Seychelles as a whole is “interesting” to the average person living an average life- it’s not an island as many seem to think. Oh no- it’s 115 islands. Indeed quite a lot of islands one may say, still not intrigued enough to visit it, are you? Well, the Seychelles Islands also happen to be the celebrity of islands worldwide. You must have heard of Bali, of the Maldives but those beaches of Seychelles? They have an impressive list of awards that have been allocated to them throughout the years and mark my words- these beaches have deserved each and every one of them!

On top of all that, Seychelles has an underwhelming population size of just under 90000 people. Imagine that- 115 islands and just 90000 people! But the most impressive fact is actually that 90% of them all live in Mahé! The island is home to the locals, expats and most considerably- the tourism industry. It is the island where you first land on your journey to Seychelles. This is where it starts- Victoria, Mahé.


Let’s start with that itself- the airport. It is a fairly recent one, only a couple of decades old with the honour of having been inaugurated by Her Majesty herself. It is the home base to Air Seychelles and provides a warm welcome to hundreds of thousands of tourists yearly. People have raved about its cleanliness and good service among other facilities such as wifi and lounge for layovers. However, you might want to bring a snack bar or two if you are going to be at the airport for longer than a few hours since it is not big on food shops. For others simply having a layover in Seychelles while en route to other countries, bear in mind that one cannot leave the airport without proof of residence arrangements! So, book a hotel in case you want to tour the island(s) for the few hours spent there instead of simply lazing in the airport lounge!

Concerning hotels in Seychelles, that will be a fairly easy task. Victoria has an abundance of hotel which cater not only to longer term tourists but also people who are just stopping over. So worry not, you will easily find a perfect fit to stay in Seychelles for however long you plan to. Especially with most hotels having their own websites and online booking facilities, this is doubly easy now. Victoria is a curious place to visit. It is the largest city of the largest island in Seychelles but simultaneously, the smallest capital of any African country! Filled with magnificent hotels, quaint houses, pretty little shops and an awesome bazaar- Victoria makes itself a highly interesting possibility for exploration. The island itself is home to a diverse group of flora and fauna as well as a very rich history. Having been previously colonised by the British gave Victoria its name in honour of Queen Victoria. To learn more about this vibrant past of the islands, a visit to the national museum is in order! Located in the city itself, it ha an affordable entry fee for the average holidayer. The descriptions and labels are mostly in French, a result of the more frequent use of creole over its official language which is English. However, the guides and locals are usually very helpful to the polite and inquisitive visitor. So, do not hesitate to ask questions and let your curiosity spread- you will thank yourself when you are back home with a quasi encyclopedia of knowledge to accompany your beautiful island memories.


About these island memories- what’s a Seychelles holiday without a healthy dose of the beach, sea and sun? Mahé is ever warmed by the tropical sun, being a pleasant place to lazy and tan all year round. April is famed for being the hottest month while July is supposedly the coldest. In Seychelles, “cold” doesn’t even warrant a quilt at night! The temperature remains mild and comfortable- so do not be afraid of extreme temperatures- it will take a natural calamity for that to happen in Seychelles!

About natural calamities, Indian Ocean is well-known for its cyclones. It is something to be expected, a big bad cyclone attack on a near yearly basis. However, these cyclones somehow always manage to evade Seychelles apart from some few exceptions including in 2016 very recently. Though small, the islands got back on their feet in a remarkably short time and got back to business as usual. And hotels in Praslin are as amazing as any other! Hence, your holidays are unlikely to be marred by any sort of extreme reaction of Mother Nature. She seems to like this cluster of paradisiacal islands…

Beau Vallon is reputed for its white, refine sand and calm blue sea. It just begs for a swim actually. Your holidays in Seychelles will be practically incomplete if you do not set foot on Beau Vallon. One of Mahe’s pride, it is where you take your family or significant other for a fun day at the beach. If you have a camera handy, bring it along- you will want to capture that perfect sunset! To be rather honest, every sunset in Seychelles with its red and orange sky is beyond perfection but it is still worthwhile to take a more tangible memory of all of them with you when it’s finally time to go home. Go to the beach, rock that beach body, make new friends, buy ice cream from the local vendor and take some wonderful pictures. They happen to also make great post cards!


