Mauritius December

In Mauritius, as with all other islands in the Indian Ocean, the seasons are reversed when compared to the northern hemisphere. So in December you won’t witness so! Christmas is celebrated in the sun! Who has never dreamed of spending Christmas with family in sunny Mauritius? The feet in the sand at the edge of a lagoon at 29 ° … It is a unique and unforgettable experience that you will remember forever! But it is easy to imagine that travelers are likely to want to try such an experiment …

December in Mauritius: the dry mid-season

From October the days get hot (up to 28˚C), although it is cooler in the evenings and at night. The sea temperature is around 26˚C. It doesn’t rain often and there’s very little wind. The climatic conditions during this season makes the autumn half-term holiday a perfect time for a family holiday to Mauritius. The first 3 weeks of December are an equally good time, firstly with respect to the hot, dry weather in Mauritius, and secondly, because of the great value promotions offered by the hotels.4

Planning holidays in December

The hoteliers and airlines serving Mauritius have also called this season the ‘Prime’ season. It remains the most expensive time of year! In fact, one can distinguish two periods: before and after New Year’s Day. The most expensive period is all stays that will take place from 31 December. It’s pretty easy to understand because if several departure dates are possible, most travelers want to go 24 to 48 hours before the end of the school holidays and some flights returned traditionally overloaded. To optimize budget your Christmas holidays in Mauritius, some tips to follow are:

Book as early as possible – Early birds are always rewarded in the end and know that booking your flights and hotels six to eight months before can prove advantageous. This guarantees that there will be availability of flights and hotels and especially in the most affordable classes of airline and accommodation reservations.

Adapt your holiday dates – It is clearly recommended to avoid the New Year. Ideally, celebrate Christmas on site but come back no later than December 31. In this regard, note that everyone who have spent the New Year night on the plane wish to repeat the experience! It remains an unparallel scene viewed from above- but it is as great on land!

Activities in December

Every Mauritian knows the séga, the island’s national dance, which originated with African slaves but is now part of every celebration. And as you know December = Celebration. You can catch a séga at one of the island’s hotels. During weekends, since BBQs are famous in December and if you are lucky you may catch an impromptu performance on public beaches such as Flic en Flac. Some perform it the traditional way, barefoot around a bonfire on the beach, with the women in billowing skirts and crop tops sashaying around the men to a plaintiff lament and an ever-present drumbeat. The south-west of the island, which has the strongest Creole flavour, is famed for its séga music and dancing, and performances take centre stage at the annual Kreol international Festival in December.

Christmas Shopping in Mauritius

This beautiful journey on the island of Mauritius is itself a sublime gift! Christmas equals to shopping and shopping means money! To reduce cost, we suggest you do your shopping locally: Port Louis Market, factory outlets, workshops models, spices shops … there are lots of shops offering very reasonable price to enjoy shopping on the island of Mauritius.

Choosing the best accommodation!

The choice of the hotel is not the easiest when it comes to Mauritius. Mauritian hotels are globally unique and often cited as an example. The choice will depend on the budget and the activities you wish to practice there, knowing that all the hotels organize celebrations for the 24th and 31st December. It is important to note that most hotels ‘impose’ generally a minimum of 7 to 10 nights’ reservation.

To give you an overview, here’s a shortlist: Which hotel to choose? – If you go to Mauritius in Family: Villa Caroline offers a beautiful setting with a beautiful beach and outstanding service for a 4 stars. Leaning against the rock of Le Morne mountain opposite the most beautiful lagoon of Mauritius is an ideal resort for spending Christmas holidays successful in Mauritius in a relax mood or with your loved one- The St. Regis Mauritius.

If you go solo, you can also opt for The Sands Resort, a boutique hotel with a warm reception surrounded by a warm scenery. If you are passionate golfers and traveling as a family, those are the 2 ideal options for Christmas holidays: Constance Belle Mare which is the only hotel on the island of Mauritius to have two gorgeous golf course and probably the most beautiful beach of island. The extensive facilities are ideal for families who can find everything they may seek. Le Telfair and his neighbour Heritage Awali share access to the beautiful area of Heritage Golf Club du Chateau which features a golf course which is undoubtedly the favorite of discerning golfers.

Finally, if you want to enjoy these Christmas holidays in Mauritius to pamper yourself, you will find one of the most beautiful Island Spas at Shanti Maurice (which also handles very well for children) as well as a paradisiacal setting at the hotel bringing together in one place many advantages: lovely spa, great kids club, 18-holes golf to play easy and a privileged location near the lagoon of Le Morne.

