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Turquoise lagoon, fine sand and coconut trees, Mauritius is definitely a part of the Indian Ocean flagship destinations. Each year this paradise destination attracts many tourists looking for relaxation and escape from the four corners of the planet. Its rich culture, its gastronomy, the legendary hospitality of the Mauritian people, its luxurious nature: all make the island a tourist destination. Among the attractions of the island, you should not miss Port Louis and its Creole houses, Garden of Pamplemousses, Gabriel Island, Flat Island, the famous Land of Seven Colors Charamel and most importantly the Black-River gorges.

Take a big breath of fresh air

Inspire…. Expire…. and especially, keep the pace!

More than generous, the lush nature of the Black River Gorges Park (Black River Gorges National Park) contrast with the stretches of white sandy beautiful beaches the island of Mauritius offers. Located in the southwest of Mauritius near Chamarel, the park was created in 1994 and has since been managed by the NPC (National Park Service Conservation). Easily reached by car, we advise you to ask a road map from your car rental company in Mauritius so that you can add this wonderful spot on your “To-visit list”.

Black Rivers Gorges, extending over 6754 hectares, is a unique undulating emerald forest containing species and rare specimens (309 species of plants and 9 species of birds) endemic to Mauritius. The park makes it a point of honor to the preservation of this unique natural heritage. The reserve allows different species to evolve, to reproduce in a healthy environment and this is also an opportunity to raise awareness among visitors of the damage caused by man.


Trails in Black River Gorges

The Black River Gorges are worth a visit for all walkers, for nature lovers and bird watchers. The Black River Gorges are in the largest national park in Mauritius. Famous for its waterfalls, its scenery and hiking trails, the grooves are in the highlands, making them a colder place than the rest of the island.

Hiking Trip – Black River Gorges Park – Half Day

The Black River Gorges is a natural park that is located in the mountainous part of southwestern Mauritius. The park covers an area of ​​6.754 hectares. With the help of guides, you will discover the natural heritage of Mauritius in this unique region which is also the location of one of the rarest forests in the world. It houses about 311 species of native and endemic plants and flowers and 9 species of birds, which are found only in Mauritius.

This walk takes you to the heart of the indigenous forest with many panoramic views. You also arrive to a river where you can swim. During your ride you will learn about the indigenous, vegetation as well as on species of endemic and exotic birds.

The views you see during this hike are breathtaking: a large, beautiful gorge (canyon) curving dramatically downward between a series of mountains. Beautiful waterfalls down along the hillside with a mountain behind them among many other amazing views.

The park protects most tropical forest remaining on the island. Many endemic plants and animals can be found in the park, including the Mauritian flying fox foxes and all sorts of endemic birds of the island: the Mauritius Kestrel, the Pink Pigeon, the Mauritius parakeet, shrikes Mauritius The bulbul of Mauritius, the Mauritian White-eye, the white bird and the Mauritian cardinal.

Black River Gorges

Different forests, from East to West with different climates at high altitudes. The park is full of natural treasures: breathtaking vistas, lush forests, waterfalls and rivers with clear water. The national park has 4 main entrances: via Curepipe or Petrin in the North East, via Black River in the northwest, or via Chamarel or Case Noyale on the west and the path of the loft to the south of the park.

At the entrance of the park at Petrin information center, you can buy a map showing the various marked trails. The hiking trails are of different difficulty levels. Savanne is an easy 6 km track which offers beautiful views of the South East of Mauritius.

Note that you will witness spectacular views of Alexandra Falls located 700 meters above the level of the sea. All other viewpoints are as impressive on tropical forests and the Indian Ocean: the Maccabee View Point and Gorges View Point.

9 marked trails:

– Bel Ombre is an 18 km hike (round trip). It is located in Plaine Champagne southwest of the park. A long hike accessible to all.

– Cascade Roches, 3 km. A difficult track for the descent since it is steep.

– Forest Maccabee, moderate trail of 14 km. You will be immersed in the heart of one of the most beautiful tropical forests.

– The Maccabee Trail, 10 km. The trail will guide you to the Maccabee View Point where beautiful views of the ocean and the park await you.

– The trail of the Big Cateau Verte, 8 km. Challenging track

– The Mare Longue loop, 12 km. Moderate path, you will cross the dwarf native forest and discover the beautiful waterfall Mare Reeds and the Mare Longue Lake.

– The peak of the Black River, 9 km. Moderate trail that takes you to the Gorges View Point (828 meters above sea level).

– Le Paille en Queue trail 3 km. Moderate track.

– Savanne, 6 km. Easy trail.

Enjoy your visit of Black River Gorges!

A lonesome island lost in the Indian Ocean offers beauty, relaxation and adventure beyond measure. Its breathtaking blue seas and white sandy beaches ever warmed by the tropical sun, earned Mauritius its reputation as the Paradise Island. A tempting image, perfect for the holidays this year, I should say…

While there are luxury hotels in Mauritius and grandiose holiday packages, it is possible for the average guy to enjoy his holidays fully on a low budget. The best things the island has to offer are not limited to the wealthy only. A little tweaking here and there- will leave you with the perfect vacation without much hassle.

Mauritius holidays

Sunny beaches, turquoise waters!