Let’s not forget the academic side of life! Being in Seychelles is another big opportunity to learn about so many things. The botanical garden in Mahe is a good place to start. You will visit palms endemic to the Seychelles which are older than even your grandparents among other trees with equally impressive characteristics. The surprises don’t end here- ever seen a tortoise extend its neck for nearly 1 metre out of its shell? Well, it is indeed time to go to Seychelles! That very sight is of the Giant tortoise of Seychelles- they are a mighty impressive breed!

All in all- Mahé might be an invisible dot on the world map but it is more than worth a visit on its own. Book your ticket now!

Seychelles cheap hotels

We tend to look over it, but the quality of your stay also depends on that of your accommodation. Hotels, hostels, guesthouses, lodges … it is often not easy to decide which one to choose. So how to choose hotel so that it impacts on the quality of your trip? Indian Ocean team has put together a selection of tips to help you make your choice, whatever your destination. You will have all the keys to choose the perfect hotel…

The various types of accommodation

Hostel, Guesthouse, Bed & Breakfast … These different English names have differences. You will need to understand the nuances between these forms of accommodation. It is not only the price that is at stake, the quality also varies from best to worst and the level of security is far from being similar between a hotel and a hostel for example.

Hotel or Hostel?

In a hotel, you get private rooms with your own personal bathroom. Hostels are more budget-oriented than hotels are, but you will share a dormitory with sometimes more than 15 people. The prices are decreasing according to the size of the selected dormitory. In a youth hostel, there are more beds and the bill low.

The earlier you book your trip, the higher the chances you will get the best room. Do not delay your booking, especially in the high season. It is entirely possible to book for several days before your trip. Discounts are often given to customers who book early.

Note that most hostels now offer breakfast, making them serious competitors to the Bed & Breakfast.

Disadvantages of hostels

The lack of privacy is one of the main disadvantages of a hostel. Some people like intimacy and it is not in a hostel where you will get it. Since there are usually many people who share the same room, the noise done by them can make falling asleep difficult. Also, if you are visiting a hostel, do not forget to keep your belonging safe at all time. You do not know the type of people visiting these places.

The Bread and Breakfast (B & B)

The Bed & Breakfast (often-abbreviated B & B) are the English equivalents of the French “chambres d’hôtes”. B & B’s are usually rooms inside privately owned mansions. Breakfast is included. However, the B & B’s rarely serve lunch and dinner. As for the hours of curfew, some B & B are open round the clock, but if schedules are mentioned, stick to it, because this regulation is crucial.

Perfect for meeting people of different nationalities around a breakfast, this type of accommodation will cost you much cheaper than a hotel. For similar prices to those of the hostels, you have rooms with four beds at most. The intimacy is enhanced, and bathrooms are often personal.

Like everywhere, you’re entrusted with a copy of the keys of your room, giving you total freedom of movement between the rooms of the institution authorized to customers.

Generally, the owners prepare breakfast and clean rooms of B & B’s. This is what makes the charm and feel of this type of accommodation: you feel at home. Perfect for cheap holidays and integrate into the local culture.

As in hostels, end of stay, we offer you complete a guest book, in which you can express your recommendations and criticism of the establishment.

Guesthouses or “Guest Houses”

The guesthouses, or “guesthouses”, hosts a formula comparable to hostels and B & B. In some cases, this can be private homes rehabilitated to house clients. However, what really distinguishes the “guesthouse” from other types of housing is the lack of a team working full time.

The host tables are available for a small share of these same institutions, to customers who spend at least one night in one of the rooms.


These institutions are often located away from major urban areas. Are distinguished in particular country houses of lodges. They are located near tourist points of interest. Choice popular with lovers of rural tourism, the cottage is an opportunity to stay in low price. Unlike the guest houses or B & B, the cottages are not necessarily found in private homes. Breakfast is not automatically included in the services of a cottage, as the inhabitant is not always on site. Booking a room in a house, you do a lease of a building considered independent.

