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In the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar, lies an archipelago of 115 islands, the Seychelles. Once home to merchant ships and pirate ships, Seychelles is today an unparalleled tourist destination. Its beaches and lush nature make this country a place for relaxation and perfect holidays. Since each island is unique, exploring the Seychelles is synonymous with wonder at every step.

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Seychelles: The good!

The sunshine throughout the year and the warm welcome of the locals attract people in search of change of scenery to the Seychelles. To this is added an idyllic setting suitable for a family stay, celebration of a wedding or simply to spend a pleasant honeymoon. The Seychelles is also a perfect place to practice various water sports.

Seychelles: The not so good!

A stay in Seychelles is relatively expensive despite the existence of accommodation other than luxury hotels. The various islands that make up the archipelago are scattered and sometimes more or less difficult to access, which obliges some to visit only the most known ones such as Mahé, La Digue or Praslin.

Must Visits in the Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago is made up of over a hundred islands. Very often, there is not enough time to visit them. But a stay in the Seychelles is not complete without a visit to the three main islands. In Mahe,  Beau Vallon is a must see during your visit. It is home to the National Park of Morne Seychellois where it is possible to hike. The beaches of this part of the archipelago are also admirable. Further south of Mahé are other more discreet beaches: Anse Soleil and Petite Anse, which remains the best choice for a romantic getaway. Anse Takamaka is also worth a visit. After Mahe, exploration of the Seychelles passes through Praslin and the visit of the famous Valley of May and it’s not less famous beach of Anse Lazio. To end the stay beautifully, a passage by La Digue imposes itself, its beach of Anse Source d’Argent shows how well the Seychelles deserves its appellation of paradise.

Must Do in the Seychelles

the seychelles 3

Between swimming and relaxing on the beach, why not indulge in various water sports such as sailing, water skiing or big game fishing. The main activity that should not be missed during a stay in the Seychelles is Snorkeling. Indeed, in this little paradise, it is enough to put the head under water to be able to admire the beauty of the seabed. Visitors can also leave the beaches and their attractions for a while to explore other sights of the islands. In the course of your visit, you will discover the museum of natural histories or the Jardin des Roi, embalmed by the sweet scent of spices grown on the island. In the capital, Victoria, the Seychellois Big Ben, which stands proudly in the center of the city, is not to be missed.

The Seychelles Gastronomy

Like its inhabitants, the Seychelloise cuisine is mixed. In each dish the Asian impregnation, the European influence and the African and Indian touch will amaze your palate. The dishes comprising of meat and fish are generally adorned with aromatic herbs and spices. They are also accompanied by vegetables and rice. Rice and fish form the basic food for Creoles. In this archipelago, seafood is served in soups or curries. The traveler can get an idea of ​​the richness of the Seychelles gastronomy by tasting the salad of the millionaire or the big eater.

Shopping in the Seychelles

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Art is an important part of the Seychellois culture. The souvenirs boutiques conceal different objects of art as beautiful as the other. Creole jewellery, very realistic models of boats or ceramic pottery and glass paintings are all artisanal Seychellois objects to discover and bring back as a souvenir for family or friends.

Places of The Seychelles


Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles. It is famous for its large white sandy beaches where it feels good to walk barefoot. For lovers of the tropical universe of the whole world, the island of Mahé has many charming sites such as the national park of Morne Seychellois. There are also many landmarks of diving like the marine park of Saint-Anne.

Anse Kerlan

L’Anse Kerlan is located north of the island of Praslin, Seychelles. The surrounding of Kerlan Cove is a real postcard decor with hills of greenery and a beach of such splendor. The waters of the lagoon, so invigorating, offer a maximum of well-being.


The private island Desroches is one of the hidden jewels of the Seychelles. Being part of the Amirante archipelago, the island is bathed in the vivifying climate of the Indian Ocean. Its beaches are obviously sumptuous. And among its principal curiosities, Desroches Island has a lighthouse that is always lit to direct travelers to it. Yes, you can go there by boat.

Denis Island

Denis Island is located in the north of the Seychelles, almost stranded in the Indian Ocean. Private island, the island of Denis is incredible with its beaches of white and fine sand. Lush greenery abounds in its surroundings with numerous sites of dives where one discovers a marine fauna that makes the uniqueness of the tropical seas.