But if you want to spend unforgettable holidays, opting for a villa during this period is not a bad choice. Finding the perfect villa in Mauritius will not be difficult as the island offers a wide choice of those suiting every taste and budget.

Christmas and New Year Celebration in Mauritius!

New year mru

Christmas and New Year are the most festive times of the year in Mauritius. Whether you are in Port Louis, Rose Hill or along the coast? You will find in the towns and any corner of the country, a noisy atmosphere and cheerful rhythm preparations. The streets are particularly lively with shops and Christmas carols which are heard everywhere in the hubbub of the population. Toys, clothing, Christmas trees and decorations fill the stalls and shopping frenzy affects all sectors, including household appliances and food products.

Renting a car is a must during the seasons. You will have the opportunity to go on late night shopping at your ease and visit the various corners of the island to experience the Spirit of Xmas around the beautiful island of Mauritius.

More than a tourist destination, Mauritius is primarily a continuously vibrant place to live aside warm and friendly people. As menu, Christmas and New Year are greeted with sweets, chocolates, candies, the Xmas log which is a typical specialty of the festival, and other local gourmet dishes. Wines, whiskeys, punch and fruit juices or soft drinks are also the party and fulfill the caddies.

Spend tranquil Festivities

If you just want to spend Christmas and New Year in the island Mauritius, far from the noise and the bustling cities, enjoy its natural sites and its beautiful lagoons. Between relaxation and exoticism your Christmas and your New Year in the island of Mauritius will be rich in colors, scents and memories. To think outside the box, don’t hesitate to discover the underwater treasures of the island or a trip dedicated to outdoor activities or well-being. This year, spend your Christmas holidays in this small paradise and you will leave the island with beautiful memories that you will not never be able to forget.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2016!

Xmas Seychelles Mahe

Thinking about a holiday during the Christmas Season to the Seychelles? Then what are you waiting for to book it? The Seychelles islands proposes a great escape from the hassle of bustle of the festive season. Rather than being cold near your fire, enjoy a wonderful hot Christmas day at the beach getting a sun tan.

Xmas in the Seychelles is all about food, family and beach time. The family would attend Christmas midnight mass at Anse Royale and then try get some rest before waking again to much excitement of opening presents on Christmas day and then the mad dash to get to the beach to test them out. Spending Christmas in the Seychelles means quality family time and rest.

Christmas Spirit in the Seychelles

Christmas time in the Seychelles is the time for sumptuous banquets and family meetings. During this festive season, every family member usually hosts a lavish dinner which is then followed by gift-giving and evening parties. With delightful food, games, and fun-filled activities, the festivities in Seychelles are no less exhilarating than that in any other part of the world during this festival.

Christmas Celebrations in Seychelles

Xmas Beach parties

Seychelles is known for its wonderful beach parties which are simply perfect for adventure lovers. Whether it is sailing, diving, or fly fishing, you can actually indulge in a lot of activities while celebrating Christmas while discovering these islands at your own pace- either in your rented car, catamaran or on foot.

Colorful Xmas Decorations

Xmas Deco Seychelles

The merry celebrations in Seychelles include decorating the interiors and exteriors of the malls, stores, homes, and commercial buildings with colorful lights. Even the pubs and restaurants are adorned with such lights. Homemade crafts and decorative items are widely used during Christmas celebrations in Seychelles and these will surely be a feast for the eyes of adults and children!

What do to in Seychelles during Xmas Time?

Sight Seeing

On this festive occasion, people in Seychelles go sightseeing to catch a glimpse of the popular tourist locations in this island nation. Some of the places worth visiting here are Anse Lazio, Valle de Aldabra, and Vallee de Mai on Praslin where the coco palms grown in their natural state offer a spectacular sight to watch.

Anse Lazio is a crystal water lake with white sandy beaches and quiet waves. Aldabra is considered to be one of the largest coral reefs in the world, and it extends for 22 Km. Visiting these tourist attractions, especially during Christmas, will let you experience the joys and wonders of this festive season.

Shopping during Christmas

If you shop around, you will find unbelievable discounts and deals and this means that you will be able to find the perfect gift for anyone. Such deals will help you save more while you go shopping to celebrate Christmas in a very special way.

How do people celebrate Christmas in Seychelles?

