World Report.

2. Anse Lazio

Located in the northwest of Praslin – the second most inhabited island of the Seychelles, it is regarded by many as the best beach in the island nation. This is probably the one that is the most photographed. Long and wide, with its satin sand and enchanting blue sea, the beach is surrounded by large granite blocks and gives the feeling of being isolated in a small corner of paradise. In 2015, users of Tripadvisor elected Anse Lazio as the 6th most beautiful beach in the world.

3. Anse Georgette

Located on the west side of Praslin, this beach – compared to Anse Lazio – is nice and quiet. Accessible only by boat, the beach has preserved its isolation, making it an ideal place for couples. US News & World Report indicates that the beach “one of the 10 best beaches in the world. ”

4. Petite Anse

The producer and British actor Jamie Theakston, described the beach “spectacular -with one hand steep volcanic cliffs and across a growing perfect azure blue sea that sliding on the sand barely caressing your feet. “It is on the east side of the island of La Digue and listed idyllic beaches in the Seychelles in the Lonely Planet guide. This is the place for you if you wish to play castaway on a deserted beach.

5. Anse Intendance

Ranked as one of the most unspoilt beaches of the main island of Mahe, it lies on the south coast of the island and stretches over nearly 3 km. With no reef, the big powerful waves make it an ideal place for surfers. However, this is not the best site for those who just want to swim. US News & World Report has ranked 5th activity things to do in Seychelles

6. Anse Major

The beach borders the Seychelles Morne nature reserve northwest of the main island of Mahé. It is accessible by boat or by hiking trails. The online version of the Daily Mail in the UK was ranked No. 1 of the 6 best outputs to the Seychelles. As for Tripadvisor, the site was ranked No. 5 in outdoor activities on Mahe. According to a user of Tripadvisor “Hiking to get there is long and exhausting, but it’s really beautiful because it offers magnificent views of the coastline. Once you’ve made it, Seychelles reward you by allowing you to admire one of the most enchanting places on earth! “

Beach Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the favourite destinations for holidays! This summer, if you are wondering what to do during you holidays, well rest assured, we got some advice for you. For a complete holiday full of adventure and discoveries, we have made a top 10 of the must-dos on this wonderful island of the Indian-Ocean. We hope you have fun!

1. Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs is an outer island you should not miss visiting while being in Mauritius. It is an uninhabited island located east of Mauritius. Being both a tourist spot and also a place where Mauritians love to go for a day on weekends for a picnic with family, you will surely enjoy a nice moment there.

To get there, you just need take a boat near Trou d’Eau Douce. There are several formulas “excursion inclusive” but for more authenticity and for complete freedom, we recommend you take the water taxi from Trou d’Eau Douce which leaves every 20 minutes and takes you there in about ten minutes. Be careful not to lose your ticket back.

Once there, you can enjoy the beautiful beach and turquoise waters that lie ahead. You can also relax in the shade of casuarinas if it’s too hot or walk along the beach on the other side of the island where the sea is rough. If you are observant, you will probably encounter large starfish back by the waves. Also, if you are fan of extreme activities like parasailing, you can try them with some operators present on the island.

2. The Garden of Pamplemousses

The Garden of Pamplemousses is one of the most visited sites of the island. It has also changed its name and is now called the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden (named after the former Prime Minister of the island). This 37-hectare garden is a nice tour to do. You can visit it with a guide that will be available at the entrance of the garden. This will help you to know more about the history of the park and learn more about the specimens that can be observed. Be careful in summer – mosquito – keep your anti-insects sprays near!

Garden Admission: Rs 200 (5 €)

3. Blue Bay

The South of the island is an exceptional site for snorkelling. The marine park of Blue Bay is known for its beautiful fauna and flora. After taking a glass bottom boat that will enable you to learn a little more about the different corals, why not give a try to diving with your masks and snorkels. We promise it to be a pure moment of pleasure among the fish and corals of all colors. There are a lot of providers along the beach, do not hesitate to negotiate rates!

Average price for a visit in glass bottom boat and snorkeling 300 rupees (€ 7)

4. Port Louis and its market

Port Louis, capital of Mauritius! Not visiting this small capital would be a shame because it is a city that deserves to be visited at least for its large market and various historical spots. Mingle with the population, and taste the street food (chilies cakes, samosas, Dholl puree, boulettes) and observe the daily life of Mauritians. Visit the market to discover the beautiful and succulent tropical fruits and vegetables but also the bazaar part where you will find clothing, souvenirs, etc. Know that as a tourist, you will have been “spotted”, and everyone will want to sell stuffs to you. This can be disturbing but a simple “no thank you” will end any sequence. For the price, it’s the same, know that there the price for the “tourist” and the “local” price. Negotiate! Do not hesitate a second. One last thing you should not miss is the “Alouda”, its pure bliss!

5. Beach of Mont Choisy

One of the best beaches is located northwest of the island, the beach of Mont Choisy. The beach is splendid with its fine golden sand. It is ideal for sunbathing or simply relaxing under the casuarina trees that line the beach. Do enjoy a swim in its azure lagoon and if you are hungry you will find there some “food trucks”- Fried noodles in trays is a treat you should not miss!

6. Cap Malheureux

If you’ve already seen photos of Mauritius, you necessarily saw the famous Cap Malheureux red chapel. Cap Malheureux is located north of the island. In the distance we can see the Coin de Mire, it’s really a beautiful place to see. This is a must stop point in my opinion – mostly for those who love romantic corners.