Grand Anse Praslin

The village of Grand Anse in the south of Praslin Island, welcomes visitors in a tonic atmosphere, next to a large, picturesque beach. The lagoon is decorated with a magnificent coral bench and contains submarine curiosities to be discovered while diving. Grand Anse is a good starting point to visit the famous Valley de Mai inside the island.


the seychelles 2

The fine sandy beaches of Praslin will not cease to amaze the insatiable tourists who return unceasingly to the Seychelles. The island also has several coves, which in turn contain fabulous sites and places ideal for diving.


Victoria stands as a queen among the sights of the great island of Mahe. Some monuments make this Capital of the Seychelles a special attraction – the Big Ben of London small replica and the cathedrals. The city of Victoria is also the main crossroads of all Seychellois products such as spices, fish and especially handicrafts.

Anse Boileau

Situated on the island of Mahe, Anse Boileau is a small corner of paradise. Between sea and mountains, this small fishing village offers a natural setting ideal for visitors seeking quietness. Pretty creeks are accessible for swimmers. Visitors generally yield to the attraction of a hike in verdant vegetation with streams and ponds, embellishing the promenade.

Anse Volbert

Anse Volbert is a seaside resort very appreciated for its beaches. The latter are among the most beautiful in the world thanks to its paradisiacal setting. Lush vegetation, turquoise water and fine white sand satisfy all visitors to the island. The waters of Anse Volbert are ideal for practicing diving.

La Digue

La Digue is the third most populated island in the Seychelles. Relaxing by its particularly quiet white beaches is just a must for those seeking tranquility. Moreover, the island has so much to offer like the beach of Anse Source d’Argent, Anse Cocos, etc. For walks in the land, you can do it on foot or by bike or on an ox-cart. It also has sites of interest such as the Black Widow Reserve and the Domaine de l’Union.

We hope you have fun in the Seychelles!

Archipelago of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles consists of 115 beautiful islands. Year after year, tourists are choosing a Seychelles as a holiday destination, specially in December, what about you?

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The Seychelles

Traveling to Seychelles is to choose a timeless journey where you will be surprised each time a little more than the previous by the rich landscape. This archipelago in the Indian Ocean, lying to the nearest islands 480 km off the coast of Africa, offers a wide variety of landscapes. Seychelles is also 455 Square foot kilometers of land and about 1.4 million square kilometers in total, 50% of natural reserves. Traveling to Seychelles is to make the choice to live in total harmony with nature. Within the archipelago wildlife impose their charm and rhythm. 2 places are unavoidable, World Heritage of UNESCO, the Vallée de Mai on Praslin and Aldabra Atoll are magic-filled sites where you can find the animal and rare plant species.

Why opt for a trip to the Seychelles?

seychelles crhistmas

Mountains overlooking the azure color water overlapping pretty beaches of fine sand deemed to be the prettiest in the world – you will be dazzled by so much beauty. After a mix between different peoples, different religions and different generations Seychelles culture is a unique one and highly contributes to the richness of these islands. Local people though small in number are very pleasant and would be delighted to introduce you to his lifestyle, cuisine and customs. The plethora of possible activities during a trip to the Seychelles offers much surprise, the ride by bike or jet ski mountain hiking through the discovery of the seabed, there is something for everyone!

Before returning to the international airport of Mahé, give yourself a few days to discover “the island’s capital.”

Mahe in Seychelles is the largest island but has one of the smallest capitals in the world, Victoria.

Although the island seems less typical and more “international” than its neighbors Praslin and La Digue, which have preserved a certain charm, Mahe is well worth a visit and is the perfect transition before returning.

Why visit Mahe?

To stroll the streets of Victoria …

seychelles crhistmas

With a population of “only” 27,000 inhabitants… It is swept away by the excitement of the market, you can stroll to shops and boutiques and you can taste delicious local specialties in its many restaurants …

At the exit of the city, go up the road to join the beautiful Beau Vallon Bay. This is the most touristic area of ​​the island and remains the only site where you can enjoy motorized water sports, the rest of the lagoon is protected.

To go on an adventure in the National Park Morne Seychellois.