Snowflakes falling onto your eyelashes, ice-skating on frozen lakes, making giant snowmen, warming up by a toasty fireplace, the smell of Christmas trees and roasting pine nuts – all wonderful, traditional images associated with Christmas time. But here is what is waiting for you in the Seychelles: lazing in the sunshine, walking by the shore of an endless blue expanse, making sandcastles, going fishing in ski boats. This is how it foes when someone decides to spend the December holidays on a tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Christmas in the Seychelles is a special experience. The sun is almost always shining, sharing golden rays of warmth that are very welcome after the chilling Scottish winds. The air is light and salty. The ocean is always a clear blue, sparkling in the daylight. Victoria (the world’s smallest capital city) is unusually busy, masses of people moving down the single main street doing Christmas shopping in the numerous small shops dotting the sides of Revolution Avenue.

By night, it lights up with a spectacular array of Christmas lights and illuminated trees scattered around the centre. It is a winter wonderland, minus the snow, freezing cold and genuine Christmas trees. Seychellois choose to replace them with the tropical version of the pine tree or very accurate plastic versions. Family lunches at home leading up to the big day are replaced by barbecues at home, picnics on the beach or lunch on a boat. Door-to-door carolling is replaced by neighbours blasting local reggae tunes for all in the district to hear.

Xmas Deco Seychelles Night

The similar thing is alcohol consumption. Famous for local beer and rum, Seychellois love to party and drink. But pints at the pub are swapped by bottles on the beach, enjoying the sound of crashing waves and sultry evening breeze. Afternoons of snowball fights or skiing are exchanged with snorkelling or diving and cruises on a jet-ski.

Sand angels stand in for snow angels. Christmas lunch usually involves a roast and lots of wine, but also Seybrew lager, Takamaka coconut rum and barbecue ribs. In the evening Christmas festivities continue, extending into the night for a dance party involving more alcohol and the latest hits of the Indian Ocean region. Although the vibe is very different, the sentiments remain the same. Everyone is happy and excited to be celebrating Christmas. The pace of Christmas day is one that is considerably slowed down in the Seychelles, but no less enjoyable. Although the sights and sounds around may not be the first associations with Christmas time, they are no less unique.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2015!

Merry Xmas Mauritius

Mauritians enjoy Christmas celebration in a lively tropical summery atmosphere under a usually scorching sun with 26 to 32ºC and even above at times. Yet, this does not stop Santa Claus from popping in with loads of presents for young and old. He certainly brings along enough snow to keep him cool and hydrated during his long trip in the tropics!

Christmas Spirit in Mauritius

During this period of the year, the splendid flame trees are in bloom with their bright red fiery flowers. During your stay in the hotels or villas or while visiting the island, you will come across Tropical fruits like mangoes of all sizes, colours, shapes and flavours; pineapples; litchis(Lychee); Longan (Dragon Eye Fruit); and watermelons abound. Shopping centres are livelier with Christmas decorations, animations and shows attracting crowds during the day and late night shopping. Every street corner is invaded by hawkers selling Christmas cards, toys, balloons, firecrackers, gifts, clothes and a wide assortment of household items. The noise, heat, crowded streets and traffic jam can be unbearable in towns. Being the holiday season for schools this remains the most exciting time of the year for kids and teens.

Christmas Holidays in Mauritius

Tourist season is at its peak in December and most of the hotels hit a 90 to 100% room occupancy rate. While many workers are on holidays, many others are not allowed holidays as Christmas time in Mauritius, just like in many countries around the world, remains the most commercially profitable period of the year. Hotels in Mauritius makes special offers during this period of the year for those wanting to spend Christmas in the sun or simply for those who want to experience Christmas in a very original way while tasting Mauritius’ delicious cuisine and enjoying the beauty of Christmas on this tropical paradise.

Christmas Eve in Mauritius

On Christmas Eve, most people set up and decorate their Christmas trees which vary from natural pine and spruce trees to artificial ones. The house, especially the living room is also decorated. Christmas carols are mainly heard on radio/television and in shopping centres but most Mauritians do not play Christmas carols at home.

Christmas Eve is celebrated in various ways in Mauritius’ multi-ethnical society. While most would rather enjoy the Christmas frenzy in the remarkably crowded and highly animated night life in towns, Catholics would be attending the mass and other families would be having a normal evening with a typical Mauritian Xmas dinner- usually a BBQ or something special!