Seasonal rentals

Seasonal rentals remains one of the best solutions for more freedom cheaply. Detached house, apartments, studios … it all depends on your budget and your desires. There are many sites online who connect owners of the rentals to those interested in renting them. Time, conditions and course rental prices are then defined to be transcribed on a lease. Beware of arrangements that lead to the non-signing of a contract.

Chain hotel or boutique hotel

If you make a reservation in one of the facilities of a hotel chain, each room looks like its neighbor.

Top Hotels Mauiritius

Instead, independent hotels frequently offer good surprises. The reception is best. More alert, staff effectively respond to your requests and will give you excellent advice. As for the rooms, charm finds a real face, whether as decoration or the more polished furniture and more stylized than in large hotels.

Each type of accommodation has its specificities, therefore, it is useful to know the basic differences, but anyway, it is not advised to go at the last moment, under penalty of being equipped with the most rooms exposed to noise, the less comfortable or the most dilapidated.

Hotel: Mission reservation

With the Internet, it is easy to get a clearer idea of ​​the hotel you want to book with: Use Google.

Some sites like tripadvisor.com gather the opinions, comments and photographs of surfers. Focus on recommendations based on a sufficiently large number of testimonials. Do not refer to a single comment to judge the quality of an institution.

Specific guidelines (including the famous Michelin guide) will tell you more about the quality of thousands of institutions, with the support of authentic testimonies. In the optic, there are thematic guides that address a particular aspect (boutique hotels, budget hotels …) Finally, although some issues remain outstanding, the best solution is still the contact. By phone or email, attach the property.


Save money: book smart

The popular belief is that the appointment vis-à-vis leads to arrangements for better rates. Think again: it is always cheaper to book through the Internet rather than by phone or on site.

When making your reservation, inquire yourself about all the hidden charges.

Despite increasingly important progress in online reservation systems, always print your booking confirmation.

Check for Major events

Always check the possible holding of a major event in the city where your hotel is located. Prices may vary from cheap to expensive! Some cases are typical, like the CES (“Consumer Electronics Show”) in Las Vegas in January. During this key event dedicated to new technologies, prices soar in hotels in the area. Unless you come for CES, choose another departure date! The concept is the same for the Oktoberfest in Munich, the carnival of Venice and all the major events that cater for millions of tourists.

Cancellation policy

You are never safe from a last minute difficulty. Always be aware of the cancellation policy before booking. In case of emergency or last minute withdrawal, you will gently cancel your reservation, at the same time avoiding exorbitant fees. Some Internet sites like Hotels.com allow cancellations free of charge.

Rent a car in mauritius  with Avis


Well, you are still wondering whether you are going to spend your 2015 in Mauritius or not?? Here are the reasons why Mauritius is THE ISLAND to visit this year! Whatever you dream of in a holiday, Mauritius can offer it. You can go for the natural beauty, brilliant sunshine and endless beaches, but there are so many more reasons to visit Mauritius. It’s island life is teeming with culture, history, adventure, natural wonders, sports, spas and shopping. There is definitely a lot more to Mauritius than just swaying palm trees and soaking up the rays.

Golden Beaches

golden beaches mauritius

Every beach on the island offers magnificent scenery. Mauritius might be a small island, but each of its beaches has its own uniqueness. The west remains the calmest, with less wind. Venture south for hidden, rocky coves or east if windsurfing is your thing. All beaches are public so you can easily hop from one inviting stretch to another. Blue Bay is THE beach not to miss. It is surrounded by a protected marine park with first-rate snorkeling. In the north, you can enjoy a swim at Trou aux Biches which is picture-postcard perfect or Mont Choisy which is a long, curving bay backed with casuarina trees. Discover the liveliest of beaches, Flic-en-Flac, with its beachfront bars, which remains a great spot for sundowners. There isn’t a single bad beach on the island.