A stay in Mahé offers multiple possibilities, the ideal is to rent a car or take day trips to explore the island. Nicknamed the “Island of Abundance” Mahé has a very lush vegetation and high terrain with the Morne Seychellois, located in the northwestern tip rising to over 900 meters. Hiking enthusiasts will find their happiness.

To walk along the pristine beaches of the west coast.

It is on this coast, wilder and authentic, that extend from north to south, that you will find the most beautiful beaches. A few steps from the National Park, the beach of Anse Major unveils its clear waters full of small tropical fish.

Along the coastal road from Port Launay to the wonderful Anse Takamaka and Anse Intendance, the fun is endless … A berry parade, coves of white sand, sometimes deserted, that you will discover around the turning of a long snaking road.

The National Marine Park of St. Anne.

The semi-private island of Sainte Anne, is gently placed on a fabulous giant aquarium. A pioneer in the protection of underwater fauna in the area, diving enthusiasts will discover some 800 species of fish.

Relax on the beautiful beaches of Cerf island. Come and meet some of his people and let yourself be overwhelmed by this good life …

You can also make a stop at Round Island, 800 meters from Cerf Island, to enjoy a Creole meal on the beach …

Our advice for island hopping in Seychelles

Palm trees with twinkel lights Seychelles

Remember to bring some money along since on some of the islands you have to pay for environmental taxes (prices vary from 5 to 30 €). Remember in the Seychelles, the cost of living is relatively high. Most consumer goods are imported … Think promote local products such as fish. To enjoy the shade of coconut trees in grill on the beach or why not cooked to the Seychelles in a palm leaf.

In the Seychelles, each island is worth a visit … We permeate their good life, the emphasis is almost unrealistic to their beaches, as outputs of a movie set … So it’s only to go on discovering new, which resolves to leave its beautiful landscapes …

Seychelles is a group of island spreading over a million kilometres square in the Indian Ocean. It is a common holiday destination among the Europeans. The number of visitors to the Seychelles in 2014 was 232,700 of which 66% came from Europe. Here is a list of activities and things you might want to do during your holidays in the Seychelles. We will also reveal some exclusive tips so that you may enjoy a smooth holiday experience in the Seychelles.


Are you planning to go to the Seychelles for a holiday? Check out the places to visit in Seychelles.

Book your hotel rooms

Main Islands of Seychelles

The three main islands of the Seychelles are; Mahé island, Praslin Island and La Digue, Mahé being the centre island. So, your holiday trip should definitely include a trip to these islands. On the other hand, we recommend you to book a hotel in one of those main islands for the best experience for your holidays. Below is a list of hotels you might want to check out.

Le Jardin Resort; This 3 star hotel is located at the Capital of Mahé island, namely Port Victoria. The hotel is 30 minutes away from the airport of Mahé. It is a small hotel of 10 rooms, ideal for couples looking for tranquillity and intimacy.

Jardin des Palmes

Wharf hotel; Designed on Creole Architecture, the hotel is strategically located on the east coast of Mahe, just 5 minutes away from the International Airport and the island’s capital, Port Victoria.

La reserve praslin; La reserve is a 4 star hotel lying in Praslin Island. It has 40 luxurious rooms and includes the largest swimming pool in the Seychelles along with a restaurant and bar.

Chateau Seychelles; Le Chateau Seychelles is found on Praslin island. This five star hotel gives what luxury can do at its best. It offers tranquillity and the most intimate atmosphere you would find backed up with astonishing picturesque view of the sea in any of their rooms.

La digue; This four stars hotel is nestled on La Digue island. It is home to the country’s most beautiful beaches. Visit the website to visualise pictures.


Now that you have already booked your rooms, you should prepare a list of things to do in the Seychelles. Well, take a look at our list of things to do in the Seychelles.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving Seychelles

First things first, explore the wonders of the marine life of the Seychelles. Contemplate the marvellous multi-coloured coral reefs. Seize the opportunity to spot rare underwater creatures. Feed sharks from your very own hands on the sea bed. The dive sites may range from 8m to 30m deep. Therefore, various options are at disposal of both beginners and experienced divers to enjoy.

Angelfish, butterflyfish, octopus, lionfish, nudibranchs and mantis shrimp, humphead parrotfish, stingrays, reef sharks and green & hawksbill turtles are common species spotted during most scuba diving experiences in the Seychelles.


