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reunion aerialWelcome to the island of Reunion. This little pearl of the Indian Ocean will make you live a unique experience during your stay. All year round, you can enjoy the tropical climate, favorable to many activities. Its splendid beaches contrast with its impressive mountains to offer a magnificent natural spectacle.

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island remains one of the most beautiful tourist destinations to discover in the Indian Ocean. Thanks to the beauty of its breathtaking landscapes and its rich and authentic culture. Discover activities to do and essential places not to be missed on a trip to Reunion with us.

A wide range of activities for everyone

The island of Reunion pleases everyone. Young and old will not risk getting bored in this place where peace lives alongside dynamism. For followers of idleness, the island is the destination not to be missed. Offshore activities are numerous. You can for example enjoy your stay to practice scuba diving, sailing or water skiing.

For fans of thrills, some sites offer interesting activities like sea kayaking or snorkeling. Golf, paragliding and surfing are also among the main activities of the island. Families can discover a unique fauna and flora that will not cease to amaze you. To party with friends, the trendiest discos open their doors late into the night.

You prefer atypical and unusual activities? Indulge in an unforgettable flight over the island in a helicopter or enjoy the lagoon and its underwater riches aboard a transparent kayak. Land of hikers, the island of Reunion also offers a wide range of landscapes conducive to hiking.

Visits and essential discoveries

You cannot say you visited Reunion island without making a detour to the Piton de la Fournaise. This huge volcano rising to 2632 meters above sea level is the real star of the island. Erupting from it is a beautiful flamboyant orange sight that every tourist can enjoy if they are visiting Reunion island at the right time.

Lose yourself in the random streets of St. Denis and St. Paul market to enjoy the good mood of its Creole inhabitants, and taste the delights like exotic fruits that grow all year. Walking lovers in the meanwhile can find their happiness in Cilaos, Mafate and Salazie.

The industrial site of Bois-Rouge is the site not to be missed in Saint André to learn more about the different methods for manufacturing alcohol and sugar cane. For a change of scenery, the Piton Maido and the Grand Brûlé are essential places to visit.

Exoticism and adventure to the island of Reunion!

Formerly known as Bourbon Island, the island of Reunion is home to stunning countryside popular with adventurers and nature lovers.

Until 1666, the island is deserted; the few Dutch, English or Portuguese did stopped there to stock up on food and water. Gradually, the French settled there with servants coming from Madagascar, the large neighboring island, giving birth to the first mestizo children.

The East India Company, which managed the island, introduced the cultivation of coffee, clove and the nutmeg, by growing the population consisting of slaves.

Bourbon Island named by the French in honor of the royal family, will change its name several times. It will be called Bonaparte Island then resume its present name of Reunion in 1848.

Reunion Diversity

The Reunion Island is a wonderful blending of several peoples: the Malagasy, French of the metropolis, Indians, Africans, Arabs and Chinese. This cultural diversity is seen and felt in culture and gastronomy, mixture of Creole, Indian and African dishes. This melting pot of different communities cohabit in various religious practices, which give rise to colorful events during holidays.

Thus, “Kafir” (descendants of slaves or indentured laborers African and Malagasy) are generally Catholics, “zarabs” (Indian Muslims) practice a moderate Islam, the “Malbars” (descendants of workers engaged in the southern India) Hinduism, the “zoreils” (metropolitan French) and “Yab” (high white ones) are of Christian obedience … But of course, all these communities tend to mix, so that we can really distinguish the origin of a Reunion!

We can attend, in November, the Hindu festival of lights, “Deepavali” with ceremonies and parades everywhere on the island, musical celebrations on the day of the feast of the Abolition of Slavery on December 20 and on the day of the Chinese year in January … This period is also the best time to go to the island of Réunion; The climate is tropical and, delicious, tropical fruits are in abundance! April is the best month of the year: 28 degrees on average and shows for the Tamil New Year.

If you go in July and August, you may have the opportunity to attend the spectacular “walking on fire,” which is a Hindu ceremony no more celebrated in India but still alive on the island of Reunion.