7. Grand Baie

Grand Bay is a bit like Mauritius’ Saint-Tropez. The most touristic place of the island with its many restaurants, bars, nightclubs. This is the place to be if you love nightlife and want to enjoy your holidays to the maximum.

8. Le Morne

Le Morne is a mountain in the southwest of Mauritius, world heritage of UNESCO since 2008 under the name of “Le Morne Cultural Landscape”. This site was a sanctuary for runaway slaves and today is a memorial of the colonial period of the island. Le Morne rises to 555 meters, the ascent is accompanied by a guide. The view at the top is breathtaking. Not far away, you can enjoy the beaches that are perfect for kitesurfing.

9. Visit the Aquarium Mauritius

On the northwest coast at Pointe aux Biches where you can visit the Aquarium of Mauritius. It is worth a look if you will not have the opportunity to explore the Mauritian seabed. Tip for your visit: Go in the morning at 11 am or in the afternoon just before 15h and be present at the large pool of sharks. You will have the chance to witness the feeding of the fish and sharks, it’s a very nice experience to see. It is a visit to do with the kids or if you do not have the opportunity to snorkel or dive.

10. The Tea Route in Mauritius

The tea route is a gastronomic, historic and cultural excursion well known by tourists visiting Mauritius. The course is done in 3 steps and to discover the farms of tea, sugar cane and vanilla. The 3 areas are the domain of Aubineaux, Bois Cheri and Saint Aubin. This route will dive you into a colonial past still present in Mauritius and that deserves attention if we want to understand the history of the island.

To discover the tea route, you have several options. You can go to each step on your own by renting a car or book a taxi for the day. You can also enjoy the services of a local agency that will take you on each domain.

Have a wonderful trip around Mauritius!

The island of Reunion is lively, surprising and continuously moving. Under a sunny and warm climate, its population is accustomed to cyclones and other mishaps of nature. La Fournaise sometimes spits gush of lava flows so powerful at times that they manage to reach the sea to create new territories.

Much of the island became a national park in 2007 and the pitons, cirques and ramparts were in turn registered in the UNESCO World Heritage in 2010. On Reunion island, nature seems to explode in all directions – a myriad of waterfalls, lost in a wild circus, beside a green and blue lagoon or above the famous volcano.

The coast

On the one hand a dominant side, little windy and lined with shady casuarina beaches that delight fans of relaxation and water sports. The other a coastline exposed to the trade winds, tougher green face that appeals to lovers of raw nature. Choosing one or the other is not the question, no one can claim to know Reunion without having seen these two seaboards, each having their charms.

Hiking on the volcano ….

It is not coincidence that the Grand Raid, the famous mountain race in Reunion, starts rushing towards the volcano. Mineral landscapes of Piton de la Fournaise indeed offer some great opportunities for hiking. The usual visitor join the crater rim from the Bellecombe. Other prefer the road down to the sea, crossing a surprising succession of landscapes and vegetation

… And in circuses

So green that the area around the volcano are minerals, Cilaos, Mafate and Salazie offer an exceptional space to practice the queen activity of the island: hiking. Each year, thousands of visitors soar on countless trails, revealing in passing the particular lifestyle of these separate spaces. In the center, the Piton des Neiges, the highest point of the island, is also a nice playground for hikers.

St Denis

If she rarely immediately raises the enthusiasm of the newcomers, who often prefer the attractions of the west coast, the first town on the island nevertheless has a charm of its own. The Barachois, its historical remains, dawdling in the aisles of the garden state is simply a wonderful journey. With its religious sites, markets and neighborhoods, Saint-Denis is also an excellent introduction to the island particularities

Surfing and kitesurfing

Do you know the the famous wave of Saint-Leu? The reputation of the city with surfers. The island has many other popular spots for surfers and bodyboarders. Aficionados of the “kite”, will also find excellent conditions along the west coast.

Piton Maido

At 2200 meters above sea level on the hills of the West Coast, the name of the Piton Maido sounds like a promise to visitors’ ears. Accessible by car, on a beautiful winding road through a forest, Piton Maido reserves an exceptional view of Mafate and its islets. The opportunity to embrace a glance – if the weather permits!

The Grand Brûlé

South of the island, the lava flows are the witnesses which now stand still like statues right by the Piton de la Fournaise. Past Saint-Philippe, the coast guard, indeed, many traces of the most recent eruptions of the volcano. Black basalt extending to the sea, the landscape reminds some of the most “hot” episodes in the history of the island, such as the eruption of 2007, which cut the RN2 .

Canyoning and white water sports

A steep terrain, ravines, waterfalls, ponds … the island has all the turnkey to seduce lovers of canyoning and white water sports. You will delight either in the Cilaos and Salazie or in St. Benedict, which concentrates clubs offering rafting, snorkeling and canoe-raft.

Paragliding in Saint-Leu

Paragliders not raving about the conditions offered by the western resort of the island beauty of the setting, spot protected from the wind by the relief, conditions for almost fly 300 days a year … The site is ideal for a baptism, in tandem with an instructor, but confirmed will also find their account.

Bathing in the pools

Their names are evocative: Niagara near Sainte-Suzanne, Bouteille in the high plains, Peace Pool and Sea Basin just outside Bras-Panon and many more remain havens of freshness. Ponds and waterfalls of the island, often hidden in the bend of the cane fields, to the delight of fans of picnic and swimming … in total privacy.


Main resort of the island, Saint-Gilles-les-Bains draws crowds with its finely tuned cocktail of beaches, activities and restaurants-bars. Decidely casual and trendy for others, the city is the epicenter of the Western part of Reunion, less than an hour from Saint-Denis.