The turquoise, jewel-like sea, bordered by endless beautiful beaches are what usually tempts most visitors. There are alternatives to simply renting a parasol (beach umbrella) and laying there the whole day, enjoying the bronzing process.

The beach in Mauritius is one endless stretch of sand and sea. The best way to enjoy this to the fullest is to get up, arm yourself with a cap, water and a pair of sandals for the rocky parts. Else, it is a pleasure to enjoy a barefoot walk on the beach, buy some ice cream (ice cream sellers are present at nearly every corner) or even lunch in a seaside restaurant. You will enjoy the salty air and a fantastic view along with your food.

mauritius sea

Drive Yourself Around and Explore!

Renting a car in Mauritius is fairly easy, even from before landing. The roads are well-marked, making it effortless to drive around the island. The island is rather small and the roads are developed enough to provide a moderately swift travel. This will be less costly than hiring a driver along with the car. Mauritians inherited much from the time it had been colonized by the British, for instance, driving on the left side of the road!

mauritius sugarcane

Be Adventurous with your Food!

Acquired from the various cultures grouped as one, the food has evolved throughout the years to take on a uniquely Mauritian taste. You may need to be somewhat wary of the spice levels given the deep love the locals have for chilies. Thai peppers are commonplace in most recipes, especially Indian ones.

There is no need to stick to luxury restaurants for the duration of your stay on the island- a few glamorous dinners would suffice if the budget is tight.

It is here that the car comes to great use. You may of course rely on the public transport system but travelling after sunset would be quite difficult. There is little to no late night activity among the inhabitants themselves.

Take the car to the capital city, in the evening and early night, Port Louis becomes a hub for the street foodies. The streets smell like shawarma and briani at every turn. They are rather cheap and very filling if you do not mind the extra calories!

During the day, dholl puri makes for a good alternative- it costs way less than a Big Mac!

shawarma kebab mauritius

Shopping, Shopping and… More Shopping.

Clothes back home are a hard on the purse, especially in the US and while the Europeans do fare a little better- the big surprise is that much of the clothes are actually made in Mauritius, especially the cotton and wool products. Having an extra suitcase to bring home some bargains might make your family members eternally grateful!

It is important to shop wisely. Avoiding places without clearly marked prices around Caudan and Grand Bay is a good start. Store keepers may not hesitate to demand exorbitant prices from the obvious tourist, hoping to make a big buck.

Walking around Port Louis or even Rose Hill can be eventful, the shops are numerous and the variety available is surprising. Everything from trinkets to sportswear are waiting to be discovered.

shoes shop mauritius

Unique Wonders of Mauritius- Colored Earths sound intriguing?

Inexplicable yet behold a miraculous view… The layers of different colored earths, formed naturally and never seeming to sustain any damage from cyclonic weather or torrential rainfall is located in Chamarel. It is a small village housing this little sensation. The visit offers a short hike as well as shops selling souvenirs. Definitely a must-do during your holidays in Mauritius. Treating your eyes and taking some pictures for the family back home sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

chamarel mauritius

For The Lucky Nature Enthusiast:

Being an island of volcanic origin, Mauritius offers multiple mountain ranges, ideal for hiking. Pieter Both is particularly attractive, climbing a mountain to visit the little man at the top is charming. The climb is not a difficult one, a guide is necessary to prevent any mishaps.

The mountain giving you a perpetual thumbs up, where on earth could you find better motivation? Climbing Le Pouce Mountain can be a titillating experience if one views it that way. The map for the path to be taken can easily be downloaded online and a parking area is available at the start of trail.

Mountain climbing in Mauritius is a scenic affair, with the view becoming even more breathtaking the higher you go. From Pieter Both, you will see the harbor on one side and sugarcane plantation on the other while Le Pouce offers the view of Petit Verger. It is an adventure away from the grimy city life without the constant supply of pollution. You may find yourself surprised at how extremely refreshing such an experience can be.

mauritius hiking mountain

If you are not a fan of physical activity, you do have other options on the table. Don’t give up just yet- Mauritius has more to offer.

A little walk down a pathway and you find yourself surrounded by trees older than centuries with endemic plants all around flourishing. Is that of interest to you? Then a visit to the SSR Botanical Garden is long overdue!

The entrance fee is less than a dollar and it is open throughout the week- convenience and affordability in one go.

botanical garden mauritius

History Mystery

Mauritius is hardly an old country but it makes up in quality for what it may lack in quantity. This beautiful island has a rich history of people from all around the world settling here, bringing with them a plethora of cultures to create what we have today. The island is one of the few countries in the world which has no violent past among the races and religions. Every little thing possible to preserve has been kept intact for the viewing pleasure of both Mauritians and tourists. You will enjoy a glimpse into the past of the society that exists today in near perfect harmony.

Museums in Mauritius

The museums are scattered all around the island and visiting them is not at all expensive. The Postal Museum is a relic of times gone by yet still sturdy. Don’t miss it! The Natural History Museum has no entrance fee and it is conveniently located in the capital city. A visit to the museum and lunch at the bazaar (market place) along with a bit of shopping appears to be the impeccable educational family outing when in the country.

museum mauritius


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