Discover a Beautiful Historical Background

There are quite some fascinating chapters of Mauritius’s past to explore. The Chateau de Laboudonnais is a Colonial mansion turned into door towards the past of Mauritius, giving a glimpse into the daily life of inhabitants during the colonial period. There you will be able to taste traditional Mauritian food and at the same time visit its wonderful gardens. In Port Louis there’s an ancient dodo skeleton in the natural history museum – the flightless dodo only lived on Mauritius – and the Blue Penny Museum is solely dedicated to stamps but also offers an overview of the island’s history through its art. While visiting the island, don’t miss Le Morne and Aapravasi Ghat, two UNESCO world heritage sites that tells the moving story of the slaves escape and the indentured labourers sent from India to replace the slaves working in the island’s sugar plantations, respectively.

Mauritian Cuisine


Mauritius’s unique cultural amalgam finds its ultimate expression in the island’s cuisine. Request a typical local dish and you might get a succulent Mauritian Curry. You can dine to Michelin-star standard at the resorts or villa you are lodging at. You can also wander around street food stalls in Port Louis; stop off at a roadside kiosk for anything from Rotis to Dholl purees or Boulettes and mine Frire! You can also enjoy a lobster dinner cooked by a celebrity chef on the beach but, after all, whatever you choose, you won’t go hungry and your taste buds will be amazed!

Natural wonders

Mauritius boasts some of the world’s most unique natural wonders—from untouched forests to scenic craters and crystal clear blue watered marine parks, the tiny island is full of rare beauty that is truly worth exploring. Rent a car and enjoy visiting the island at your own pace! Mauritius’s volcanic interior reveals a very different side of this tropical island, with its rainforest-clad gorges and plunging waterfalls. You should definitely not miss the Seven Coloured Earths at Chamarel, a Mars-like landscape of multi-coloured sands that mysteriously never mix or wash away.


Where you can find sugar, you are sure to find rum, and you can’t leave Mauritius without sampling some. Visit either the Chateau Labourdonnais or the Rhumerie de Chamarel for a distillery tour and exquisite tasting experience.


Mauritius Wildlife

In Mauritius Nature Reserves/ Parks you will come across Nile crocodiles, giant tortoises and even lions. Visit the island’s forests for a chance to see the rare pink pigeon and the Mauritius kestrel in the wild, without forgetting its endemic Fruit Bats. Take a boat trip with Caro and Dino to spot the pods of dolphins that play in the waters and enjoy a magnificent trip to Ile Aux Aigrettes to see endemic species of the Indian Ocean.



From Bernhard Langer’s course at Le Touessrok to the Ernie Els-designed course at Four Seasons, there are several championship-standard greens on the island with spectacular views at every turn. You will definitely enjoy a great game of any golf course offered by any hotels on this piece of paradise!


Bored of the sunloungers? Head inland to enjoy zip-lining, quad biking and hiking through the intact rainforest. You can also enjoy canyoning in the waterfalls or the various Water Sports offered around the island – Parasailing, Surfing, Paddle Boat and many more. And if you are into some fishing, you can enjoy some big game fishing in the north of the island and try to catch a Marlin while sipping on a Blue Marlin Beer! Mauritius is one of the world’s best big-game fishing destinations and holds many international competitions to prove it.

Have great holidays in Mauritius!

Before discovering the top seven things to do in one of the most beautiful island of the indian ocean, Mahé, let’s have a quick overview of the island which is also host to the best hotels and villas in the indian ocean.

Mahé is named from the French Governor, Bertrand Mahé de Labourdonnais. Found in the north east of the paradisiacal archipelago, Mahé is the largest island of the Seychelles. Mahé is home for the capital of the Seychelles- Victoria and also accommodates 86% of the total population of the Seychelles.

The island hosts the most beautiful islands of the archipelago and has a diversified fauna and flora. Mahé is a travelers favorite desination. Mahé’s forest also have few endemic plants found only in the Seychelles. Some of these such as the Medusagyne oppositifolia are critically endangeres species.