Reunion: Unique!

Reunion island is also an impressive variety of landscapes which covers 2500km2: white sand beaches and volcanic gray rocks, sun, sea and lagoon, fabulous mountains, white water, waterfalls, forests, volcano … A paradise for sportsmen, hikers and followers of idleness of all kinds!

Admire the Niagara waterfall, 25 meters high and swim in the pool from which it flows, have a picnic in the company of locals who spend their weekends hiking in the Plain des Kaffres, try climbing the Piton des Neiges and climb the Piton de la Fournaise! For the less athletic, Reunion offers beautiful beaches, like that of Boucan Canot, valued for its waves and fishing grounds and the Grande Anse.

For gastronomy lovers, it is impossible to miss the famous Bourbon vanilla grown on the island which is certainly the best in the world. Do not hesitate and taste the rum (in moderation!) And Creole dishes (chicken curry, rougails, samousas cakes and other sweet potatoes …) Unforgettable!

You are probably already conquered by the evocation of this remote island in the Indian Ocean … Meanwhile you can already discover another island only half an hour from the island of Réunion: Mauritius, which is equally wonderful!

Have a nice trip on Reunion Island! 

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Reunion Island

Diversity In All Its Forms

An Indian Ocean Island just 2 851 km from Johannesburg; Reunion Island has been a French department since 1946. Combining island exoticism with the security and quality assuredness expected by the French, it is known all over the world for its rich and diverse heritage sites and fascinating cultural mix. Whether visiting for the beach or the green, exotic landscapes; Reunion offers thrilling experiences, awe-inspiring hikes, total relaxation, flavourful creole food, regular festivals and cultural events, and an island way of life shared between its people and its visitors.

Its 840,000 inhabitants have origins in ten different countries on three different continents. Once a port of call on the way to India; its history was forged by travellers from Africa, Madagascar, Europe and Asia who in time settled on the island. The sugar plantations were central to establishing the island economically and culturally over the centuries.

Mixed heritage is important to the people of Reunion, so visitors should try and discover the island with this in mind, taking time to visit museums and other places of cultural importance, savouring the delights of the island’s diverse cuisine and exploring the regular music and cultural festivals that take place on the island.

Since the 2012-2013 season, the Reunion Island Tourism Board has worked in partnership with tourism professionals to identify a collection of value-added cultural tourism experiences. These experiences will help you to experience life like a local on Reunion Island. Visit the full website for tour operator information.

Water Falls

Classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its Pitons, cirques and ramparts, La Reunion island offers indeed a Nature’s exceptional treasure to be protected.

Most impressive landmarks of the island are the numerous supertall waterfalls in forest covered, amazingly deep canyons and ravines. Some of the world’s tallest waterfalls are situated in La Reunion, phenomenon possible due to extreme cliffs and abundant rainfalls.

Trou de Fer (in the forest of Belouve) is one of the most magnificent slots canyon in the world, adorned with countless waterfalls including the Bras de Caverne stream, with 725m tall falls.

Voile de la Mariée (in the Cirque de Salazie) is a group of very high waterfalls, falling in steps and sliding down the forested cliffs, which can be as high as 800m.

Cascade blanche, Chaudron falls, Niagara falls, are also famous sites with height between 500 and 650m.

Fleurs jaunes is an original waterfall, sliding down along a cliff in narrow channel, up to 300m tall. It’s a legendary canyoning spot !

Among the high-adrenaline sports, canyoning has found its place in La Reunion. With lots of diverse sites, dizzying waterfalls, incredible slides and fun ziplines, this activity will delight amateurs of vertical sensations !


Reunion island offers an exceptional playground for mountain lovers and exotic trekking adventurers.

This small island, with a surface area of 2500km2, is criss-crossed by more than 900kms of marked trails for hikers of all ages. They traverse a very diverse environment of breathtaking beauty.

The Piton des Neiges, which culminates at 3069m altitude, offers a mountainous landscape with a grandiose topography. It’s surrounded by three vast eroded cirques, Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos, a real geological wonder with a dramatic scenery and blissful colors.