Paradise of fruits

Besides the delicious Victoria pineapples, bananas and coconuts that grow all year, every season brings a lot of vitamins. December and January is the season of lychees, mangoes and papayas, which are often present until February. The passion fruit appear in March and April. As for the guava trees, small and tasty red fruit, can mainly be found during the months May and June.


Hermitage-les-Bains, the family beach par excellence, has a trump card: a long series of casuarina trees that provide shade along the coast. Quiet beach, it is the favourite spot picnic lovers, who flock there every weekend. A Creole family tradition…

Sugar, and rum distilleries

Industrial tourism? Not only. Because in Reunion, sugar is also a culture, a history, a heritage. Throughout the visit of the distilleries on the island, and its two gigantic sweets still in business, you will learn about the production of alcohol and cane sugar industry that shaped the economic destiny of Reunion and opens new opportunities. A significant part of the electricity consumed on the island comes from sugar cane.


A must for hikers! At the heart of Reunion, Mafate can only be approached on foot or by helicopter. No road leads into this vast basin bordered by peaks and mountain walls, home to a few hundred inhabitants. Rare are those who regret the effort required to get there, as they are offset by the peaceful and quiet and beautiful scenery.


In 1841, a young slave of Reunion, Edmond Albius, discovered the process for manually polinating vanilla, giving the so-called vanilla “Bourbon” name. Production has had its ups and downs, but the Reunion vanilla remains one of the most popular among connoisseurs. Several sites, especially in the east of the island, you can discover how this delicate orchid Vanilla planifolia is cultivated.

Tamil ceremonies

Colorful and festive, Tamil ceremonies reveal a surprising facet of Reunion culture and its melting pot. During Teemeedee, the faithful walk on glowing embers, while celebrating the Cavadee, penitents pierce their tongue and cheeks with needles. As for Divapali, the festival of light, it takes place in the light of hundreds of candles lit to illuminate the return from exile of Rama …

We hope that you enjoy your holidays on the Island of Reunion!

Indian Ocean Sunset

The Indian Ocean: nestled in its warm waters are beautiful tropical destinations. The third largest island in the world, Madagascar, with its unique endemic fauna and interesting culture, is located just off the coast of Africa. A little further east are the islands of Mauritius and Reunion with their superb and fantastic beaches offering a variety of activities and water sports. The countless islands in the Maldives and the Seychelles all have a fantastic underwater world ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as some of the best beaches in the world.



Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a tropical island with as capital Port Louis, which is located in the north west of the island. This city is the business center and main administration of the island. To visit the capital, you can start with the Caudan Waterfront followed by the market where exotic fruits vegetables and souvenir of the island will delight your eyes,.

You will also have the opportunity to discover the Aapravasi Ghat – UNESCO Heritage site- where the many Indian immigrant landed when they first came to the island. Le Morne located southwest of the island was also declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2008. The mountain of Le Morne is a strategic location that was used as a shelter by runaway slaves, thinking that if they were captured again and they would be killed, so they chose to jump from the top of the mountain. They preferred death to save their honor, their dignity and their right to freedom.

The welcome is warm in Mauritius. You can also discover different cultures and exquisite traditional food such as chicken curry and rougaille. Mauritian sega is the musical soul of the island. There is a lot of places of interest to visit on the island. Do not miss the beautiful beaches surrounded by warm lagoons and calm seas. These perfect conditions allow you to go to the discovery of the underwater treasures of the ocean Indian. You will surely want to stay in Mauritius.

More than 200 species of fish live in Mauritian waters. And these waters allow for many different activities such as swimming, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, big game fishing, or swimming with Dolphins. Savour island hopping trip in Mauritius on the catamaran with sun and sea, beer and guitars in hand while discovering surrounding islands – Ile Aux Cerfs, Ile aux Aigrettes…

Mauritius is a tropical island with lush greens, you can admire the magnificent panorama of the island during a tour to Curepipe, on Trou Aux Cerfs, to beautifully end your sojourn.

Reunion Island


Located in the Mascarene Islands, the island of Reunion, a French department offers to the traveler the unique charms of a tropical island in the Indian Ocean.

To the north lies Saint Denis. The island has extensive networks of trails pirouetting lush nature. More than 40% of its total area is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage. The climate and volcanic soil are very ideal for cultivations such as Arabica, Bourbon vanilla and other species. The cultivation of sugar cane in turn holds the first place in production in Reunion Island

The musical soul of the island of Reunion is Maloya. This moving and meaningful art is the pride of Reunion. Maloya was born to express the pain and rebellion among the slaves of Malagasy and African origin in the sugar plantations of Reunion. This emblematic musical genre contributes to the festive atmosphere which made the reputation of the island. The Reunionese culture, with its various fusions, offers a cuisine with excellent dishes that are very balanced in rice, beans, meat or fish in sauce – rougaille. A menu with appetizer, like vegetable salad, palmist or chayote gratin, accompanied by dessert such as sweet potato or cassava.

The Piton de la Fournaise has an area of ​​2632m and remains the main attraction of the island of Reunion. Being one of the most active volcano in the world in recent years, everyone is curious to see the interior of this majestic volcanic crater.