#1 Swim in the Indian Ocean

Beau Vallon

The Beau Vallon Beach in Seychelles

Located on the northern estern coast of Mahé, this picturesque bay is one of the most frequented beaches of the Seychelles. Beau Vallon has an amazing clear water and coral reef. Due to this, the waters of Beau Vallon are prized for swimming and Snorkeling. Beau Vallon also host a small food and souvenir bazaar every Wednesday all year round.

Anse Royale

This beach is the longest on Mahé and it provides beaches protected from choppy seas, providing a safe and comfortable swimming haven. This makes for very favorable conditions for swimming and beach fun from May to October.

Port Launay

Situated on the west side of the island, Port Launay beach is one of the most beautiful of the island. The beach is usually crowded on weekends. Port Launay beach has clear water and soft sand which makes it great for sun tanning and swimming. The beach is also very well kept. One advice, do not litter.

#2 Visit the Natural History Museum

The seychelles national history museum

The national history museum is the perfect place to be if you do not know what to do out of your free time in Victoria. But beware, do not assume that you will be visiting something like the metropolitan of New York or the Natural History Museum of London. You will love the exotism and authenticity of the tales they will tell you. The National History Museum of the Seychelles is found in the capital Victoria and is housed in a colonial architecture building. The entrance fee is relatively very low. There are few cabinets displaying some bugs, beetles and insects. Most of the descriptions are in French and some of the money collected is used for environment protection. Overall the visit is worth it.

#3 Visit the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market

Sir Selwyn-Clarke Market

The Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market is emblematic of the Seychelles. This national landmark built in 1840 in a magnificent early-Victorian Style architecture renovated early 1999. The Market is also the main market on Victoria. It is the best place to buy the freshest fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. They also have a variety of spices. The maket is a very colorful place and do not forget to take your camera along. You will find many local craft and souvenir stands that sell for cheap.
The market is usually opened from Monday to Friday early morning till 4-5 in the evening and especially very lively on Saturday. It is generally closed on Sundays.

#4 Explore Mahé’s Capital Victoria

Situated on the north-eastern side of Mahé, Victoria is the capital city of the largest island of the Seychelles and at the same time the smallest African capital. The city was first established under the British colony. This is why it has been named after Queen Victoria.  Walking down Victoria, you can well distinguish the colonial influences on the city. Some perfect examples are the little ben monument ant the queen Victoria statue in the center of the island.


Even though Victoria is a capital city, it has yet some way to go. Life is slow paced in the Seychelles and you do not feel the rush of big crowded cities. This is probably why the city has got only one traffic light. Choose to explore the city by foot. Victoria has many attractions to offer such as the botanical garden and some markets.

#5 Go see the Aldabra Giant Tortoises

The Aldabra Giant Tortoises hold their name from the island of Aldabra. They can also be found on many island of the Seychelles. This species of giant tortoises is endemic to the Seychelles. The botanical garden on the island of Mahé is home to these mythical creatures which can live up to more than a hundred and fifty years.

These turtles are emblematic of the Seychelles and are very distinct from other turtle species since their long neck can help them reach leaves from up to one meter from the ground.

#6 Tour the tea plantation and Factory

During your stay in Mahé, one of the things to do is to tour the tea plantation. The tour is very affordable and costs about 25 SCR per person. It is of a short 15 min duration which begins with the guide showing you how the tea is dried before being sorted, blended then finally packaged. Seychellois tends to be very friendly. So will be your guide. They are very informative people and they will not leave any of your questions unanswered. After your visit, you can wander around the plantation and grasp some view of Port Glaud. The site is picturesque, so do not forget to take your camera along.

You can also visit the tea shop and café and enjoy some nice iced citronella or seybrew.

#7 Visit the Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is the highlight of your visit to Mahé. If you’re holidaying in couple and want to have some nice quiet time, it is the best place to be on Mahé. The best advice is to visit during the week days.

The gardens have a variety of palm trees which the majority are endemic one. There are also many colorful tropical plants. You will find shaded areas throughout the gardens which are non-other that inviting for some relaxation.

A good avice is that you contact a car rentral company in seychelles and rent a car tour the whole island. Car rental offer cheap rates.

Go ahead and make the most of your holidays.