Surfing Seychelles

At Anse Intense lies one of the most gorgeous beach of Mahé island, the principal island of the Seychelles. The south east trade wind that blows there causing frequent large waves makes it an ideal spot for surfing. So do not forget to bring your nice little smart-looking board and your wetsuit.

On the other hand, you might enjoy a walk on the praline beach with your partner. A day sunbathing at Anse Intendance would be a good idea. Photography lovers would get the opportunity to shoot exotic and amazing pictures there!

Sea Fishing Trips

Sea fishing trips

Rent a seychelles luxury yacht and embark on fishing trip in the Seychelles. Travel on the Seychellois turquoise waters for a day and search for the ideal place to get a good catch. Throughout the archipelago, you can enjoy big game fishing and bottom fishing. One may come across a wide variety of fish in the Seychelles namely as follows:

  • Sailfish
  • Blue marlin
  • Black marlin
  • Swordfish
  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Dogtooth tuna
  • Skip jack
  • Bonito
  • Dorado
  • Pickhandle barracuda
  • Rainbow runner

There are many more variety of fishes as well as sharks. This depicts that Seychelles is rich in marine life.

 Sky Diving

Skydiving Seychelles

Dropped from 14000 feet above the ground, get ready for the utmost adrenaline rushed activity you will ever try in your life. Going at the speed of at least 120 miles per hour, you will get the opportunity to contemplate the top view of the 115 small islands that forms the Seychelles archipelago.
Feel free to try all sorts of stunts and dives while you are free falling. Indeed, you will be free falling for about a minute before the parachute is opened. 



Discover the night life of Mahé. Savour the unique taste of the Seychellois rum. Go have a blast in one of the night clubs. Famous local Dj will make sure to set the right ambiance so that you make the best out of your night.

There is even a discotheque by the beach. International top hits, reggae, rock and oldies as well as local music will be mixed there. When the party is at its peak, have a blast in the lagoon with your friends and partner.

Quad biking

Quad biking

Quad biking offers fun for all ages. It is a fitting way to head to the rocky trail and passage to the top of the mountains and enjoy the stunning scenery of the Seychelles. Quad bikes can be ridden individually or in carrying a passenger on the back. Quad biking is a weather proof activity. Whether it is a rainy or sunny day, you can be assured that your plans would not be ruined due to poor weather conditions.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing

There’s nothing quite like the stimulation of driving across the waves with the feel of the wind in your hair. Watch the waters of the ocean shinning under the hot sun. Sense the water splashing on your face at full speed. Jet skiing offers great fun.

Seychelles as a whole is “interesting” to the average person living an average life- it’s not an island as many seem to think. Oh no- it’s 115 islands. Indeed quite a lot of islands one may say, still not intrigued enough to visit it, are you? Well, the Seychelles Islands also happen to be the celebrity of islands worldwide. You must have heard of Bali, of the Maldives but those beaches of Seychelles? They have an impressive list of awards that have been allocated to them throughout the years and mark my words- these beaches have deserved each and every one of them!

On top of all that, Seychelles has an underwhelming population size of just under 90000 people. Imagine that- 115 islands and just 90000 people! But the most impressive fact is actually that 90% of them all live in Mahé! The island is home to the locals, expats and most considerably- the tourism industry. It is the island where you first land on your journey to Seychelles. This is where it starts- Victoria, Mahé.


Let’s start with that itself- the airport. It is a fairly recent one, only a couple of decades old with the honour of having been inaugurated by Her Majesty herself. It is the home base to Air Seychelles and provides a warm welcome to hundreds of thousands of tourists yearly. People have raved about its cleanliness and good service among other facilities such as wifi and lounge for layovers. However, you might want to bring a snack bar or two if you are going to be at the airport for longer than a few hours since it is not big on food shops. For others simply having a layover in Seychelles while en route to other countries, bear in mind that one cannot leave the airport without proof of residence arrangements! So, book a hotel in case you want to tour the island(s) for the few hours spent there instead of simply lazing in the airport lounge!