Reunion is also known for his three circuses named Cilaos, Mafate and Salazie. These volcanic cloverleaf stand proudly in the heart of the island, at the foot of the Piton des Neiges. Cilaos best represents the intense island’s reputation which Reunion forged. While some come only to enjoy the view and to buy the traditional rum others are here to spend a moment of tranquility in a place where you are completely cut from the world. Mafate is the wildest of the three circuses with abundant vegetation and waterfalls. As for Salazie, it has the most visible treasures, The Bridal Veil. It is a waterfall with several sources and is as legendary as Reunion. Geologically speaking, the Iron Hole is the most beautiful place on the island of Reunion. There are majestic waterfalls and some are almost the size of the Eiffel Tower.

The Seychelles

Seychelles - La Digue - Grande Anse

The Seychelles consists of 115 coral and granite islands in the Indian Ocean with unparalleled beaches and majestic cliffs. The capital of Seychelles is Victoria and is located on the largest island of the archipelago, Mahé.

The Seychelles are especially known for their beaches, these blocks of smooth rocks washed up on the white sand and wet with a transparent and hot water are definitely an uncommon sight. Among its most beautiful beaches, Anse source D’Argent remains the most popular. It is popular especially for the panoramic view it offers and the beautiful surroundings. Water sports are not left out, especially with a dive center for those wanting to discover the underwater fauna and flora. The excursion in the glass bottom boat will allow you to see fish and marine species if you are not ready to get wet.

Some islands are home to colonies of giant tortoises. Each island reveals its original beauty: from peaks covered with lush forests to the ocean sapphire, through hillside clearings and beautiful granite rocks that surround the beaches considered among the finest in the world.

The Seychelles has two sites listed as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO: the fabulous Vallée de Mai and Aldabra Atoll, the largest coral atoll in the world.

Accommodations in the Seychelless are also varied as the range extends from small boutique establishment with their beachside bungalows to luxury 5 star hotels. English and French are the official languages. The Seychellois Creole also became the semi-official language in 1981, in the press and literature.

We find the Seychelles Creole cuisine the best of the Indian Ocean. Rice and fish, are decorated with succulent fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The moutia is the traditional Seychellois dance; its rhythms are strongly influenced by African and Malagasy origin. The songs are prayers that the slaves transformed into chants during work, accompanied by throbbing dance.

Have wonderful holidays in the Indian Ocean!

When it comes to beaches, everyone has their own preferences. Some will look for a party on the sands; grab a drink and chat it up with other beach-goers. Others prefer to find their own private spot, free of shops, vendors and other tourists. If you’re looking for a beach to suit your specific need, we have made a selection and reviewed them for you. With a number of beaches, both private and public, it isn’t too difficult to find a small piece of paradise. Depending on the hotel you are sojourning in, you will only need to decide whether they want handiness or seclusion.

Beach mahe seychelles

Beau Vallon

Found in the North of the island, Beau Vallon is the most popular beach of Mahé, among tourists and Seychellois. It is popular especially for the panoramic view it offers on the islands of North Island and Silhouette.

Beau Vallon offers everything you would expect of Seychelles: a translucent water and white sand of course, but also shops, restaurants. But even at the height of his attendance, the beach is never saturated. Although this is the only bay on the island where motorized water sports are allowed, jet skis and parasailing are relatively rare. Other water sports are not left out, especially with a dive center for those eager to discover the fauna and underwater flora.

And for those who do not want to jump into the water, the Glass Bottom Boat Tour (excursion in glass bottom boat) will allow you to see fish and marine life without getting wet.

Anse Takamaka

These are the famous trees, Takamaka that surround and protect the cove of the wind that gave it its name! Located on the southwest coast of Mahe, it is reached by taking the road that descends from the village of Quatre Bornes. You will have a real crush for Anse Takamaka, its coconut trees along its sandy beach and its giant granite rocks that surround it.

Snorkel will be your best allies to enjoy swimming even more in this paradise. But beware: the currents in this loop between May and October does not make it the best place to swim at that time. This does not prevent you to enjoy at your leisure this postcard landscape, typical of the Seychelles.

Anse Intendance

With its sandy expanse of 600 meters, it is undoubtedly your coup de foudre in Mahe. Located in the southwest of the island, it is one of the most photographed beaches in the Seychelles: lush vegetation and granite rocks makes it the landscape of the Indian Ocean by excellence. But if the view is breathtaking, be careful: the waves can make it dangerous for swimming, especially from May to October.

Anse Royale

Anse Royale is located on the southeast coast of Mahé. This is one of the largest beaches of the island. It offers calm, turquoise waters inviting for swimming and snorkeling to admire the coral reefs and colorful fish. Not far from the beach are small grocery stores and a local market where you can buy fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. You will also find several nearby establishments to eat on site and some souvenir shops.

Grand Anse

Northwest of the island of Mahe, the Grand Anse beach is a particularly popular surf spot. If the impressive waves and strong sea currents do not make it the best beach for a quiet swim, its long coast is worth a look.

Anse Boileau

The charm of the beach is a result of the small fishing village located next door; in the middle of the west coast of Mahe. This beach is ideal for swimming and you can watch the early morning or evening fishing boats returning to the island with their well-filled nets.

Anse à la Mouche

Right next to the village of Baie Lazare, Anse à la Mouche is a long bay that is 1700 m long. Its clear and shallow waters that sink gently into the ocean make it an ideal place for families with children. After admiring the colorful underwater world – at certain times of the year, a phenomenon of microorganisms bioluminescence enables even the night snorkeling – you can taste fine local dishes prepared in the restaurant right on the beach.

Anse Soleil

Easily accessible by a road of the same name, the beach Anse Soleil is located in the southwest of Mahé. This romantic crescent bay is the perfect place for a picnic, a swim or simply to relax and enjoy the tranquility of its beautiful scenery. From May to October, the beach is particularly exposed to beautiful waves that will satisfy fans of surfing.