The western traditional dishes like the stuffed turkey or Christmas pudding are slowly entering the Mauritian culture. Christmas cakes like the Bûche de Noël remains a very demanded and consumed commodity just like wine, scotch whisky, rum and champagnes. As usual, the night of December 24 in the Mauritian families is all about gifts and many also usually blow fireworks at midnight.

Traditionally, Christmas gifts are offered to kids and young people  and is placed under the warmly decorated Xmas Tree. Gifts are opened in the morning on Christmas day and most kids believe in Father Christmas. Christmas day is a public holiday marked by family gatherings at home or at the beach. Dishes normally depends on religions, cultures and tastes.

Following the annual traditions, gatherings take place at grandparents’ place, many also spend the day at the beach or stay at their beach house or rent one for the festive season. Beach houses are usually fully booked during this period and very often so for several years in advance. Since New Year’s Day and January 2nd are public holidays in Mauritius, the gatherings and celebrations last for about a week.

Christmas in Mauritius coincides with peak summer and therefore is a far cry from the cold European Christmases’ you might be familiar with. Wearing your shorts or bikini on Christmas day might be weird to you but it is certainly the norm in Mauritius. Many businesses in the hospitality industry are open as normal on Christmas day so finding somewhere to eat, drink and be merry is not an issue.

New Year in Mauritius

Traditionally, many Mauritian families consider Christmas as a celebration for kids and young people and therefore tend to celebrate more on New Year instead. This implies that very often home preparations are mainly geared towards New Year celebrations rather than Christmas celebrations. As soon as the Christmas frenzy is over, a significant transformation occurs on streets as hawkers replace their toys’ stands with firecracker displays. Streets remain busy as Mauritians prepare their New Year celebrations. On New Year’s Eve, the ‘réveillon’ is celebrated in various ways either peacefully at home or with family gatherings, in a feast, parties or barbecues in the same way as or even better than on Christmas eve. Many people (especially the young people) organise private parties or go to nightclubs. Many like to stay in front of the TV for special New Year sega dance shows on the local channels or keep an ear on the radio for the final results of the ‘Song of the Year’ contest. The whole country’s effervescence reaches climax as the clock strikes midnight and fireworks bombard the sky and gardens to welcome the new year. Celebrations continue through the night and often until dawn.

The flame tree blooms mainly during the festive season in Mauritius and is commonly called “fleur banané”, the New Year Flower

New Year Celebrations

New Year’s Day is considered a very important celebration for Mauritians. Celebrations take various forms. However, most Mauritians wear new fancy clothes, many go to the church and temples in the morning and visit neighbours, relatives and friends throughout the day to convey their greetings for the new year. Many Mauritians also prefer to stay at home on New Year’s Day and receive their visitors while others will be hosting family lunches or dinners. Many fast and consume only vegetarian dishes and fruits. The traditional and most important aspect is the family togetherness and the exchange of gifts.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!


Only a few days to go before Christmas and you are still wondering how you are going to spend the holiday seasons? Why not leave snow or extreme heat for holidays in perfect conditions? Ever dreamt of exotic Christmas holidays? Why not spend those holidays sipping on a cocktail of a dream-like beach in the exotic sun of the Indian Ocean. Here is our list of top destinations for those Christmas Holidays!

Christmas in Mauritius

Santa Mauritius

Mauritius discerns itself as a single large, volcanic island with uneven mountain peaks leading down to an azure lagoon enfolding the island. With its numerous high-class resorts raising the standards of luxury in Mauritius you will always come across greater levels of service and amenities at any time of the year, especially during Christmas period.

Mauritius is home to great culture and diversity. Influences from around the word melted to create a pot of cultures. This cultural diversity has brought about an awesome and unique cuisines along with an interesting culture.

Spending Christmas in Mauritius is a great experience. It’s definitely not a white Christmas awaiting for you there since Christmas occurs during summer in Mauritius. If you are planning on making some Xmas Shopping, then Mauritius is an ideal destination providing you with an array of shops where you will find all kind of products from clothing to jewelry. All cultures celebrate Christmas in the island and you will definitely enjoy a unique moment during the fireworks and fire crackers time both for Christmas and New year.

Christmas in Maldives


Maldives is a group of 1,200 small, flat, coral islands that offer outstanding beaches and memorable snorkeling and diving. There are no hills or mountains in the Maldives and the pristine islands are bordered by lagoons and coral reef. Maldives is mostly about beach, sun, water sports, restaurants, and relaxation.