Concerning hotels in Seychelles, that will be a fairly easy task. Victoria has an abundance of hotel which cater not only to longer term tourists but also people who are just stopping over. So worry not, you will easily find a perfect fit to stay in Seychelles for however long you plan to. Especially with most hotels having their own websites and online booking facilities, this is doubly easy now. Victoria is a curious place to visit. It is the largest city of the largest island in Seychelles but simultaneously, the smallest capital of any African country! Filled with magnificent hotels, quaint houses, pretty little shops and an awesome bazaar- Victoria makes itself a highly interesting possibility for exploration. The island itself is home to a diverse group of flora and fauna as well as a very rich history. Having been previously colonised by the British gave Victoria its name in honour of Queen Victoria. To learn more about this vibrant past of the islands, a visit to the national museum is in order! Located in the city itself, it ha an affordable entry fee for the average holidayer. The descriptions and labels are mostly in French, a result of the more frequent use of creole over its official language which is English. However, the guides and locals are usually very helpful to the polite and inquisitive visitor. So, do not hesitate to ask questions and let your curiosity spread- you will thank yourself when you are back home with a quasi encyclopedia of knowledge to accompany your beautiful island memories.


About these island memories- what’s a Seychelles holiday without a healthy dose of the beach, sea and sun? Mahé is ever warmed by the tropical sun, being a pleasant place to lazy and tan all year round. April is famed for being the hottest month while July is supposedly the coldest. In Seychelles, “cold” doesn’t even warrant a quilt at night! The temperature remains mild and comfortable- so do not be afraid of extreme temperatures- it will take a natural calamity for that to happen in Seychelles!

About natural calamities, Indian Ocean is well-known for its cyclones. It is something to be expected, a big bad cyclone attack on a near yearly basis. However, these cyclones somehow always manage to evade Seychelles apart from some few exceptions including in 2016 very recently. Though small, the islands got back on their feet in a remarkably short time and got back to business as usual. And hotels in Praslin are as amazing as any other! Hence, your holidays are unlikely to be marred by any sort of extreme reaction of Mother Nature. She seems to like this cluster of paradisiacal islands…

Beau Vallon is reputed for its white, refine sand and calm blue sea. It just begs for a swim actually. Your holidays in Seychelles will be practically incomplete if you do not set foot on Beau Vallon. One of Mahe’s pride, it is where you take your family or significant other for a fun day at the beach. If you have a camera handy, bring it along- you will want to capture that perfect sunset! To be rather honest, every sunset in Seychelles with its red and orange sky is beyond perfection but it is still worthwhile to take a more tangible memory of all of them with you when it’s finally time to go home. Go to the beach, rock that beach body, make new friends, buy ice cream from the local vendor and take some wonderful pictures. They happen to also make great post cards!


Let’s not forget the academic side of life! Being in Seychelles is another big opportunity to learn about so many things. The botanical garden in Mahe is a good place to start. You will visit palms endemic to the Seychelles which are older than even your grandparents among other trees with equally impressive characteristics. The surprises don’t end here- ever seen a tortoise extend its neck for nearly 1 metre out of its shell? Well, it is indeed time to go to Seychelles! That very sight is of the Giant tortoise of Seychelles- they are a mighty impressive breed!

All in all- Mahé might be an invisible dot on the world map but it is more than worth a visit on its own. Book your ticket now!

Seychelles - La Digue - Grande Anse

Dust sprinkling Islands 400,000 km² between Maldives and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles archipelago represents the absolute fantasy of most of our urban populations seeking to forget the stress of working life in the shade of panels display and blows of decibels. Before the weekend, and to better enjoy it, let me take you on one of its most admired islands, the most photographed, and the most peaceful island of the Seychelles, La Digue.

Lagoon of La Digue, Seychelles

Here you live day to day, to the rhythm of the trade winds, under the caress of the sun.

A journey of a short half hour takes you from Praslin to the another island, the concrete pier in La Digue, under the radiant sun. We refuse the offer with a smile a few savvy Seychellois who stormed the twenty hesitant tourists, offering bikes or horse carts because there are very few vehicles engines. Until the 1970s oxcarts were the only means of transportation on the island.

A more detached Seychellois draws our attention: sitting on the bench of his chariot to beef, it awaits visitors without haste and perfectly suits our simple goal, our modest ambition: to see what is still dreaming of millions of Earthlings. A negotiated rate quickly, quickly agreed, and here we are with a driver of a special kind for the day. Despite his warning “Caution head”, I knocked on a beam by climbing on the back of the tank with two large wooden wheels that oscillate on irregular road. Comfort is frustrating but the reward is there: the click of the tongue of our rasta dreadlocks with long is the only sound that disturbs the atmosphere and the smell of wet earth advantageously replace the air conditioning.