Petit Anse Government and Grand Anse Government

The Petit Anse Gouvernement is a peaceful small natural creek, located near Baie Lazare. On the coast, the reef and the granite rocks have created a small shallow lagoon for swimming. Southwest of Mahe, Grand Anse Government is also worth a visit. With its magnificent granite rocks, the beach is the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot vacation.

Hidden cove

Hidden Cove is located south in the most beautiful part of the island of Mahé. As the name suggests, this beautiful white sand beach is just waiting to be discovered.

Anse Capucins

In the extreme south-east of Mahé, Anse Capucins has the typical beauty of the Seychelles. Few tourists venture there. With the sound of the waves as only companion, Anse Capuchin will make you feel like you have reached “the end of the world.”

Whale cove

Going up the southeast coast of Mahé, Anse Whale is an adorable and tiny beach protected by palm trees and Tabebuia trees with fragrant flowers. In case of rain, you can shelter under a huge rock. The beach offers a unique view of Anse Royale and Souris Island.

Anse aux Pins

Anse aux Pins and Turtle Bay merge into one another and are located on the southeast coast of Mahe. These thin strips of sand sloping gently into the ocean, making it a swimming zone that is more suitable for families with children. During a walk at low tide, you can admire the wonderful shells stranded in small natural pools that form in the holes of the rocks.

Anse Major

At the northwest end of Mahe Anse Major Beach is a secluded and protected bay. The beach is accessible only by sea or on foot after a walk of about an hour and a half through the lush vegetation typical of the island. The reward for your efforts? Having this beautiful white sandy beach just for you!

Anse du Riz

Rice Anse (Anse Diri in Creole) is a small beach nestled in the Baie Ternay. Located at the northwestern tip of Mahé, near Port Launay, only accessible by the sea. The idyllic lagoon surrounded by wild vegetation has been featured in several film shoots.

Anse Ternay

Surrounded by the waters of the National Marine Park, it remains a paradise for those who will discover it. This beautiful strip of white sand and coral in the north-western tip of Mahé, inaccessible by road, is cannot be approached by boat. Yet, you can treat you by giving that wonderful spot a visit.

Anse Souillac

If you are looking for a place to spend a day of relaxation and tranquility, go to Anse Souillac beach. On the west coast of Mahé, this tiny strip of sand is nestled between the majestic beaches of Port Launay and Anse Ternay. Topped with granite rocks, the cove is usually deserted. Here you can indulge in peace for swimming and snorkeling.

Anse Islette

Immediately after Port Glaud, Anse Islette  will dazzle you with its beauty. The reef here forms a beautiful lagoon with turquoise crystal clear water. In the middle of the lagoon, a small paradise island with palm trees invites you to play explorers while joining it in your kayak. In the distance you can notice the island Theresa.

Sunset beach

A Glacis, on the north-west coast of Mahé, is Sunset Beach. As its name suggests, the sunsets that can be seen from this beach are absolutely magnificent. The glowing colors of the setting sun reflected in the ocean, and Silhouette and North Islands off the coast, add magic to the show. With its white sand, palm trees and typical granite rocks of the Seychelles, Sunset Beach is also worth visiting during the day. This is a very nice place to swim and for snorkelling enthusiasts, you will not be disappointed by what you will discover through the cracks of the rochers. It is common to come across green turtles there.

Baie Lazare

Baie Lazare beach is mainly for those who like to swim quietly underwater with a mask and snorkel – you will fall in love with the place. Located on the southwest coast of Mahe, the beach was named after the French explorer Lazare Picaults who landed here in 1743 to claim the ownership of Mahe to France. Baie Lazare Beach is a thin strip of sand easily accessible from the road. This is one of the most tranquil beaches on the island.

We hope that you have a nice time in the Seychelles! Have a nice visit and enjoy the beaches to the max!

Seychelles as a whole is “interesting” to the average person living an average life- it’s not an island as many seem to think. Oh no- it’s 115 islands. Indeed quite a lot of islands one may say, still not intrigued enough to visit it, are you? Well, the Seychelles Islands also happen to be the celebrity of islands worldwide. You must have heard of Bali, of the Maldives but those beaches of Seychelles? They have an impressive list of awards that have been allocated to them throughout the years and mark my words- these beaches have deserved each and every one of them!

On top of all that, Seychelles has an underwhelming population size of just under 90000 people. Imagine that- 115 islands and just 90000 people! But the most impressive fact is actually that 90% of them all live in Mahé! The island is home to the locals, expats and most considerably- the tourism industry. It is the island where you first land on your journey to Seychelles. This is where it starts- Victoria, Mahé.


Let’s start with that itself- the airport. It is a fairly recent one, only a couple of decades old with the honour of having been inaugurated by Her Majesty herself. It is the home base to Air Seychelles and provides a warm welcome to hundreds of thousands of tourists yearly. People have raved about its cleanliness and good service among other facilities such as wifi and lounge for layovers. However, you might want to bring a snack bar or two if you are going to be at the airport for longer than a few hours since it is not big on food shops. For others simply having a layover in Seychelles while en route to other countries, bear in mind that one cannot leave the airport without proof of residence arrangements! So, book a hotel in case you want to tour the island(s) for the few hours spent there instead of simply lazing in the airport lounge!