What sets the Cirque de Mafate apart is its relative inaccessibility, no roads leading into the cirque, just a good network of walking paths connecting the villages. No cars, no towns, no stress, but soaring mountains, giddily deep ravines and dense rain forests.

Trekking in the majestic Piton de la Fournaise, the most active volcano in the world, offers fascinating lunar landscapes, along its ramparts, craters and its volcanic peaks at 2632m above sea level.

The Fédération Française de randonnée pédestre (French hiking Federation) has endorsed three long distance hiking trails. The GRR1 (60kms) takes a route around Piton des Neiges and past the three cirques. The GRR2 (130kms) traverses the island from north to south, from the coastline to the highest summits (Piton des Neiges and Piton de la Fournaise). The R3 (38kms) crosses the Mafate crater.

From half-hour walks for families (the famous “sentiers marmailles“) to long hiking trails, La Reunion island is a paradise for nature lovers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet some of the inhabitants of the islets, the authentic villages that are scattered across the interior of the National Park. Enjoy a meal or even a night in one of the typical French-Reunion gîte dotted along the walking trails, well deserved after a day’s trekking !

Have a nice trip on Reunion Island!

Reunion Beach
Reunion Beach

In the southern hemisphere, Reunion Island, often described as “Intense Island”, lies under the Tropic of Capricorn. The island of Reunion is a lively one in constant motion and possesses an astounding geographical diversity.

Reunion Island
Where is Reunion Island?

Within an hour or two, the landscape morphs from lava fields to lush primary forest, from jagged peaks to sprawling coastal cities. Piton de la Fournaise is one of the world’s most accessible active volcanoes and its bowels have sometimes splashed lava flows which were so powerful at times that they flowed towards the sea expanding the territory.

Visit Reunion Island

Whether on land, air or water, Reunion has a lot to offer to you: there are horses to ride, majestic mountains to trek up in the Cirques, or paraglide from in St-Leu, drop-offs to dive from, big waves to surf, extinct volcanoes to fly over, and canyons to explore. But it’s not all about nature, landscapes and adrenaline – Réunion has its cultural gems as well, with stunning Creole architecture in cute-as-can-be villages, as well as colourful religious buildings and festivals.

Creole House Reunion
Creole House Reunion

Whatever your age or your expectations you will be amazed at whatever the island has to offer to you. On this piece of paradise, nature seems to explode from all sides. On one side you are on the edge of a cliff of black lava and on the other at the foot of a sharp green peak.

La Fournaise Reunion
La Fournaise Reunion

If you meander through the island you could find yourself facing a row of waterfalls or lose yourself in a wild circus or simply enjoy a magnificent scenery mingling a green surrounding to a turquoise lagoon. Much of the island became a national park in 2007 and the Peaks, circus and ramparts were in turn declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2010.

Salazie Circus Reunion
Salazie Circus Reunion

The island of Reunion has another wealth: its people. Its population is an amazing amalgam of people from different coin of the Indian Ocean: Africa, India, Madagascar, Comoros and China. They gathered on the island to revive their traditions and create new ones. Reunion will impress you with their customs and spicy cuisine. Lovers of good food will fall for the mouth-watering dishes.

Why choose Reunion Island?

Reunion is ideal for all types of holiday seekers and is an island of extensive diversity and easy lifestyle which will bring you unique stories and unveil untapped secrets to you. Here is whatever you need to know about what Reunion has in particular:

Exotic food


Reunion kitchen offers a range of exotic recipes which will revive the taste buds of any traveler at heart. You will go to the discovery of different exotic flavors that will surprise you one after the other. The most popular dishes Reunion has are : candy peppers; small spicy donuts to enjoy as aperitif, the inevitable Rougaille sausage, many curries with meat, fish and shellfish as base, sweet potatoes moist cake along with a banana rum or lychees. You will find have the opportunity to taste them in Reunion’s hotels, residences, guest houses and restaurants on the island.