Chugging along, we pass the tourist shops that sell everything that can be stamped “Seychelles”, then the police station, post office, the last wooden houses painted in white, pale green. The gardens are blooming, lush; ginger flowers and birds of paradise compete with thorny bushes fuchsia bougainvillea cascading in heavy clusters along the road. Voluntarily, we let tourists already the premiere of the visit to the giant tortoises in enclosures parked lacking poetry.

The colonial cemetery of La Digue, Seychelles

One or two kilometers away, it’s an old colonial cemetery is exceeded: crooked gravestones, the inscriptions in French diluted by time, testify to the Seychelles stories …

At the junction of a road we turn to the left onto the avenue of land of an oil mill located in an old coconut plantation. A stop for almost obliged coconut oil extraction demonstration, with all stages of processing coconut, which requires us to the memory of former slaves chained to the heavy millstone now driven by an ox …

Colonial house in Seychelles, La Digue

A jet of wheels, it is the colonial house that served as the setting for the latest film in the series of Emmanuelle before us (photo above). Besides its impressive palm roof and huge veranda, it is with a half smile that our rasta driver reports that it belongs to the head of state Seychelles.

But by returning, we note especially small palm wood huts about two meters by three meters, bordering property, which housed the slaves of this house. In the air floats a sweet vanilla scent whose plump pods clinging vines in the trunk of some nearby trees; the shelves in front of the old huts of slaves, they turn brown in the sun, exhaling the smell of baking grandmothers …

La Digue Island, Seychelles – Granite blocks

As of this point, we will walk and not have us pray on a narrow path in the shade of huge boulders that shelter scented frangipani trees and bushes allamandas with lemon flowers. At the discretion of our lazy walk we arrive regularly on tiny private beaches that are rattling the triggers of our cameras. Here the blue of the lagoon edge on the pink granite. A way as any to remember that when it was discovered in 1744 by Lazare Picault, the island of La Digue was named “Red Island” because of these huge rocks nestled on the beaches and taking a reflection flamboyant at sunset.

Further, it is a famous palm tree that stops us with a leafy head licking the foam that comes to die on the pristine sands, its trunk bent humbly yet has seen pass the rear of the most famous supermodels in the world. A perfect setting for the biggest fashion photo sessions, especially for summer bikinis with numbers branded on white sandy bottom.

Finally, we arrive at the legendary Anse Source d’argent Beach. And we understand why it is regularly listed among the ten most beautiful beaches on the planet …

Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue Island, Seychelles

A long ribbon of sand flour winds before a shallow lagoon to the boulders of pink granite rocks, fallen from the mountains in ancient times. Corals offer flush with the surface of shadows and light translucent handle and I guess reef fish frolicking safe from large predators. If the landscape leaves us silent for a moment, we decided very quickly to follow through down there, and get lost between the famous rocks.

This morning few tourists have made the effort to follow the sandy path so far and we come across a dozen vacationers too happy to share the coastline in peace. But no one goes to the end of the beach, where the pink granite rocks cut the road to the most daring. And I want to touch these stones polished by the wind, I want to touch the worn leather, leather shaped by centuries of erosion, tanned by the spray and the heat of the sun.

The rising tide caress our knees but we go even beyond, until the ripples blow us to turn back otherwise we roll into the water with our bags and cameras …

We went at the end of Anse Source d’Argent, at the end of our dream …

From that day we will feed another …

Before discovering the top seven things to do in one of the most beautiful island of the indian ocean, Mahé, let’s have a quick overview of the island which is also host to the best hotels and villas in the indian ocean.

Mahé is named from the French Governor, Bertrand Mahé de Labourdonnais. Found in the north east of the paradisiacal archipelago, Mahé is the largest island of the Seychelles. Mahé is home for the capital of the Seychelles- Victoria and also accommodates 86% of the total population of the Seychelles.