Concerning hotels in Seychelles, that will be a fairly easy task. Victoria has an abundance of hotel which cater not only to longer term tourists but also people who are just stopping over. So worry not, you will easily find a perfect fit to stay in Seychelles for however long you plan to. Especially with most hotels having their own websites and online booking facilities, this is doubly easy now. Victoria is a curious place to visit. It is the largest city of the largest island in Seychelles but simultaneously, the smallest capital of any African country! Filled with magnificent hotels, quaint houses, pretty little shops and an awesome bazaar- Victoria makes itself a highly interesting possibility for exploration. The island itself is home to a diverse group of flora and fauna as well as a very rich history. Having been previously colonised by the British gave Victoria its name in honour of Queen Victoria. To learn more about this vibrant past of the islands, a visit to the national museum is in order! Located in the city itself, it ha an affordable entry fee for the average holidayer. The descriptions and labels are mostly in French, a result of the more frequent use of creole over its official language which is English. However, the guides and locals are usually very helpful to the polite and inquisitive visitor. So, do not hesitate to ask questions and let your curiosity spread- you will thank yourself when you are back home with a quasi encyclopedia of knowledge to accompany your beautiful island memories.


About these island memories- what’s a Seychelles holiday without a healthy dose of the beach, sea and sun? Mahé is ever warmed by the tropical sun, being a pleasant place to lazy and tan all year round. April is famed for being the hottest month while July is supposedly the coldest. In Seychelles, “cold” doesn’t even warrant a quilt at night! The temperature remains mild and comfortable- so do not be afraid of extreme temperatures- it will take a natural calamity for that to happen in Seychelles!

About natural calamities, Indian Ocean is well-known for its cyclones. It is something to be expected, a big bad cyclone attack on a near yearly basis. However, these cyclones somehow always manage to evade Seychelles apart from some few exceptions including in 2016 very recently. Though small, the islands got back on their feet in a remarkably short time and got back to business as usual. And hotels in Praslin are as amazing as any other! Hence, your holidays are unlikely to be marred by any sort of extreme reaction of Mother Nature. She seems to like this cluster of paradisiacal islands…

Beau Vallon is reputed for its white, refine sand and calm blue sea. It just begs for a swim actually. Your holidays in Seychelles will be practically incomplete if you do not set foot on Beau Vallon. One of Mahe’s pride, it is where you take your family or significant other for a fun day at the beach. If you have a camera handy, bring it along- you will want to capture that perfect sunset! To be rather honest, every sunset in Seychelles with its red and orange sky is beyond perfection but it is still worthwhile to take a more tangible memory of all of them with you when it’s finally time to go home. Go to the beach, rock that beach body, make new friends, buy ice cream from the local vendor and take some wonderful pictures. They happen to also make great post cards!


Let’s not forget the academic side of life! Being in Seychelles is another big opportunity to learn about so many things. The botanical garden in Mahe is a good place to start. You will visit palms endemic to the Seychelles which are older than even your grandparents among other trees with equally impressive characteristics. The surprises don’t end here- ever seen a tortoise extend its neck for nearly 1 metre out of its shell? Well, it is indeed time to go to Seychelles! That very sight is of the Giant tortoise of Seychelles- they are a mighty impressive breed!

All in all- Mahé might be an invisible dot on the world map but it is more than worth a visit on its own. Book your ticket now!

Nature Reunion

The island of Reunion, nicknamed “the intense island”, is as intense as its name suggest. The east coast of the island of Reunion demarcates a unique contrasts: there are the blue of the ocean, the bright green forests and black lava flows. By visiting this coast, the ‘windward coast “, hikers and nature lovers will be delighted.

Nature at the heart of visits

The east coast has many natural resources: lychees, sugar cane, vanilla and rum distilleries. From Sainte-Marie to Saint-Phillipe, you will also discover authentic and breathtaking landscapes and the people of the island, ready to share with all the secrets of the island.

A UNESCO World Heritage site for its pitons, cirques and ramparts, the east coast of Reunion offers waterfalls, lush vegetation and natural pools in the rivers, which will make your stay in this beautiful setting memorable. The East Coast is windier and rainy than the West Coast, which explains its lush vegetation. We also advise you not to venture into having a swim because of strong currents along the coast. Breaking waves are nevertheless a sublime spectacle that we recommend you to admire.

East coast: Adventure and Culture

Reunion east coast is marked by Salazie which was created by the collapse of multiple craters that appeared following series of eruptions. By visiting this circus, one discovers sublime waterfalls including “The Bride’s Veil,” the heart of a verdant jungle filled with ferns and “chouchou” (chayotte) that grow very well in that region.

The visit continues with the discovery of one of the “most beautiful villages in ile de France” Hell Bourg with its famous Creole houses. For adventure lovers and thrill, the natural site of Takamaka is ideal for canyoning. Located in the Plaine des Palmistes, this steep and wild canyon promises tropical decor and unforgettable memories of your stay on the island of Reunion.

You will find the cultural heritage of the East Coast in the town of Saint-André with the presence of the Hindu Temple of the Colossus. This colorful building and adorned with mythological characters, is dedicated to Pandialé, the goddess of fire. In the same city, one can also drop by the house of Martin Valliamée whose architecture is typical Creole. This listed building opens its doors for a cultural visit.

If you are on the look of the religious heritage of the island must visits are St. Anne and St. Rose where you will have the opportunity to visit two very different churches: Holy church -Anne with very original architecture that appears in the movie “Mississippi Mermaid” by F. Truffaut and the Notre-Dame-Des-Laves, located in Sainte-Rose, known for lava flow that solidified its front porch during an eruption of the Piton de la Fournaise.