Rougaille Sausage
Rougaille Sausage

The typical Reunion menu mainly consists of rice, maize (rarely), grains, leafy vegetables, curry or rougailles, copiously accompanied by pickles, salads or peppers. You will also come across certain crossbreedings such as massalés, brianys, romazaves and many Chinese dishes such as chop suey, mines, fried rice, sweet and sour dishes and soups. The use of local products is promoted. Tubers such as sweet potato, thinking, cassava, breadfruit and others are now the basic ingredient of meals during times of need. They retain, at present, a connotation of poverty.

Nature Trekking

Reunion is a haven for walkers. The island will delight young and old alike, in short, all nature lovers wishing to breath in fresh air while marveling your eyes with its vertiginous landscapes.

Nature trekking Reunion

The island, with its steep circus and its unique vegetation, offers an incredible experience that will remain forever etched in your memory. You’ll find rides for all levels and for all ages. You will go to the discovery of high and low while discovering a lush or dry savannah. Hikes to relax yourself and enjoy stargazing or simply travel to a lunar scenery on the Piton de la Fournaise.

Sea Excursions in Reunion

The Indian Ocean is a huge source of activities: boat trips, whale watching or dolphin, diving, snorkelling, and the list continues. Reunion invites those sea lovers for diving: its warm and clear waters almost all year round, its fully equipped infrastructure and its various sites crowded with colorful tropical fish. Whether you are hosting in a hotel, an apartment or a residence enjoy this beautiful place and take the opportunity to introduce you to scuba diving!

Diving in Reunion
Diving in Reunion

By diving beneath the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, you’ll feel like flying in a universe in three dimensions. In this world where wildlife is more richer than you can imagine, your eyes will be amazed at these unique specimens: clownfish, trumpets, angels, parrots, coachmen, triggerfish, colorful corals, anemones impressive, but also turtles , manta rays and dolphins that frequent the longest barrier reef of Reunion, many falling, arches and faults are grouped mainly on the reef slope on the west coast between St Paul and St Peter. But divers can also explore the underwater Ste Rose funds or even venture into the underwater volcanic flows.

Golf Playing in Reunion

The island now has three golf courses and a growing number of practitioners. Between two swings, you can observe birds with beautiful colors in a green picturesque background. Amateurs or golf enthusiasts, come practice your sport in Reunion Island!

 The Reunion Island offers 3 courses:

 The Golf Club of Bourbon

This golf club is located in a splendid forest of l’Etang Salé. The Golf Club Bourbon offers a golf course of 6476m of 18 holes, with international standards. It also offers a pool and a restaurant. This site has all the elements for an enjoyable family day out, alone or with friends.

 Golf du Bassin Bleu

Discover the 6200 meter course with 18 hole Golf Bassin Bleu in a eucalyptus forest. Between Indian Ocean and the foothills of the Piton Maido, it will offer unique views. This site hosts major sporting competitions Reunion Island. Autonomous golfer or beginner, golf pros will take care of you and offer individual or group courses and private initiations.

 The Golf Club of Colorado

Colorado is located in the heights of Saint-Denis La Montagne. During 25 years of existence this is the only public golf club on the island. Golf pro or amateur, the Colorado Golf Club offers all types of players to share a friendly sporting moment!

Relax Yourself!

Horse Riding Reunion
Horse Riding Reunion

Reunion also offers beautiful beaches that are surprisingly quiet. Whether you are lodging in hotels or residences that are available on the island, you will definitely find a haven of peace. Going on holiday in Reunion means full relaxation. Among an infinite variety of landscapes, gathered on the surface of the island of Réunio. It possesses good corners for hiking or picnics: white sandy beaches, sun, sea and lagoon, spectacular mountains, white waters, waterfalls, forests, volcano … A range of activities that ensures fabulous days during your stays.

Bassin Des Aigrettes Reunion Island
Bassin Des Aigrettes Reunion Island

Have an Intense Holiday in Reunion!

La Rénion lé gadiamb (‘Réunion is lovely’, in Creole).