The island hosts the most beautiful islands of the archipelago and has a diversified fauna and flora. Mahé is a travelers favorite desination. Mahé’s forest also have few endemic plants found only in the Seychelles. Some of these such as the Medusagyne oppositifolia are critically endangeres species.

#1 Swim in the Indian Ocean

Beau Vallon

The Beau Vallon Beach in Seychelles

Located on the northern estern coast of Mahé, this picturesque bay is one of the most frequented beaches of the Seychelles. Beau Vallon has an amazing clear water and coral reef. Due to this, the waters of Beau Vallon are prized for swimming and Snorkeling. Beau Vallon also host a small food and souvenir bazaar every Wednesday all year round.

Anse Royale

This beach is the longest on Mahé and it provides beaches protected from choppy seas, providing a safe and comfortable swimming haven. This makes for very favorable conditions for swimming and beach fun from May to October.

Port Launay

Situated on the west side of the island, Port Launay beach is one of the most beautiful of the island. The beach is usually crowded on weekends. Port Launay beach has clear water and soft sand which makes it great for sun tanning and swimming. The beach is also very well kept. One advice, do not litter.

#2 Visit the Natural History Museum

The seychelles national history museum

The national history museum is the perfect place to be if you do not know what to do out of your free time in Victoria. But beware, do not assume that you will be visiting something like the metropolitan of New York or the Natural History Museum of London. You will love the exotism and authenticity of the tales they will tell you. The National History Museum of the Seychelles is found in the capital Victoria and is housed in a colonial architecture building. The entrance fee is relatively very low. There are few cabinets displaying some bugs, beetles and insects. Most of the descriptions are in French and some of the money collected is used for environment protection. Overall the visit is worth it.

#3 Visit the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market

Sir Selwyn-Clarke Market

The Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market is emblematic of the Seychelles. This national landmark built in 1840 in a magnificent early-Victorian Style architecture renovated early 1999. The Market is also the main market on Victoria. It is the best place to buy the freshest fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. They also have a variety of spices. The maket is a very colorful place and do not forget to take your camera along. You will find many local craft and souvenir stands that sell for cheap.
The market is usually opened from Monday to Friday early morning till 4-5 in the evening and especially very lively on Saturday. It is generally closed on Sundays.

#4 Explore Mahé’s Capital Victoria

Situated on the north-eastern side of Mahé, Victoria is the capital city of the largest island of the Seychelles and at the same time the smallest African capital. The city was first established under the British colony. This is why it has been named after Queen Victoria.  Walking down Victoria, you can well distinguish the colonial influences on the city. Some perfect examples are the little ben monument ant the queen Victoria statue in the center of the island.


Even though Victoria is a capital city, it has yet some way to go. Life is slow paced in the Seychelles and you do not feel the rush of big crowded cities. This is probably why the city has got only one traffic light. Choose to explore the city by foot. Victoria has many attractions to offer such as the botanical garden and some markets.

#5 Go see the Aldabra Giant Tortoises

The Aldabra Giant Tortoises hold their name from the island of Aldabra. They can also be found on many island of the Seychelles. This species of giant tortoises is endemic to the Seychelles. The botanical garden on the island of Mahé is home to these mythical creatures which can live up to more than a hundred and fifty years.

These turtles are emblematic of the Seychelles and are very distinct from other turtle species since their long neck can help them reach leaves from up to one meter from the ground.

#6 Tour the tea plantation and Factory

During your stay in Mahé, one of the things to do is to tour the tea plantation. The tour is very affordable and costs about 25 SCR per person. It is of a short 15 min duration which begins with the guide showing you how the tea is dried before being sorted, blended then finally packaged. Seychellois tends to be very friendly. So will be your guide. They are very informative people and they will not leave any of your questions unanswered. After your visit, you can wander around the plantation and grasp some view of Port Glaud. The site is picturesque, so do not forget to take your camera along.

You can also visit the tea shop and café and enjoy some nice iced citronella or seybrew.

#7 Visit the Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is the highlight of your visit to Mahé. If you’re holidaying in couple and want to have some nice quiet time, it is the best place to be on Mahé. The best advice is to visit during the week days.

The gardens have a variety of palm trees which the majority are endemic one. There are also many colorful tropical plants. You will find shaded areas throughout the gardens which are non-other that inviting for some relaxation.

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Go ahead and make the most of your holidays.