The Piton de la Fournaise

Piton de la Fournaise, still active, is the most visited site in Reunion. Its eruptions have left many traces of their passage in the island’s environment by marking the contrast between volcanic soils and lush vegetation. Admire the contrasts in the Yard where all lava flows.

The volcano is accessible by car and promises, if you wish, unforgettable hikes in the heart of a lunar landscape where you can admire many types of rocks and lava flows. If you want to enjoy this beautiful setting for several days and so do different hikers, gites welcome you at the foot of the volcano.

Saint Gilles, Reunion

To discover this intense island, we recommend you to reside in one of the various accommodation in St Gilles les Bains. This can be a good idea to discover the Creole joviality and enjoy the beaches on Reunion. Drop in at least to enjoy everything this city has to offer!

If Reunion Island has beautiful natural sites, it also has beautiful seaside resorts such as in the city of Saint Gilles les Bains. Located on the west coast, this town is popular with tourists. They usually call it “the little St Tropez of the island”. This former fishing village has become a seaside resort. The beaches around Saint Gilles are indeed the most beautiful.

Beaches of Saint Gilles les Bains

Three beautiful beaches are the hallmark of this city among which you will find the Hermitage beach with its white sand. The advantage of this beach is that it is very quiet one with a crystalline lagoon. It is ideal for children but beware, it is often overcrowded. Be aware that swimming is not supervised. Then, you will find Boucan Canot beach which is one of the most famous surf spots. Finally, there is the beach of Roches Noires. This beach is nice and lively.

On the beaches, numerous water sports like surfing or jet skiing are possible. In addition to these beautiful beaches you will find in Saint Gilles many hotels and guest houses and souvenir shops. You will also find various restaurants near the harbor where you can enjoy good fresh fish and Creole specialties.

Saint Gilles les Bains is a resort with all the necessary elements, which make it the most famous spot of the island. However, there are also various activities and excursions to do. Three examples. The Big Blue is a boat ride with a window placed at the bottom of it to admire the fish or turtles. With any luck, during the ride you might have the chance to spot dolphins or whales.

Aquarium of Reunion

The Garden of Eden is a tropical garden where you can admire around 700 varieties of plants during your walk. You can also attend various events and workshops for adults or children. The Aquarium of Reunion is a marine nature reserve. There you will have the chance to have a look at almost 500 different species of fish, from the smallest to the largest, as well as corals and shellfish. Children will be amazed by the giant aquarium. Saint Gilles les Bains is certainly unavoidable.

To discover a maximum of wonders on the island of Reunion, feel free to go around the island and enjoy it to the maximum.

Have a wonderful trip around Reunion Island!

Mauritius Le Morne

The summer holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to start planning your next holidays. After a grueling year, some are dreaming of tranquility, sun and sand. TripAdvisor, which just unveiled its ranking Travelers’ Choice 2016 best islands in the world and Europe, allows to give ideas of escape in the heavenly places.

The Nominees

While some will never know how to make yet another international ranking, others will see the reflection of a trend. Realistic or oriented, this trend will prove the influence and international influence of the happily nominated.

The results were based from an algorithm that analyzed the quantity and quality of comments and voters for the various categories (hotels, restaurants and attractions) and interest reservations on the site over a period of a year.

Top 10

Aloha! Maui is leading. It is known for its many beaches and multiple surf spots, diving and windsurfing. The hikes are also appreciated by those who like to discover the treasures of this second island of the archipelago of Hawaii, including a trip to the summit of Haleakala volcano, which rises to 3000 meters. Among lush vegetation, waterfalls and towering cliffs, Maui form a varied landscape that reveals an impressive nature.

As every year the reference Reviews’ site – Trip Advisor – unveils its ranking of the 10 most beautiful islands of the World. A ranking waited feverishly and anxiously by professionals of the tourism sector. Those of Mauritius must be delighted, because the island is ranked 7th most beautiful island in the world (8th in 2015). A boon to the MTPA (Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority) who is offered an unstoppable campaign with millions of users of the US site. Being present in a Top 10 ranked Trip Advisor is eligible for an extraordinary showcase both on this extremely visited website founded in 2000 and anywhere on the community of travelers around the world.

Above all, the meaning of the Top 10 is not meaningless, unlike other fancier rankings: here it is not the professionals but users who vote. The findings stem from a precious algorithm: the quality of comments to the assessment of users in one year.

Hawaii and the island of Maui have been elected the most beautiful island of the world by Internet users. The surfer island Providenciales follows which is indeed beautiful and discreet (Turkey and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean). With its 7th place, TripAdvisor described Mauritius with a few words: “Mauritius is probably the richest destination in all of Africa: a tropical paradise with lots to do. ” Probably the best advertising of the World.

Top 10 most beautiful islands in the World by Trip Advisor (Travelers’ Choice 2016) are:

1. Maui, Hawaii

2. Santorini, Greece

3. Jamaica, The Caribbean

4. Providenciales, Turkey and Caicos

5. Bali, Indonesia

6. Mallorca, Spain

7. Mauritius, Africa

8. Phuket, Thailand

9. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

10. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Our Top 4 are:

1.       Maui, Hawaii

If you like watching the sun rise from the summit of a volcano, more than 3 000 meters, swim under a waterfall, hike in the craters and relax on white sandy beaches, while Maui enchant you. This is the place to surf and do some windsurfing. You can also embark a catamaran to snorkel off the island of Molokoni, an island-crater which houses a lively and extremely rich underwater life. Why not decorate your tropical vacation to a round of golf or a visit to a vineyard before offering yourself a tasting of mai tai on the beach?