Each resort in the Maldives is on its own island, which collectively boasts the world’s best over-water villas, innovative resort features, and first-class spa facilities. Some of the nicest, most creative, unique resorts in the World are in the Maldives: So If you want to spend unique Christmas holidays head towards the Maldives! Enjoy your turkey and Christmas pudding on the beach with an unforgettable Christmas holiday trip to the Maldives.

Christmas in Seychelles

Xmas Seychelles

The Seychelles striking tropical scenery is due to its unique granite-island group. Huge granite boulders lining white-sand beaches craft breathtaking views that you will find only in the Seychelles. In addition to splendid coastlines, island hopping will bring you to discover rare flora and fauna, pristine rain forests, and wonderful people.

The 3 main islands of the Seychelles each have luxury resorts while there are also a number of private islands. On this festive occasion, every family member usually hosts a lavish dinner which is then followed by gift-giving and evening parties. Discover the various corners of the islands and how Christmas is celebrated in your rented car. Enjoy the beaches, giant tortoises, Coco de Mer (World’s largest coconut), rare birds and vegetation amid the granite hill surroundings will make a perfect setting for a unique Christmas holiday in a beautiful hotel.

Christmas in Seychelles is the time for sumptuous feasts and family gatherings. With delicious food, games, and fun-filled activities, the celebrations in Seychelles are no less exciting than that in any other part of the world during this festival.

Christmas in Rodrigues

Rodrigues is a hilly island with a chain of valleys plunging to the 300 km2 lagoon, bringing an exciting feeling of lightness whilst meandering through the steep cliffs and terraced fields towards its 80-km coastline. One of the most distinctive features of this fascinating island is its relief.

If you are planning on a secluded and peaceful Christmas holidays then a trip to Rodrigues via Mauritius is a great way to enjoy tranquil festivities away from the usual bustle of cities.

Christmas in Reunion

xmas reunion

As one of the Mascarenes jewels in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island offers its extreme landscapes for extreme Christmas holidays. From its beaches and beautiful waterfalls to the sharp peaks and sometimes snowy summits, you will definitely enjoy a unique seasons holiday on Reunion Island.

If you want to keep that very essence of Christmas: Snow, you will be amazed by the scenery that is dominated by the Piton des Neiges, a 3071-meters-high extinct volcano that is sometimes covered by a snow cap. To feel more like spending Christmas on another planet, do not miss the lunar landscape of Plaine des Sables, a desert buffer zone before the enclosure to the Piton de la Fournaise. This active volcano attracts many specialists and visitors on each spontaneous eruption, with lava rivers flowing down its slopes.

Experience the magic of Christmas on a magical ride on the island of Reunion in one of its hotel or apart.

Christmas in Sri Lanka

Sri lanka

The Christian population in Sri Lanka is much less when compared to Buddhist and Hindus. Yet, the preparation for this great day begins several weeks prior to the festival, and celebration with great enthusiasm in true Sri Lankan style.

It all starts with sound of fire crackers at dawn of 1st December and is this is the first sign of intimation that Christmas in round the corner. Christmas spirit can be seen everywhere in Sri Lanka: the hotels and shopping malls wayside boutiques  are decorated by Christmas trees bells, angels and Santa clauses statue lit up in most of the country sides.

Sri Lankan peoples consider Christmas the perfect time to sharing kind, loving compassion hearts with others. Christians invite relatives, friends to their Christmas parties and share with them seasonal cakes, wines and other Christmas foods. That engages hearts of one and all. No one can feel that Christmas is a minority in the nation .Other Sri Lankan people treats the Christmas festival as their own festival and spending wonderful Christmas holidays days there is a definite must for those looking for a magical Christmas!

Christmas on Christmas Island


Christmas Island is one of natures most impressive feats, an island full of natural wonders: from the unique annual red crab migration to rare and unusual birds and glorious deserted beaches where the only footprints in the sand are those made by nesting turtles.

With so many endemic species, the island is often referred to as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Yet it also displays a curious amalgam of cultures, history and industry, emerging as a place where all these elements create a truly unusual travel experience.

Why not spend Christmas on one of the island discovered the very day this festival is celebrated around the world? With the various wonders you will come across on this beautiful island, you will without any doubt enjoy one of the most unique Christmas of you life.

Well, hope you have finally made a choice for your XMAS HOLIDAY DESTINATION and we wish you enjoy a wonderful Christmas in one of those dream destinations!


Merry Xmas Holidayers!!!!