2.        Bali, Indonesia

The island of Bali, in Indonesia, is an ideal destination both for travelers seeking adventure and holidaymakers looking to relax. The waters along the white sand beaches of the island are perfect for diving, while the dense jungles, home to many monkeys and hidden stone temples, call for exploration. If the rocky paths do not scare you, hike to the summit of Mount Batur. Your efforts will be rewarded with a spectacular view. Then, do not forget to pamper your aching muscles, indulge in a massage in one of the many luxury spas that account Bali.

3.        Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius Mosaique

Mauritius is probably the richest destination in all of Africa: a tropical paradise with plenty to do. Port Louis, the modern capital of this island of 61 km by 46, is a bustling port with a modern waterfront and a busy market. However, the majority of visitors who are close to resorts like Mont Choisy, quiet Trou-aux-Biches or Flic en Flac which is a livelier place and known for its diving sites. The city of Black River is perfect for travelers who want to fish on the high seas. Do not miss a visit in the center and the the wonderful Gorges, Grand Bassin, Seven coloured earth and many more places of interest the island boasts.

  1. 1.        Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The turquoise lagoons, white sandy squares and orange sunsets fit so well in the romantic setting of this island which explains why she received twice the same name. Mingle with tropical fish in the Coral Garden in Tupitipiti Point, and relax on the occasion of a self-tour to enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Otemanu, ancient volcano. The Lagoonarium, look at the shark feeding and swim alongside turtles. Finally, end the day with a delicious meal in one of the best French restaurants on the island, then finish the day en beauté while sipping a tropical cocktail under the stars of Bora Bora Sky.

Which one would you choose for your next holidays ?

Snow in the Tropics

piton des neiges

One small piece of land in a vast ocean is the domicile of snow and lava. Piton des Neiges is the highest peak in Reunion Island. At the top, you can see a light dusting of snow, white against the blue sky, contrasting with the surroundings. It is a flourishing area, with a marvelous view of trees and other types of flora.

Snow on a tropical island?

Who would have thought of such a thing?

In fact, the Mascareignes are well-known for the perpetually warm temperature. Reunion Island affords the timely visitor a one of a kind experience. The climb is not hard for a healthy individual, so have fun climbing!

Lava gushes every once in a while in Reunion Island

volcano reunion island

A fiery red carpet stretching a little less than 3 miles away from the actual volcano is one beautiful sight- undeniably nature at its most magnificent.

Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most active volcanoes worldwide at present. It is not the only crater on the island, Piton des Neiges has been dormant since an estimated 20,000 years. As the area is uninhabited, the eruptions cause little to no damage. Even in its period of relative inactivity, it is a sight to behold- a majestic structure which changes every few years when the volcano spits some more lava.

The Towering Mountains of the Tiny Island

maido reunion island

Reunion Island, as many volcanic islands, is densely mountainous. Given the mild climate in the higher altitude regions, it gives a sharp contrast with the sunny and cheery sea. For the contemplative traveler, this is the place to be. There are mountains to climb, maidos to admire, forests to explore, so many new discoveries to be made nestled between rocky ranges.

Reunion Island has mountains that are fantasies come true, it’s comparable to walking into another realm of peace and solitude among nature.

Bourbon Vanilla

bourbon vanilla reunion island

There is an exquisite magic about bourbon vanilla that makes everybody swoon. From patisserie, scented candles to perfume, vanilla finds itself an important ingredient. The slightly heavy sweet smell of vanilla can be one of the most pleasing aroma in existence. So loved it is that the most renowned perfume makers make it practically a must to have at least one vanilla eau de parfum in their range.

For the aficionado, Reunion Island is Heaven 2.0. The island is home to some of the truly impressive bourbon vanilla fields around. It’s worth a visit and you may drive among the fields, enjoy the wafting smell for hours at one end.

 Cirques- no, not the circus kind!

cirques reunion island

Unlike the usual image of colorful and cheery clowns, this isn’t that kind of cirque. In Reunion Island, there are three imposing calderas, also known as a cirque in French. These structures are home to countless plants and animals, big and small- the calderas are shelters to them all.

Places left untainted by heavy modernization, the large volcano-like formations are among the World Heritage of UNESCO. They easily take up 40 % of the island itself. Cirque de Salazie, Mafate and Cilaos are definitely among your must sees in La Reunion.

Signature of the Indian Ocean- Perfect Seas

reunion island beach

Like the many sister islands of Reunion Island, the latter has been blessed with blue seas, white sands and a warm sun shining most of the year. There are areas specifically designated to be safe to swim in.

The waters hide sharp-teethed sharks and it is important to keep within boundaries to prevent mishaps.

On the other hand, this makes Reunion Island perfect for diving with sharks! Are you an adrenaline junkie who has also has an intense love for the sea and its creatures? Then this is the place for you to go next. Not only does it promise to be a mind-blowing experience but it is also a preemptive strike off that future bucket list!

Feel like being pampered yet? Nope? You will, soon.

hotel resort reunion island

From the moment you set foot in the lavish hotel to the very last second, it is highly probable that you will have the time of your lives. Some hotels are older but still very well-maintained with excellent service.

Accompanied with pools, bars, gyms and dance rooms among others, amenities vary from hotel to hotel in Reunion Island. Some are closer to the beaches while others near to the city center. It’s all a guarantee of luxury which will have you wanting more.

Imagine waking up to the view of the turquoise sea or the green cirque with a scrumptious breakfast as well as an impeccable massage as the cherry on top.


Time to make a move, L’île de la Réunion awaits you!